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Sometimes in the those moments of uncertainty, all you can do is stand.  Just stand, keep rowing as they say. The solution and answers are coming. The Universe is just aligning up vibrations to help guide you to the answers so they open up.

Even if you are having a negative experience, it is the moment to let go of the thought of negative, shift toward appreciating what ‘is’ in life, and just stand still. Do your best not to have the mind wander to the worst case scenario and build the best case scenario in your mind and heart…stand.

The Universe IS right there working with your thought vibrations so give it the positive fuel it needs…


Next time you are in one of those experiences where you feel as if you just don’t know what to do and it is giving you stress and anxiety, remember this…

Take a deep breath in and then when you exhale tell your mind to relax the shoulders and neck. The first step is to relax and get the body feeling relaxed. Giving the mind something to do and the body something to do, can help you to calm.

Keep taking that breath in and exhaling out the stress and then go within yourself on that exhale. Close your eyes and drift for a moment. Drift and focus into the calm within. Feel the Universe there supporting you and encouraging you.

In that moment, let go of the anxiety while you are still focused on your breath. and tell yourself from the calm center “All is well and will be well. It may not seem like it is but it is. The Universe is guiding me.  All I can do is keep a positive outlook while dealing with this experience. I can remember to trust and believe that unlimited unconventional positive vibrations can come in an instant as if by a miracle, and create a calmer place and experience.”

Take one more focused breath and stay in the balance you created. Know that all is well my friend. The Universe has this.:)

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Do you feel as if there is something in life that you are waiting for; the life you dream of, the day you will have abundance, or anything that gives you that feeling of waiting?

If you know what you want life to be, if you envision it and relish in the thought of the moments, if you are now leaving it up to the Universe as you do all you can do to the inner work of letting go of the resistant negative vibrations while shifting toward a better positive vibration, then what are you waiting for?

You see, if you know beyond a doubt, that what you want is coming to you then you can let go of the waiting and worry and let it unfold just as it should in the right and best time for your life experience. If you have handed it over to the Universe, then let it do its work of bringing people and experience to you that will help guide you to that higher positive vibration of what you feel you are waiting for.

The Universe knows the perfect time that builds a solid foundation for what you want and it also knows all the unlimited unconventional ways it can come to you.  If you keep up your positive focus and trust the Universe while letting go of the waiting vibration (since you know it will come in the perfect time and stay) then no waiting required.

Just do your job through the inner work that is needed. If the Universe brings experience to you that feel as if you are in a challenging place, then that experience is there to help you to understand, learn, and grow to the vibration of where you want to be. How you handle it, is the direction life will go.

Let the waiting and worrying go…the Universe IS on your side.

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Every single moment you have a choice in where you take your thought.  Sometimes it doesn’t feel like you have a choice when a challenging experience comes up but even in that challenging experience, you do have a choice.

You see, where life is right now is a part of your own personal creation of life.  You don’t have to get upset with yourself thinking that you haven’t gotten to where you want to be as of yet and that it is all your fault. Part of having a challenging experience is how you handle it. If you handle it like you always have handled it, then it will stick around. If you change up how you handle it, then it will take a different direction.

If you have an experience that is upsetting you, take a moment to let go of the resistance you are feeling.  You know… that negative way of thought and feel.

So how do you let go of something that is taking up your every thought? You make a conscious choice to say to yourself, “I can do this. I can deal with this challenge but this time I’m going to see the rainbow at the end of it all. I’m going to learn, grow, and understand from this challenge so it takes me in the direction I want to go in life.  Just because it feels challenging, doesn’t mean it has to feel negative. I can go through this with a positive frame of mind and heart and appreciate that it is taking me in a higher positive vibration toward what I want. I know all is well and will be well no matter what the experience. I’m going to believe and trust…”

That my friend, is a conscious choice of thought. Enough practice will take you to where you want to be.

beth mccain 33432

Make it a point to show your true colors today. Not what others expect of you, not what another’s opinion is, not what you think is right because everyone does it that way; just shine your true colors of who you are from within. You know, that spirit that is free and full of hope.  The spirit of who you truly are with passion and inspiration shining. What you love to do and say; just ‘be’ her today.

Don’t be concerned about what another is thinking about your life and just be you. You are amazing, loved, and appreciated by so many when you show those true colors from the genuine you.

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When you have someone is your life that has a certain way about them that bugs you, and you would like to change who they are, just remember this ‘you can’t change a tiger’s stripes.’

Not everyone is ready to change when we think they should change because they may not feel they need to change or may not be conscious of the fact that a positive change would make for better relationships.  They are like the tiger and its stripes. You see, you can’t change a tiger’s stripes so you have to accept who they are, be cautious, and be with them knowing that a tiger is who a tiger is.  It will be you that will have to adjust your sails.

When you approach someone knowing they are that tiger, you will be changing your own growth and learning by accepting who they are and learn to live with what a tiger says or does.

Don’t change the tiger; change your own attitude about the tiger.


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In every day, you can find joy. No matter what kind of day you are having, joy can always be found.  Maybe in a photograph, maybe in a funny moment, maybe in an ice cream cone; but you have to be open to joy.  And if you aren’t sure where to find it, then make joy. Go to a movie, look at a sunset, take a walk with your dog.

You have a choice to have joy in your day.  All you have to do is be conscious of it and bring it to the surface.


Have you ever gone down memory road and then it takes a sharp left into the negative memories of the past instead of the warm positive memories?

In any and every thing you do, you always have a choice in where you take your thought.  And this goes for memories as well. If you get to thinking about the past and all the mistakes you may have made or the argument you had with someone, ask yourself what you have learned from the experience.  Then grow and understand from that memory but then move to a positive memory instead. Forgiving others and yourself is a part of the process.  So is letting go.

And the key to it all is to be conscious of your thought.  Once you have mastered being conscious, then you will be able to let go and accept experiences while dealing with them and then shifting toward a better feeling thought and feeling.

Let go of those memories that just don’t serve your life anymore and open up to a better feeling memory from the past.

Or make new positive memories in the present. Every positive moment is a possible memory my friend.

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When you have a choice to make, when it comes to what path to walk on, the best thing to do is to get into a calm balanced state of mind and spirit within, and then think about where each choice is going to take you.  If fear arises, then take a deep breathe in, exhale and go within while letting go of the fear for just a moment. When you are in that place within, no fear or insecurities are there. You can ‘see’ the direction of the path and how it feels to you.

Does the path feel good? Does it seem doable? Is there a feeling of ‘rightness’ for your life by taking that path?

Then do the same with the other choice of path that you have. Again, step aside from the fear or the negative, and go within while you visualize what walking that path would be like.

Each path will feel different.  The one that feels the most comfortable, positive and ‘right’ for you is the path. There maybe a few things that have to change in order to get there but it is something that you feel is good for you.

The key is to step aside from the fear and anxiety while you do this exercise.

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Some of us seem to have a double standard. We say that we say that anything is possible, yet within our mind we get upset as to why obstacles keep coming up as we do our best to get to a place in life that we want to be at which is telling the Universe that it isn’t happening fast enough, it isn’t going like we planned, nothing is happening.  And all those thoughts are limiting, aren’t they?  They are saying that everything isn’t possible.

Part of the challenge is believing that anything is possible when we live in a physical world that is full of limitations, rules, and laws to have a society that we hope is a civil way to live among others.  So when we believe we think anything is possible, we also think that there are limitations to what is possible when we say, “Oh, we can’t do that because everyone has tried and says it doesn’t work so it won’t work for us either.”  We just put a cap on anything is possible. We get upset when it doesn’t happen the way we think it should when instead, we should be letting it happen in anyway it can.  Being open to all the different ways it can come about instead of our one or two limited ways we have in our mind.

No matter if thousands have people have tried a certain way and they say that it just can’t be done, you can be the one that it will work for. Maybe in a different way than others but it can happen for you.  Do your best not to buy into what others can or can’t do and choose what you are going to do and say based on your own beliefs and thoughts. Trust in the process and trust how the Universe is bringing t about because the Universe is unlimited in any and every thing.  It is society and our thoughts that have put the cap on unlimited.

The sky truly is the limit my friend!


This amazing beautiful Universe is taking care of it all, my friend.

For every cloud in the sky, there are just as many open doors to solutions.

For every blade of grass there, are just as many possibilities for your life experience.

For every flower that blooms, there are blooms growing in your own garden of life that will bring about beautiful blossoming experiences.

For every drop that is in the ocean, there are just as many experiences that will bring joy, laughter, wisdom, and love.

You see, each and every day you have signs and messages reaching out to you that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience.

All you have to do is look, believe, and trust…

giving and receiving

If you want life to get better, it takes change. If you want life to change, it takes change. So what this means is no matter how uncomfortable or comfortable with change that you are, it takes a change of something to create something in your life.  You want life to be different than it is right now then it takes change to make it different.  You want life to get better, then it takes change for that better to come along.

In order to be where you want to be in life or for life to get better, it takes changing something within your own life to move things along.  A change of thought or perception, a change in a pattern in life, or even change of the people around you.

It begins with your thought and it will always begin with your thought. To change life, you have to change your thoughts to match where it is that you want life to be. Take time to learn how to let go of the negative vibrations and create a better more positive vibration.

So inner work on positive change if you want things to change.  It is one of the keys to manifesting the life you want.

Let go of the old and embrace change my friend…

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There are times where you may feel that you just don’t know what direction to do in when it comes to life. You think of everything and wish you could find the ‘perfect direction’ of where to go yet every idea or thought takes you feeling as if you are inside a box that you can’t figure out how to get out of.

In that moment, think outside the box. Think beyond what is normal in the world and the normal ways that you might be able to get out of the box. Go way beyond the box in your mind and think outside the box. Whether it is an exercise in imagination or not, the vibration of going beyond where you feel you are trapped, will help move you to solutions and answers. You will be creating a vibration of unconventional, ‘magical,’ unlimited, and those vibrations get things moving.

When you think outside the box, think of things that aren’t even possible in this world but that you just make up with your imagination. Create vibrations of going beyond and enjoy the visual of the out of the box thinking. That vibration will create a path for you to get beyond the box.

So spool up your imagination and the sky is the limit! Enjoy an imaginative unlimited thought meditation and rise above your current experience. You are an unlimited being who can create outside the normal of life…



Anytime you shine the light on the negative, you are making a choice.  You can choose to get involved in the negative thought that is passing through or you can choose to change your thought toward a more positive thought.

Shining light on any negative means you are being conscious of your thoughts and feelings and when you are conscious, you can make a decision what you want to do with it.

Any time you have darkness, just shine the light my friend. Let go of the dark negative vibrations and use your inner light to create the next thought.

Being positive benefits your life experience…

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There really is no reason to hash out the past over and over again. Let go of the could have, would have, should have vibrations and learn and grow from your past instead. Then release that feeling of could have, would have, should have vibrations and replace the past with did that, letting it go, and moving forward now.

You did it, you can now let the past go, and you can move forward to the present and future taking with you what you have learned.

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Look at your life as an ocean.  The ocean is all of your thoughts, feelings, perceptions, reactions, your upbringing; basically all of who you are.

And every drop that goes into your ocean is a part of who you are.  The more you put in the negative kind of vibrations of life, the more negative life will be.  The more you put in the positive kind of vibrations, the more your life  will reflect the positive.

So all those inner thoughts, outer thoughts, thoughts you have about others, thoughts you have about yourself…they all go into who you are and what you experience.  If you tear down another, if only  in the mind, you are still dropping those vibrations into your ocean.

If you are being a kind compassionate person and doing all you can to come from a positive place within, then you are dropping those vibrations into your ocean.

Be conscious of where you take your thought because it is creating your life experience.

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Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in all the physical in this world, that we live life through the ego. Living through the ego means making choices based on what others might think, looking bigger than life to make an impression, and thinking about how an experience is only going to affect you and not thinking about others.

Decisions get made based on what you will look like through the eyes of another and not what is best for all.

Living though the inner self is a whole other experience. You make choices based on how your inner self feels about it all. The inner self isn’t selfish at all. It makes choices based on how good it will feel for others and without expectation of something in return.  The inner self only makes choices based on love, kindness, and compassion.

So check in w

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Look at the beautiful calm water in the photo.  And imagine walking along the bridge as you breath in deeply the nice fresh air. Imagine it and visual being there.  Can’t you almost feel the peace exuding from the picture?

That is what it is like to envision something that you want or that would make you feel positive. Your imagination and visualization is a tool to creating positive thoughts and feelings. Visualize yourself in a place that makes you feel peaceful will create the best positive vibrations that take you to a higher more positive place.

When you are sculpting, painting, writing, listening to music, or any other experience that creates a visual within, you are creating positive vibrations through passion and inspiration.

Even if it is just a picture you ‘jump’ into to enjoy, it will take you places that create positive vibrations.

And you know what positive vibrations mean?  Opening up even more to having many more positive experiences.

Take a moment to visual and imagine today.


Every closed door is leading you to hundreds of open doors.You can either fight against that closed door, kicking it and trying to pry it open, or you can listen to that closed door and go in a direction that will lead you to open doors.

You see, that closed door wasn’t made to make you feel bad; it was made to help show you that there is a much better way elsewhere.  Or maybe the closed door is to get you to go in another direction to help you to learn and understand what is behind that closed door and it will open when you are ready.

Closed doors truly aren’t negative; they are leading you somewhere, and you get to choose the direction based on how you handle it.  Negative will bring negative and positive will bring positive.

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Really think about this for a moment. This Universe has been around for a long time.  It has been changing and growing and adapting and cycling for longer than anyone has ever been alive. The seasons always come and go, the ocean always ebbs and flows, and the sun always comes up and goes down.

The Universe has been taking care of this planet longer than any of us have ever been alive and it is constant. It is always there and it is always showing us that it is there.

If you ever wonder if you are loved and appreciated, just look at this beautiful Universe.  We are shown every single moment through nature and life itself, that we are loved, appreciate, taken care of, and never alone.

All is well and will be well my friend.  The Universe has your back.

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