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Some days we feel better than other days. It is just who we are as physical beings. We learn through contrast of what we want and don’t want in life. We learn and grow through contrast. And through that contrast, we make choices based on how we think and feel.

When you are having one of those days where you are feeling like life seems ‘off,’ it is the time to do what you can to be conscious of staying in  a state of calm and balance. Those kinds of days will always pass and how you get through them is one of the keys to a better positive life.

It is in those moments and those days of resistance, that steer life in a certain direction. If you become upset and get attached to that vibration by complaining and whining over and over again, then you are creating more of a resistant vibration.  But if you get upset and then let it pass and let go of that vibration while shifting focus toward a better feeling vibration, then you will be letting go of the negative feeling vibration.  If you can’t get into a positive place within, then at least find balance within.

The negative will pass and you can let it go while you focus on balance and peace of mind and heart. You will be creating a positive higher vibration as the negative fades away. And the more positive you can focus on, the more positive your life will become.


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Part of creating a higher positive thought and feeling in life, is to take the time to ‘just be.’  Whether you take time to yourself through listening to music or taking a walk in nature, or meditation or yoga; they are all ways of ‘just being.’  That time by yourself with a clear mind, creates a place of calm and clarity.  It makes room to create higher positive vibrations.

If you are always busy and don’t take that time, then you will have an overwhelmed and agitated mind that can create a negative and resistant vibration.

Take the time to relax and nourish your spirit. You will be creating a place within that is a direct connection to the Universe and all of your positive higher vibrations.

Nurture your mind, body, and spirit my friend.

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When was the last time you took a day to be conscious of all the thoughts that are going through the mind; all the thoughts and reactions to others, to nature, to experiences, the critical voice and the loving voice within?

Every thought that comes up in your mind, you can choose the direction where you take it. If you have a fearful thought, you can either ‘attach’ to it and make it bigger by worrying and fearing even more, or you can let it just be a passing thought while you shift your focus toward a feeling and thought that are more positive.  Instead of building the worst case scenario you could build the best case scenario within your mind and heart.

How about creating the best case scenario in your experiences?  How about taking the time and focus to creating a positive direction for your life? How about being conscious of where your thoughts go in your moments so you can either let them go or embrace them?

Be conscious of your thoughts and create a positive higher vibration for your moments my friend.

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You’re going to be just fine.  I know this.  How do I know?  Because you get to choose where your thoughts and feelings go.  And where you take those thoughts and feelings, take you in a certain direction.

Since you have the ability to create a positive thought or a resistant thought, then you have the ability to create how life unfolds.

If you can believe, know, and trust that all will be well no matter what the experience, then you are sending a positive vibration of hope and belief that will create ‘all is well.’ If the experience feels negative or upsetting, then it is up to you to do the inner work to let go of the negative vibrations and realize that the experience is just a part of getting you to where you want to be. Even if it feels negative, it doesn’t mean that it is negative.

Change can feel scary but truly change happens in every day.  If we embrace the change, understand the change, and keep a higher positive vibration as we experience, then we can rely on the Universe to do the rest.

Keep a positive state of mind and go with the flow of all that is going on. Know, trust, and believe my friend…you are going to be just fine.


There are times to speak up and times to stay silent. Just because you choose not to speak up doesn’t mean that being silent isn’t less powerful.

Silence can have the most amazing power when it comes from within. That silence coming from kindness, compassion, and love, coupled with your inner light, creates an strong focused power from within that can heal and bring about miraculous results.

If you feel as if you are going to speak from a place that is negative, then breathe, let go of the resistant and agitated feeling through your exhale, and find your balance.

Then think and feel from within.  That place where you can feel the connection to the all of this Universe. There is where you will find your true voice whether it is spoken or silent.


Many times we get our mind in overdrive.  When we are having an experience, we try to figure it all out where it is heading. And as each moment unfolds, we take it as far as we can in our minds ‘just in case’ we need to make a plan or go into survival mode.

When our mind goes into overdrive, remind yourself to let go of the need to figure out exactly what ‘could’ happen. Do your best to let go while you create a positive vibration through out what is being experienced.  Then trust that it will be the best for your life no matter what comes about.

Step aside from creating a bad case scenario of the experience as it unfolds. and know and trust that all is well and will be well no matter what.

Let go of overdrive and enjoy the moments my friend. You have today to create happiness which in turn will create a happy future.

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All is well and will be well no matter what the experience. The Universe has your back. Do your part by creating a positive higher thought in all you say and do.  Deal with with has to be dealt with but do so with a strong positive rust that the Universe will take care of the rest.

Every experience is taking you to where you want to be my friend. Believe, create positive higher vibrations, know, and trust…



You are loved my friend. No matter what you are experiencing in life, you are never alone. This amazing Universe is always with you.  The Universe shows its love and support by matching the vibration of what you put out through your thoughts, feelings, and experiences.  So when you have an experience that is challenging, the Universe isn’t punishing you at all; it is just matching your vibration through experiences and others.

But your challenging experience isn’t all about only your vibration; it is also about what your true self within wants to know, learn, and grow from.  That challenging experience can also be the way to getting to the positive goal you have been looking for. In that challenge, how you handle the experience, will create a direction for your life. The Universe is there all the way with you.  What you put into and out into the Universe, is what will come back into your life.  The Universe is just supporting and encouraging what you send out.

This Universe loves you unconditionally and it wants the best for you and your life. Know, believe, and trust in the Universe and do your part through where you take your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

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When you have the moment of total manifestation of what you want, make sure to remember to find the time to be grateful for the journey that preceded it. Maybe the journey was challenging or maybe it was smooth, but either way make sure to spread the appreciation vibration within your mind, body, and spirit, and then out into the world.

Do your best to stay in that vibration as you figure out what comes next. What you wanted manifested; maybe it did exactly as you wanted or maybe it was even better, but either way it is a vibration that manifested for the best for your life.

Don’t forget that joyful feeling and thought as you move on to what comes next. Keep the positive higher vibrations going.

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Whatever you are experiencing today, focus on the positive my friend. Whatever another says to you today, focus on the positive.  Whatever you have to do in your day, focus on the positive.

You see, all that you focus on in a day, is what your life will become. Even in life challenges, as you take care of what you need to take care of, you can focus on the positive.  You can appreciate what is good in life and let go of the negative thoughts.

The Universe truly has your back.  No need to worry…


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If another makes you feel bad, let go of the attachment of what they think. It isn’t okay for another to make you feel bad, but what they do and say doesn’t have to affect you personally unless you let it.Their reasoning for being as they are, is up to them.

You do have a choice and that choice is up to you. You can detach from what they think and say knowing that it is just their perception and what they think and has nothing to do with who you truly are.

Sometimes we are given a thought from another so we can look at it, see if it is something we can learn from, and then use their opinion to create a better feeling and thought for ourselves. That thought can make us think about who we are and make us even better within.

But if it doesn’t feel like it is something to look at it, then just let it go from your thoughts. There is no reason to feel bad from another who doesn’t know what they are talking about.Don’t give them power over how you feel about you.

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There is always a positive within a seemingly negative experience.  It is all in how you look at it.

Let’s say there is a big storm coming and they’re telling you to be prepared because you may lose power, you may lose phone service, and the wind will be the worst it has ever been.

Sure, you could get all worried and freak out for the day as you think about what the weather man says. Or you can be prepared for what might be coming, but you can also see the positive within it; how beautiful the clouds look rolling in, how nice it is to have a warm house to stay dry in, you have internet right now, and you have candles just in case. You can enjoy and laugh at what is on the television while you cook a nice hot meal before that storm rolls in. You can also remember that the storm will pass and the sun will come out again.

No matter if the storm is a physical storm or an experience that feels like a storm, there is always something positive to see within it. You can appreciate the moments while figuring it all out.

Find the positive in the storm my friend. Focus on the positive…


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When life rains and then pours, it is always up to us where we take our thought. We always have a choice. No matter what is happening, there is always that choice. I believe when many things are going on all at once, that seem negative, they are just experiences that are letting go and releasing from your life so that the new can be embraced.
Just letting go of the old and embracing the new when it comes. Growth is happening and creating higher positive experiences for all involved. How we choose to handle it is the direction it will go.


Sometimes we can get caught up in the thought of the future and forget that we have today’s moments to appreciate.

Do your best to stay in the moment and appreciate all that you are experiencing.  The future will come my friend. Send it positive vibrations and then let go of what you think it will be.

Stay in the moment of today and ‘be.’  What you create in this moment will be your future. Create your best higher thoughts now. Let go of any negative and take care of each moment with kindness, compassion, and love.  You will be creating a positive filled future by creating your now.


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When in doubt, stay conscious of your thought and shift the doubt to trust in the Universe that all is going to be for the best for your life experience. The challenge that is creating your doubt, is actually a chance for you to let go of the resistant vibration and shift to a more positive higher thought that will help guide you to open doors.

Talk the talk but also walk the walk when in a challenge. It is the perfect time to shine your light while trusting and believing.

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When having a challenge in life, do your best not to shrink away and hide.  Stand up to the challenge, accept that it is there, and shine your light all the way through the experience instead of fearing and hiding from what feels uncomfortable.

How you handle the experience is how it will unfold. If you handle it with a fearful, doubtful, worrisome thought, then the experience will feel uncomfortable and resistant.  But if you handle it with a calm, balanced, higher, positive, powerful thought, then you will be shining your inner light on all that are involved and on and through that challenge. As you permeate it with higher positive vibrations, it will unfold with powerful vibrations full of appreciation and growth.

Shine that light my friend in all you do…

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For every door of opportunity that seems to close, there are many doors that are opening.  Sometimes one door has to close in order to put you in the direction of the open doors.

All you have to do is release the thought that something didn’t go the way you expected and then trust the Universe to help guide you to open doors of where you want to be.

It’s your choice how you look at closed doors my friend. They truly are showing you that another direction will be better.

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Every step matters.  Whether it is a mental step or a physical step, every step counts. Whether the steps are small steps or big steps, each one gets you closer to where you want to be.

Don’t give up.  Keep taking steps each and every day and give yourself a pat on the back for the steps that you do take.

Be conscious of when you are stepping backwards when in a negative state of mind. Release the negative and shift to a more positive state of mind as you take the next step forward.

It’s all up to you…



What another may say about your life is just opinion. Not only is it just opinion, but they are also seeing and understanding your life through how they experience.

Even if you and another have the exact same experience, it is going to be different for both of you because of how you perceive life, your upbringing, and your personal beliefs.  So when another gives their opinion, respect their thoughts but take it with a grain of salt. If it rings true with you and you feel that it will help you fine tune to take their advice, then do so, but if it doesn’t ring true for you, then just let it go and don’t worry about their opinion.

You know your truth and your life best my friend.Tak

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Maybe, just maybe, this whole time you have been waiting and thinking that your prayers and your dreams haven’t been answered, that all is being aligned in the best time, in the best way, and in the best for your life.

And just because it hasn’t happened in the time that you think it should, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to happen but that a solid foundation is being built  for what you want and that can only happen through experiences and time.

Let’s say you are looking for the perfect place to live.  And it seems like nothing is coming forward. Have you stop to think that maybe the right house isn’t quite available yet and it will be in a few weeks and that is why it has gone differently than you expected because you couldn’t see that perfect house when the Universe could see it and was lining it all up just for you.

Keep your hope alive, my friend. Sometimes things fall apart in order to fall together.

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