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Could have, would have, should have…

It doesn’t really matter, does it?  The past is the past so you might as well let it go…

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Tell me, what do you focus on?

Do you focus on the beautiful painting that was just finished by another or do you see the big mess of paints and brushes that are everywhere?

Do you focus on the great music coming from the radio as you wait in traffic or do you focus on how clogged up the traffic is and keep getting more agitated?

Do you focus on the great dinner you just had or do you focus on how long the food took to get there?

There is always more than one choice when it comes to what you focus on.  And what you choose to focus on, is what your life experience will become. Focus on the good, the better, the happy, the positive, the higher vibration and life will bring you just that. Focus on the negative, the worst of a situation, and what ‘might’ be from a negative state of thought then that is what life will bring you.

You really have a choice. The key is to be conscious of where your focus goes. If it veers over to an area of thought that just doesn’t feel good, then shift your focus to something that feels better. Every experience has a positive and a negative.  It all depends on what you focus on.

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In any experience, you can create hope. Even in those challenging experiences, you can do what you have to do to get through the experience but you don’t have to do it from a negative feeling within. You don’t have to be frustrated or worrisome. You don’t have to be angry or fearful. That is a choice that you are making.

When you become conscious of your thought and track your thoughts in each and every day, you will find that you react to what comes into life.  What if you were ready for any challenge and when it came about, you did what had to be done, but you reacted differently. You chose to let go of the agitating thoughts and feelings and chose something much more positive that made you feel good instead of making you feel worse.

There is no rule that says we have to be upset in a challenge in life. We can be hopeful and positive in any positive and/or challenge.

Here’s a little secret: When you are positive in all experiences then you are bringing more positive into your life; not only for your present but your future.

Next time you have something that comes up that is testing your positive nature, remember that you can choose where you take your thoughts, feelings, and reactions and what you choose will come into your life once again.

Create hope my friend.

Secret Secret Garden

Have you ever felt like all the doors have closed on an opportunity that you hoped would allow you to walk through an open door of abundance?

Guess what?  The doors are never closed. It may feel like the door is closed and that you won’t be able to do a thing about it or maybe you feel that you just have to give up on it.

No door is truly ever closed when it comes to what you want. The doors that seem as if they close, are just pointing you in a different direction than how you thought it might come about. The Universe is asking you to step away from those closed doors and look around for the open door that is ready for you to walk through.

It comes down to it is all in how you look at it.  How you think about it, how you perceive it, and how you react to it; is where it is going to go. React in fear, worry, and upset, then the door will stay closed my friend.  React in letting go of what you thought was the way, yet  know and trust there is a better way, shift focus toward the opportunities and vibrations that creates open doors, and trust that it is unfolding for the best in your life, then life will responds to that positive higher attitude that will bring about what you want or something even better.

Failure isn’t an option, no really, there is no failure; even though many  think it is failure when something doesn’t go their way. There is no failure my friend. Failure is just a word.  It is a word that someone decided to say when something didn’t go exactly as they thought it would and felt bad about it.

Every choice you make is the choice you think is the best for that moment. If it doesn’t work out, then you will be lead in a whole other, and better, way to what you envision.

Just see closed doors as ways of showing you that there is another way to head and that the closed door taught you much about which way not to go.

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Every single person that is on our planet is experiencing life.  And every person is a spiritual being having a physical experience. Your job on this Earth is to experience life. Sure, we have goals and thoughts of ‘a purpose,’ but ultimately you are here to grow in spirit and in love through each experience you have.

If something doesn’t work out as you thought it should, it doesn’t mean you have gotten life wrong.  It just means you now know that you need to go in a different direction or go about working it out in a whole other way. Both choices bring growth in spirit.  In fact, every choice you make is a part of your growth within.

So if something didn’t work out, just trust and know that you had the experience and you have a choice in where it heads now, but you can’t get it wrong because you did experience living through it all. You had moments that helped you to let go and move forward.

Everything is about growth of who you truly are.

And the one rule that is Universal in experiencing life?  You can live any way that you want to as long as you never intentionally harm another mentally or physically.


We know that creating focus on the positive of life will create a positive life, but sometimes we can forget to be positive. We let the mind wander and take control as we automatically react to life. When you are in the habit of letting the mind control your thoughts, then you could be creating a life of chaos and negativity, but when you stay conscious of where your mind goes, and you let go of the negative as you shift your thought to the positive, then you will begin to create a whole new positive path for your life experience.

So what if you forget to stay conscious?  This happens quite often, but where there is a will, there is a way. I personally create reminders for myself to stay in a positive mindset through out the day. Write down one word that helps you to remember to be positive. Post it everywhere that you ordinarily go in the day; on the fridge, in the car, in your bedroom.  You can write ‘be positive’ or ‘let go’ or ‘all is well’ on a slip of paper and then place it in those places that you frequent.  It will help you to remember to let go and shift focus.


When you want to have a happier life, you have to have a ‘so what’ kind of attitude  when it comes experiences.

For example: Maybe you are having a day that is the most hardest challenging day you have had in a long time. It puts you in a bad mood and you just feel awful. You want to get into a better feeling thought but how can you possibly get in one after all that went wrong.  You say, “So what…”

You see, just because you have a challenging experience doesn’t mean that you have to be negative and upset about the experience. You can deal with it and continue to be positive. It is the perfect time to do the inner work in shifting your focus to the positive as you deal with an experience that feels less than positive.

Bad day? So what! You get to choose how you feel in every moment so why not let go of the negative and choose the positive?

Someone was rude to you? So what! You get to choose how you handle it and stay in a kind and compassionate vibration as you do.

You choose positive my friend. It isn’t the experience’s fault that you might feel grumpy. You have a choice.

Next time you find yourself in a traffic jam, remember the thought ‘so what’ and continue to create a positive vibration through listening to some music on the radio. The traffic jam will be over before you know it so keep your positive juices flowing as you experience all different kinds of experiences.


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When we look at the law of attraction, we know that thoughts create.  Not just the thoughts you focus on, but the repetitious thoughts that you have in each day.  For example, maybe you focus on feeling like you always have too much to do, and on each day, in some form or another, you focus on and complain about how much you have do. Then it just becomes automatic and becomes a habit.  That is when the Universe brings to you what you are focusing on, over and over again, to your life experience. When we focus on the don’t wants of life then that is exactly what we are going to get…the don’t wants.

Focusing on what you do want takes practice and once again, it comes down to being conscious of where your thoughts go. When you’ve had one way of thinking for quite some time then it becomes a habit. And how do you change any habit?  Replace it with something else that better serves your life.

So if you are in the habit of focusing on what you don’t want, then it is time to let go of the habit of the old and create a new habit, one that will benefit yourself. Do your best to shift toward a positive focus in your moments. Better more positive moments will then be ahead of you.

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Think of your thoughts as a garden.  When you plant a seed (have an idea or thought) then how you nurture it is how it will come to be. Nurture that seed and it will grow and bloom; not taking care of the seed, it will wither away.Each and every thought is like planting a seed and the thoughts that you are focusing on, or take on with strong emotion, will nurture that seed which turns into a beautiful plant and blossom, or withers away from lack of nurturing it.

Nurture your thoughts with positive vibrations. Look at the bright side of your experience and if you can’t see a bright side, then trust and believe that there is one.

And watch your everyday thoughts as those thoughts can be automatic.  Be conscious of what your thoughts, feelings, reactions, and actions are.  Being conscious means you have some control over where your mind goes.

Nurture my friend, nurture.

time to release

We all have thoughts, feelings, reactions, and actions. And in every single emotion, thought, reaction, and action that we take, we can choose where our mind takes us.

You may think that you can’t choose and say that your thoughts and feelings just automatically take over before you choose where they go. What is happening is that you aren’t conscious of what is going on in your body, mind, and spirit and that is what is putting obstacles in the way.

When we consciously stay aware of where our thoughts and emotions go in a life experience, we can control where the thought and emotion goes and when you can shift your focus to something more positive.

To shift from one focus to another, it takes practice.  It takes making a habit of letting go of the negative in life and shifting toward the positive.  It takes making an effort to change an old habit into a better new habit. And just like with any habit, it takes practice and being conscious.

It really is simple and easy…change your thoughts and it will change your life.

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When was the last time you just enjoyed yourself and had some fun? I’m not talking about the five minutes you have while driving and listening to music.  I’m talking about time where you enjoy your time, without any worry about what is or isn’t getting done, and have fun.  To some, they would say “Grow up! You’re an adult now.”  Well, guess what?  Did you know taking time to yourself and enjoying feeds and nurtures your spirit? It helps you to let stress go and get some positive juices flowing.

You can enjoy by yourself or go with a friend, but make sure you stay conscious of where your thoughts and feelings go.  If you are taking a beautiful walk and your mind goes to all that you have to do, then you need to let go of what needs to be done for the time you are taking your walk and shift focus to feeding your spirit through enjoying.

Even heading to a movie will do it. You have two and a half hours of shifting your focus to another world within the movie. It helps you to let go of stress and to just enjoy.

Do you know what this will do not only for your spirit but your body and mind as well?  It will bring calm, balance, and clarity into all of who you are. You may not see the change at first but you will find that the more you take the time to enjoy, the more relaxed you will be in your everyday. It will help you to keep a positive mindset as well.

Honor and respect your spirit my friend. Give it some time to enjoy…


Many judge others for what they say or do. Maybe you have been judged by another or maybe you have judged another. Either way, you have a choice in how you deal with it. If you did the judging based on what you think, you truly can’t know why another does something unless you have seen through their eyes and walked in their shoes. You can only assume what they are going through.  And even if you have experienced something similar to what they are experiencing, your experience was still different than theirs. You may be able to suggest what might work, but remember to not become judgmental of what they say or do.  It is their life to experience.

And if you have been judged by another, it is your choice to let it affect you or not. Others can only see your experience through their eyes.  They can’t possibly understand what your life is like unless they have walked in your shoes and seen through your eyes. So when another gives you that look, just smile and then let go of their judgments.  They may not understand your experience but they think they do.

What it comes down to is you have a choice in how you are when it comes to others and experiences. Judging another means you will be sending out a judging vibration which ultimately comes back to your life. Why not accept another,  even if you don’t agree, and let go of the judgment?

And if another is judging you, take a moment to understand that they may not know that they can’t possibly get where you are coming from.  Just let go of what they say or do and keep moving forward with a positive step in your life.





What if in every experience, you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that all is well and will be well?

And what if in every experience, you kept the belief and knowing that all is well and will be well no matter what?

And what if in every experience, it was taking you to the vibration of where you want to be in life and the experience was there to teach you something that you needed in order to be where you want to be?

And what if in every experience, you trusted the Universe in how it is bringing all of what you want by bringing experiences that will get you there even if you don’t know how?

What if you let go of the worry and fear, deal with the experience with a positive mindset, and appreciate and enjoy your present?

All is well and will be well no matter what the experience…


There are times when we go from zero to ten when frustrated or angry. And when we go from zero to ten, then we are letting our thoughts and feelings take control over the experience. And when they take automatic control, then they can quickly escalate if we don’t do something about it.

Frustration and anger can serve in a positive way.  They can get us in a passionate state that helps us to move forward but when we daily get upset and we let the upset rule our day, then we are creating a negative vibration that will keep returning unless we change our ways.

To catch yourself before the anger builds, we have to be conscious of where our thought is going before it hits that red alert. When we are feeling it build, that is the perfect time to do the inner work to let go of the frustration and/or anger. Mentally let yourself know that you are aware of what is happening and that you are going to let go of the negative vibrations and shift toward a more positive thought and feeling. You may not feel like shifting which means sometimes we get to a neutral thought and feeling and that is better than the negative.

By consciously breathing in and exhaling, you are telling your body and mind that you are conscious of the building negative vibrations.  At that moment let your body and mind know that in the exhale, you are going to let go of a little of the negative vibrations.  Each exhale that comes about, let go a little more. When you feel yourself calming down, keep with the conscious inhale and exhale. If you have to leave the experience for a short time to get into the calm, then do it. You can come back to the experience when you are in a more positive mindset.

Now that you have yourself in a calmer place within, it is the time to see what you can appreciate about what you are experiencing.

Maybe you owe more money than you thought. If that is the case and you have to pay the extra money, your appreciation could be that you have the extra to pay it.

If you got a flat tire while on the road, then your appreciation could be that you are happy that it happened where you had a good stretch of side of the road to park.

These sound like small appreciative moments, but they aren’t small at all. They are helping you to shift from the build up of the negative to the positive.

Learning to let go of the negative and embrace the positive, takes practice, patience, and time, but it is worth it my friend, if you want a positive life experience to unfold.



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When something, that feels negative, happens in your life, what do you do?  Do you succumb to the thoughts of negativity through frustration, anger, or even sadness? Do you just accept that you are having an experience that feels negative and go along with the negative vibration of it all?

Or do you step aside from the negative thought and feeling, shift focus to a more positive mindset while you deal with the experience, and then let go of the frustration, anger, or sadness for a better feeling?

You don’t want to ignore the less than positive feelings and thoughts.  You want to face them and take care of them; not avoid them. You want to consciously do the inner work to create a better more positive direction.

Where you consciously take your thoughts and feelings, is the direction in which your moments will go. If a challenge comes your way, be aware of your thoughts and feelings. Let go of worry or fears as you figure out a positive solution.  And even if you can’t find a positive, just know that there is one.  It will show itself when it is ready.

No matter what, you can create a higher positive thought in any circumstance. You can get through a challenge with a positive heart and mindset.  You don’t have to feel bad just because a challenge comes about.


When was the last time you really appreciated who you are?  When our days are in full force we can forget all about who we truly are. We get caught up in the busy-ness of the moments and ignore our own needs as we help others with what they need and want. We can actually get burn out when we do so much for others and keep up a pace that keeps us from thinking about our own lives.

Take some time to be by yourself. Listen to music, take a walk, go see a movie; whatever gives you time to ‘just be’ for awhile. Taking that time and honoring yourself will help you to find your center and show your spirit that you do appreciate, respect, and honor who you are.

Love yourself as much as you love others. Respect yourself as you respect others. Be just as wonderful to yourself as you are to others.

Appreciate who you are…


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We take care of our bodies through sleep and eating.  We take care of the mind through keeping it active. But how often do you take care of your spirit?  The true you, your spirit within, also needs take care of.  It needs to be nurtured just as the body and mind does.

So how do you nurture your spirit?  You take time to ‘be still’ through meditation and experiences that are a meditative practice for your spirit. When we go out and listen to a concert or go to watch a movie, we are also nurturing the spirit as the spirit responds to ‘play time.’ When you were little, you used to play but as we get older, we can sometimes forget how important play is. Play can bring clarity, ideas, and get you to use your imagination and this in turns helps you to think outside the box and fine tune what you want out of life. Just taking some time to ‘be,’ nourishes your spirit. Not only does it nourish your spirit but your body and mind as well.

So give it a rest and enjoy some time of your own.

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If you are in a place that you feel as if there is no end in sight, it is the perfect time to trust and know that the end result is unfolding.

Sometimes when we are feeling stagnant, feeling like life isn’t moving forward, or that life is in a boring routine; we can get to thinking negative about life. We think that, because what we dream about  hasn’t come about, that it will never come about or that it is always in the future.  This just isn’t true.

It is the moment to really kick your thoughts and trust into high gear. It is the time to appreciate what is in your life right now while you keep a strong focus on trust in the Universe.  It is the time to know that all is unfolding at the best time for your life.

Live and breathe appreciation. Live and breathe higher positive thought. Live and breathe your belief in your dream. Live and breathe in the unfolding.

In that moment where you think you should give up. it is really the moment to move forward and trust.  Don’t give up; just keep taking each day and using it to create more positive higher thought and trust that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience.

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Many believe that if they have everything in life that they want, they will then be happy.  They relate happiness with things and/or experiences. Yet when someone gets all the things they feel they wanted, they find over time that the things didn’t bring them happiness and they begin searching once again.

You truly don’t need to search for happiness.  Happiness begins within yourself.  The things you thought would make you happy, might make you feel happy for a time, but over time, the unhappiness will come back and you’ll be searching for happiness once again.

Happiness begins within you. Happiness comes from being happy with what is in your life right now. Looking for what you can feel good about in your present moments. There is always something to be happy about…always. It can be as simple as a baby laughing or seeing a beautiful billboard that makes you smile.

Opening up to the thought of happiness right now is what will bring you even more to be happy about.

Look in your day for what brings you a smile, a grateful thought, and what you appreciate. Begin dwelling on all that you like in your life and make an effort to focus on what you can be happy about in the moment. You will find that happiness has always been right within you.



When everything is going just wonderful in life, it can be easy to say ‘all is well and will be well no matter what the experience.’  When we’re in that upswing positive state of mind and heart, then we can really trust that all is well no matter what happens.

Yet when life has challenges, it can be difficult to maintain ‘all is well and will be well no matter what the experience’ especially when it doesn’t feel that way. This is the time you learn to reroute your mind and heart and focus and trust that, even if you can’t see the ‘all is well,’ it truly is well. It is the time to step up your game and let go of what you think is the right way and let the Universe take care of ‘the right way’ instead. All you have to do is keep your focus and trust that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience.

Challenges are the moments that we can do the inner work that is necessary to life opening up to a higher more positive vibration.

All truly is well my friend. The Universe has your back.

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