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Sometimes we can just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. We can’t put a finger as to why we are feeling agitated or upset. So we begin our day and start picking at ourselves and others because of how we are thinking and feeling. Everyone hides and runs when they see ‘that look’ in your eye.

You can either come through the living room breathing fire and shooting lasers out your eyes or you can do the inner work that is necessary to stave off the bad mood blues.

No matter who you are or what you do, everyone has a day where they just feel less than positive. It is all in how you handle that thought and feeling that will take you to a better feeling place and mood.

Admit to yourself that you are feeling moody and don’t deny it when you are around others when they ask, ‘Are you in a bad mood?’  You don’t have to shoot back, “NO! I’m NOT in a bad mood. It is because of…”  The dot dot dot is something we want to blame our mood on or an excuse as to why we feel as we do. Again, admitting to yourself that you are feeling off is the beginning of letting go of the feeling and thought.

Next, think about anything that you say before you say it. Our perspective can be off on those days and we think and feel things we normally wouldn’t. We want to blame, resent, and find something that will help us blow off that steam. Each time you go to say something that doesn’t come from a kind and compassionate place, then take a breath in and let go of the thought within your mind so you don’t put your vibration on another.

Each time you feel the swell within to say something rude or dastardly, take that deep breath in and let go of the thought in the exhale.  As you exhale say the word ‘balance’ to yourself. Keep reminding yourself of balance all through the day.

You’ll get through that day and you can get through it without being moody or negative.  Keep inner balance in the first and foremost of your mind and heart and let go of what feels resistant.  Get through the day with a neutral feeling vibration instead of a negative feeling vibration.

Before you know it, you will find that your mood will shift and the positive will begin to show itself once again.

Inner work my friend…

giving and receiving

When in doubt, let the resistant feeling go. Know that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience. Just because it doesn’t fit your ideal picture of what you thought, just know, believe, and trust that the experience that feels less than positive can truly be one of the learning experiences to help guide you to reach that alignment of the higher vibration needed to get to where you want to be.

As you learn to let go of resistant vibrations, you will find that life takes on a whole new meaning and opens up to where you want to be.

All you have to do is choose the direction through your thought and feeling. When in doubt, let go my friend and know that all is truly well.


You have this moment…

You have this moment to embrace each moment of the day with full focus on creating a higher positive feeling and thought.

You have this moment to let go of resistant vibrations and inner work toward inner balance and outer balance of all of who you are.

You have this moment to take a deep breath in, close your eyes, tell the mind to relax your shoulders and neck,and  let go of resistant feeling vibrations while going within to that calm place within that is forever connected to this Universe.

You have this moment to remember that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience. Every experience is a chance for you to choose which direction you will take your life.  It all begins with a thought and feeling and your choice.

You have this moment to trust that the Universe is bringing you just what you envision life to be and that each experience, whether positive or negative feeling, can be a part of you rising above and beyond your current vibration.  Where you take it is where it will go.

You have this moment to begin my friend…

mini vacation

There are experiences where you wonder what you are supposed to do. Are you going to sink? Are you going to swim? What are you going to do?  Are you thinking the worst before you have all the facts?  Are you thinking that maybe you could ‘tread water’ a little while longer but then what?

Sometimes, when you are in the middle of an experience that you are feeling completely overwhelmed in, you just have to float. You don’t have to do into the depths of despair and you don’t have to get up and take action this very moment. Sometimes you just need to step back, release the thoughts and feelings of agitation and worry, and float into balance within. This can help your situation more than sinking or swimming.  When you stop thinking, stop worrying, and stop trying to find a fast solution and then let go of the stress and the resistant feelings and thoughts and just visualize going within to that place of calm, then you can just float for a while until you get your thoughts and feelings in a better feeling place.

Float my friend and ‘just be’ for awhile. Let clarity wash over you. In that clarity you will find solutions and calm so that you are able to relax into the experience and rise above and beyond it.

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Sometimes we can feel as if we don’t deserve a good life. Whether it stems from one experience or just an inner belief, we can feel and think, “Everyone else gets what they want but I know I never will.” Or maybe you hold a grudge with others who have more than you.  And maybe that grudge comes in the shape of envy or jealousy.

You see, what others have makes no difference whether you get it or not; but your feelings and thoughts toward what they have and how you compare it to your life, does make all the difference. If you are putting out envy, jealousy, feeling sorry for yourself, or any other resistant feeling vibrations, then you are bringing experiences to your doorstep with those vibrations.

But if you look at another and what they have and see it as a sign from the Universe that you too, can have the same or even better, then you are creating a much more productive vibration for what you want. Couple that with feeling as if you are deserving, just like everyone is, then you will be sending out a strong positive vibration of ‘YES! I am deserving!”

As you go about your day, stay conscious of when you put yourself down or feel less than. Take that moment to realize it is just a thought until you attach feeling to it. Let go and detach from the vibration of feeling less than and replace it with the feeling and thought of ‘I truly do deserve a good life.’

Step by step will get you there my friend.

time to release

It begins with a thought and trust. Each and every day you have to do the inner work to get to the place where you truly believe and trust that the Universe always has your best interest in mind. When you are able to believe this, you will find that any experience that you are having is just a part of the way to get you to where you want to be.  This means that it is up to you which direction it heads through your thoughts, feelings, reactions, and beliefs. So even in a less than positive feeling experience, you can let go of the resistant thoughts and feelings and trust that this is yet another part of getting you to where you want to be.  You can choose how you see the experience and how you handle it. You can choose to take a higher positive vibration and rise above and beyond the experience while listening and understanding what is to be gleaned from it. Or you can choose to get caught up in the drama of the less than positive experience and ignore the lesson within it keeping you at a current vibration of where you are right now.

When you are able to remember that ‘all is well and will be well no matter what because the Universe always has your back’ then you will be creating an ‘all is well’ life experience.

What will you choose today?

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If you are feeling less than positive the best thing that you can do is to find balance from within.  The first step is to be conscious of your thoughts, feelings, and reactions. If you are feeling agitated, impatience, angry, frustrated, worried, or concerned, then first be aware of what you are feeling. The less than positive thoughts and feelings are resistant vibrations. They are the ones that make you feel off-balance.  When you feel that feeling and thought and are conscious of it, then you can take the next step toward getting rid of it.

The next step is to take a deep breath in, have the mind tell the body to relax the shoulders and neck, close your eyes, and then exhale.  In the exhale feel as if you are going deeper within yourself to that place within that is full of calm and balance. That connection where you are forever connected to the Universe where love and acceptance always ‘is’ and there are no feelings of resistance. You may have to keep taking that deep breath in and exhaling a few times before you feel the release of the resistant vibrations. Continue to shift your focus toward ‘within’ and finding that place of balance as you let go of the negative thoughts and feelings. Those negative vibrations are keeping you in your current place in life but as you practice and learn to let go and find balance, then you will find that life begins to reflect that thought and feeling.

The next step is to shift your focus toward a better feeling thought. If you are feel impatient about something then do the balance and letting go exercise and then shift your focus from impatience to the thought of ‘All is well and will be well all in the right time that is best for my life. The Universe has my back.’  Your shift in thought and feeling will replace the impatience with trust and calm.

It takes inner work to release negative vibrations but just know that it is possible if you practice.  Before you know it you will change your old thought patterns and be embracing new thought patterns.


Did you get some news that you feel badly about?

Trust my friend. Trust that the news is a part of your own inner growth and that you will get through it. Let go of the resistant kind of vibration and embrace and accept the news as you take care of it in the best way you know how. Trust that the Universe sees the bigger picture where as you only see a small part of the picture. Trust that the Universe is right there helping to guide you.  All is well and will be well no matter what the experience. Just because it doesn’t feel positive at this moment doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to come out better than you could have ever expected.

The Universe has your back. All you have to do is let go and trust that each moment you have is a chance to take your vibration to a higher level of positivity and expansion. You’re not the only person who grows from your experience. Everyone around you takes part in it all and each person may be a part of your own growth and moving forward toward what you want in life.

When in doubt or fear; let go of the anxiety and worry and trust that the Universe is taking care of each little vibration to help guide you.


Remember that in a day that feels so very negative and dark that all that it takes is to shine light on your day. There can be no darkness where there is light. If you are having a negative feeling moment and you just don’t know how to get yourself out of it, just imagine light shining on that dark feeling moment. And then tell yourself, “There can be no darkness where there is light.”  Just the visual can help you to move on from that negative thought and feeling.


It can be beyond comprehension to understand how the Universe can keep all of us straight in this physical world. You would think with there being so many of us that the Universe might forget somebody and their wishes. Or maybe the Universe cares for one person more than another because they have more.  But truly it isn’t the case. You see, we see life through a limited physical world whereas the Universe isn’t limiting in any way, shape, or form. The Universe is able to be millions of places at once and create and think billions of thoughts. The Universe is beyond comprehension because it is the ultimate example of unlimited.

Did you know that you and I are unlimited beings as well?  Right now we are experiencing physical life but we are far from limited.  We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. This means that we agreed to this limited physical earth and its rules but that doesn’t mean we are limited when it comes to the true self. That is why we always have a connection to the Universe at all times.  It is more felt than seen.

So if you ever wondered if the Universe cares and loves little ol’ you, I’m telling you that it does. It follows your every step and brings to you what you send out into the Universe. That is how it loves and cares for you.

Give it a strong positive focus of your moments and it will send you more experiences of the same. Trust and expect that life is going to get better and better and then trust and expect that every experience (even the less than positive experiences) are being presented to you to help guide you to the vibration of what you truly want.

You got this…the Universe has your back my friend.

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We are given signs all day long of what can be in our life but most of the time we are so busy or wrapped up in what we are doing that we miss the signs the Universe is wanting us to see.

Signs can come in the most ordinary of moments; a penny on the ground, one blue flower among many pink flowers, a cloud in the shape of an arrow, or a phone call from someone that you haven’t heard from in a long while that has a solution for you.

Keep your mind and heart open to seeing signs that can be guideposts to go in a certain direction or to let you know that you are truly on the right path. No longer look at the day as ‘just another day’ and embrace it with full expectation of signs coming your way to help encourage you or show you another direction. The Universe usually brings signs that mean something to the individual and may not mean a thing to another. That is what is so amazing about signs from the Universe; they are unique and sing only to our soul.

Look at today as a day full of signs and be ready for each and every one. Then thank the Universe for that bit of knowledge to help guide you to where you want to be.

agree to disagree and respect

What would happen if you kept love in the first and foremost of your mind and heart in every experience?  I’m talking about love as a choice and not just a feeling.

We have choices all day long that we make and many of those choices are made in the spur of a moment or a well thought out plan. Some choices are just routine and some are big life altering choices, but in each choice we do have yet another choice in how we perceive the experience and handle the experience. What if when that someone spouts their opinion about your life, instead of feeling hurt, you just shift over to the choice of love?  What would happen? I think you would let go and not become attached to the hurt thought and feelings of what another said. You see, it truly is our choice in how we respond to life. Just because someone says they don’t like something about us, doesn’t mean that we have to accept it and take on that vibration. We can let it go and choose love in that moment. We can love ourselves and unconditional love the person who made the remark while detaching from their judgmental vibration.

What if you have a less than positive experience?  Then let go of the resistant feeling vibrations of the experience and choose love of inner growth. That experience is helping guide you to a higher positive vibration IF you decide it is. When you choose then you are choosing the direction that life will be going for you.

Choose love each and every time and you will find that life will begin to reflect that love right back to you.

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Your choice my friend. No matter what the experience, what others say to you, what others do to you, what may happen to you; you always have a choice in how you perceive the experience. You can choose to be let down, hurt, upset, angry, worrisome, doubtful, or fearful OR you can choose to expect the best, let go of negative and resistant feeling vibrations, know and trust that no matter what the experience that all is well and will be well.

No one made a law that you can’t be happy if life isn’t exactly as you planned in the moment. Just because you have an experience that is less than positive doesn’t mean that you can’t shift your focus toward what is good and positive in the situation. And even if you can’t find the positive, you can trust that there is a positive in it all. You can be happy in a less than positive experience.

Happiness only comes from within. It doesn’t come from a new car or a new home. Sure, those things can make life easier and make you feel more secure which can create a feeling of happiness but many have every material thing they could want and can still be unhappy with life.

So why not build happiness right now?  How about focusing on what is good in your day and let go of any feelings and thoughts that create agitation? How about shifting focus from thinking life is out to get you and that it never works out the way you want it and replacing those vibrations with appreciation of what you do enjoy in life and what is working well.

Creating happiness right now will begin to create happiness in your physical life. The more you create that positive feeling from within the more you will have experiences of that very nature.

If you are unsure how to create happiness when you are feeling less than positive begin by remembering that you have a choice in how you think, act, and feel. An outer circumstance doesn’t have to dictate where you place your thoughts and feelings. Know, trust, and expect that this Universe is on your side and each experience is a chance for you to take it to a higher positive level of thought and vibration so that you can match the vibration of what you envision. Embrace experiences and relax into them knowing that the experience is a part of helping guide you to change.

Create appreciation and happiness today my friend.


Just because you can’t see the progress doesn’t mean that progress isn’t being made.  It is all in how you look at it. If you are wanting and waiting for something to happen in your life but you just haven’t seen it yet then that is the time to let go of the resistant feeling thought of waiting and latch on to the vibration that all is well and will be well.

Would you want to live in a building that didn’t have a solid foundation?  At this moment, what you want in life, isn’t quite ready to manifest and the reason being is that it needs a solid foundation in order to be strong and stay in your life. You can build the solid foundation by how you perceive life and what it is that you envision. If you send the Universe a mixed bag of vibrations then it doesn’t seem very solid now, does it?  But if you send the Universe strong focused positive vibrations as you inner work through all your vibrations (letting go of the resistant vibration and embracing a better feeling vibration) then you are choosing a direction in which you want life to go. The Universe will take it from there as it creates experiences in your life to help guide you to that higher and solid vibration you are looking for.

The Universe has the full picture while you see only a part of it. How about trusting that the Universe will take care of the how and the perfect time that it should unfold for your life? How about living in this moment, appreciating life, do the inner work to let go of the old and embrace the new, and let the Universe do the rest as you continue to create a higher stronger vibration?

What do you say? :)

time to release

Do you know that no matter what you may be experiencing that it doesn’t have to create a negative resistant kind of thought and feel?  You see, you have a choice in how you go about experiencing. Even if the experience feels less than positive, you still can create a better positive feeling and thought about the experience. So how do you do that in the middle of something challenging? It begins with being conscious of the feeling of resistance.

Resistant vibrations are easy to detect. They come in the form of agitation and anxiety. They come in the form of any feeling or thought that is making you worry or fear. They can come in the form of frustration and anger as well. I think you get the picture. ;) Does this mean that you should ignore all those resistant vibrations? Absolutely not. When you ignore feelings then you push them way down ‘within’ and eventually they are going to come up in another way. The experiences are there to help guide you in a direction and you get to pick the direction by how you think, react, and feel.

If you are feeling resistance then the first thing is to be conscious of how you are thinking and feeling. This gives you a ‘heads up’ on how you feel. It is the moment to stop listening to that critical voice and/or ego and realize that the only reason they are coming up is because of resistance. Next, close your eyes, take a deep breath in, and feel yourself relaxing your shoulders and neck. This is a great indicator to the body and mind that you want to relax and just ‘be.’  Next go within and find that calm place within where balance is.  Connect to that place and then exhale letting go of the feeling of resistance. Keep doing it again and again until you feel calm, balance, and clarity come over you.

You can still take care of the situation as best as you can but you truly don’t have to get worked up about it. Yes, there are things in this world that creates anger, frustration, and worry but you can do your best to look at the resistant vibration, listen to what it may be telling you so that you can do the inner work to grow through the experience but then let go of the resistance while taking care of it in a positive frame of mind and heart.

The inner work is one of the keys toward creating a more positive life experience.

You have two ways of looking at any situation.  One, you can look at it through a negative frame of mind or two, you can look at it through a positive frame of mind You see, no matter the situation you have a choice in how you think and feel.  Can’t find the positive in a situation? Then just knowing there is a positive and it will show itself it the right time that is best for your life, is enough.

Car breaks down? You can shift to the negative and think about how much money it might cost or that you had to wait 45 minutes for the tow guy to get there OR you can shift to the positive, take care of what needs to be taken care of but think of how grateful you are that you have a cell phone to call a tow, that you’re okay and didn’t break down in a bad place.  Two different focuses and each will create the next moment and your future experiences.

What will you choose in your moments today?


Have you ever wondered about someone who just seems to rub everyone the wrong way?  They come in a room and make remarks that are rude, socially unacceptable, and everyone conveniently has something to do that is away from the person so they don’t have to talk with them?

Then you feel bad that you don’t want to talk with them so you try to talk with them and they continue being rude even after you made the gesture to be kind and compassionate?

Guess what? Someone who is being rude may not even be conscious of the fact that they are being rude no matter how much someone points it out to them. In fact, they may think that others are the ones being rude.When another has a trait that gives us agitation then we have to remind ourselves that they may not be intentionally creating that thought and feeling.  They may just be trying to be who they are not thinking that they are upsetting others.

How we think, act, and feel toward others isn’t only about our personal view.  Just because we think someone is ‘wrong’ doesn’t mean it is so because the next guy will look at you and think of something that you do wrong that you feel is oh so right.

The best way to deal with others is to keep an open mind, be kind, compassionate, and forgiving if need be; especially when they are not intentionally trying to upset you. You can discuss it and see how they feel but try not to make a judgment about another unless you truly know their thoughts and motives. Maybe they are just having a bad day or maybe they are like they are because of their upbringing and beliefs.

If you can’t come to terms with who they are then it is you that needs to let go and change your attitude about another. It isn’t always the other person who may need the change.  Sometimes it can be our attitude that needs the changing.

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Do you make time to get a little peace and quiet each day? That time is important and one of the keys toward creating a positive and steady flow to the life experience. When we are racing through our day and working toward getting any and every thing done, then we are in a state of hurry, fast, and busy which will create more of the same. And when we are in that state of hurry we can’t think things through like we would like to. But taking a few moments each day to take a breath, close the eyes, and go within, will create a calm place within you that is connected to this Universe. That connection can bring you balance in life and can help gain clarity. It can help to see opportunities you may not have seen before. And all because you took a few moments to relax, ‘be,’ and find calm within.

Balancing all parts of who you are is essential to creating a positive balanced feel to life.  Give equal time to the mind, to the body, and to the spirit each and every day.  You will see a big difference in life.

planting a flower

Everything in this physical world begins with a little seed of thought. And the more focus put on that seed, the more it ‘becomes.’ It begins in the ‘invisible’ space of creation and then as we focus more and more upon that thought, and get to thinking about how it feels, then we begin to create the solid foundation for it to become truly a physical manifestation. It sounds kind of simple, doesn’t it…getting from the seed of thought to envisioning and focusing to breaking through into physical manifestation?  But there truly is inner work involved to create the very vibration you want to come to life.  In order to create from seed to manifestation, we have to change our thoughts and beliefs to match what we truly want. It isn’t in life at this moment because we have to do the inner work of letting go of resistant vibrations and creating a vibrational match to what we want. We have to do the inner work by doing our best to change our perceptions of what we think is ‘not enough’ or what we don’t want to feeling, and seeing, believing, and focusing on what we want. The inner work comes in when we have experiences that feel less than positive and we shift our focus toward creating a better positive thought and vibration.

Our beliefs, society, our childhood, our upbringing, and our own perceptions are what have created where we are today. We have always had a choice in how we experience life. When we think we have no choice then we continue on in the same vibration we have always been in; but when we realize that we have a choice in everything we say and do, even if the experience is less than positive, then we begin to see the truth of who creates our life…it is our own focused thought and feeling repetitive patterns. If you do the inner work to let go of patterns that no longer serve you, and embrace and create new patterns of what you truly want to reflect, then you will rise above and beyond to the higher vibration of your physical manifestation and it will appear along with many other manifestations of the same vibration.

Inner work is the key my friend. You can do this…

time to release

Do you want life to change for the better?  Even if life is wonderful right now it can get even more wonderful.  And if life is handing you lemons you truly can make a better life through making lemonade.

You see, when we want life to change then it means we want something different than we what already have. This means that we have to change something in order to get the ball rolling. For example: Let’s say you want a better relationship.  Right now in your relationship you are complaining, nagging, frustrated with everything, and just want a calm and peaceful change. Your spouse may be upset because you are nagging or maybe you aren’t doing what he/she expects so they are frustrated as well. In order for change to happen then something has to change within the people who are experiencing the experience. People can continue to blame one another or they can begin the inner wrok needed to get on the same kind of path. By changing attitudes and repetitive patterns we are telling the Universe and our vibrations that we are truly wanting change to happen. Sometimes we can want change but not do a thing about it. If you don’t do anything then the Universe will respond with nothing.

So it is up to you to begin to make the change. Whether change is mental or physical, it will begin to move life in the direction you focus on the most.

What are you focusing on today?  Are you focusing on all the annoyances of others and things or are you focusing on what there is to appreciate in each moment and experience?  Either way you are going in a direction my friend.

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