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Look at your life as an ocean.  The ocean is all of your thoughts, feelings, perceptions, reactions, your upbringing; basically all of who you are.

And every drop that goes into your ocean is a part of who you are.  The more you put in the negative kind of vibrations of life, the more negative life will be.  The more you put in the positive kind of vibrations, the more your life  will reflect the positive.

So all those inner thoughts, outer thoughts, thoughts you have about others, thoughts you have about yourself…they all go into who you are and what you experience.  If you tear down another, if only  in the mind, you are still dropping those vibrations into your ocean.

If you are being a kind compassionate person and doing all you can to come from a positive place within, then you are dropping those vibrations into your ocean.

Be conscious of where you take your thought because it is creating your life experience.

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Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in all the physical in this world, that we live life through the ego. Living through the ego means making choices based on what others might think, looking bigger than life to make an impression, and thinking about how an experience is only going to affect you and not thinking about others.

Decisions get made based on what you will look like through the eyes of another and not what is best for all.

Living though the inner self is a whole other experience. You make choices based on how your inner self feels about it all. The inner self isn’t selfish at all. It makes choices based on how good it will feel for others and without expectation of something in return.  The inner self only makes choices based on love, kindness, and compassion.

So check in w

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Look at the beautiful calm water in the photo.  And imagine walking along the bridge as you breath in deeply the nice fresh air. Imagine it and visual being there.  Can’t you almost feel the peace exuding from the picture?

That is what it is like to envision something that you want or that would make you feel positive. Your imagination and visualization is a tool to creating positive thoughts and feelings. Visualize yourself in a place that makes you feel peaceful will create the best positive vibrations that take you to a higher more positive place.

When you are sculpting, painting, writing, listening to music, or any other experience that creates a visual within, you are creating positive vibrations through passion and inspiration.

Even if it is just a picture you ‘jump’ into to enjoy, it will take you places that create positive vibrations.

And you know what positive vibrations mean?  Opening up even more to having many more positive experiences.

Take a moment to visual and imagine today.


Every closed door is leading you to hundreds of open doors.You can either fight against that closed door, kicking it and trying to pry it open, or you can listen to that closed door and go in a direction that will lead you to open doors.

You see, that closed door wasn’t made to make you feel bad; it was made to help show you that there is a much better way elsewhere.  Or maybe the closed door is to get you to go in another direction to help you to learn and understand what is behind that closed door and it will open when you are ready.

Closed doors truly aren’t negative; they are leading you somewhere, and you get to choose the direction based on how you handle it.  Negative will bring negative and positive will bring positive.

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Really think about this for a moment. This Universe has been around for a long time.  It has been changing and growing and adapting and cycling for longer than anyone has ever been alive. The seasons always come and go, the ocean always ebbs and flows, and the sun always comes up and goes down.

The Universe has been taking care of this planet longer than any of us have ever been alive and it is constant. It is always there and it is always showing us that it is there.

If you ever wonder if you are loved and appreciated, just look at this beautiful Universe.  We are shown every single moment through nature and life itself, that we are loved, appreciate, taken care of, and never alone.

All is well and will be well my friend.  The Universe has your back.

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We all can have an automatic reaction to an experience that can be less than positive.  Maybe someone upsets us or we see another do something that is negative and our automatic reaction is to get upset, get angry, or frustrated. We are human after all.

But something that we may forget in that moment is that we do have a choice in how we react. Instead, we just go with the negative thoughts and feelings which get us even more upset.

So what would happen if you stayed conscious of where your mind is trying to take you?  What if you took a deep breathe in, let go of the negative reaction, and deal with the experience in a different way. Maybe by being conscious, you will find that the person who upset you wants a negative reaction from you and that moment gives you the chance to release the negative reaction that they want and keep a balance within instead.  What if you worked toward being conscious and when an experience comes about that feels resistant, then take a different approach than before and step back to look at the whole experience and not just the part you are upset with.  You may find that it isn’t as bad as you thought or that by trusting  ‘all is well and will be well,’ you can be guided to a better feeling place within.

You have always had the choice where you take your thoughts and reactions. Be conscious and make the effort to creating a positive life experience.

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Why does it matter what another thinks of your life?  It is your life to live and you know what is best for your life and if you don’t, then you will figure it out.  When another starts telling you what you are doing wrong in your life, stop for a moment and listen.  Does any of it seem to resonate with you?  Is any of it good advice that you can use or is it someone just wanting to butt in and get involved and telling you what to do?  If it is good advice, then take their suggestions but if what they say doesn’t feel right for your life then you can just let it go.

Sometimes another feels the need to tell you what to do.  They are giving you advice from their own experiences and perceptions so what may have worked for them may not worked for you. Let it roll off your back and know that you can let go of their thoughts and keep moving forward with what you think for your life. Another’s opinion doesn’t matter unless you think it matters.

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Our days can be full, can’t they?  We can have so much to do that we just go about the day checking off lists and getting things done. This creates more of the same kind of day through your vibrations and how you feel about it all.

A important part of living and experiencing life is to, every single day, do something that makes you happy.  Whether it is listening to music, coloring, taking a walk, riding a bike, or just sitting on the back deck enjoying nature.  Just really focus on creating a happy positive vibration in your day.

Now you may say that you don’t have time yet you make time to eat, to brush your teeth, to shower, just to name a few, so I know you can find a few moments to do something you love.  Creating a happy moment for yourself is helping you to make yourself a priority in the day. It is a moment where you get to choose your joy.  It creates strong vibrations in your present and your future.  It is a vibration of self worth as well.

Treat yourself well my friend.  Create a happy moment just for you today.

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Our thoughts create our life experiences and where we put our focus is where our life is going to head.

If you think back on your day and focus on all you didn’t like and you don’t attempt to let go of those thoughts and keep thinking about them, then you are going to create more experiences that you don’t like.

But if you think back, consciously let go of the negative feelings and thoughts and focus on all the positive that happened in the day, then you will be create more experiences that you do like.

You see it takes inner work to create the life you want and a part of that inner work is changing your perception so that you are focusing on all there is to be grateful for in your moments instead of focusing on all that went wrong.

Be grateful today.  You’ll be creating a shift of focus and experiences.

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How often do you take the time to nurture all of who you are? When we nurture our mind, body, and spirit, we are creating a nice balance of all of who we are.  We are showing ourselves that we love who we are and deserve to take care of ourselves just as we might take care of another.

Don’t leave yourself out when it comes to taking care of others.  Take care of you first so that you have the energy and stamina to help others.

Enjoy a good book or listen to music. Do something that makes the spirit sing and shifts your focus to feeling good and positive.  Taking that time actually opens you up to higher positive vibrations and it lets the Universe know that you love and appreciate yourself which means more love and appreciation will then come your way.


A part of changing your life experience is what you perceive. And what you perceive, is what you are and believe.  When you see someone walking down the street and they are doing something that you would not personally do yourself or are wearing something that you would never wear, do you judge them by making a comparison?  Do you look at them at accept them as they are without making an assumption or judgement?  How you look at others and think of them is a telltale of how you perceive.  You can change your perception if you feel it is negative but you have to conscious as well as honest with yourself about what you think within your mind and others and life.

What do you see in experiences?  Do you create a positive perception?  And if you don’t, are you willing to change that perception to create a more positive vibration for your life?

Take a look at your beliefs and see if you have outgrown them. Maybe they re a part of what your parents believed or maybe it worked for you in the past but isn’t working for you now. Take time to let go of the old ways and embrace new ways/

Ask yourself each day ‘What do I see?’  See if it reflects what you want your life to be.  Fine tune your perceptions of what you see my friend.

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When you are experiencing life, fear doesn’t have to be an option.  Ask yourself why you may be afraid or anxious about an experience?  Really seek the answer within.  You will find that what you are afraid of is just a thought that you think could happen.  Usually, it doesn’t happen in the way fear presents it.

Next time you feel fear welling up, take a deep breath in and in your exhale, breath out the feeling of fear and replace it with trust and knowing.  Trust that all is unfolding just as it should for your life and know that the Universe is taking care of every little detail.  Do your job by trusting, knowing, and letting go of fear.

You’ll be creating experiences full of positivity and open doors. Fear closes doors where opening up to a positive vibration creates open doors.

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When asking any question of the Universe, there is always more than one answer. The right answer for one may not be the right answer for another.

So the next time you feel you didn’t get the right answer for your life, it may not be the only answer. It may be that you are being guided in a different direction that IS the right answer for you.

Keep moving forward with a positive thought in mind and heart and you will find the answer you are looking for.


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How do you know if you are on the right track when it comes to where you want your life to go?  You can tell by how you feel.  If you have that agitation, frustration, or any kind of resistant feeling vibration, then this means one of two things; either you need to do the inner work to release the resistant vibration or you are being given a message from within to fine tune your direction.

Your feelings are a part of creating and manifesting. They let you know when you are feeling anxious or agitated. That is the moment to ask yourself what would make you happy right at that moment?  What would make you feel better?  If it is just about getting your way then you need to adjust your vibrations to think ‘as is or better’ and let go of what you think will happen and give the how over to the Universe while you keep creating a positive higher vibration. Feel what you would like life to be and then stay in that feeling and thought as the Universe creates experiences to open doors for you to walk through.

If you are in an agitated state then learn how to release those vibrations while dealing with the experience that may have caused the agitation. Shift to a better more positive frame of mind.

The better you think and feel, the more you are headed in the right direction for your life experience.


The Universe is always showing us that there is hope and a positive thought feeling.  After the night comes the day, after winter comes the spring, after an ebb comes a flow. Life has always worked in cycles.  So if you are in one of those moments where it either feels dark, like nothing is going the way you planned, or you’re in an ebb feeling situation, then just know that the light comes after the dark, the beautiful renewal and new beginnings come after the dead of winter, and the waves may ebb but they will always flow.

Messages from the Universe my friend…that is what this whole beautiful earth is full of.  Open your eyes and seek out the messages that are left for you each and every day.


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If you have many things you want to envision but you feel you just don’t have time to sit and visualize every detail, you can have a bless fest.  There are days where it is such a productive busy like day that I know I won’t have time to ‘just be’ and focus on the details of my goals. So what I do is have a bless fest. I’ve envisioned enough to know what each goal is about so instead of taking the long way through visualizing, I bless each goal instead.

You can create a bless vibration whether you have a belief or not. Blessing something is asking for the good to come.  So I’ll bless my goals and while I’m at it I bless those I know and challenges that may have presented themselves. Instead of thinking I know the solution or answer, I just bless the experience and let the Universe take care of the how.

Try it today.  Maybe on your ride home from school, work, or picking up the kids.  The bless the heck out of everything.  It’s a great feeling!

agree to disagree and respect

Try to be only kind and compassionate for the day.  No matter what the day holds, just create kind, compassionate, and loving thoughts.

Someone cuts you off in traffic?  Just release the frustration and send kindness to them.  You can never know what they may be going through.

Someone hurts your feelings?  Take a moment to step back from the emotion of it all , let go of the need to have their approval, know they have their own opinions that doesn’t necessarily mean they are right, and then send kindness and compassion their way knowing that you are taking the higher road.

Try it for the day. You will find that what others think, say, or do aren’t as big a deal as you thought. When you take the higher thought road, you create a much more calming and balanced feeling life experience.

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We all have goals of what we would like in our lives and creating positive focus toward those goals helps to guide you to where you want to be.

But it isn’t only about your goals. You see, your goals are smaller parts of your life experience.  Ask yourself what you want in the big picture of life when it comes to how you want life to feel.  Do you want a life that feels secure and safe?  Do you want a life that is full of positive experiences?  Then not only should you send great intentions toward your goals and work on the goals by creating forward motion through your thoughts, but also get in a good comfortable zone of what you would like life to feel like overall.

That bigger picture is the overall of what you want life to feel and ‘be.’ You can begin by being conscious of your everyday attitudes and thoughts.  If they don’t align with what you want for your big picture, then work on letting go of what you no longer want in vibrations and shift your focus toward the feeling of what you want life to be.

Let’s say you want life to feel full of appreciation in your big picture.  Then be conscious of what you have to appreciate today.  If you get upset and frustrated with someone or something, adjust your vibrations to reflect appreciation instead. Inner work toward not only your goal but your bigger picture as well. You will find that life will respond in the best of ways and before you know it, you will have all that you have been seeking.


Keep working at the goals you have set for yourself.  No matter if the steps you make are big or small, every step adds up to accomplishing what you wanted.  And really, every step is a big step because every step matters.

Every single day take a mental or physical step toward the life you want. Maybe you have some baggage to clear out of your mind and heart before you can get to where you want to be.  Or maybe you have paperwork to fill out.  No matter what, just take a step each and every day.

You will find those steps will add up to the path of your goal and all the experiences that unfolded for you were a part of what had to happen to get there.

Take a step today…

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Life isn’t about what we can attain in this physical world. The life experience is about what we can learn, grow, and understand and create more wisdom and love within our spirit.  So no matter what you do, say, or ‘be,’ you are experiencing life and that is what is expected of you. You can’t get it wrong.

The direction you take is icing on the cake and you get to choose the direction.

You can choose to attain to getting the physical things that you feel will make you happy but that isn’t the purpose.  Things are tools to creating this physical life experience.  The purpose it to be a spiritual being having a physical experience. You experience whether you are sitting on the couch or sitting on top of a mountain.

The best part is you get to direct where the icing on the cake of life goes. And you can direct by how you feel. Go in a direction that will make you feel good…


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