Miracles will never cease if you believe that miracles exist.  And miracles don’t have to be a one time shot; miracles can happen daily and even in each moment.

It is all in how you look at life. How about opening up today and see life as a miracle?  See nature as a miracle.  See all that is around you as amazing and miraculous.

Have you ever stop to truly think how a tree comes into existence?  It begins from this little tiny seed that is full of life within it. And then, over time, it creates a full growth of tree with fruit on it.  It has leaf after leaf on its branches and continues to grow bigger and bigger.  THAT is a miracle.

The more you see your daily life as a miracle, the more miracles will show themselves.  Ask for a miracle and you truly will receive one or two or three or…

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What do you want your life to be?  Not what your coworkers want or your relatives or your friends or society in general wants your life to be; what do you want life to be? Others will give their opinion on how things should be done and you can listen and take their suggestions if you so choose but make sure that life is what you want it to be.

Don’t live your life because of the expectations of others. No one can live your life but you my friend. So let go of all that everyone else wants for you and think about what you would like in life, then work toward that direction.  It should feel good and positive when you think about the direction.  If it feels bad, then fear or doubts may be in the way. You can work on releasing those vibrations or you can ask yourself if those vibrations are realistic and adjust your life sails.

Step by step you will get there and the direction depends on the choices you make for your life.


Everyone has something that they repeat within the mind.  They may not say it out loud (or maybe they do) but everyone has something and what your everyday mantra is, can be a part of what you are putting out into the Universe.

Maybe you are out and about and each time you have to wait in line your mantra is ‘I knew I’d have to wait, it always happens to me.’ Maybe you let others know all about how you have to wait all the time and you keep the mantra going.  You go home and tell everyone all about how you just knew you’d have to wait.  Then the next time you go out, you expect to have to wait and you begin the mantra again.

Instead of letting your mind make up a mantra, how about consciously creating one that you want your life to reflect? You can leave the house with a positive mantra within your mind and heart and you can use it instead of your automatic mantra.  You can be conscious of what you are thinking and inner work to change the mantra.  And when you change the mantra, something magical happens.  Life begins to take on a different feel.  You no longer have to wait so often. You find life is going a little easier somehow.  By putting out the vibrations of positive, you are going to have those vibrations coming right back to you in some way, shape, or form.

Pick a mantra today and stick with it.  Keep raising your vibrations to a higher positive thought and feeling.  It will make life better my friend.

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Sometimes it just takes the intentional thought of acceptance to help life to move forward.

When we have an experience in our lives that we just wish would move on and it doesn’t, then there are moments where we feel we are fighting against the experience that we want to leave so badly. We begin to think about it alot of the time and giving it more energy that it deserves.  We worry that it won’t leave or that it won’t leave fast enough.  And the more we don’t want to think about it, the more it shows its presence.

Can you tell by how I described an unwanted experience, that it feel agitated and icky?  It doesn’t feel the best, doesn’t it?

The best way to get this kind of experience to leave life life is to accept and acknowledge that it is there.  Come to peace with the experience.  Every time that it comes to mind and heart, take a deep breath in, and exhale out those agitating thoughts and feelings, and slip into accepting the experience and finding a calm about it all.

The more you accept and let go, the fast it will leave. Deal with what needs to be dealt with but release the need to be negative or fearful in it all. Accept, do what you can, and let go of the agitated thoughts and feelings. Trust that the next step will unfold in life.

Accept and let go my friend and that repetitive experience will begin to fade out of your life.


If you can believe in this one thought, do the inner work to get to the place where you know it is true, without even a little doubt, then life will take you to the most amazing experiences full of growth and positive higher vibrations.

Here is the thought: All is well and will be well no matter what the experience.

So no matter what experience you have, you know that all is well and will be well.  You know that the Universe is taking care of all the details and bringing you experiences to help you grow into the direction of where you want to be. No matter what an experience looks like, you know it is the best for where you want to be and how you handle the experience is a part of where you will head next.

Truly, all is well and will be well no matter what the experience my friend.

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There are many ways to look at an experience you are having.  It’s a bit like looking at the picture that is attached to this blog entry. Some will look at the picture and see the sun peeking through the clouds and the different shades of the mountains, and feel absolutely hopeful and positive when looking at the picture.

Some will look at the clouds as a storm coming, seeing the enormity of the mountains and getting lost in those mountains, and be afraid while not liking the picture at all.

Both views are from the same picture but seen through different perceptions.

Ask yourself what you see in experiences.  Do you see the hope and positive within every experience or do you see the doubt and fear in every experience?

How do you see your life and the world? What you see is what will be in your life.

Change your perception and change your life my friend.

agree to disagree and respect

What do you think would happen if you chose to live every moment in your day, from kindness, love, and compassion?

No matter what experience came along, whether positive, negative, or indifferent; what if you just chose to ‘be’ in appreciation, love, and kindness?

What if, no matter how another treats you or how your day goes, you just let it roll off your back, let it go, and chose a more positive higher vibration?

Life would change. Everything you put out into this Universe will come back to you.  Have a challenge, yet get through it with a calm, loving, positive vibration? Life will begin to reflect all of what you put out in each experience.

The more you create a positive, the more positive life will be. Do the inner work to stay conscious of where your thought, feelings, and reactions go and fine tune what needs to be fine tuned so that you are steadily breathing and living a positive vibration.

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What are you going to hold on to?  Are you going to hold on to fear or are you going to hold on to hope and faith?

If you choose to hold on to fear, then you will be creating vibrations full of worry, doubt, and fear.  You will feel down, agitated, worrisome, and those vibrations will create more of fear based experiences.

Or you can choose hope and faith.  When you choose to be hopeful and have faith that life is unfolding just as it should for the best in your life then you are creating more of the hope and faith based experiences. Through hope, trust, and faith in the Universe and that it is taking care of the details while you take care of the every day moment vibrations, you are working hand in hand with the connection to the Universe as all weaves together to create experiences that are full of hope and faith.

You get to choose my friend. What will you choose in this day?

time to release

When you are in doubt, it is the perfect time to stand up, brush off your pants, and get back into positive vibrations.  When we doubt, we are creating a vibration that is like no other.  Maybe or maybe not, it might happen.  Maybe or maybe not, we have to think of an alternative idea. Maybe or maybe not…Doubt is a maybe or maybe not kind of vibration and that vibration can reek havoc and chaos as you stand on the high wire balancing what to think.

Take a moment to be conscious of where your mind is going. If it is in doubt, fear or worry, then you have something to get rid of, don’t you? Let go of the negative thoughts and feelings, release the doubt that it may or may not happen, and shift gears toward a more positive vibration.  Maybe it will work out and if it doesn’t, then there is something better in store. Think of the best case scenario instead of deferring to the worst case scenario. Seek out all that you can appreciate right now and appreciate the goal you have set knowing the you can trust it to unfold in the way you see fit or even better through what the Universe sees fit.

Keep your mind and heart on the goal. When you feel that vibration of doubt come up, remember to let go and shift focus knowing that life will open up to ‘as is’ or better when it comes to the goal.

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If you’re going about your day and you are feeling agitated or upset, take a moment to be conscious of how you are thinking and feeling, then adjust your sails to a different speed. Do your best to just let your thoughts and feelings that feel negative, just flow over you and away.  In your mind, release those resistant feeling vibrations as you let a flow of positive higher vibrations take their place.  Appreciation and gratitude both are great motivators to help guide us to a flow of positive vibrations.

Let the negative flow out from your mind and the positive flow in to the mind. Keep conscious of this thought and feeling as you go about your day.

Let the negative flow out and the positive flow in…

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When you want something to come into your life, it begins with a thought and once you create the thought and the goal, then the inner work begins. Envisioning the goal, taking the steps to getting there, creating a positive thought in all your moments even in those challenges, and trusting that the Universe is getting you to each experience and person that needs to come into your life to take your vibration to the match vibration of what you want.

The Universe will bring you ‘as is’ or better. Do your part by taking the steps and doing the inner work to create the match vibration of what you want and create a positive higher vibration to get you to where you want to be.


Sometimes we can be looking and looking for an answer and feel as if it is eluding our life.  We keep hoping and wondering when will the answer show itself. The answer will show itself when your life is ready for it.

You don’t have to wait and wonder ‘when.’  You can help that answer to reveal itself by creating movement right now.  And creating movement means staying in a positive grateful state of mind, being open to conventional and unconventional steps toward getting that answer. Your answer may come in steps and those steps are up to you.  Be open and seek answers, yet let go of the worry knowing that there is one and it will unfold.

Don’t assume that there is just one answer. There are many answers.  Take a moment and be in the stillness of the mind, body, and spirit. Be still, listen, and find balance within. You may get an answer now or you may get experiences that will bring you to an answer, but creating stillness, while connecting within to the Universe, will strengthen your connection to the answer.

It’s in the stillness that you will feel an answer. You may just feel that all is just fine without an answer to what is happening, yet having that strong feeling that all is just fine, is a part of getting you to the answer.

Create stillness within every single day. Answers and solutions will show themselves as you connect within to the Universe.

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Whatever you think repeatedly will grow my friend. So whether you are thinking positive thoughts or negative thoughts, those thoughts are going out into the Universe, and the then Universe answers back with the same vibration of what you sent out.

Have a day full of ups and downs with your thoughts going from happy to upset over and over again, then you’re creating more experiences that go from happy to upset just by how you think.

Being conscious of your thoughts is the best way for you to create a direction for your life to go.  By being conscious, you can do all you can to release the negative and embrace the positive thoughts that pass your mind each day.

Plant the seeds of positive thought in your life and you will find that those seeds will bloom into something you have always wanted.



Are you letting the day rule you or are you ruling the day?

If you are letting the day rule you then you will be reacting to all that is happening and all that you are experiencing.  You will be thinking and reacting to all that the day is bringing to you, but in a way that is automatic as many do. .

If you are ruling your day then you are staying conscious of where your thoughts, feelings, and reactions go. You are creating a day full of intentions through kindness, compassion, and love. And if something comes along that isn’t to your liking, then you can change that part of the moment toward a more positive feeling thought instead of getting worked up and upset. By intentionally and consciously changing your vibration, then you are ruling the day instead of the other way around.

Rule the day my friend! Create a positive life experience!

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Do you remember being told as a child, “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say it at all?”

Gossip and talking about others negatively, are negative vibrations that you creating.   When you are talking about others, whether it is fact or rumor, you are creating a vibration.  You are choosing a vibration when you talk about others in a negative way. This affects your life experience since you chose the vibration to send out into the Universe and come back to you in some way, shape, or form.

If  you can’t say something to someone to their face, then you shouldn’t be saying it at all.

Can you imagine what this world would be like if we just listened and adhered to ‘if you can’t say something nice, then don’t say it at all?’  How about keeping that thought within your mind, body, and spirit as you go about your day.  Be conscious of the things you say and do.  You can choose the best direction for your life through being conscious of your daily thoughts and actions.



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Do you have something you look forward to each year?  Maybe a new season or a holiday?  You can bask in the joy of the thought of the future but make sure that you also bask in the joy of your present as well.

When we focus on joy and appreciation in our present, we are creating a positive vibration for the now in life.  And when you create for the now, you are actually creating for the future as well because your present vibrations become that future.

When you look toward the future and keep your thoughts in the future, then you are creating thoughts of a future that has yet to be and will continue to stay in the future, but when you look forward to the future as well as appreciating your present moments, then you are creating from this moment to the next moment in that future.

Stay in the now as you create your vibrations and see that future full of hope and promise while you appreciate your present.

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There is always evidence of this amazing Universe that can bring inspiration and hope to your everyday.  And in the amazing Universe are vibrations that create experiences for our lives.  We get to choose the direction of life through those vibrations.

How about looking for all you can find that is positive in this day?  Even if you are having a bad day, you can still look for the uplifting that comes from nature.  Focus your attention on the natural of the Universe and see all that is given you to create messages of hope and inspiration.  A butterfly, the trees swaying the wind, or an image in the clouds that seems meant for your eyes only…just open your heart and look. Take a big breath of fresh air knowing that the air is just for you to breathe courtesy of the Universe.

You are not alone my friend…all is and will be well…


It can be unnerving when another gets upset and angry, can’t it?  Here you are, trying to hold a steady positive vibration and then someone’s vibration brings you down.

Does it have to bring you down? No, it doesn’t.

We have a choice in every moment to choose where we want our own thought, feeling, and reaction goes.  When another gets upset, we can listen yet not attach to the vibration that they are getting all worked up about.  We can find our own inner balance while we listen, yet let go of the attachment to that strong negative vibration that comes your way.

Many times we get wrapped up in their negative vibration and we attach to their angry vibrations, but when we remind ourselves that we have a choice where our mind, body, and spirit goes in that moment, then we can choose a more peaceful vibration.

You always have a choice and that choice will create your next moment and your future.

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In the stillness, there is clarity and solutions to any challenges you may be having. That stillness within you, is your forever connection to the all of this Universe. You don’t have to understand it to be able to use it.

That stillness is a quiet balanced calm place from within. You might not hear the answers or see the answers but the answers are there. They reveal themselves with a feeling and a thought that subtly come forward.  Sometimes they come to just you or they come through an experience.

Connect to the stillness within you for a few minutes each day.  It will help you with clarity and finding solutions.


If you know that the Universe is going to bring to you what you are putting out in thought, then why worry?

If you know that you are doing your part through letting go of the worry, shifting toward a more positive vibration, and trusting and expecting that it will all unfold at the best time for your life experience, then why worry?

If you know that whatever comes your way that you can deal with it in the best way that you can and let the Universe take care of the rest, then why worry?

Isn’t worrying another way of thinking that it may or may not happen in the way you want it to? Isn’t worrying another way of seeding your vibrations with resistance?  Isn’t worrying not needed when you say you know that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience?

You see, whatever unfolds will be the best for your life.  Trust and create a positive higher vibration my friend.


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