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Take a look at your everyday personal beliefs. How do you feel about them?  Do you feel good and positive about how you believe or do you just accept what you believe because generations of your family believed in the same way? Is a little research in order to see if you want to change some of your beliefs that fit who you are now opposed to who you were in the past?

It’s a great time to think over your beliefs. See what you have outgrown and moved on from. It’s your choice where you take your thought and your beliefs.  Whatever you chose, is what your life will become.


Rainbow over the Muldrow Glacier

Every day, when we wake up, the sun has come out once again.  It makes its rounds and then goes back down in the evening to which the moon comes out to give us light. At night we can count on the stars to come out and the moon to glow.

And after every Winter, comes Spring then comes Summer and Fall, and then back to Winter again.

We know that the sky will be blue and that a rainbow will be awe inspiring. We know that water runs through a river and waves are in the ocean.

The Universe keeps doing what it has done since the beginning of time. It gives us hope and let’s us know ‘don’t worry; for every ebb there is a flow.

All of nature is there to show us that the Universe can be counted on.  It is the Universe’s way of loving us by all it does.  It supports us through sending back a vibration of what you send out.  And this happens through an array of beautiful moments that we can count on.

If you have ever worried about not being able to trust the Universe, just take a look at the seasons, the rainbow after the rains, the blue sky, the blooming flower, and the night stars. They are there to make you feel loved and safe. They are there to help you from the body to the mind to the spirit.

The Universe is on your side my friend.


In order for life to get better, there has to be change.  Change is what occurs when you choose a direction to take in life.  When you take that direction, you will find that change is always involved.

The question to ask yourself is ‘are you comfortable with change?’  Sometimes just the thought of change can scare someone.  They don’t like change and fight against having to make changes, yet they want a better life.

The only way life is going to get better or positively change, is for change to occur. Get comfortable with change as it happens every single day.  Some changes may seem bigger than others but when you come right down to it, it is all the same.

Change doesn’t have to be feared.  Change is what comes about when you make a choice of a direction with your thought vibrations.  Change your thoughts and change your life.

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You can be told that you can’t.  You can be shown that you can’t. You can be convinced that there is no way.

Yet you can also be told you can, shown you can, and convinced that there are many ways.

It all depends on what you choose to belief and live.

So what if something didn’t work out.  It doesn’t mean it won’t; it just means that it may work out after you’ve been on the detour learning and growing to get to it working out. Or maybe it will take you down a different path that will show you something much better that will work.

Don’t give up my friend. Just shift your thought to a positive place within your mind and heart. Enjoy the moments as you find your way.

It all depends on what you choose.

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No matter who you are, what you do, how you do it, or where you go…you matter.   Your thoughts, your feelings, your reactions, and your actions matter to this Universe. Every thought you put into this world is a thought that has the potential to create even bigger thoughts which create life experiences that are in a vibration of what you are thinking.

Each one of us is like a drop in an ocean.  Each drop is separate yet when we all get together we merge into one living breathing ocean. Every drop counts or else there would be no ocean of consciousness.  We are individual yet together.  We are unique yet alike.

You matter my friend. We need you in this ocean of life.  You are loved and appreciated my friend. Thank you for being.


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In that moment, where you are thinking about what you want in life, you are creating thoughts that open your mind up to possibilities.   And the more you figure out where you want to be in life, the more focus you are putting on opportunities and experiences that bring you to what you want.

If you don’t know what you want in life, then think about what feeling you would like to feel in the present and future. Do you want to feel safe?  Do you want to feel secure?  Do you want to feel abundant and happy?  Then focus on finding those feelings that are within you right now. You don’t have to have the future all planned out for life to go in a direction that you want. You can focus on the good feelings that you want to feel and find those feelings, even if it is just a little bit of what you want to feel. This will put you in the moment of what you want and the more you focus and seek out how you want to feel, the more it becomes solid and manifested into your life.

You take care of how you want to feel and let the Universe bring you the possibilities.


time to release

When someone else is speaking and they are giving their opinions and beliefs about life, and you don’t agree with them, you can choose to attach to their thought and be frustrated about what they have to say or you can choose to let go of their thought which brings about a sense of relief and freedom.

You can be respectfully opposite of what another is thinking. You don’t have to get into it with them just because they think differently than you. You have a choice how you respond.

Respect others and accept them for who they are.  We would hope the same if the shoe was on the other foot, wouldn’t we?

We can all live in the same Universe with all different kinds of beliefs and opinions if we knew that we have the freedom to detach from another and their vibration if need be.

How can you tell when to detach from their vibration?  By how you feel within about what they have to say. If you feel bad, negative, or frustrated, then do yourself a favor and agree to disagree.  Even if you are on the same side with different views, you can figure out a way for a calm smooth way of meeting on the middle ground. Put your emotions aside and do what you can to create a calmer more balanced vibration for yourself.

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Every thought you have is like a drop of water into your ocean of life.  Each drop on their own doesn’t feel like they can make a difference in how your life will be, but as you know, if you keep ‘dripping,’ then your ocean of life becomes bigger and bigger.

What you fill your ocean with is all up to you. Fill it with negative drops, then your life experience will be filled with negativity.  Fill your ocean with positive drops, then your life experience will be filled with positive.

Think about it for a moment. Think of all the thoughts you have in a day that you are dropping into your ocean.Are they positive higher thoughts or are you just letting your thought run amok and letting that automatic thinking fill up your ocean.

How about filling your ocean with good, positive, compassionate, kind, and loving thoughts? Can you even imagine how amazing your life ocean will feel?

Drop by drop my friend.

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When you want a positive change, it is up to you.  You see, change happens every single day. Sometimes it may not feel like a routine day has change in it, but it does. Those days of routine aren’t exactly the same. There is change in how you are thinking and feeling. There is change in the little things of the day.

And no matter how much we want life to stay just as it is, change comes knocking on the door. When change is constant in living a life experience, then it is up to us to embrace change instead of fearing it.

When you embrace change and focus on the positive side of that change, you are creating positive change in your life. When you fear change or say you can’t stand change, you are creating negative change in your life.

As you can see, how you look at change and how you feel about change is exactly how the change will manifest in your life.

Look at change as a good thing. Even if you feel uncomfortable with the change, shift your focus toward what is good about the change happening. Envision that every change in life is a positive one instead of looking at it as a negative.

Change is constant in life.  When we embrace change with open arms and a positive thought, we are creating the best for our life experience.

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Sometimes we have to deal with others that just don’t think as we do.  Not only do they not think as we do, but they are a polar opposite to what we believe and how we conduct life. This can make for an agitation kind of thought when you interact with them.

If you want to keep your thought in a balanced positive place, then it begins with you. It begins with what you attach to when they are talking to you. If their opinion comes off pompous and arrogant, then do your best to take a deep quiet breath and ‘breathe out’ the building negative emotion that begins. When you are able to remember to catch it before you get involved and attached, then you are consciously creating where your thought goes. What they say isn’t necessarily true for you.  That is okay.  How they say it isn’t necessarily the way you would say it.  That is okay.  Just keep breathing out the agitation until the conversation is over.  Then you can go back to finding that positive attitude that you were in before the encounter.

Let it go my friend and continue to have your good day.



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When was the last time that you took care of yourself like you take care of others?  Can you imagine the love, the compassion, and the understanding you would give to yourself?

How about you making yourself a top priority today?  How about you go do something fun that you want to do and treat yourself to a movie or to a nice quiet walk in the park?

Take care of you my friend. You’ll find that when you take care of yourself like you do for others, that you’ll gain more clarity and feel balanced within.

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You choose your life’s path.  Through your thoughts, feelings, and actions, you are the one that creates what path to be on.

It is not someone else’s fault where your life goes. You are the only one responsible for your life and what you react to, believe, and feel is where your life will go.

No one but you is responsible for your life. No need to look at others and point fingers if your life went in a whole other direction than you thought.  You always have had the choice.

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Everyone has their own unique way of looking at life.  Everyone also has their own unique way of what they believe in. Everyone also believes they are right in what they think.

How we express ourselves is like no other.  We may have a few thoughts and beliefs that are the same but we are all individuals with different likes and dislikes.

You don’t need to be what another person is. You can be inspired by what they do or what they have, but there is no need to be jealous or envious of what another has because you can have what they have just by using your own thoughts and vibrations to do just that.

Use your own genuine voice in the world. Don’t mimic another or say something just because everyone says it. Use your own unique voice through your thoughts, feelings, and actions.  Be kind, be compassionate, be accepting, be understanding as you make your way through your life. Use your own unique voice to help others and to learn and grow.

Use your own voice and don’t worry about what another may think about what you have to say.

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Would you carry around an umbrella, over your head, just in case it was going to rain?  Even when the sky is blue?

Worrying is like carrying an umbrella just in case it might rain. Worrying is an added weight that you truly don’t need in your life.

Look to the present and future as a bright and shining life. Know that the sun will be out and creating happiness.

There is no need for the umbrella called worry.


In the world today, we have many distractions that can keep us from envisioning and focusing on what we truly want in life. And when we are distracted, we are creating an overwhelming and over thinking kind of life experience.

It is important to create a personal space to think.  It can be a certain place in this physical world like a bench or a room in your home or it can be a personal space ‘within’ yourself that you can go to and find balance and calm. Either way, it is your space to think and focus on what you truly want in life and what you appreciate in your life as well. Creating appreciation for your present moments creates appreciation for your future as well.

Take time to find a personal place that you, and only you, can be in.  Make it a place where you let go of any negative thought and replace it with positive thought. Make it so you feel balanced and calm within that place. Make it so that when you come to that personal place, that all your worries and fears fall away and you feel loved, appreciated, and supported.

Create this sacred place for yourself.  It will change your inner life and your outer life for the better.


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Go higher my friend. In any situation, with any person, in any experience; you can always choose to take your thought to a higher positive place. What is a higher positive place?  It is a feeling and thought that is full of kindness, love, and compassion.  You can do what is best for your life in how the person is dealt with or the situation, and you can do so with a positive higher vibration.

Any time you take the high road you are creating an example for others to follow. You are creating a better present and future for yourself and those around you.  You are adding to the strongest most powerful place in this Universe that is full of love and understanding. You are adding to the mass consciousness of those who are focusing on love, compassion, and kindness.  And those thoughts and feelings, create miracles.


Keep up the higher positive thoughts my friend. If life feels as if you don’t know where it is going, just keep up a positive higher thought and feeling about life. Just know, expect, believe, and trust that all is unfolding for the best for your life.

When there is an experience that you can’t figure out how it will change for the better, just keep in mind and heart ‘all is well and will be well no matter what the experience.’  As you deal with the experience, accept that the experience is there and make peace with that thought, then create a positive vibration of appreciation while you deal with the experience. Envision the experience that the best will come out in it all as it unfolds.  Then, whatever comes out of that experience, know and trust that it is the best for all involved and growth  will have come about.

For every ending, there is a new beginning my friend. Keep up the positive higher thoughts and feelings as they will create the direction of your life’s path.


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Choose where your thoughts go my friend. Show others your light through your personal truth. Your personal truth is that feeling you have within that just knows and believes that it is the way it is. As you focus on your personal truth, also focus on compassion and understanding. Send out a vibration of balance, calm, higher truth, and love. No matter what comes forward, choose a vibration that takes you to a place of inspiration. Deal with what has to be dealt with, yet keep your balance within and your personal truth higher up.

Choose love, choose understanding, choose positive change, and let it unfold…

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It’s important to remember that no matter how right you feel, that the other person feels just as right. When we open up to understanding, then we are able to more easily see what another may be thinking or feelings.  Of course, we can never completely know what another feels or thinks unless we are walking in their shoes and seeing through their  eyes.  By understanding where they are coming from and taking note of where you are coming from, you can deal with the experience in a balanced way.  You can find solutions and answers even if you don’t agree.

The first step is to unconditional love and have compassion, then move forward into what you feel is the truth.

Every one has their personal truth and it isn’t always the same, my friend.

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Take a moment to appreciate what is in your life at this very minute. What can you put focus on that makes you feel happy, appreciative, and grateful?  Whether it is you have food in your home or today is a great hair day; find what you can appreciate.

Those appreciation thoughts and feelings create more appreciation to come into your life. And being appreciative and positive, creates a positive change in life.

Do yourself a favor and take time to appreciate what ‘is’ in life as well as attaining to your goals.

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