do you stereotype

We come in all different shapes, forms, and sizes.  We all have a unique take on life and we are all different with how we think, act, and feel. Yet in some way, we are all the same, aren’t we?  We are all spiritual beings having a physical experience.  We are experiencing in the best way that we know how for our lives.

We can either respect how another chooses their life experiences or we can talk about how wrong they are for the way they live their life.  One way means we accept and move on from judgment or assumptions of what we think is right and we respectfully let others be who they are even if we don’t agree with them or we can gossip, talk, judge, and assume about their life and create an resistant upset kind of vibration that doesn’t necessarily affect their life but affects our own vibration.

How about respecting another for their opinion and just leave it at that?  We don’t have to be right at all; we can live our lives the way we choose and let others live their lives in the way they choose.

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For just a moment, I want you to think about what it feels like to swim.  You know, just enjoying the water, relaxing, and just floating.  Now let’s say you are in a nice pond that just happens to have waterfalls and you want to get up beyond those waterfalls so you swim against the current doing all you can to get past the rough water.  You swim against the current until you just can’t do it anymore. You let go of going against it and just let yourself float downstream.  Somewhere along that downstream, there is another channel of water that takes you on a different route and you just let yourself float where ever it is going to lead. And after letting go and floating, you find that this other calm way led you straight to the top of the waterfalls where you had wanted to be.  You got there without the struggle.

Our vibrations are just like that. We can swim against the current and where ourselves out and never quite get there or we can let go, float without the resistant vibration, let the Universe take us down that alternate route, and end up exactly where we wanted to be with ease.

I’ll take ease.  What about you?


If you are living your life with some positive vibrations and some negative vibrations while going about your day, then your life is going to reflect experiences of positive and negative vibrations in your present and in your future.

And if you are living your life with a negative outlook on all that comes into your life, then your life is going to reflect experiences of negative vibrations in your present and your future.

And if you are living your life with a positive outlook while reaching toward higher positive vibrations in your daily experiences and letting go of the negative kind of thoughts and feelings, then your life is going to reflect experiences of higher positive vibrations in your present and your future.

When you are conscious of where your thoughts, feelings, and reactions are going, and you focus on heading in a positive direction no matter what the experience, then life is going to reflect positive directions.

All you have to do in the inner work of being conscious and shift your focus toward a higher vibration while you let go of the negative. Remind yourself that this Universe truly has your back and that all you have to do is direct your thought in each experience. The Universe will respond with like experiences my friend.

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You can never know all that is going on that you can’t see when it comes to what you want in life. Just because you feel as if there isn’t movement doesn’t mean that there isn’t movement.  The Universe sees the whole experience of what you want whereas we can only see a small aspect of the experience. The Universe is bringing people and experiences into your life to help guide you to where you want to be. It is up to you what direction you choose to go.

And where you choose to go through your thoughts, feelings, and reactions, is where the next experience will begin.  Every moment is a chance to create a vibration of where you want to be.  No matter what the experience choose a higher positive vibration.  Learn from your experiences and really trust the Universe to take you in the direction of where you want to be in life.

Whatever path the Universe puts before you, all you have to do is choose your direction.  Let go of the negative resistant feelings and shift toward a better feeling thought.  Appreciate each moment as it unfolds and trust in the Universe and in yourself.

do something nice

Don’t you think today is a great day to be conscious of giving to another?  It doesn’t matter if it is monetary, your time, a smile, small talk with a stranger in line; just make an effort to give today in some way. You have no idea what just a little smile may do for someone who is having a challenging day and your smile may be what keeps them going.

When you consciously give, you are creating a positive higher vibration that will not only affect all those around you but your own life as well Creating vibrations of kindness, compassion, and love will create more of that very vibration in your own life.

How about it?  How about being conscious today?  Create a day full of giving…

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When our mind is on automatic, we can forget to stop and enjoy the scenery of life.  And when we don’t enjoy the moments of life, then we begin to wonder what life is truly about. We get stuck in the rut of the same old thing and can’t figure out how we got to where we are.

Take this moment and stop all that you are thinking and take a look around the room.  If you are outside, take a moment to see what is around you. Just for a moment take a deep breath in and then in the exhale relax your shoulders and neck.  Now look around you.  Really look around you. What is beautiful that is in your presence or what is pleasing to your heart or your eyes. What makes you feel good about life.  It may be just a little post it note with a quote on it or it may be something much bigger. Either way just take a moment to soak in the good, the positive, and what you appreciate. Those moments are like breaths of fresh air and can help to lift our vibrations which ultimately help guide us to a better feeling place within.

Take a moment to appreciate life my friend.

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What would happen if you appreciated each moment of your day and left the ‘how’ of what you want up to the Universe?  In other words, let’s say you want more abundance in your days. You can envision what you want and trust that the experiences that need to come into your life for you to manifest what you want, are all a part of getting to where you want to be. Yes, even those less than positive experiences.

It is your inner work job to stay focused on what you envision while letting go of the negative feel to an experience and trusting that the experience is a part of getting you to where you want to be.  It is in your thoughts, feeling, and reaction choices that take you in a particular direction.  Do your part and just that how it comes about is the best way for your life.

Trust my friend and do the inner work.  Take the higher positive vibration road in all experiences and you will find that the road will become easier and before you know it, you will be just where you wanted to be.

Appreciate, envision, let go, shift focus, and trust.

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Did you know that every step, whether it is big or small or is a mental step or a physical step, counts.  All those small steps add up to big steps my friend. Which means that the small steps are just as big.

Take a step today toward what it is that you want life to be. Every step counts.

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What if today was the day where the gates of happiness just come wide open and you walk right through its doors?  What if you took this day and were conscious of happiness all day.  You know, things that make you happy, thoughts that make you feel happy, and experiences that bring happiness to you.  What if today you focused only on happiness in each moment and you created happiness with your thoughts and feelings no matter what the experience.

Happiness doesn’t just come to you; you have to create and be conscious of happiness. No matter of things and experiences are going to make you happy. Sure, they may distract you thinking you’re happy but truly, happiness can only come from within you.

You can start today imagining that you are only able to be happy today.  If you get upset, just pick yourself back up, and shift your focus toward what makes you happy today.

Those vibrations will bring you more happiness my friend.  Begin today…


All you have to do is begin again.

Did you get up out of bed and trip over something on the floor and yelled out an obscenity vowing that the day was going to be horrible? You know what you could do in the next moment?  Begin again. Breathe out the negative vibrations and breath in a new vibration.  Just begin again.

The meeting went horrible and it is all your fault? You feel bad and everyone seems to be staring at you.  You keep thinking about it over and over in your mind.  You know what you could do in the next moment?  Begin again with a new positive vibration.

You see, no matter how negative an experience may feel, you always have the next moment to begin again.  You can let go of the negative and shift toward the positive.  Even if the experience is negative, you can still deal with it while shifting your focus to a better feeling thought.

You always have a choice in where your day goes….just begin again.

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“Today’s not a good day so I can’t think positive.  I’ll do it tomorrow.”  This is a common excuse for many who claim they want a better life yet they keep putting off dong the inner work to create that better life.

Life gets better when you make the effort to let go of the old way of thought and create a new way of thought that is equal to who you want to be in life. Thinking away the negative isn’t going to change a thing. It is learning to let go of the resistant vibrations and shifting toward a higher positive vibration that will help guide you to where you want to be.

Don’t put it off until tomorrow. You can begin today even if you are in a bad mood. Take a deep breath in and then blow out the vibration of your mood.  Shift your focus to what you can find in your moments that you can appreciate.  Even if that appreciation is as small as appreciating having toilet paper. Open your eyes and let go of the negative while finding any and every little thing that you can appreciate. You can’t possibly appreciate while feeling negative.

Keep it up and do the inner work. You will find that life will change and lead you to where you want to be.

time to release

Sometimes worrying can just be automatic.  We can find ourselves feeling agitated and not know why and then all of a sudden, we are caught up in the worry cycle.  Worrying comes from wondering ‘what if’ in our life experiences.  We create that worse case scenario and work ourselves up into full blown anxiety. There is a way to stop worrying but it will take you being conscious of your thoughts and moments while shifting your focus toward a more positive vibration.

In this moment, all is well, isn’t it?  You are reading this and taking a moment to feel that ‘all is well’ positive kind of thought. You see, really, even in the mists of challenges, all truly is well. This Universe is all for you and if an experience goes down a negative feeling road it has nothing to do with you not getting the life you want. It has to do with what you do in thought and feeling, with that negative feeling experience. You can step aside from the thoughts of worry and trust that by taking care og the experience with a positive higher thought, then the Universe will take care of the rest. That negative experience is giving you a chance to shift your vibration.  That experience is there to help guide you to where you want to be.  Do the inner work and let go of the worry and trust that all is well and will be well as you shift toward a more positive vibration.

Why not create a best case scenario instead?  Those closed doors are just pointing you to hundreds of open doors my friend.


The Universe is always on your side. It is never against you. You see, just because you have a challenging experience, doesn’t mean the Universe isn’t on your side.  It just means the experience is a part of taking you to where you want to be.  It is your choice what direction you head based on your thoughts, feelings, and reactions to experiences.

All you have to do is see every experience as helping to guide you in a direction. Your choice is where you will head. The Universe accepts any direction you take.  It unconditionally loves and accepts all that you do and whatever direction you choose, it where you will go. The Universe presents an experience full of promise and what you do with it is where it will take you.

Choose a negative vibration and you will experience more of that. Choose a positive vibration and you will experience more of that. Either way, the Universe is answering your call my friend.

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There can be more than one way that is right just like there can be more than one way that can be wrong.  It all depends on the perception and belief of each person involved.  Just because you think something is right, doesn’t mean that everyone else is wrong..  There are many ways of solving a problem or how to live life.

There are always at least two sides to every story.  Agreeing to disagree and respecting each other while letting go of opinion, can make it easier  so resistant feeling vibrations don’t pop up and you can create a shift toward the positive.

Is it really that important to be and say that you are right? Is it really that important to beat it in the ground when another has a different opinion than you? Why not let go of the need to be right and let them live their life through their beliefs and perceptions while you do the same?

Live your life and let them live theirs.  We all think what we do is the best for our personal lives..  How about we just stick to living our life experience without making opinions about another?

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What do you believe?  Do you believe that in every single moment and every single day, that anything is possible?  That in any given moment, you have the ability to change the direction of your life just by changing your thoughts, feelings, and reactions? And do you believe that there is more than just one way and that there are unlimited possibilities?

It’s a start to creating a more positive life experience my friend. Think about your beliefs and perceptions today and ask if you are ready to let go of the old perceptions and beliefs that no longer serve you, and are you ready to embrace a whole new way of thinking that includes thoughts of what you truly want in life coupled with new perceptions and beliefs.

Life will bring to you what you choose to think and perceive.  Unlimited thought creates unlimited possibilities my friend.


Your thoughts create your world. So if that is truth then this means that all you have to do is change your thought to change your world. Some say that it is easier said than done.

And some wonder is it worth it to make that thought change.  It is worth it my friend.

If you are living your life and just aren’t quite happy or seem to feel as if all life does is give you negative experiences, or maybe you are content with life but want more happiness and more of what you want in life, then yes…it is worth it.

Yes, it takes time to change an old habit of thought to a new habit, yes, you have to do the inner work toward letting go of the past resistant vibrations so that you can move forward with a clean slate, and yes, it does require looking within at your personal beliefs and perceptions to see if they truly match what you want life to be, but all of it is worth it.

When you find that place where each experience is no longer negative or positive but just another experience to help guide you to where you want to be, and you find that place where you acknowledge and appreciate all that is happening in your life, and you consciously let go of the old patterns and shift toward a better feeling vibration while dealing with experiences, you will find that life itself has changed because you have change your outlook on life.  You’ve shifted from seeing and acknowledging the negative in life and chose to shift to the positive.

Do the inner work and you will have a life of what you truly want to feel my friend.

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We always have a choice in how we look at life. We can see the glass half full of have empty.  We can choose to look at all the things about our bodies that we don’t like or we can think of all that our bodies do for us and be thankful. We can choose to see each negative person and their actions or we can choose to see each positive person and their actions instead. We can take a less than positive experience and attach to the negative vibrations of it all or we can take that less than positive experience, do what needs to be done yet move into a better feeling thought and solution.

You have a choice today. In every moment, in every experience, and in everyone you meet. Whether the moment, experience, or person is negative or not, you can choose to take a positive approach to all you say and do.

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How is it possible for life to become more positive when everything feels as if it is negative? You begin by shifting your focus from the negative to the positive. This doesn’t mean that the negative experience doesn’t exist, it means that you choose to change the direction of your thoughts, feelings, and reactions, so that you get in a better feeling place from within. The negative experience exists but you can let go of the negative aspect of it and choose to find a higher more positive thought and feeling.

You see, life is negative because you are automatically comparing experiences as ‘negative or positive.’ What if every experience, no matter how it felt, was actually an experience that was taking you to where you want to be in life and what direction you choose, whether it be negative or positive, will take you closer or away from what you want.  What if every experience was just a way of showing you which way to go?

The Universe is always on your side.  Experiences are just there to help guide you to where you want to be. If you learn from the experience, deal with it in  the best way that you can, while shifting toward a positive vibration in some way, then you will be going in the direction that you want to be in. How about not labeling the experience as bad or good but just observe and take a direction that feels the best to you while you take care of the experience.

Choose the higher positive vibrations in each experience my friend. It is the perfect direction for where you want to be.

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Have you ever had to shake off going down the road of the past within your mind?  Or maybe you have to shake off worrying about the future?  It’s true what they say; the past is gone and the future is yet to be. You have this moment, this present moment, to choose the direction you are headed.

You see, you have always had a choice in where your thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs go.  You can live in the memories of the past but by living in those past moments, you are creating more experiences that feel like that past.  And if you worry about your future, then you are creating experiences for your future that you have to worry about.

But if you stay in this moment, while letting go of negative feeling thoughts of the past or the future, and shifting your focus to what is good in this day, acknowledging and appreciating all there is right now, then you are creating a future with more positive feeling experiences.

You get to choose today. Is it easy to shift to a better thought?  Well, that is where the inner work comes in. It is up to you to let go, shift focus, trust this Universe, and be grateful.  It is up to you to put a positive intention on this day.  And if you fall off the horse then you can brush yourself off and begin again.  You always have a new moment to create the direction of where you want to go.


Are you so busy that you don’t have a moment to yourself?  You see, when we focus only on all that we have to do and create a busy vibration at all times, then we are ignoring parts of ourselves that need and want some time to ‘just be.’ In that ‘just be’ time, we are rejuvenating, relaxing, balancing, and calming all of who we are from the body to the mind to the spirit. This helps us to cope, to create balance, create a positive higher vibration, and helps to bring clarity. All of this can happen through just taking a little time to yourself.

So before you get to multi tasking, take a moment to take in a focused breath and relax.  It will do you a world of good my friend.

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