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Thoughts create.

Life is always changing from moment to moment.

If you can’t change an experience then it is your personal attitude that will have to change and that experience that was unchangeable, will change.

These are just a few thoughts that are truth.  What you choose to think and feel about each moment is the direction your life is going to head.

You can choose to be upset in a less than positive experience or you can choose to do your best yet stay in a positive frame of mind while letting go of the negative thoughts and feelings.

What you choose is what will be created into your life.

You can’t get it wrong. You are here to experience life.  You are doing just that whether you are sitting on a couch or skydiving. How you experience is up to you but no matter what you are serving your purpose…you are experiencing life.

giving and receiving

Today is a great day appreciate life, don’t you think? How about, just for today, you step aside from the need to be worried and concerned, and just take this day, moment by moment, embracing each breath you take and each step you walk?  How about appreciating what is in your life and not worry about what isn’t in your life?
Did you know that anytime you are creating appreciation that you can’t think or feel negative for those moments? So if you put your focus on being appreciative then you are going to be letting go of the negative and replacing it with the positive.  And the more you appreciate, the more positive vibrations you send out into this Universe.   And that will create more experiences with that kind of appreciation in your life experience.
How about creating some amazing higher positive vibrations for your current and future days?
Keep it in mind and heart to create some amazing appreciation in this day. Your life will benefit from it my friend.

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‘All is well and will be well no matter what the experience.’

The phrase above is a belief and a knowing that in any experience you may be having, that the Universe sees the bigger picture and knows what experience needs to come into your life in order to help guide you to a vibration of where you want to be in life. Sometimes the experiences may come in a less than positive form but this doesn’t mean that somehow everything is going to go wrong just because an experience popped up.  That experience is a part of taking you to a higher positive vibration that is to match what you truly desire in life. And how you think, feel, and react in that less than positive experience, is the direction you will be heading in. React and think the same way as you always have in a negative situation then nothing much will change. React and think the in a new more positive way, letting go of negative vibrations, and trusting that all is well and will be well, then much will change.

Get into trusting, believing, and knowing that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience. Trust that the Universe has your back in all experiences. You have a choice in where you head my friend. Choose higher more positive vibrations and let go of the resistant feeling ones.

Life will take on a whole new meaning.

time to release

All of us do it. All of us look to the past to remember.  Sometimes we don’t even know that we are going in the past with the mind and end up in the middle of one of those memories of the past.  Some of the memories of the past are amazing and truly worth looking at; while other memories and experiences of the past can cause us to dwell and mull over all that the past had.

The past does serve a purpose. We can look back and feel good about memories.  We can also look back and see what we did and what we said to help us not repeat a particular experience. When we dwell on the past, we are reliving and activating past vibrations.  Those vibrations become your future in some way, shape, or form. It may not be the same past experience but it will be an experience that feels like that experience.

You can also look at the past without attaching to the thought and feeling of it, see what there is you an glean from the experience, let go of asking yourself ‘why did I go that’ or ‘why did they do that’ and just do what you can ‘in the now’ to help guide you to a better more positive vibration. You don’t have to forget the past but you can forgive the past. You can learn and grow through the experience as you look back but then leave it there and only bring forward what you feel you may have learned from it for your current life experience.

Let the past go and live in this moment my friend.

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Do you want your life experience to change in some way?  Maybe you want a new job or maybe you want more abundance in your life? Or maybe you just want life in general to change for the better?

Here’s the thing about wanting something different than what you currently have in your life; it requires change in some way. So if you are uncomfortable with change, then that is where you need to begin the inner work to creating something different for your life. Change creates change and if life begins to show change, even a less than positive kind of change, it is changing. That is the moment to go with the flow of what is changing and do your best to rise above and beyond the less than positive feeling experience.

Sometimes when we want something in life that is different than we currently have, certain experiences have to come about to help guide us to the matching vibration of what we want.  Even if it is an experience that is less than positive, it may be the catalyst to take you to what you envision. Where you take the experience within your mind and heart is the direction life is going to head.

Will you do what you always do and react to the experience as you have before or will you get through the experience in a more positive vibration knowing that the positive vibration will take you to a higher vibration that is closer to what you want?  Each experience you have has meaning and gives you a chance to take a direction.

If you can trust ‘how’ it comes about and know that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience, then the change that is happening will take you to where you want to be.

Do you want your life to change in a different way than it has before? Then trust, know, and expect each experience to be a part of getting you to where you want to be.

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You wouldn’t think that impatience could actually slow down what you are waiting for but it does.

You see, impatience is one of those resistant feeling vibrations that makes you feel agitated and even frustrated.  It creates this vibration of resistance to the very thing that you are waiting for. So if you are impatience then you are creating more impatient experiences for yourself.

So how do you let go of impatience? How do you not feel like you’re waiting? Well, you take a moment to really think it through. You believe that what you want is going to come into your life, right? But do you believe and trust that it is coming into your life in the right time it should for the best in your life? Do you believe that the Universe will take care of ‘the how’ and bring what you want ‘as is’ or better?

So if you believe it is happening, and you believe it is all in the right time, then why are you impatient?  Yes, it would be nice if it was exactly at this very moment but maybe, just maybe, this moment isn’t the perfect time even if you think it is.  Maybe the Universe can see the bigger picture of what you want and knows the best experiences to align you with what you want. Why not let go of the impatience and replace that impatience with excitement of what is to come when it comes into your life?  And why not embrace each moment right now instead of sitting around frustrated because it hasn’t unfolded quite yet?

What kind of vibration will you be sending out today? One of impatience or one of trust and excitement that what you envision will come into your life at the perfect moment?

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Have you ever thought about how you approach another?  In others words, when you meet new people, what is it that you think within your mind? Do you begin with suspicion and have a ‘wait and see’ kind of attitude about who they are?  Or do you welcome others with an open mind and heart letting it all unfold in the way that it will?

No matter who we are, we are all different in what we think, what we believe, and how we feel.  We are complex begins that we can never fully understand each other.  But we are all alike as well; we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Just because we all think differently doesn’t mean that we can’t accept one another and accept the differences as well.

How about being conscious of having an open mind and an open heart when greeting others. Open your heart knowing that whatever will be, will be.  Get to know another before creating any kind of suspicious thoughts about another.

You are no better and no worse than another. We are all experiencing in the best way that we know how in life and we can either become a part of another’s life experience or we can mistrust first not ever knowing what they were truly about.

Be conscious today…


Are you pushing against an experience that you are having?  Maybe you don’t think you are, but the pushing against an experience that is happening is creating more of the same so let’s see if you are, shall we?

We all have experiences in life that feel less than positive but it is in our own thought and feeling where that negative experience is going to take us in life. Let’s say you know it is going to be a hot day. So you bemoan and talk all about how hot it is and how you can’t take the heat. You go on and on to everyone around you about how hot you are and they too, tell you how hot they are as well. Each time someone asks you, “How is your day,” you begin with the complaining of how hot it is.  This is an experience that you can’t change.  It’s hot, right?  But where you take your thoughts and feelings will be creating the same kind of vibration in some way.

Okay, it’s hot. You know it is hot and you know that, for the day, it is going to be hot. It is what it is. Since you know it is what it is then you can accept that it is, let go of the need to negatively portray that it is, and begin to shift your focus toward something more positive in your attitude. Instead of focusing on the heat, you can focus on what can be done about the heat. You can use a fan, you can run the air conditioner, you can go in the pool, you can go to a cool movie theater and watch a movie….there are endless positive things you can do to shift your focus and feel more comfortable.

So what does the shift of focus do?  It begins to create more positive vibrations in your day and future.  It may be hot but you have choices where you take your vibrations and where you take those vibrations, will take you in a direction.

This can be applied to all experiences that are what they are and can’t be changed. You can change the experience through your own attitude.

What are you focusing on today?


In the world today, we have much to think about.  And having much to think about can lead us to worry and anxiety at times. When we are anxious, our neck and shoulders become tight and our very being feels tight.  We feel as if we are resisting against something.  Well, we are resisting against our natural state to create a steady flow of vibration that resides within us.   Our natural state isn’t about feeling resistant but in this world today we have so much going on within our lives and within our mind that we think if we don’t worry that we won’t be prepared when something negative happens.  We also create that worst case scenario so that we can be all ready for it with some kind of solution before it happens.

But it is just as easy to create a best case scenario and prepare for that outcome.  We can prepare for a positive experience.

The worry that we send out in vibration creates more to worry about.  It is like little negative seeds of prayer.

Yet when you send out a positive vibration you are creating more positive experiences to come your way.

Why worry?  Why not just live in the moment and truly embrace what is happening right now in life instead of projecting a worried vibration into your future?

You have this moment to live.  You can create some pretty amazing good feeling vibrations through appreciation and gratitude. You can let go of the worry and know, trust, and expect that the Universe will take care of all that is needed to be taken care of as you create the direction through your vibrations.

Moment by moment my friend…

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We all have them. We all have automatic repetitive thoughts that come to mind in our life experiences.  Some are positive and some are negative; but no matter which direction you go, those repetitive thought patterns are creating a vibration of ‘bring me more.’

There are times when we feel as if life is stuck in a rut.  Or maybe we feel that our money situation seems to always be the same. Most likely you are creating an automatic response to life and they are replaying within your life experience.

The first step is to be conscious of your repetitive thought pattern. For example: maybe each time you get a check, you say to yourself, “It’s not like I get to use any of it for fun, all my money just goes to is the bills.”  When a check comes in that isn’t expected you may say, “I wish it had been bigger.”  You see, even though they are two different statements, the money talk has the same vibration to it.  You are saying that you don’t have enough. And each time you complain when you spend money, you are creating yet another same vibration. This is what is meant by a repetitive thought pattern.

The next step after being conscious of your pattern, is to ask yourself what is a good replacement for your old repetitive pattern. If you have a replacement ready to go, then when you become conscious of the negative thoughts and feelings, then you can replace it with the new thought pattern you want in your life.

Instead of creating a negative pattern of complaints about money, you can begin to change your way of thinking. Tell your mind to stop then replace it with the new good feeling thought.  Instead of complaining about never having enough, you can begin to replace it with appreciation of what you do have in money and appreciation that you can pay the bills. If the mind says, Yeah but… then remember that what you think you will become.  Replace that negative pattern again and again as you change your habit of negative thought. It truly is just a habit and you can change any habit.

So how about sending out some appreciation vibrations today and create a new positive pattern of thought.

Old Fire Hook Creek

This was the 2003 Old Fire in the San Bernardino Mountains. We lived up in the mountains during this fire storm.

house on hook creek

One of our homes in Cedar Glen.

Here is a personal life experience of a challenge in life that created open doors.

My personal experience with challenges.


Did you know that even in those less than positive feelings experiences that all is well and will be well?  How do I know this?  Because I believe and expect it to be.

If you believe that your own thoughts and emotions are what go out into this Universe, and then the Universe responds to you through a similar vibration, and brings back to you a vibration of that match, then one of the key vibrations you want to put out into the Universe is ‘All is well and will be well no matter what the experience.’  When we send that kind of vibration out, then we know that even in the less than positive experience, that all will be well before, during, and after the experience.

You see, those challenging experiences actually are what take you to that match vibration.  And the direction of where it takes you is solely up to you. You can either take the challenging experience into fear, anxiety, stress, and worry or you can take it to a higher positive vibration knowing that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience is. Your direction is based on your choice in thought and feeling. Even though the challenge may not feel great, you will have an inner knowing and belief that it is just another experience to help you gain insight and higher positive vibrations that will match what you envision life to be.

Focus on what you don’t want and you will have what you don’t want. Focus on what you do want and you will have what you really want. Focus on a higher vibration in a challenge, then higher vibrations and insights that will take you to another level of vibration, will be where you will head. Focus on the fear, worry, and anxiety in a challenge, and it will take you to another level of vibration where you don’t want to head.

Here’s your chance. In any and all experiences you can do your best to deal with the experience but remind yourself that all truly is well and will be well no matter what the experience. This shift of focus gives it over to the Universe to match a vibration of what is best for your life since the match is ‘all is well.’

the sky is the limit

The world these days tends to focus on what society generally thinks as a whole. And that ‘normal’ can create a thought and feeling that we aren’t good enough if we don’t fit into that ‘normal’ that others think is the right way.

I believe we place too much credit on what everyone thinks is normal. We are all so unique in how we think, perceive, feel, and create our life, that we can’t possibly fit into the mold that is called normal.

There really is no such thing as normal because the second you buy into ‘normal,’ you will find many that don’t fit into the mold.

So why not just be who you are?  Why not just gravitate to what makes you feel good and positive in your life and leave the rest for those that want to achieve what is feasibly impossible and that is to fit in the normal of society.

Why not accept that we are not perfect and realize that we are at the same time. We are imperfectly perfect each and every one of us.

Let’s break the mold of what ‘they’ think and just love, enjoy, embrace, and ‘be’ ourselves.  This will bring you more confidence and take you in a direction that will create more of the same for your life.

Are you ready to let go of what others think about your life and embrace a life full of promise and positivity?

time to release

Keep it up my friend. Keep up the appreciation and the gratitude toward life. Keep up the releasing of releasing of negative vibrations and replacing them with positive vibrations. Keep up the hope and the ‘knowing’ that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience. Keep up being conscious of when you feel agitated and feel as if you are pulling and pushing life and doing the inner work to let go of those resistant vibrations. Keep up remembering that you have a choice in the direction your life goes just by your thought and feeling.

If you forget just pick yourself up and begin again.  You don’t need to beat yourself up over a negative thought pattern.  Just begin again and replace that negative thought pattern with a new positive pattern.

And if you are able to give up on your dreams just remember that in that moment is the perfect moment to rise above and beyond giving up and take a higher positive vibration knowing that your dream will come in the right time for your life and remember that the Universe always has your back. And the best for your life will reveal itself…

No matter what you are doing just fine.  You are experiencing life and that is all that truly is expected of you.  In each experience you have a choice where to take your life. Positive or negative, chaotic or calm, imbalance or balance…your choice.

beth mccain 8898

What is it about the past that draws in the mind to revisit a past experience over and over again reliving mistakes we felt we made or bring up unpleasant memories?  Why do we do that to ourselves?  You see the past in the past for a reason.  We can observe the past experience without getting all involved in the upset of that past and find little gems of understanding and truth that we can take along our life journey but once we see what we want to take with us, then we can let the rest of the past experience go.

A mind that is occupied with thoughts of the past whether it be guilt, resentment, sadness, or frustration, can’t change the past. Reliving those thoughts are going to change anyone.  They are keeping you where you currently are and that is the vibration of the past.

What would life be like if you let go of your past?  What would life be like if you stepped back in the past, gleaned from the past experience all that you learned and grew from, and then let go of the need to revisit it?  You will feel like a burden has been lifted off your shoulders.

Let the past stay in the past and live in this current moment my friend. This moment is what you have right now and what you do and feel in this moment will create your future.

Let go of the past and embrace the now…

step by step

Many wonder what they are doing wrong when it comes to getting what they desire in life. They may think that it is just the hand they have been dealt or maybe a family curse. They may think that they aren’t thinking positive enough or that they just aren’t like the others who get what they want in life. They begin to settle for what life gives them and they stop dreaming or thinking that life will change.

Do you know that none of the above is what creates the path of what you don’t want in life?  You see, we are here experiencing life.  This amazing Universe supports and encourages us through each experience. It may not feel like it at times but if you grab on to what I am about to tell you, then you will see how the Universe is always on your side and that the choice is always up to you whether you go the direction you desire.

The Universe supports and encourages through matching what you ‘put out’ in your own vibration.  When I say matching, I don’t necessarily mean the exact match in ‘physical’ but the exact match in ‘vibration.’  So let’s say you focus on the positive of your day but had a few outbursts of focused frustration at home or in your job. The ‘match’ of your vibration is the mix of all your vibrations so in this case the vibration match is positive mixed in with frustration.  Do you see how that works?

Not only does the Universe ‘match’ that mixed vibration, it also ‘matches’ our vibration of what we believe.  Let’s say you believe that you can’t make any money unless you work 24/7 to get it.  Maybe this is how you have always believed or maybe it is what your parents believed but you believe it no matter how it came about.  So the Universe is going to ‘match’ your vibration along with what you believe day in and day out.  You want a new job that makes you feel happy and calm yet your belief is that you can only make money if you work 24/7 and bust your back to get it.  The Universe is going to match your belief and what vibrations you put toward a calm vibration which again, brings in a mixed vibration and that is what the Universe sends back to you. Who knows what that will bring to you.

Inner work is fully necessary when creating the life you desire. You want to observe the beliefs you may have and see if they go with what you want. You may have to change a few things, let go of some old thought patterns, and embrace new ones while remaining conscious of your daily thoughts and feelings. When it comes to creating new thought patterns, really think about what makes you feel good ‘within’ and what makes you feel positive.  What rings true to you? What is right for one may not be right for another so choose your thoughts and feelings based on your life experience and not what another may have.

This includes how the Universe brings what you want to you. When we have challenges come up in life, we think that maybe we aren’t being positive enough or that we must have done something wrong for the law of attraction not to work but that isn’t what is happening at all. The Universe knows your end goal, or at least the feeling of your end goal if you are unsure of what you want, but you know how you want life to feel. The Universe has the big picture of it all where as we only have a small aspect of the picture. It is up to us to know and trust that each experience is a part of taking us to the vibrational match of what we want even if that experience feels less than positive. It is in your own thought choices as to the direction you will take. You either take a higher positive vibration knowing that the experience is just a part of getting you to where you want to be and you can keep a strong positive focus on solutions, OR you can cave in to the challenge and feel miserable and upset.  Either way you are creating a direction.

The results of creating a positive vibration path are positively endless and amazing.

How about it?  What will you create today?

beth 787

Sometimes the mind just wanders off and heads right into the worse case scenario thought.  Maybe a friend ended a phone call quickly and your mind immediately thought you did something wrong. Or maybe you’re thinking of the future and head down a road that takes you to the thought of the worst; what if you don’t have the money, what if something happens and changes life in a negative way, what if…what if…what if…

If this happens to you, it is time to realize that you are set in a certain repetitive thought and feeling pattern about life. Whether you learned it from your family or society itself; it doesn’t matter because you have a choice in where you take your thought.  You can be conscious of the fact that you have choices. You can take the worst case scenario road OR you can begin to shift your focus to a better feeling thought and scenario.

You can assume the best just as much as you can assume the worst.  Either way you are creating a vibration that will come back to you. What if the friend ended the phone call quickly just because she had to go?  What if it had nothing to do with you?  You see, that is the best case scenario.  What if you head down a road that takes you to the thought of the best where you do have money and something happens and changes life in a positive way?  Again, that is the best case scenario.  What if…what if…what if…

Can you tell the difference in how they feel?  The worse case feels heavy and upsetting whereas the best case feels lighter and happier. What thought and feeling are you going to choose?

Begin by being conscious of your thought and feelings.  You always have a choice my friend.

Rainbow over the Muldrow Glacier

What do you expect from experiences? Do you plan for the worst case scenario that runs through your mind or do you plan for the best case scenario? Do you take a ‘wait and see’ approach and just let life unfold as you ‘bob and sway’ through and around challenges that pop up?  Do you have a great phase in life; only to wonder when the other shoe might drop?

We have many ways we expect life to unfold and we have the choice in which direction it goes. We choose by what we pick with our thought and feeling. We choose through what we belief.  We choose through our own perception of life and the examples of others.

If you know, trust, and believe that each and every experience is taking you to where you want to be then there are no worst case scenarios or negative experiences because even those challenging experiences are taking you to where you want to be as long as you know, trust, and believe they are.

No matter what the experience, you can still be in the direction you want to be. It is in your choices of where each experience takes your thought and feelings; higher positive vibrations while experiencing or negative feeling vibrations.  If you stay conscious and choose wisely, you will find that even those challenging experiences served a purpose to get you to where you wanted to be.

All is well and will be will no matter what the experience…

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Accepting ‘What is’ can Change the Experience

beth mccain 2234

If others want to define you, you don’t have to linger. You can step away from their opinions, and their ignorance, and let go of their need to define others. You can move forward away from what another thinks about your life and take your thought and feeling in a direction of where you want to be.

Your life, your experience, your choice my friend.  Others don’t have a say so in how you live your life just as you don’t have a say so in their lives. You see, each experience and person is so unique that we can’t possibly know what another ‘is’ without seeing through their eyes and experiencing their experiences.

How about we just accept others as they are and leave judgment and assumptions aside?

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