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Do you play the would have, could have, should have game within your mind about past experiences?  Take a moment to ask yourself what is it doing for you?  You can’t change the past and the choices were made. You thought it was the best for the moment when it happened. Just because it didn’t turn out exactly like you thought, that doesn’t mean that you have to beat yourself up over a decision made in the past.

Part of forgiving yourself is letting go of the thought of being able to do the past differently. By forgiving yourself, you are saying that the past is gone, you learned from it, and now you are letting the past go as well as the feelings attached to that past.  You are making steps toward moving forward.

No need to keep repeating the past within your mind and heart. It is gone and over with. Learn from that past but then move forward into a better feeling vibration.

mini vacation

Do you ever have those days where you just want time to yourself?  And the more you want time, the more impatient you get with others because you want some personal time?

Then let them know… :)  Instead of getting increasingly more agitated with everyone around you, why not just let everyone know that you are going for a walk to the park or going out to a movie.  Let them know that the agitation you are feeling is because your spirit just needs to have a little time on its own.

Do your best not to get more and more impatient; just let them know so they will understand that time to yourself will make you a much more positive person to be around.

Secret Secret Garden

There is always a way…always. Even if everything points to there not being a way, there is always a way.  It may not be the way you thought it would come about or it may come about in an unconventional way but there is always a way.  It just may not be how you thought it would happen. But that is no matter. That is the moment you put your trust in the Universe and let it take care of how the way comes into your life. Just keep your focus on what you want to feel in the end and let the Universe take care of the rest.

For every closed door that you choose to walk away from and go in another direction, there are hundreds of doors opening. They open because you let go of the closed door and are aware of doors opening.

There will always be a way…trust, let go, and know it with all your heart.

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You can never tell what another is really like unless you let go of what you perceive to see. Let’s say you are at the laundromat and there are two couples. One couple has dirty clothes on and dirt on their faces and the other couple looks well to do.  The moment you see them, you begin the thoughts ‘They’re dirty. How could they not care about what their kids look like?  They must not take care of their children.’  And maybe you look at the other couple and make a story within your mind that they probably just had a washer break down and had to do laundry because they don’t look like they belong here.

Either way a judgment and assumption have been made about both couples based on what you think.

Then as you watch them, you find that the dirty couple is laughing, enjoying each other, and having fun with their kids. They’re talking about the great time they had planting trees in the forest and didn’t have time to go home before doing the laundry. They are making plans on who gets to use the bathtub first.

The well to do couple begins to argue about how much they hate their parents and how the parents deserved everything they had coming to them; especially after the well to do couple had just robbed their own parents and that is where their clothes came from. They have a sense of entitlement about them.

Give everyone that benefit of the doubt before you begin making assumptions and judgments. You can never know who someone is by what they wear or how they carry themselves in the few moments you come across their lives.

You can’t always judge a book by its cover my friend.


No matter what you are experiencing, no matter what another says or does in your life, no matter if the day leads into a positive or a negative kind of day, no matter if your life isn’t where you want it to be right now; you can take control of where your life heads.

It has and always will be your choice where your thoughts, feelings, reactions, and actions head.  And what you do with your thought and feeling is the direction your life will go.

Upset, afraid, and worried will take you in one direction. Trust in the Universe, thinking higher vibrations,shifting focus toward a more positive thought, and appreciation will take you in another direction. Mix of the negative and positive thoughts and feelings and that will take you in a whole other direction.

But no matter what direction you head, you do have control of your life.  Be conscious of where you take your thoughts in every experience because it is taking you in a direction.  When you stay conscious of your thoughts and feelings, then you can let go of what doesn’t feel good for your life and shift focus to what does feel good for your life, and this will create a direction that you want your life to be in.

No matter what, you do have control of your life experiences and vibrations when you make the effort to be conscious and change if need be.

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No matter how much you think you know another; you can’t possibly know what they are thinking. We can only assume that we know why they do what they do and say what they say but no two perceptions of this life experience are the the same. Our perceptions of what we think and feel are all based on our own personal beliefs, experiences, perceptions, upbringings, and culture. With so many unique ways of looking at another, we can only assume we know another and their motives.

What if instead of assuming you know, you just step back and observe instead?  Instead of creating a judgment about this and that, why not just ‘be’ and see where it leads?  You may find that your mind and heart open up in a whole other way then when you feel you have to make some kind of judgment or comparison.

Let others be who they are and if it is bothering you then make an effort to let go and release the resistant vibrations you might be feeling but also release the need to vilify that person or justify your thoughts and actions.  Why not just deal with the situation from the highest of positive vibrations and let go of the need to pick at another even if it is within just your mind.

We are all experiencing life in the best way we think.  We can experience life without comparing ourselves and judging others, don’t you think?

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What direction are you going to take today?  Are you going to let life’s moments make you afraid or make you worry? Or are you going to let life’s moments show you appreciation and make you feel positive?

Your life experiences don’t have the control of the direction you take; it is your own thoughts, feelings, reactions, and actions that control the direction.

No matter what kind of experience you may be having, you have a choice where you it leads.  You can let go and release the fear, worry, and upset vibrations while shifting your focus toward a more positive vibration as it is unfolding or you can succumb to the vibrations of worry, fear, and upset which will only create more in your life.

Think about where you take your thoughts today. If you come up against a challenging experience, just remember that you do have a choice in the direction through your thoughts. You can feel better and think more positive. And if you can’t find the positive, you can always find the balance within as you get through the resistant feeling experience.

Be aware of your ability to make a choice of the direction your moments go and then do the inner work to take you to where you want to be.

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Repeat after me…

All is well and will be well no matter what the experience.

In any experience, you have a choice in where you take your mind. You can get upset and frustrated at the situation or you can accept it is there, deal with it yet trust and know that all is well and will be well. This kind of thought creates a higher more positive vibration that will help any experience you are having.

Trust the Universe and trust that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience.

time to release

Worry can sure take up a lot of time, can’t it?  It loves to build bigger and bigger stories within our mind and it says that it only has our best interest in mind.  It wants us to be aware of any and every thing that could go wrong so we are prepared and ready. Yet it makes us feel negative and anxious.  Worry actually creates more stress than life experiences. Worry is like little seeds of negative prayer that builds the worst case scenario ‘just in case.’ Worry can be quite the taskmaster, can’t it?

What would you be without your worry?  What would happen if each time worry came to mind and heart, that you let it go and trust that all is well and will be well. What if you shifted your focus toward thinking or the best case scenario?  What if you let go of the worry and put your focus on the present and not what ‘might’ happen in the future? What if you really made an effort to focus on what you appreciate in this moment and let go of worry knowing that the Universe has your back and no matter what an experience may feel like, that it is helping to guide us to a better more positive vibration.

Do the inner work and choose the direction you are taking your thoughts and feelings today. Let the worry go and let the positive vibrations in.



No matter what you are experiencing in any given moment, you have a choice where you take your thought.  I know it may not feel that way but truly you do. If life is feeling overwhelming, then all you have to do is take a deep breath in and then let go of the overwhelming feeling in your out breath. When you let go, you can always remind yourself that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience. Every moment is a new moment for things to change.  Every night turns into day and every rainstorm will produce that rainbow. Trust that the Universe has your back and that you will come out of it even better than when you were experiencing a particular challenge.

You can do the inner work toward creating a better feeling life experience. Let go and trust my friend…let go and trust and appreciate the moments of this day.

And there is always tomorrow. :)

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Did you know that your truth, your belief, doesn’t have to be the same as anyone else?  Some love to be a part of a group in what they believe in but it doesn’t mean that everyone has to be apart of what others believe.

Your truth can be whatever feels right for you and what feels right for you may not be what is right for another. This doesn’t make anyone better or more right in what they believe because in our personal truths we all come back to the same truth and that is the strong higher positive power of love.

As long as we don’t harm another mentally or physically, we can believe whatever we choose to believe that makes us feel whole and comfortable.

We can respect another for their personal truth and still live our life with our own truth.

There are many truths and they all lead back to the same thing and that is the higher power vibration of love.


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It only takes a moment to be conscious of what you are thinking and feeling; and that moment is all you need to let go of a destructive repetitive thought pattern and to shift focus toward a more positive vibration.

Be conscious of your thoughts today and do your best to do the inner work to create a better more positive life through your thoughts.  This means letting go of judging yourself and/or others, letting go of anxiety and fear while trusting that all is unfold in the best time for your life, and shifting focus over and over again if you must, to what you can appreciate in your day instead of what you complain about.

Little by little you will find that life will begin to take on a whole different perspective. Life will be more positive and so will your experiences.  You’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought of it earlier.

If a negative experience comes about, take a moment to be conscious of it, take care of it, but also shift your perspective to realizing that this negative experience is just a way of helping to guide you in a different direction or to take you to a higher positive vibration. How you respond is where you do the inner work.

We are all works in progress but you get to choose any direction you want.


For every closed door that comes into your life experience, there are hundreds of doors opening. It takes one door to close to take you in the direction of where all the doors are that have opened.

So when that door closes, just smile and take a little bit different direction where the open doors are ready for you to walk through. It may take just a little time to walk to those open doors but that is a part of the learning and growing within.

agree to disagree and respect

There are times where we need to take a break from certain people because of the way they choose to live life or maybe because they don’t honor and respect who we are when differences of opinion come up.

But sometimes, they will grow in their life experiences and when you see them once again, they have changed.  People can change but it is truly up to them when and if they choose to change.

Do your best not to hold a grudge when another is reaching out and making amends.  You may find that you are ready and they are ready for you both to be in each others lives once again. If they haven’t changed, then you can let go once again, but if they have changed in a positive way, then you can build a new relationship/friendship based on the growth and not on the past.

Everyone deserves to have a second chance, don’t you think?


Yobeth mccain 66

Your life experience is a reflection of what you think, feel, perceive, and act upon.   All that you ‘put out’ into the Universe comes back to you the mixed vibration of each focus and each repetitive thought that you have. Sometimes when we get back what we have put out there, we can’t imagine that we could possibly create that kind of experience but it is understandable when you see that it is a combination of all that you think and put energy to as a ‘whole.’

So think about what you could do for your life if you chose to be conscious of your thoughts and what you put out into the Universe?  If you began to shift your vibrations toward an everyday appreciation and higher positive vibration in all experiences, then what you put out will come back to you in some wonderful unexpected way.  It will have a great feeling attached to it no question.

As you go about your day, keep in mind and heart what you are thinking, perceiving, and feeling. If it is less than positive, then do all you can to shift your vibrations or let go and shift your focus toward something that feels much better to you. There is where the inner work is. This is where you have to become conscious and make the change yourself. No one can do it for you but you.

Where are your thoughts heading today?  Do you have some perceptions that need cleaning up?  Do the inner work my friend. It will get you to where you want to be.

step by step

We all look forward to something in our near future; a dinner date, a good meal, a paycheck, a vacation.  When we think of our future, we can think in a way that we see the end result coming about and that we are happy, but after you have established how great it will be, it is time to get back to enjoying and appreciating the moments you are in.

You see, what you appreciate in this moment is what will help guide you to the next moment. If our head is always in the future then our dreams will always be in the future. Yet if we live in the this moment with the feelings of what we would like our future to be, then we are creating fertile soil for our dreams to grow in.

So how about today you stay conscious of where your thought is going? Take the time to let go of any worries and to let go of how your future will come about and appreciate this moment while envisioning the emotions you want to feel in your near future. By doing this, you will be creating open doors to the present and the future.

Create a positive ‘in the now’ kind of vibration my friend. It will do wonders not only for your present but your future.

Do you catch yourself judging others on how they look, dress, or act?  Judging others is like judging a flower for the color it blooms.  You see, we are all unique in the way we look, think, perceive, and act. And just because someone wears clothes that you wouldn’t wear or has thick eye liner that you wouldn’t be caught dead in, doesn’t mean that they are any less or any more than you are. They have a choice and they like their choice; just as you have a choice in what you wear and ‘are.’

So why not just let go of the need to judge others when they are doing just what you are; living life in the best way they see fit for their lives. So next time you come across someone with bright pink hair, just smile and let go of the judgment. They have every right to be original just as you are. When you find yourself seeing with judgment; take a moment to step back from your thoughts, and let go of your judgment while you accept who they are; a spiritual being having a physical experience.enlightenment

Respect and honor your fellow human beings. Just because you may disagree about the right way to ‘be,’ doesn’t mean anyone is wrong…just unique my friend.


No matter how many opinions you are given, no matter how many giving you loving advice, no matter how many have your best in mind when they are giving you suggestions; it has and always will be up to you what direction you choose to go.

No one is responsible for where your life will lead except you. This means you can listen to what another may say about your life, but remember that they are giving you thoughts based on their own experiences and perceptions. You have a whole different experience and perception so what they say may not always work for your life like it did for their life.

In the end, it has and always will be up to you where your life goes. Keep this in mind and heart when you are confused about what others may say or do.

beth 9989

Isn’t it time to release those fears that are weighing you down?  Really look at what you are afraid of and ask yourself if it is as scary as it looks.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the thought of fear that we forget to objectively look at the fears and worries, and see if they are something that you need to be afraid of.

When examining your fears, ask yourself ‘then what would happen’ until you get to the bottom of it all. For example: Let’s say you are afraid of losing your job. Ask yourself ‘and then what would happen?’ You might think the next thing would be you wouldn’t have a job and that takes you to not being able to pay the bills. Ask yourself ‘and then what would happen?’  Keep going until you get to the root of what you are really afraid of in it all. Maybe the next thing would be that the electricity would be turned off without that job. As you keep asking yourself the question, then you would get to the root of it all. So this may lead you to thinking that without that job you will be homeless and have no money.   At this point, put your thoughts into feelings. If you were homeless and have no money you would feel unsafe, no security, and alone.  THAT is what you are really afraid of.

Now you can work with that. You can do the inner work to feel safe, secure, and loved right now. Instead of worrying so much about losing a job, you can begin to focus on what makes you feel safe, secure, and loved right now. You can start sending those vibrations out and appreciate what you have in life right now that makes you feel safe, secure, and loved. AND you can shift focus to the thought that IF you lost your job, you can still feel safe, secure, and loved and that it will all unfold to a better job and a better feeling place for your life.

Do the inner work and let go of fear knowing and trusting that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience. In every situation, you are safe, you are loved, and you are secure. Believe…

giving and receiving

Every thing you do and say in a day affects someone. Even those moments where you are just running to the store to pick up milk. Every moment that someone is within your surroundings is somehow affected by your presence. And the presence of others does the same for you.

Every smile, every frown, every vibration that you are putting out goes into the world and creates a vibration all of its own. That vibration finds other vibrations that are just like it and they join together making a bigger vibration.  Send out anger, then that vibration will find another angry vibration to attach to. Send out appreciation, then that vibration will find another appreciative vibration to attach to.  All vibrations will grow when enough focus on a particular vibration.

So what you put out into this Universe not only affects you but others in your life. Give a smile and a little help, then that vibration will spread and come back to you in some form.

Just think of all you can do with your thoughts, emotions, perceptions, reactions, and actions if you truly chose to do the inner work to create a strong positive higher vibration as often as you can.

Not only would your life become more positive but others around you who are wanting to have a part of a positive vibration.

We make the choice of the direction we take our day.


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