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In the stillness, there is clarity and solutions to any challenges you may be having. That stillness within you, is your forever connection to the all of this Universe. You don’t have to understand it to be able to use it.

That stillness is a quiet balanced calm place from within. You might not hear the answers or see the answers but the answers are there. They reveal themselves with a feeling and a thought that subtly come forward.  Sometimes they come to just you or they come through an experience.

Connect to the stillness within you for a few minutes each day.  It will help you with clarity and finding solutions.


If you know that the Universe is going to bring to you what you are putting out in thought, then why worry?

If you know that you are doing your part through letting go of the worry, shifting toward a more positive vibration, and trusting and expecting that it will all unfold at the best time for your life experience, then why worry?

If you know that whatever comes your way that you can deal with it in the best way that you can and let the Universe take care of the rest, then why worry?

Isn’t worrying another way of thinking that it may or may not happen in the way you want it to? Isn’t worrying another way of seeding your vibrations with resistance?  Isn’t worrying not needed when you say you know that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience?

You see, whatever unfolds will be the best for your life.  Trust and create a positive higher vibration my friend.



Take this moment to really think about all that you have to be grateful for. Step away from your everyday bustle and look at your life in this moment and focus on what you have to be grateful for. The beauty in the flowers you passed by today, you are having a great hair day, a complete stranger smiled at you and paid for your coffee.  No matter what you are thinking, shift your focus to gratitude in this moment.

Do this each and every day. Instead of worrying and wondering how you’re going to solve a problem, just for a moment or two, shift your focus to all that you have in life that makes you happy.

Those moments will help you to creating more to be grateful for. Step away from the negative today and find the positive in all you experience.

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Do you believe that no matter what you are experiencing that it is taking you to where you want to be?  Let’s say you are having an experience that is feeling less than positive.  Do you begin to doubt and worry that the experience is taking you in the wrong direction OR do you learn, understand, and grow through the experience with a positive vibration knowing that if you keep creating a positive vibration that you will reach the vibration of what you truly want?

Every experience has the potential to take you to the vibration of where you want to be in life. It is up to you whether you choose to slow it down with a negative agitated resistant vibration or create a vibration that is much closer to the vibration of where you want to be.

The choice is up to you my friend. Trust that you are heading in the direction of where you want to be in all experiences. Experiences are there to help guide you and sometimes those experiences take a little shaking up of life to get us to create a stronger positive vibration.


There are times where it just feels like nothing is moving toward what you want, yet as long as you are keeping a strong focus on expecting, trusting, and knowing that all is happening in the right time for the best for your life, there is movement even if you can’t see that movement.

The whole time you are creating a positive vibration and visualizing what you want to come into existence, the Universe is creating all different ways that it can happen.  Vibrations are being put into experiences to help you to grow, learn, and understand that will take you to the ‘match’ vibration of what you want.

Keep up the positive thought.  There is a millions of vibrations working on what you want in life.  You will have what you want or even better.  Let the Universe do its job and you do yours my friend.

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Everyone has life challenges.  Even in the most positive of life and experiences, as spiritual beings having a physical experience, we have moments of challenge.  Challenges are ways that we grow, learn, and understand to help guide us to the ‘match’ of what we want in life.  Sometimes you have to walk through a little mud to get to the beautiful crystal clean lake, right?

So in a challenge you can do one of two things.  You can doubt, fear, and worry through the experience creating more experiences of the same because of that vibration you are putting out there or you can rise above the challenge, work toward finding solutions, and trust, know, and expect that all will be well as the Universe answers your vibration and brings to you what you are putting out there.

Rise above it my friend and still enjoy the moments while figuring it all out.  Create a positive field of vibrations for the Universe to work with.

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There are always going to be naysayers in the world. It is a part of contrast.  There can’t be light without having the comparison of dark.  There can’t be positive without having the comparison of negative. In order to live in this world, there will always be different opinions, beliefs, attitudes, and thoughts, but this doesn’t mean you have to listen to the opinions of a naysayer.  A naysayer is someone who is always saying and thinking no.  They are always letting you know what can’t be done and even when it can be done, they still say it is next to impossible.

When someone doesn’t understand how you can possibly be positive in a less than positive feeling experience, then they just have to tell you the worst case scenario ‘just in case.’  They can put doubt in the mind and worry in the heart.

Did you know that it is your choice to be part of their vibration and opinion?  You can hear what they say, but you don’t have to take it on as your own. You can let go of their thoughts and create your own vibration of what you believe is coming into your life.

Making a choice of where your thought goes when it comes to others, is an essential step toward heading in a direction that is a higher positive feeling vibration.  And you know what that means?  The opening of doors that you can walk through that are full of positive experiences.  Open the door, walk through, and close it behind you without the negative opinions of others.

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When in doubt…have faith and trust that the Universe is bringing the best to you for your life.  Let go of the doubt and let it unfold.

When in worry…have faith and trust that all is being taken care of.  Just do what you have to do to deal with the experience but keep a strong positive higher vibration going at all times.  Worry is like little seeds of negative prayer. Just let the worry go and let the Universe create from your positive vibrations instead of a worry vibration.

When things take a turn…have faith and trust that the direction is the way you are supposed to be going to get to where you want to be and go along for the ride.

Faith and trust, coupled with your positive higher vibrations, will take you to where you want to be or better.  Keep the inner work going while you experience and grow.  Let the Universe do the rest.🙂


What if you have an experience that you are not looking forward to?  Maybe a doctor appointment or some kind of meeting?

The first step is to accept that it is happening. By accepting it, you are not putting resistant feelings and thoughts toward it. You may not like going to where you have to go but you have accepted it and this acceptance creates a less resistant kind of vibration.

Next, you focus on all that is good in the experience that could happen.  Instead of worrying about what ‘might be’ in a negative way, just shift your focus what ‘might be’ in a positive light.  This lightens the vibration.

Next, deal with the experience in the best way that you know how and appreciate all there is to appreciate within the experience. Be grateful that you have those around that are helping. Be grateful for that nurse who knows just how to get your blood taken. Find those moments that you normally wouldn’t pay attention to.

Then, know that the experience will be over at some point.  That is even a plus, don’t you think?

No matter how you look at it, trust that this experience may just have a lesson or growth within it to help get you to where you want to be in life. It may be the experience that will help you to match the vibration of what you want.

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As you travel down the road of life, do you look at all the weeds along the road or do you look for the beauty and what there is to appreciate?

Everything is on your road of life so you get to choose what you are going to focus on. When you focus on all that is negative and a mess then your road of life is going to have many moments of seeing what you are focusing on which will be all the negative.

Yet if you focus on all the beauty that is along the way, and you focus on how much you  appreciate that beauty, then you will be taking a road that is scenic and enjoyable.

You have choices of where you look my friend. You have choices of where to focus in life. What you choose is what your life’s view will become.

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What makes you happy and joyful? Whatever it is; do more of that. Creating happiness and joy filled vibrations not only nurtures the spirit but it nurtures the mind and body as well.

If you are feeling stressed, the best thing that you can do is take a break to do something you truly love that makes you feel good. Listen to some music, color, or take a walk.  If you feel you don’t have the time, then take just a few moments to deep breathe in and clear your mind, body, and spirit through the exhale.

The more you are able to let go of the stress and the negative, and shift your focus toward a positive feeling and thought; the more life will shift toward more positive experiences in life.

Do more of what you love to do.  Make the time and it will amp up the positive vibrations and experiences.

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Everyday you are being shown a direction to go and everyday you are given messages from the Universe. Open your eyes and shift your focus to seeing, feeling, hearing, and knowing that you are being shown the best way for your life.

Nature is one of the ways the Universe sends us messages. A butterfly flying right in front of you, a blue bird in the tree who is singing to you, that one flower that is blooming in a place where flowers won’t bloom; this are a few messages from the Universe letting you know that you are not alone, you are loved, and all is well and will be well.

You can feel within about your direction. The Universe is in that connection within as well. The Universe is always there reaching out to you and creating experiences that match your current thought patterns.

Believe, trust, expect, and open your eyes to the ways of the Universe my friend.

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Make time for yourself to be alone to think, dream, and focus about the life you have and the life you want to have.

It’s important to create time for yourself so that you can just take a breath and sit quietly. Read a book, listen to music, maybe take a walk; whatever you do to get calm, balanced, and are able to go within to your connection with all in the Universe. You don’t have to think if you don’t want to, you can just ‘be’ for a few moments. Take some deliberate focused breaths in and just sit quietly.  Let yourself know that this is time for just you.

In those moments of quiet, clarity comes about. So does a sense of ‘all is well and will be well.’ You may feel more energetic as well.

You see, what you are doing is nurturing all of who you are from the mind to the body to the spirit. By doing this daily, things will become more clear, experiences begin to unfold in a higher positive light, and life takes on a balance even in experiences that don’t seem balanced.

Make time for a few moments to recharge my friend.


Isn’t it a great thought to think that all you have to do is think positive and life will be full of roses and sunshine?

Here’s the thing; it takes inner work to learn and grow through positive thought. It takes practice to let go of the negative vibrations and shift focus toward the positive.  It takes inner work to let go of old perceptions and create new beliefs and perceptions so that you create a higher positive vibration instead of a mixed of vibration of a day that you are not being conscious of in thought.

It takes thought change to change your life experience.

Is it worth it?  Absolutely yes. Is it difficult?  Only if you choose not to let go of the negative vibrations when handling experiences.

Changing life through positive thought is an every day vibration. Not just in the morning or when you feel like it…it is you being conscious of where your thought is and changing it to accommodate what you want in life.

You change the thought, you change the perception. You change your perception of life, then you change life.



Changing your natural automatic thought process takes practice.  It can be automatic to think maybe something won’t work out or think negative about an experience, but what if you changed your thought and your perceptions and stayed conscious of where your thoughts go?  You could then shift your thought to something that feels better.

Let’s say you are having an experience where you just feel like it is negative.  Step back for a moment and remind yourself that this negative doesn’t have to be  a negative experience. The negative can be changed.  Maybe that ‘negative’ experience is taking you to where you want to be and in order to get to where you want to be you had to experience this ‘negative’ so that you can learn to let go of the negative and embrace a more positive attitude about it all?

Maybe the experience is the perfect experience for just that?  Then that would mean that the negative experience isn’t negative at all, but just a stepping stone to where you want to be?  And depending on where you take your thought and perception, it will come out even better than expected or stay the same.

Next time you are having an experience, remind yourself that every experience is a part of your journey and how you react and think through it all, is where you will take it.

All is well and will be well no matter what the experience….

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When you are in doubt about life, take a moment to stop what you are doing, close your eyes, and consciously let go of the fear and doubt while you go ‘within’ to that calm solid place within that is forever connected to the Universe.   There is no fear or doubt there so if you continue to feel it, then keep consciously breathing out the negative thought until you find that peace within.

Sit there for a moment in that peace and truly feel what the world is really like. That is the place of solutions, unconditional love, and where you want life to ‘be.’ Feel that feeling and think that thought.  Believe that this Universe is helping to guide you to the life you want no matter what may be happening otherwise. Feel it until there is no doubt in your mind and heart that everything truly is just as it should be and will unfold for the best for your life.

Let go of the doubt and embrace the belief that all is well and will be well, my friend.

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Every moment the Universe is right with you no matter what you may be experiencing.  And in every moment you are taking a direction  and creating that direction through your thoughts, emotions, and reactions. And in every moment that you create some kind of vibration whether it is happy, sad, frustrated, loving, or caring; the Universe is taking that vibration and finding a match to it.

You worry then the Universe brings back worry like vibrations to you.  It isn’t that the Universe is punishing you; it is just loving you and answering back to what you put out in vibration.  To the Universe, it isn’t negative or positive; just a vibration that it answers back to because it wants to support your choices.

So in every moment you have a choice. You can add to the fear and worry if that is what you are thinking and feeling or you can add to the trust and the ‘all is well’ if that is what you are thinking and feeling.

Just think…if you believed with all your heart that all is well and will be well, then the Universe would bring to you just that.

Isn’t it worth the inner work to do your best to let go of the anxieties and worries of life and embrace the appreciation and gratitude of the moments?

beth mccain quotes 777777

You can ask and ask and ask for what you want in life from the Universe but it is not going to happen unless you do the inner work necessary to get you to the matching vibration of what you want.

So many think that by asking and then going about life like they have always done, will create the vibration of what they want. But it isn’t only in the asking; you have to change your own patterns within in order to create a vibration of a match of what you want. You would have it by now if you had matched the vibration.  In order to match ‘the life you want’ vibration, you have to let go of the old way and create a new way of thought. You have to step aside and let go of the fears and worries that were keeping you back and move into a stronger more positive state of mind.

And if an experience comes your way that makes you feel uncomfortable, you can let go of the thought, accept the experience, deal with it in a different way that you have before, and focus on higher positive vibrations as you experience it. Learn what you can and understand what you can from the experience yet know that it will all be just fine no matter how it comes out; even if it doesn’t come out exactly as you thought.

Keep reaching for a higher thought, keep letting go of fear, keep trust in the Universe, and expect and know and be thankful for what you want in the end.

You will get there.🙂


Words…we all use them. Sometimes we use them just to communicate what we want and need without any emotion. And other times, we use words to emphasize how we are feeling.

A word has no power over your life unless you choose to let it. When someone says ‘no,’ you can accept the ‘no’ yet move on without holding an attachment to the thought and emotion of rejection, fear, and worries.

The more you focus on the words and thoughts, and put emotion within it, the more you are creating a vibration that will go out into the Universe, find like vibrations of experiences and thoughts, and then sends it right back to you. This isn’t a reward or punishment from the Universe; it is just the way it lets us know that it hears us, is supporting us in any thing we do and think.

Choose your thoughts and words wisely and let go of what is focused upon that isn’t good for your life. Deal with the experience yet do your best to accept, let go, and shift focus toward a positive solution. If you don’t know that solution, then just know there is one and it will unfold at the right time in your life.

You give your words and thoughts power and what you power them with is what will come into your life.

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In order for change to happen in life, you have to make a change. Life will stay just the way it is if you don’t make some kind of change. When you make a change in your perceptions and beliefs, then change begins to move in the direction of your new perceptions and beliefs.

You have the choice and the power to change your life. It all begins with you. It has nothing to do with what another is saying, what job you have, or your current financial picture. It can all change if you choose to shift your thought toward a belief and thought that reflects what you want.

Change begins with mental action first and then as you keep creating a positive mental change, then physical life will change as well.

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