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In any experience, you always have a choice in the direction it will lead. You may not think you have a choice when you are having an experience that feels less than positive but you truly do. You see, it is up to you how you choose to think, feel, and react in any experience. You can let the mind race, worry, freak out, or feel upset and frustrated in the challenging experience OR you can realize that the experience is just temporary and you have a chance to inner grow from the experience by stepping aside from all the drama and going ‘within’ to that deep connection you have with the Universe itself and deal with the experience from that connection first. When you take care of experiences from that deep connection first then you are now taking control of the physical mind and letting it know that the true self has a say in what is going on.

The true self is forever connected to the vibration of the Universe. It helps guide us to where we want to be. It knows the direction and it always has our best in mind and heart. The Universe goes with the flow of whatever we choose because that is how it loves and cares for you.  It is up to us how we choose to experience.

The inner work is in the changing of repetitive thought patterns and creating a pattern that feels better to you. Letting go of the old ways and embracing new ways will help guide you to a better feeling place. Old patterns of belief may not serve you any longer and when you become conscious of the pattern then you can decide if the pattern fits your current life. If not, then you have some inner work to do to create a better feeling truth for yourself. As you come closer and closer to aligning with the true self with the physical self, you will find life becomes clearer, easier, smoother, and full of higher positive vibrations.

How you handle people you don’t care for and how you handle experiences that are challenging are what will change your current life experience. Handle each moment with kindness and compassion and a best case scenario as your focus will bring about massive positive change.

Stay conscious of the choices you are making in your life and see if they reflect what you want life to truly be.

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For every problem there is a solution. For every question there is an answer. You see, we create everything that is in our lives through our thought, feeling, and reactions to life. If the problem has been created then there is surely a solution. Just because it doesn’t come to you instantly doesn’t mean it isn’t there. You may have to go through a few changes within in order for the solution to come about. You may need clarity and expansion within to get to the answer that you are searching for.

All that you have to do is know and believe there is a solution or that there is any answer. Then let the problem go and trust and know that the solution will come at the best time for your life. You keep in that frame of mind then you will always have solutions and answers to all you seek.

Let go and trust my friend.

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Sometimes it can seem impossible to stay positive in an experience that is challenging; but truly that is where the inner work comes in.

You want life to change but life won’t change until you are able to change your current thoughts and focus. In order to have the life that you want you have to go beyond where you are right now. You have to do the inner work necessary to take you to the next level closer to where you want to be. As you get closer and closer, then the experiences will become less negative and feel more positive. They will begin to have meaning and show you clarification. They will bring you to a place where you will see clearly the next step toward where you want to be.

This all begins with you and your attitude and beliefs about your life experience. Each experience that comes into your life has possibilities to take you to the next higher positive vibration.  It is all in how you choose your thoughts and feelings within it all. Letting go, shifting focus, looking for what you appreciate, and trusting that the Universe has your back are a few of the ways to inner work toward where you want to be.

Life has challenges; that is just how it is but it is your choice how you handle the challenge and that choice takes you in a direction.  Create fear and worry and you will be heading down the road of more of the same. Create appreciation, inner growth, and trusting and you will be heading down the road of more of the same.

That challenge is an opportunity for you to let the one door close so that you can open many more doors of possibilities.

How you perceive life is what you will create for your current and future experiences. Let go of beliefs that are not your personal truth and seek out beliefs that fit your truth. Be the most genuine true self that you can be. Let your light shine and embrace every moment to the best of your ability. Life will change for the better…


We all have those days where we wonder what is going on.  It’s like everything seems to come unglued and you’re the one who has to put it back together. The coffee pot explodes, the car won’t start, you’re late for a meeting, and the boss calls to let you know he needs that report in an hour.

So how can you be positive in moments like that? You first stay aware of the feeling within that may be building. You know, the one that feels less than positive.  It’s that resistant vibration that feels as if it is building and building until you want to explode. You want to catch it before it gets to that state so just by being aware that it is building is a start. Next you remember that this is but a temporary moment in the day. It will pass. You deal with what needs to be dealt with but you keep in mind and heart that it is just an event in the day and does not define who you are.  You’re not cursed or have some kind of bad luck.  Everyone has challenging days and how you get through them will help guide you to a more steady calm place in your life experience.

Next you want to accept and relax ‘into’ the experience instead of fighting against it. It is there. It can’t be changed at the moment but you can do all you can to get it changed when you can. Instead of fighting against it you have now come into a calm place within and are finding inner balance. We all think much more clearly when we accept and relax into experiences because we are no longer creating a resistant feeling vibration.

Also keep in mind that whatever you are experiencing is a chance to do the inner work to rise above and beyond the challenge. The Universe is truly aware of the experience and it is up to you to trust how it will turn out. If it doesn’t turn out as you expected,  it doesn’t mean that all is lost. It only means that there is another way and the Universe knows there is and is directing you in another direction. Maybe it will be just a little fine tuning of your own thoughts and feelings that may be needed but just know that if you are focusing on the best for your life in every experience then this experience is yet another experience to see the best within it. Even if you can’t see the best, just know it is there somewhere and it will reveal itself when it is ready.

You get to choose where your life leads in any experience you have. How about choosing a positive feeling and thought instead of getting upset over the very temporary challenge that has occurred?

Deal with it, let go of the negative vibrations, accept and ‘relax’ into the experience knowing that all is well and will be well, and trust…


Life can get so busy that we can forget to take care of all parts of who we are. From the body to the mind to the spirit we can forget that nurturing all of who we are is important to our very being. When we get so busy that we work, work, work, without stopping, we are creating a resistant tired vibration.  And that resistant vibration creates a bump in our life road making it more challenging to focus on what we envision life to be but if we make sure to check in with all parts of who we are then we are creating a calm inner balance and a steady flow of positive in life.

You may be exercising or relaxing your body but are you doing the same for your spirit through meditation or some quiet time as you enjoy a hobby?  Are you exercising that mind through all the you are reading yet ignoring the body in what it needs?

Creating a balance and giving each part of who we are equal attention, will create a steady flow to our life experience and help for you to relax and focus on what you truly want in life.

Begin today. Check in and make sure you are enjoying and embracing life through all parts of who you are. Create balance my friend.


Sometimes we can get so involved in what we are doing in a day that we forget that we have inner work to do. If you truly believe that what you think and feeling brings you experiences and ‘things, then it is important to do the inner work necessary. You may have moments where you envision what you want life to be but then get involved in the everyday of life forgetting that the everyday vibrations are just as important to create the life you envision.

When you go about your day, what do you look for? Do you look for moments to change your inner pattern to reflect the thought and feeling of what you want in life?  Or do you have experiences and let your emotions and thoughts run wild creating strong resistant kind of vibrations?

I keep the thought of joy and appreciation in my day. I keep conscious of any and everything in the ordinary of the day that I can feel good and positive about. I do my best to let go of any kind of negative experience yet still take care of what needs to be taken care of with relaxing into the experience and creating inner balance. If an appreciative thought can’t be found in an experience, then I trust that there is one and I just can’t see it at the moment. I trust the Universe to answer my vibration.

Just the other day I was walking across a parking lot and saw the cutest little car. It was one of those smart cars.  It was little, yellow, cartoon-ish like, AND the owner had put eyelashes on it. That was a moment I appreciated in the ordinary of the day.  It made me smile and made me feel good to see those cute little eyelashes that someone had put on their car. Ordinary yes but the feeling and thought were positive and extraordinary creating more of the same within.

It begins within first and as you build those wonderful vibrations then it heads out into this Universe and the Universe answers, loves, cares, and accepts you through sending a like vibration back to you. So you can see how important it is to live with intention.

What are you looking for in your day? Are you shifting your focus away from fear and worry and finding what there is to appreciate and feel joyful about? It will change your life.

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Words are just words until you choose to give them power.  If another is saying rude and mean things and they are saying it with full on frustration and anger then they are giving those negative words power. Same goes for the positive. If another is saying it with kindness, compassion, and caring then they are giving those positive words power. You can tell the difference in the direction the power will go just by the feeling behind the thought. If another is talking negatively then you have a choice whether to take part in their negative power trip. If you do, then you are attaching on to the vibration of negative and creating the same in your own life. But if you choose not to attach and truly let go of their negativity and then shifting focus toward more appreciate and loving thoughts, then you will be giving power to the positive.

A word is just a word until it is said with conviction. Some would see the word ‘snake’ as a fearful vibration that is full of power while another might see the word ‘snake’ as just another word in the dictionary.

It is all up to you what you decide to give power to. What kind of power are you creating today?  Are you buying into the words of what others think life is all about or are you creating your own path?  Are you creating powerful positive feeling words today?

Be conscious of your thoughts and feelings my friend. They truly do have power.

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Remind yourself, focus on it, believe in what the words say, feel it in that deep connection within that you have to this Universe, no matter what experience you have, no matter what the day may feel like, no matter what direction you are headed…write it down so that you can always refer to these eight little powerful words…

All is well AND will be well…always.

Secret Secret Garden

There are times where we can get ahead of ourselves when it comes to thought. We may think about a certain experience that is coming up or we may just be thinking of the future itself but no matter what, we take our mind beyond the current moment and project what we think will happen. We have a choice to create a best case scenario or a worst case scenario.

We say that we trust the process of positive thought and that it manifests positive outcomes but there are some that will still worry.  Think about that for a moment. Even though we hope for a positive outcome we still worry about how it will happen or when. We worry about all the details around it all and continue to put a concerned vibration toward it all. Worry is like little seeds of negative prayer. Worry is a resistant vibration of being afraid of how things will turn out but don’t you think that if we keep our thought, feeling, and focus strong knowing that what we send out in vibration will come back to us, then we could trust that all is well and will be well and could take out the worry vibration completely?

And there is where the inner work comes in; being aware when we slip into worry and shift focus to what there is to appreciate now in the day. When we feel ourselves going into worry about the future, then we can stop, let go of the resistant feeling of worry, and thank the Universe while trusting that all will unfold as it should for your life experience.  And it will unfold to that positive outcome you are wanting.

Let go of worry and trust my friend even if things go in another direction. That direction may be the way to get you to where you want to be.  That experience may be guiding you down a scenic detour full of experiences that will help you to raise your vibration to match the higher vibration of what you want to manifest.

Life is meant to be lived and you get to choose which way it will go.

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You’ve been envisioning, you’ve been focusing, you’ve been looking for opportunities, and you have come to a point where you just feel like you want to give up that dream. You can’t figure out why it hasn’t come about yet and you just have gotten tired of waiting. Each time you think about your dream, instead of feeling hopeful, you now feel discouraged and frustrated so you decided that it will never happen and you just give up on it.

Do you know that the feelings and thoughts you were having about the manifestation of your dream may have been keeping it from happening?  When we want something to happen on our time clock instead of the Universal time clock, then we get impatience and can create resistant vibrations. We then ‘blame’ it on not focusing hard enough or that the Universe just doesn’t want it to happen so we become even more concerned that maybe we did something wrong or maybe we don’t deserve what we want. As you can see, there is much more to creating your dream than just a positive thought.

In order for what you want to manifest, you have to be in alignment with the same vibration of what you envision. At the moment you’re not at that higher vibration because the dream would be here, right? So in order to manifest what you want it is important to work with the Universal vibration instead of against it. You want a solid foundation built for your dream and that happens through the vibrations you send out to the Universe and then the Universe sends the match back to you.  The match consists of not only what you envision but all your thoughts and feelings of experiences you are currently having. Your everyday thoughts mix in with your focus time of what you want so that is what is heading out into the Universe.  The ‘how’ truly isn’t our worry.  It is the every day vibrations and our own beliefs and expectations that are up to us. The timing is up the Universe because it knows how to build that solid foundation for you.  It’s your job to know, expect, believe, and trust that all is well and will be well.  It is up to you to create higher more positive vibrations when it comes to your experiences. It is up to you to change your own repetitive thought patterns to higher more positive and abundant thought patterns so you will align with what you envision.

The moment you give up on your dream, you let go of the resistant vibration.  That is the perfect time to rethink how you were thinking and feeling and shift your focus back to that dream without the resistance of frustration and impatient vibrations.

Create a different path and renew your passion for what you want. Know and expect that for any closed-door there will be hundreds of open doors.

Chooses to let go and trust while experiencing your everyday with appreciation.


There are times where we want something so much that it feels as if we are waiting forever until it comes to fruition. And as we feel that feeling of waiting, we are actually creating more of the waiting thought and feeling.  We begin to hold onto impatience and try to push what we want into existence.

Read through what I wrote above one more time. Now doesn’t it feel resistant?  Doesn’t it feel as if we are trying to push what we want into existence?  You see, that waiting vibration IS creating a resistant vibration. It is pushing against the very experience that you want. By waiting we are indicating that what we want may or may not happen. By waiting we aren’t putting our trust into Universal timing.  By waiting we are saying that we want things to unfold right this moment whether it has a solid foundation or not and instead of in the right time that it should.

The Universe is doing its job. It sees that whole picture of what you want when you only see a part of the picture. Your job is to keep the positive vibration flowing, appreciating life, shifting focus from a negative state of mind to a positive state of mind, and to let go of the exact ‘how’ it will happen or the exact time it will happen.  The Universe sees and knows what will be best for your life. So why not let go of waiting and just know it will manifest in the right time for your life?  Why not embrace the moments you have right now and appreciate all that is around you instead of focusing on impatience?

How about creating a strong positive focus for the day and let the Universe do what it does best…answer your call. So what kind of call are you putting to the Universe?

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Each of us is walking our life path in the most unique way. We all have different experiences, different thoughts, different feelings, and different perceptions of what we expect out of life. No one can possibly assume that they know all we have been through unless they have seen through our eyes and walked in our shoes. And we can’t assume we know what another is going through either.

The other day when I took my mom to the doctor there was a woman talking to us in the lobby. She pointed out a couple who were waiting for see the doctor. She said, “Did you know that they own twelve properties?  They are rich, ya know. But they sure don’t dress like it.”  The woman was assuming that she knew the couple and their lives because of how many properties they owned. The doctor called in the woman who had been speaking with us.  The couple was still waiting and then a phone rang.  The gentleman of the couple picked it up and began talking. As he talked, we heard their story. They may have owned twelve properties but the gentleman’s wife had ongoing cancer and he was talking to his banker trying to get a loan because the medications were so expensive. The gentleman patted his wife and went out to continue his call.

Some assume they know others but truly they don’t. Just as we may think we know all about an experience or about another and their choices but truly we don’t either.

Don’t you think we should stick to our own shoes as we walk and not assume we know what it is like to be in another’s shoes? Judgmental and assuming vibrations will come back into the experience of the person doing the assuming.  Why not be aware and accepting of others and step aside from assumptions.

We all have our stories and we all have our life experiences. Let’s accept one another and not assume we know.  Let’s walk side by side and listen to others and their experiences but keep from making comparisons or thinking that we know it all.

What you choose will create your next moment my friend.

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How do you react to someone who just rubs you the wrong way?  Do you treat them like they treat you? Or do you get quiet and feel bad about yourself because they make you feel that way?  How you treat others is exactly what will come back to you in some way.

If someone is getting mad at you do you do the same thing back to them? Do they ‘throw’ words your way and then you ‘throw’ words right back? Whatever we say and feeling will come back to us in some way which means that if you are thinking ‘If they are going to act that way with me then I’m going to do it right back!’ then you are creating the very vibration that got you mad in the first place when that person acted a certain way with you. You can stop the cycle by changing your personal attitude and vibration about it all. You could let go of their thoughts knowing that just because they said it doesn’t mean it is ‘truth’ and you could go about your day without the feeling of their vibration ‘attached’ to you. You could realize that what they are saying or doing is only based on their perspective of life.  It doesn’t mean they are right but it can make it more understandable as to why they are the way they are.

How would you like to be treated?  The way you want to be treated is how you should treat others.  That is the way to bring others into your life that will treat you how you feel you should be treated but it has to begin with you first. You do the respecting, accepting, and caring first and then your life will then reflect what you are putting out.

Keep it in mind and heart as you go about day. Smile at the nasty cashier and compliment her on her well done job. She may not appreciate and may just complain but you will have done what you would like if you were in her position. By creating that vibration of how you want to be treated, you will be attracting others and experiences that will reflect what you say and do.

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There are times where we feel that we can’t see where our life is going. It’s as if a fog is covering all of what is ‘to be.’ In those moments we can get confused and try to make sense of all that is happening in life.  Just know that in those moments you do have a choice no matter how foggy and confused you may be.

You can choose to find appreciation in your day, you can choose to take a higher more positive thought when dealing with others, you can choose to believe and trust that where you are today is a place that is taking you through inner growth to reach that higher level of vibration of where you envision your life to be.

As you inner work toward the positive and let go of the negative then the fog will begin to clear. Your confusion is replaced by a knowing within of what direction that you want to go.

So even if you are in a negative feeling experience you can choose to believe that this moment is created to see where you will take it in thought.

Do you let go and trust the Universe to bring to you what you put out in your everyday thought and feeling vibration? Then you know that the choices you make in any situation will create the next moment and ultimately your future.

I’m choosing the positive and doing the inner work of letting go and trusting while I keep a strong positive focus toward what I want. What about you?


It can be easy to keep telling yourself to just get one more thing done even when you are fatigued. But the more you put off letting go and relaxing, the more you are building vibrations that you are pushing against. And when you push against then you are creating more experiences to push against that will come into your life.

For example: Let’s say that you just want to finish organizing your desk but it is now past lunch time and you haven’t eaten.  You’re tired and hungry but have just an hour of organizing left. So in that hour you push against your thoughts of wanting to eat lunch now and getting the job done. You are creating a mixed bag of thought and feelings that are causing you to take a certain direction. Then as you get more tired and more hungry, you become curt with others which creates more of a negative vibration. In that hour of wanting to get it done, you have built strong focused vibrations of frustration, tired, and upset which are vibrations that push against having a more positive steady flow to life.

So what if you stopped organizing, ate lunch, re-energized, and then finished up the desk? You will have gotten rested, full, and would take on a whole other vibration, wouldn’t you?

Think about how you could have avoided all those ‘push against’ vibrations by taking that break and nurturing all of who you are from the body to the mind to the spirit.

Step back, re-energize, fuel up, and creates some positive feelings and thoughts.

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What if you knew, without a doubt, that everything that you are experiencing right now will lead you to where you want to be in life?  What if every experience you have had, or are having, was a chance to create a higher more positive thought and feeling?  And that higher level of thought was exactly the direction you need to go in order for life to get better and be what you envisioned life to be?

So if you believe it then why do you worry about your future?  Know, let go of the worry, and trust. Do your part by creating new paths and new thoughts that take you to that higher level of vibration.

All is well and will be well.

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At times we can really get worked up, can’t we?  We can go on a worry binge and worry about the future and anything else that comes to mind. We build that worst case scenario within the mind ‘just in case’ it happens. That way we think it may not hurt as bad if we prepare for it. But what we are doing is creating a thought and feeling vibration that is telling the Universe that we are expecting the worst and that we truly don’t trust the process since we are worrying.

What would happen if we did just the opposite?  What if we expected the best case scenario?  What if we didn’t worry so much and let go of the worry knowing that the Universe has our back and that if we keep a strong positive focus, then it will create a better end result instead of what we are worrying about.

Some get caught up in how it is going to happen.  They can’t fathom how that extra money is going to plop in their laps so they worry that maybe it won’t. But if we choose to focus on ‘all is well and will be well,’ deal with our physical experience in the best way possible yet let go of the thought of ‘how,’ then we are sending out a positive strong vibration of letting go and trusting that the ‘how’ will show itself when the Universe has brought us all we need to experience so we can reach that higher vibration of how.  Doors will close but many more will open.

Why not create the best case scenario and trust?

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Where are your thoughts today?  Are you doing the inner work necessary to creating a more positive fulfilling life experience?  Are you thinking about what there is in the day to be grateful for?  Are you shifting your focus from worry and fear to focusing the best cast scenario instead? Are you working on your everyday mixed bag of thoughts and feelings so that they reflect what you want to be in your life? Are you letting go of how what you want will come about and just trusting that as you envision that the Universe will bring to you lessons and experiences to take you to a higher level of thought that will match the vibration of what you envision?  Are you creating a go with the flow kind of attitude and staying aware of what you need to change in thought in order for life to change?

Yes, thought creates…that is the simple of it.  But it is in the inner work where we learn, grow, and create higher positive vibrations that will take us on the road to where we want to be.  Change your thought, change your world.

What thoughts are you choosing today?


Does it really matter what they say? Do their thoughts and their actions mean that it is only their way?

You see, everyone has something to say and everyone has an opinion. Some believe their way is right while another believes their way is the right way.

We are all individuals with unique perceptions of life, unique beliefs, and unique perceptions.  We all think we’re right in some way but there are others out there that believe our way is the wrong way. Truly there is no right or wrong when it comes to experiencing life. You can create whatever life you feel is right for yourself as long as you don’t intentionally harm another mentally or physically. You don’t have to do things a certain way just because someone else does it that way. Just because some way worked for one person doesn’t mean the same way will work for another.

What it comes down to is acceptance of each others’ differences and uniqueness. Each of us can agree to disagree, accept each other’s viewpoints even if we can’t agree. We can accept one another and encourage even if we don’t think the same. And we can let go of what others may think about our lives and realize that their opinion about our life is none of our business.

We can experience life to the fullest and do our best to accept, love, and help others while we create our life experience in the best way we see fit.

You got this… :)

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The choice is yours…

Negative thoughts and feelings of worrying about the worst case scenario or positive thoughts and feelings of the best case scenario.  Either way you are creating your life experience.

What choices are you creating?

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