When making a choice, what is it that you keep in mind and heart?  Some are confused by what choice to make, but there is a way to look at the choices and choose what is the best and you can even look at the choices of others and see if they are making their choice based on what I am about to say.

When you make a choice, the first thoughts that should come to mind and heart are, “Is this choice coming from kindness and compassion? Will this choice intentionally hurt another mentally or physically? Does this choice feel positive for my life in the present and future?”

Base your choices on the questions above.  You will be able to see if choices are being made through ego or through the true self within.

Think of others and their choices as well. They may give you some kind of ultimatum in supporting their choice.  Ask yourself if their choice is coming from kindness and compassion.  Is their choice intentionally hurting others mentally or physically? You can then base your own choice on the answer.


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When you have a negative experience, you don’t have to get all wrapped up in how bad it was or how upset you are.  You can see that it doesn’t feel the best, but that is as far as you have to take the negative.  You can see it, feel it, yet let go of the negative thought and feelings as those thoughts and feelings can cloud your judgment and your clarity.

Many times when we are in a negative experience, we get confused and our emotions seem to take over.  It can be challenging to think at all, but if you figure it out before hand, like right now, by practicing how to be present and conscious of where your thoughts and feelings go, then you will be able to shift focus during that moment of challenge.

Take time to practice shifting focus from the negative to the positive. Build your positive thought muscles so when a challenge comes along, you can be ready.  You can stay in a balanced and clear place within as you take care of what needs to be taken care of.

It’s easy to be positive in positive experiences, but it is in the less than positive experiences that it becomes a challenge.  Yet if you put your mind to it you can bring about positive thoughts and feelings as you experience a less than positive experience. It is the experience that is negative and not you if that is what you choose.

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There is always a way.  Even you can’t imagine how, there is always a way. Put your focus on knowing and trusting that the answer will unfold.   When you focus in on a positive outcome, and then hand it over to the Universe, it will come about in the perfect and right time for the best for your life. No need to hold onto how you think it will happen or when it will happen.  All you have to do is know and trust, do what you can to come closer to the outcome you see, and let it happen in the way the Universe sees the best way for you.

You have just a small view of the whole picture whereas the Universe has the whole view of the picture of what you want. It knows the best path to get you to where you want to be.

So trust and know that there is always a way.  Let it unfold…


Have you ever stopped think how much you have to appreciate?  Appreciation is an undervalued feeling that can really do wonders for your life.

When you appreciate, you have no room to think negative.  As long as your mind is in the state of appreciation, it can’t possibly be negative in that moment.

As you appreciate, you are creating a vibration that is much like love. When you create appreciative vibrations, you are sending a signal to the Universe.  And the Universe will send you a signal right back of the same caliber which manifests itself in appreciative experiences for you.

What if you could stay in a state of appreciation all day long?  Think about all that will come your way!

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You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.  No words were truer spoken.

Everyone has different beliefs and everyone has different ways of perceiving life.  Some have a way that works for them but it may not work for another.

It’s great to have suggestions and advice that may help another but if they don’t want help, then you can’t force it.  What works for you may be great and maybe it will work for others, but you really can’t push others to believe or perceive as you do.

You can lead them to what feels like the truth of the Universe, but if they don’t want to believe, you can’t make them. They may have to come to the thought in their own time or maybe not at all.  No need to waste the energy is trying to make another believe as you do. Let them come to it in their own way and if they don’t, then it is their choice.

You can keep on believing and be an example of what you believe. Your thoughts and your actions that bring about the example you are living, will inspire others to do the same.

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Every day is a good day.  Of course, it is all in how you look at it.  Some days can seem more challenging than others but even though it is challenging, we don’t have to go down a negative path of thought.  We can get through the experience in the best way we know how, but we can do it with the thought ‘every day is a good day.’  Because…every day is a good day.

Think about what you have in life that makes you happy, brings a smile to your face, or that you appreciate. Even in challenges, we have the freedom of thought to create a better more positive thought and experience.

What is in your day that is good?  What is in your moments that you appreciate? What, no matter what you experience, feels positive?   Take those moments and think upon them.  Soak in the thoughts of positive.  Create a positive in your experience.  The more you create the positive, the more the positive will unfold.

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Yes, you can!  When in doubt about what to do when life is drastically changing, you can either curl up in a ball and cave in to the worries, anxieties, and fears OR you can see the positive in the changes happening, release the resistant feeling thoughts, and trust the changes are taking you to the best for your life.

You choose.  Can you trust and expect the best?  It is all up to you.

No need to expect the worse and create a worst case scenario ‘just in case.’  How about expecting the best and create a best case scenario ‘just in case?’

Yes, you can!  You can focus on the positive in any and every thing you do or say. It just takes a little inner work.

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The past is gone.  You really don’t have to relive it in your mind over and over again. The past has created your growth and lessons.  It has created a vibration that you can fine tune and then let go of.

Would of, could of, should of…let it go…it’s over. Begin new thoughts in this day. Keep focus on your present. Create positive thought around your moments and let go of what the past represented.

Forgive yourself and forgive others…just let it go.

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In all that you experience in your day, keep in mind and heart ‘balance.’  Keep your mindset positive and stay in a balanced frame of mind as you go about your day.

If an experience comes up that is challenging, bring your thought to balancing all of who you are from the mind to the body to the spirit.

Just by keeping the thought of balance in your moments, you will be reminding the body, mind, and spirit that stay centered is the best way to experience the every day.

Balance within…


gentle-white-flowers-There are times where we just need to vent.  We cry, we scream, or we are feeling frustration or anger. This isn’t a bad thing when it comes to creating a positive thought.  You see, some of the emotions that seem negative, are actually great ways to catapulting us into a better thought and feeling.

We need to vent so that we can let go and release the negative vibration that feel stored up within.

It is when we hold onto the vibrations of fear, frustration, anger, or sadness, that can create a hold pattern within us and we don’t want to release how we are feeling.

Think about where your emotions are coming from. Are they from a place that you can vent and then move to a better more positive thought and feeling?  Or are you reliving those feelings and thoughts and holding on tight to them?

Use venting to let the negative emotion and thought go. Once the vent is done, then step forward in a better more positive place. Don’t keep dwelling on the negative vibrations and let the vent be a part of opening up to what the next step can be.

Then move on and create a better feeling vibration.


How often do you look at another and their life and assume that you know what they are going through just by how they look or act?

Or how often do others look at your life and assume they know exactly what your life is  or why you act the way you do?

As humans, we tend to compare everyone to our own life. We assume that what another is going through is just what we have gone through which means that we have a right to help without our advice and suggestions.

No one person ever goes through the exact life experience in the same way another does. Some experiences may be similar, but the people, the places, and everything around it is different to each person.  So when another thinks they know all about your life or you think you know how another is experiencing, take a step back for a moment.

Recognize that their experience isn’t just like yours.  Your suggestions or advice may help them, but truly you haven’t been through their exact experience as they are different people, different surroundings, and different thoughts than your experience.

The best thing to say and do is to let another know you may have some suggestions that could help.  And if another is judging your life based on one event, let them know that you are working it out and you appreciate their thoughts.  Ask them if they want to help in some way, let them know listening is helpful as well as any other thoughts they might have.

Keep in mind and heart that you are in one chapter of your life’s story just as others are in one chapter in their life’s story. Don’t judge a person by the chapter they are in. They have many chapters to go just as you do.

Be supportive and encourage each and every person.  You may help them to get on their next chapter.  Don’t be a villain or the gossip in their story; be the one that helped them with listening, acceptance, and understanding.






Where you are in life right now, is but one blip on your life story.  Whether it is a positive or a negative time in your life, just remember that it is one chapter out of your whole life story book.

Remember this when you see others and their lives. If they are having a challenging time or making choices that are creating even more challenge in their lives, they are just on one chapter of their book of life. Their experiences right now are helping them to create a direction to ‘be’ in their life.  The chapter can change or it can stay the same, but either way it is a new chapter.

We all get past each chapter in our life. It is all the chapters together that create the full story of what our life is.

Do your best not to judge another by the chapter they are on in life. It isn’t their full story.  Everyone has a chapter they would like to pass up and move on to the next chapter.  It will happen…

Choose a positive thought and feeling as a theme for your life story.


There is always an open door of opportunity and possibility.   And it is in your own thought that the door will be shown to you…or not.

It begins with  your belief. When you doubt, fear, and worry, and feel you have no where to turn or don’t have answers; that is the moment where you have a choice. You can succumb to all the resistant feeling thoughts that bring to you the same kind of vibration in another way OR you can know and trust, without a doubt, that there is an open door of opportunity and possibility, and it will reveal itself when you are ready for the reveal.

In every thought you have, in every feeling you have, in every reaction you have, do your best to create a positive vibration within.  Even in times of challenge, you can still remember that there is always an open door to where you want to be.

When you get into that kind of mindset, you will be creating vibrations that go out into the Universe and the Universe sends back to you just what you sent to it.  Positive vibrations equals positive experiences, my friend.

Take a moment to ask yourself what do you believe and what are you sending out?  Being conscious of your thought and changing that thought if need be, will take you to where you want to be. Practice makes perfect!

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You can only be pushed to do something if you are willing to be pushed.

There are times where someone needs something for you to do and that someone can be urgent and insisting about what they need or want. This can make you feel that uncomfortable resistant pushing thought and feeling that signals you don’t like that feeling and thought.

Yet, in all we think, say, or do; we always have a choice. If another is pushing, you have a choice to feel pushed or you can let go of the pushing vibration and  listen to what they may have to say but make a conscious effort to let go of the resistant vibration attached to what they need or want.

That nagging pushing vibration is a feeling like no other. Sometimes we feel like pushing against it, but by pushing against it we are creating more resistance.

Why not hear them out, let them know what you plan on doing or saying, and then let go of that push against vibration.  They may bring it up time and time again, but you have the choice of how you think and feel.

Resolve it without a pushing vibration.

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Do you trust that every experience is leading you to the best for your life?  Or do you just roll with the punches and wait for the other shoe to drop?

When we are experiencing life, it is essential to appreciate and create positive thoughts and moments as life is rolling along.  And when a less than positive experiences comes forward, that is the moment where we can really do our best to appreciate and create a more positive attitude in those less than positive moments.

You don’t ignore the negative experience, but you lift your vibrations to a better feeling thought, feeling, and reaction as you get through the experience. Get into the frame of mind of trusting that whatever the experience is, it is taking you to where you want to be and all you have to do is keep a strong positive focus through it all.

So, do you trust that any and every experience is taking you to the best for your life? Do you believe that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience?

If not, then that is where you want to inner work toward getting into that frame of mind and heart.

Build a positive foundation in all you say and do.  You will see the results you are looking for and life will follow your lead.

The Universe is bringing you the best that works for your life.

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We always seem to know what we don’t want in life, but we don’t always know what we do want.  If you’re not sure of what you want life to be, ask yourself how you would like your life to feel.  Go through a future day in your mind of how you want to feel in your future days.  Then bring that thought into your present moment and think of how good it feels to feel in that feeling now.

Just because you’re not sure of what you want in life, it doesn’t mean that you can’t envision your future. Just envision how you want to feel whether it is a feeling of protection or a feeling of being abundant or both.  As you envision and shift your focus to feeling that feeling in your moments now, you will be building the foundation of a strong positive future full of how you want to feel.


Sometimes, when we are envision what we want our life to be, we can get stuck on the details of it all instead of seeing the bigger picture.

The Universe always has the bigger picture in mind. It knows the best way to get you to where you want to be so there may be a few experiences that happen that seem like they are taking you away from what you want when, in reality, they are a part of getting you to where you want to be.

Do your best not to get so wrapped up in every little detail.  Know and trust the Universe and the experiences that you have. Know and trust that the Universe knows the best way to get you there.

You are being taken care of my friend.  Do the best you can but remember that there is a big Universe on your side and taking you to the best for your life.  You will get to where you want to be…let it unfold.

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Being positive and shifting to a more positive thought, can be a challenge at times.  It sounds much easier than it actually is, doesn’t it?  Change your thoughts, change your life.

The inner work is what gets you to being in a mindset that benefits your life.  It begins with just one positive thought.

Just for today, create a positive thought that you can feel through out your day.  Maybe it is about how beautiful the sky is or maybe how much you appreciate a modern convenience.  Each time you see or think of your positive focus,  dwell on what it makes you feel within.  Let’s say you appreciate the beautiful blue sky as your focus.  Each time you remember to appreciate, bring another aspect of why you love that blue sky.  Keep building and building your appreciation as you think of more reasons as to why you love the feel of the blue sky.

By doing so, you are creating stepping stones that build into a positive strong solid foundation of appreciation and that appreciation will spread out over all aspects of your life and bring so much more in return.

Just begin with one positive thought…


Everyone has something or someone, within their mind and heart, that brings about that happy feeling within.  It might be a favorite place or a favorite experience.  It might be a candle scent or a favorite hobby. Everyone has something that gives them a smile and a positive thought.

When you are having a day that feels less than positive, take a moment to find that something that brings you that happy feeling within.  Just for a few moments, think and feel that happiness and build that feeling within.  Hold the thought and feeling as long as you can and build, build, build the feeling of happiness.

If you do this each and every day, you will be sending out positive vibrations that will come back to you in some way, shape, or form.  Just for a few moments a day.

What brings you happiness?  What can you do to experience that feeling each and every day?  How many ‘somethings’ can you think of that give you that feeling within?

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Choices.  You have many choices.  Some make choices for you or you make choices for others. Sometimes we don’t have control of all the choices around us, but there is one choice that we have at all times.  That is the choice of thought.

No matter who is angry, no matter who is negative, no matter who is doubting, no matter, no matter.  No matter what, you always have a choice where you take your own thoughts.  If another is angry, you don’t have to become angry too. You can choose to shift focus to a better feeling positive thought.

If someone is said, you don’t have to be sad. You can deal with the experience in the best way that you know how, yet come from a place of joy or being positive.

So when it comes down to life, it doesn’t matter what is around you; you always can choose where your mind goes and that choice will take you in a direction.

What direction do you want to go to? It’s your choice…

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