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Every moment the Universe is right with you no matter what you may be experiencing.  And in every moment you are taking a direction  and creating that direction through your thoughts, emotions, and reactions. And in every moment that you create some kind of vibration whether it is happy, sad, frustrated, loving, or caring; the Universe is taking that vibration and finding a match to it.

You worry then the Universe brings back worry like vibrations to you.  It isn’t that the Universe is punishing you; it is just loving you and answering back to what you put out in vibration.  To the Universe, it isn’t negative or positive; just a vibration that it answers back to because it wants to support your choices.

So in every moment you have a choice. You can add to the fear and worry if that is what you are thinking and feeling or you can add to the trust and the ‘all is well’ if that is what you are thinking and feeling.

Just think…if you believed with all your heart that all is well and will be well, then the Universe would bring to you just that.

Isn’t it worth the inner work to do your best to let go of the anxieties and worries of life and embrace the appreciation and gratitude of the moments?

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You can ask and ask and ask for what you want in life from the Universe but it is not going to happen unless you do the inner work necessary to get you to the matching vibration of what you want.

So many think that by asking and then going about life like they have always done, will create the vibration of what they want. But it isn’t only in the asking; you have to change your own patterns within in order to create a vibration of a match of what you want. You would have it by now if you had matched the vibration.  In order to match ‘the life you want’ vibration, you have to let go of the old way and create a new way of thought. You have to step aside and let go of the fears and worries that were keeping you back and move into a stronger more positive state of mind.

And if an experience comes your way that makes you feel uncomfortable, you can let go of the thought, accept the experience, deal with it in a different way that you have before, and focus on higher positive vibrations as you experience it. Learn what you can and understand what you can from the experience yet know that it will all be just fine no matter how it comes out; even if it doesn’t come out exactly as you thought.

Keep reaching for a higher thought, keep letting go of fear, keep trust in the Universe, and expect and know and be thankful for what you want in the end.

You will get there.:)


Words…we all use them. Sometimes we use them just to communicate what we want and need without any emotion. And other times, we use words to emphasize how we are feeling.

A word has no power over your life unless you choose to let it. When someone says ‘no,’ you can accept the ‘no’ yet move on without holding an attachment to the thought and emotion of rejection, fear, and worries.

The more you focus on the words and thoughts, and put emotion within it, the more you are creating a vibration that will go out into the Universe, find like vibrations of experiences and thoughts, and then sends it right back to you. This isn’t a reward or punishment from the Universe; it is just the way it lets us know that it hears us, is supporting us in any thing we do and think.

Choose your thoughts and words wisely and let go of what is focused upon that isn’t good for your life. Deal with the experience yet do your best to accept, let go, and shift focus toward a positive solution. If you don’t know that solution, then just know there is one and it will unfold at the right time in your life.

You give your words and thoughts power and what you power them with is what will come into your life.

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In order for change to happen in life, you have to make a change. Life will stay just the way it is if you don’t make some kind of change. When you make a change in your perceptions and beliefs, then change begins to move in the direction of your new perceptions and beliefs.

You have the choice and the power to change your life. It all begins with you. It has nothing to do with what another is saying, what job you have, or your current financial picture. It can all change if you choose to shift your thought toward a belief and thought that reflects what you want.

Change begins with mental action first and then as you keep creating a positive mental change, then physical life will change as well.


If you begin the day with a promise to yourself that you will stay conscious of where your mind goes, you truly can create a new pattern of thought that can replace your old way of thought.

So why would you want to replace what you have always believed and thought? Is life working for you?  Is it all you want it to be? If the answer is no, then letting go of the old way of thinking and replacing it with a new way of thinking, will guide you to where you want to be.

We have old beliefs from childhood, our environment, and perceptions we have built. Be conscious of those beliefs and ask yourself if they are something you still want to have in your life. When you let go of the old and embrace the new, you are creating change.  And creating change is just what you want to change your life and where it is headed.

Isn’t it time to look over your perceptions and beliefs and see what can be let go of? Isn’t it time to figure out what you want to believe in life from within?

Your beliefs and perceptions should begin from within and not from the physical world. They should come straight from the heart without any fear or worry attached to them. It should feel right and positive for your life.

Take a moment today and create and think from within my friend…

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When it comes to what you want in life, it is never too late UNLESS you think it is.

Your thought is a powerful tool to living life. And where you take your thoughts is where your life is going to go. It isn’t necessarily the thought but the emotion that is behind that thought as well.

So how can a thought have power? Through your emotion and passion.  For example: maybe your a person who is afraid of snakes. If the thought of a snake comes to mind, then the feeling behind it is fear and uneasiness. Maybe you break out in a sweat and panic.  It is the thought, coupled with the emotion, that creates the vibration that goes out into the Universe.

A person who is afraid of a snake versus a person who loves snakes is going to be quite a different vibration, don’t you think?

If you think it is too late for your dreams, then that belief, that thought coupled with your feeling of sadness, will make sure those dreams won’t come true.

So what if you changed your belief?  What if you began to believe that it is never too late for you to have what you want in life? What if you took that thought and coupled it with trust, passion, and expectation while you created positive vibrations as well?

All that it takes is a change my friend…

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It really is okay to vent about things in life.  One good big rant.  But once you’ve gotten that rant out of your system, then let it go and shift your focus toward a more positive vibration.

You see, holding in negative emotions can actually make them build until you want to explode.  But venting about the same thing, over and over again, is just going to bring more of the same of what you are putting out there in the Universe.

Get that vent out and then let it go. The experience happened so accept that it did, vent, let go of the negative, and then shift focus toward a more positive thought and move beyond the experience that causes the vent.

You can find solutions from a positive state of mind.  And looking for solutions in a positive state of mind, will create a positive vibration that will create positive experiences.

Create a positive direction for yourself.


Do you believe that no matter what the experience, that all is unfolding for the best for your life?

Do you believe that no matter what the experience, that all is well and will be well?

Do you believe that every experience you are having is an experience that you can learn and grow through to take you to the vibration of what you want in life?

Do you believe that the Universe sees the big picture and knows the best experiences to bring into your life to get you to where you want to be?

Envision and trust my friend…


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Set yourself free my friend! Set yourself free from the thought of what others think about your life.  Set yourself free from self limiting beliefs.  Set yourself free from those negative vibrations that feel resistant against life itself. Set yourself free and take a moment to think unlimited.

Thinking outside the box of what you think about life, can help guide you to open doors of higher thoughts and feelings. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how small your bank account might be,  or that you haven’t found that perfect career as of yet.  You see, all of it can change if you begin setting yourself free from the restraints of what feels limited. It is only limited because you believe it is. Can you imagine what would unfold if you looked at everything without limits?  Can you imagine what life could be?

Your thoughts are creating your life experience…free yourself from those thoughts and feelings that don’t fit in to what you want. Think for yourself and choose wisely for this is about your present and future.


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There are times where the ego takes control and believes that everything it has to say and do is of importance when it comes to the physical world.

So how do you know it is the ego ta;king and not just the confidence of your true self talking?

The true self voice comes from within.  It is that connection you have with the Universe that feels calm, loved, and full of self worth.

The ego voice comes from the need to make you look better in the eyes of others as well as with your own self. It comes from a selfish need to be appreciated and to be paid attention to with the goal being making you feel bigger and better than others.

The ego likes to say how great you are, how you do wonderful things for others all the time, and it compares you to others and their experiences. It tries to find ways to make it all about you even to the point of put another down so that you somehow feel better and bigger than others.

The true self is secure in itself. It loves to help people without any expectations and doesn’t need ‘the glory.’  It loves the thought and feeling of helping and ‘being.’ It loves to exude its uniqueness and feels appreciated without the need of others patting its back. It just feels appreciation of self.

One brings you more shallow experiences to boost your ego while the other brings you true contentment and love to help your true self grow, learn, and understand while enjoying and experiencing life experiences.

We can rise above our ego and begin the day coming from the true self within. Let the ego go and just experience through the real you…


We are made up of so many different vibrations in life. From our birth sign to our environment to the way the planets are aligned to the waning and waxing of the moon to our perceptions to society.  We are unique…

But the most important vibration that creates our life is our belief.  Whether it is our belief in ourselves, the world, a religion, or a thought pattern; what we believe is what we experience.

It’s important from time to time to look over what you believe and see if it still rings true with you. Maybe you have a belief that you have outgrown or maybe you have a belief that just no longer rings truth for you.

Look over your beliefs and really fine tune what you think about yourself, experiences, and about life.

Your beliefs create your thought pattern and that thought pattern creates your life experiences. Create beliefs that are truth for you. Let go of those beliefs that you just can’t resonate with anymore.

Look over your beliefs and you will feel what is best for your life.

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Pay attention to who you truly are. You are a spiritual being having a physical experience; not a physical being having a spiritual experience.

That true self within is who you really are.  You are not the physical limits that are in this world. You are not your ego or your fears or your doubts.

You are a spiritual being that is full of power, love, and creation. You are here to experience a physical life. No matter what you do, say, or be; you are doing what you are supposed to do while being physical.

How about living from that spiritual self within? How about making choices from the true voice instead of from the physical ego or fears?

Remember that you are that spiritual being that is full of love, power, creation, and hope. Align with those vibrations of who you truly are and you will have a life full of love and hope my friend.


What would happen if you assumed the best?  What would happen if you did the inner work to let go and release your fears, doubts, and worries, as well as let go of thinking the worst case scenario, and you chose to think and assume the best about each and every experience you have?

And what if, in an experience where the details aren’t turning out like you wanted, you chose to believe that the Universe has a better idea for the details and getting you to your goal?  What if you just kept your thoughts positive on the goal you have in mind and heart and let the Universe take care of the details?

What if every experience will create the best for your life even if it feels less than positive?

What if you just keep your mind on that goal and see the best case scenario as experiences come your way?

You know what would happen?  You will get ‘as is or better’ when it comes to your goal. That is what will happen.

Make some positive choices and assume the best.


How sure are you of what you believe in? How sure are you that what you want in life is going to be in your life? In order for your dreams to come true, you have to be willing to trust and let things unfold.  Even if it feels as if it isn’t going to all work out, you can trust knowing that you will have as is or better of what you want.

You have to be sure.  Not the kind of sure that comes from ego.  Not the part of you that demands it will go your way.  I’m talking about from within. From that quiet still true self that is who you are…that is where your sureness must come from. In that forever connection to the Universe. There is where you can feel if it is going to happen without a shadow of a doubt. That is where you get the strength and focus to take the steps needed to get you to where you want to be.

Live from within that true self and let it do the living. Make its voice the priority over ego or the mind. Be sure from within…

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Everyday we have miracles. We experience a miracle when a flower unfolds and blooms, when the sun rises and the sun sets, when that phone call comes through you’ve been waiting for.

If we look at life as full of miracles, then miracles present themselves to you. You have to begin with believing that life is a miracle and the experiences we have are a part of that life miracle.

Open your eyes and heart and keep conscious of every little miracle today.  When you look at life through miracles, you will find miracles will unfold beyond what you see and feel.

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Do you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that life is going to be absolutely positive, wonderful, and full of happiness?

You have that power to create the life you want.  You have the choice. You can begin today by creating positive thoughts in all you do and say. If your day is a bit challenging, then rise to the occasion and deal with the challenge with a heart full of love, kindness, compassion, and joy.

You see, the more you believe that life is positive, is wonderful, and is full of happiness, then it will be. It is just a thought away.

Do the inner work to let go of the negative and create a positive life experience.

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Sometimes we just need a little reminder to be conscious of our thoughts. Or maybe just a little reminder, in the heat of a challenge, that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience.

Find a phrase or symbol that can be your reminder. Maybe a little heart written in Sharpie on the palm of your hand or maybe the phrase ‘all is well’ on your desk.  Having reminders that mean something to us will wake up the mind to remember. It’s a great way to help guide you toward positive higher vibrations.

If you have a phrase and you begin to ignore it over time, then change the reminder to something different so that it always is fresh and new for you.

Keeping conscious is one of the keys of creating a positive life experience. When we are conscious of our thought we can make choices whether to let go of a thought and replace it with something more positive and better.

It’s important to remember the basics of positive thought and all the ways of keeping our train of thought on a positive path, don’t you think?

beth mccain 2234You do have a choice. And the more you keep conscious of your thought, the more you will create a direction of where you want life to go.

Remind yourself each day to be conscious of where your mind goes. Start recognizing the feelings that come up when you feel negative and the feelings that come up when you feel positive. Start choosing which feels better and inner working to shifting your focus to the positive.

Remind yourself that everyone has to practice before it actually takes hold.  Keep trying, keeping inner working, and keep making thought choices.

You can do it; I know you can.:)


In those moment where life is giving you a challenge, it is the perfect time to step up to the plate and do the inner work needed to get through that challenge. Stay conscious of your thoughts, feelings, and reactions through out the day and when a challenge presents itself, it is the perfect time to do the inner work to creating a more positive life.

When you have a negative happening, take a moment to recognize it and then let go of the negative thought attached to it while you deal with the challenge.  While you are taking care of the challenge, shift your focus toward a positive thought. Shift focus to what you appreciate that is in your life at the moment. Shift focus to something you love to do or a fond memory. If you can’t find anything in the positive then just know that it is there as you continue to let go of the negative feeling vibration of the challenge.

As you can see, you don’t want to ignore the challenge as it needs to be taken care of but create a positive feeling foundation through your thoughts to move it along. When you do this, you are not only creating a positive vibration but you are also learning and growing through the challenge. The challenge is there to help guide you to the next step of where you want to be. If you learn from it, grow from it, understand it, accept it; yet handle it through a higher positive vibration; you will see the challenge fading from your life as you take another step forward toward where you want to be.


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It can be easy to blame a negative day on experiences. “The car wouldn’t start. My boss yelled at me. The dog dumped the trash,” are just a few experiences we blame for our negative attitude.  But really, it was your choice to feel negative.

Everyone has challenging experiences and how you handle those experiences through your very own thought, is the direction the challenge will head. Get upset and blame your bad mood on an experience, then you will have more experiences that will bring about more upset and blame.

Taking a deep breath in and letting go of the negative thought and feeling in the exhale, while shifting your focus to dealing with the experience with a higher more positive thought, will create higher positive vibration through the challenge.

There are no excuses when it comes to positive thought my friend. Just pick yourself up, let go of the need to blame and point out the negative, and create a better feeling thought.

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