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No matter what experience you may be having, just remember that you always have the choice of where your mind goes. If you have an experience that makes you upset, angry, or frustrated, take a moment to calm down and then release the feelings of anger as you deal with the experience. You can release the anger by your exhale of breath.  When you exhale, see and feel your body relaxing and letting go.  When you get to a place where you are feeling pretty good, then shift your focus to what you can appreciate in that moment. Even if you just like your shoes, focus on those until the agitation becomes calmer.

Next, whatever the experience, you want to accept that it is there. You may not like it but at least acknowledge it being there.  That is acceptance.  Then deal with the situation from a positive feeling vibration.  As much as you can muster. Any positive vibration you send out will help the experience become easier for you in thought.

Accept what can be changed and move on to creating a higher positive thought.  Shift your focus.  As you shift your focus and accept, while letting go of the negative thoughts and feelings, dealing with the experience from that more positive vibration, then the experience itself will change. Know and believe that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience.

What could not be changed will change because of what you have personally done to create a solution vibration. through positive thought.

Truly, nothing is impossible and you have the choice and power to change things.


Can you imagine if we woke up each morning with a positive thought within our mind and heart?  And what if, no matter what the experience or what others are saying or doing, we continued to create a positive ‘hum’ about our moments as we deal with what needs to be dealt with? And can you imagine if we stayed conscious of where our thought goes in all experiences so that we still keep that positive vibration flowing?

Can you imagine how great life would be?  You can do it.  Just keep trying. If you forget, then begin again when you remember. Start again and before you know it, you will be living that positive filled life you created.

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Where does your mind go when I say, “Anything is possible.”  Do you immediately think of things to prove that thought wrong?  Do you think ‘maybe for her but not for me?’  Or do you think ‘I believe that anything is possible. I just need to find how?’

Where your mind goes when a set belief is said, is where your life will end up going. If you personally don’t believe that anything is possible, then unless you change your perception, then in your life, anything isn’t possible.

How can one perception change a belief?  That is where the inner work and growth come into your life. Some patterns of thought we have just grown up with.  This doesn’t mean that we have to keep those patterns, but before we can let go of them, we have to be aware of them. And that is where the work comes in.

Find a pattern of thought that makes you feel positive and happy. Then see what your mind does when you introduce those patterns to it. Does the mind say ‘No, no, no!  That is not what we believe or think. We think…’  That is when you can learn to teach the mind to pipe down and show it that it is okay to change an old thought pattern that you have outgrown.

Here’s a key to shifting an old pattern to a new pattern. You have to have a new pattern of thought ready to shift to when you let go of the old pattern or else the old pattern will sneak back in.

What do you want to believe in?  What makes you feel good about life?  Begin there and create a statement that you can shift to when you are letting go of the old pattern. You want to put focus on the new way as you let go of the old way.

Where your mind goes is up to you. You get to steer in the direction you want.  Don’t let you mind steer you my friend. You are the one who makes the choice of what direction to take.


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Isn’t it time to let the past go?  You can keep the lessons learned and the amazing growth that happened, but you don’t need to hold on to the emotions that were attached to it. The past will never come back.  You could replay it over and over again if you want to, but you are only creating more thoughts and emotions that will go out into the Universe.  The Universe will then bring you back the ‘vibration’ of what you are sending out. It’s not being mean at all; the Universe is loving you unconditionally and accepting and acknowledging you by answering back with what you send out.

You don’t need the past to move forward in life. How about focusing on the present and create some positive vibrations for your future?  No need to hurt yourself through rethinking the past…let it go my friend.


When someone makes you mad because of something they say or do; you have two choices.  You can either get mad, yell at them, and send out the same kind of vibration that they send out through their opinion, and make it twice as negative or you can do the inner work to let go and release the negative vibration of anger and deal with the situation in a way that doesn’t create more negative vibrations.

By being upset with another and not letting it go, you are creating the same vibration as they are except in a different way, but when you deal with the experience in a way that you are steadfast in what you send out and let go of the negative attached to the thought, then you are creating a vibration that can help the experience to be less negative.

Create a solution through sending as much positive and light that you can muster up and let go of the thoughts of frustration and anger with another so that it doesn’t affect your life experience and will help to defuse some of what they are putting out.

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In each of your days and your moments, don’t forget that you are loved by this Universe.  The experiences you may have can sometimes feel like the Universe may have forgotten you, but it truly hasn’t. Those more challenging moments are taking you on a journey to where you want to be in life. How you respond to that journey determines the direction.

The Universe is always on your side…always. Through thick or through thin, you are loved. You have free will to think and make your own choices. The Universe supports, encourages, and loves you by sending back to you what you are sending to it.

You may say, “Then why does it seem hard?  Why don’t I have the life I wanted? I’ve been focusing on exactly what I want but nothing changes. The Universe is supporting me?”

Those repetitive thought patterns that you have are a part of what is creating your life.  You know, those critical thoughts that you think you only know about? Between what your inner thoughts and feelings are coupled with what you put focus on in your physical life; you are creating a mixed vibration that is interpreted by the Universe and sent back to you in that same kind of vibration in manifested form.

Happy person but have inner critical thoughts about yourself and others?  Then that mixed formula of thoughts will create the next moment and future. Judgmental about others in your mind yet helping others in the day?  The helping and judgmental vibrations will mix into what the Universe interprets and then sends it back to you. It is the Universe’s way of loving and supporting you by answering ‘your call.’

What ‘call’ are you sending out? What repetitive thoughts can you let go of and focus on something more positive?

Life can become easier and smoother by where you take your thought. What do you appreciate today?  What wonderful little ordinary moments can be focused on? What challenging moment can be hit head on with a smile and a genuine positive vibration while taking care of what needs to be taken care of?

It is all in your hands…

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Even if you are having a challenging day, you can create a positive thought. It is the perfect time to not only talk the talk but also walk the walk when it comes to creating a positive life experience.

Your life is only as positive as you make it.  If you are smiling on the outside but are criticizing and judging others on the inside, then you are sending out a mixed message to the Universe about what you want in life. The Universe hears, sees, and senses all of your thought vibrations as a whole. And that whole is what comes back into your life. It doesn’t necessary come back in the same way it went out because it is a mix of your strongest more focused repetitive thoughts.

When we are having a challenging day, then it is the time to really focus on what you want and appreciate what is in your life at that moment. You can deal with the challenging day but also create a positive vibration of some sort to let the Universe know that you are ready for the positive to unfold.

Oh yes you can!  Do the inner work to take your life in the direction you want to be.

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There are times where we can get caught up in the moment of others who are talking negative. Maybe someone at work is talking about the office staff and then others join in and before you know it, you are talking negatively about others as well. You don’t even have to talk about them, you may just be thinking negative as those around talk negative. If another is talking negative about others or life, they’re not happy with life or themselves and this is how it can manifest by belittling others so they feel better about who they are but you don’t have to be a part of that.

This is one of those times where you have to really be conscious of where your thought is. Instead of creating the negative vibration with others, it is the perfect moment to see where your thought is and adjust it to a better higher frame of mind.  Maybe you are just silent and don’t agree or maybe you excuse yourself and go somewhere else.  No matter how you do it, if you want to get in a more positive place within, you have to let go of the gossip and the negative talk about others and about life.  Belittling others or talking negative about life is just hurting your own life.

Why not create something positive in your life instead?  You could compliment others and see what there is to appreciate in your life.  That is a productive way to experience life through acceptance and love.


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For every night, there is a day.

For every sunset, there is a sunrise.

For every ebb, there is a flow.

This is the Universe’s way of showing you that it is consistent in all that it does which means that for every negative, there is a positive. We can focus on the night, the sun going away, or the ebb and taking away, or the negative, or we can focus on the day, the sunrise, the positive, and the flow of life.

All is constant in this physical life and what we focus on will create our personal reality.

The Universe is just doing what it does best which is showing us that it continues taking care of us and this physical world.  That it is everlasting and something we can count on.

Can you imagine what would happen if remembered this in every moment?  That we are always being taken care of and being supported in all we do?

Next time life seems challenging, just remember that truly everything is really okay and the tide will turn…it always does.

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How do you make a personal life transformation?  You begin with where you take your thought and beliefs.

Life is in a constant state of change. Some change can’t be seen so isn’t notice. Even though you may feel you have the same routine each day, you truly don’t. Your thoughts of the day are different than the day before. Every moment is different than the moment before. That change happens through what you are thinking and putting your attention to. So in order to change life and where you are in life, it takes changing your thought patterns.

Get rid of the old way of thought that no longer works for you and shift toward thoughts of what you want life to be.

As you make that conscious choice and let go of the negative and resistant thoughts, you will be shifting toward the vibration of life transformation.  And what comes with life transformation? Life changing to a higher more positive experience for yourself.




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Just because someone you are close to has a bad day, it doesn’t mean that you have to. Their bad mood doesn’t have to affect your mood. Sure, it can feel contagious but you can do your best to let go of their thoughts and feelings about the day and shift toward what you love about your day. You can be compassionate and understanding as they get through their mood but you don’t have to attach to their vibration. You can create your own positive higher vibration and keep it separate from their negative vibration.

You never know, your good positive mood might just rub off on them!

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So many ask,  “How can I find happiness?”  And often they are told, “It is right within you.” That is where most will say to themselves, “But I can’t feel it.  How do I find it within myself?”

Happiness is within you and bringing it to light so that you can feel it, takes a shift of thought and focus.

Let’s say it is cold outside and all you think is It is SO cold!  I’m freezing!  I can’t get warm. I wish it was warmer.  Obviously, this is a way of thinking that is creating more of the same misery for you.  Yes, it is cold. That is a fact. Yes, you wish it were warmer but it is what it is. So what can you do about it?  You can accept that it is cold without negative self talk and then shift focus to what is great that you can do about the cold. It’s cold (acceptance) yet I am so happy that I have my cozy blanket to keep me warm. I’m so happy and appreciative of my heater in my house. AND I heard that in a few days, the cold snap will go.

Do you see how that works?  When we accept what we can’t change and focus on what we can appreciate as we deal with the experience, then we are creating a happier vibration.

Do this with all that you experience. Keep shifting focus toward what you appreciate and enjoy in life. You will find that your own state of mind will change and that change of mind will begin to create happier experiences.

Change your thought and it will change your life my friend.


Are you enjoying your present moments or are you thinking about the future or the past?  When we are creating our life experience, what we think in the present is what will create not only our present moments but our future as well. What would you like your future to be when it comes to how you feel?  Do you want to be happy in the future or want to feel good about where you are headed?  Then you have to put those thoughts into your present. Appreciate and look at what you have in life right now that makes you feel happy or makes you feel good about where you are headed. These present moments are what create your future moments.

Think about your present moments today and do your best to create a positive flow no matter what you are experiencing. There is much to appreciate in each of our moments.  Sometimes we have to look for it and sometimes we have to shift our focus toward it, but appreciation is there.  And appreciating your current life is a part of getting you to that happiness.


You can make it a great year, did you know that? No matter what you experience, no matter what you do or say, you can choose to have a great year through your thoughts, feelings, and reactions.

If someone tries to get you upset, you don’t have to attach to their upset. You can deal with the experience in the best way that you can, yet at the same time, you can let go of the negative feeling and shift toward a more positive vibration.  Yes, it takes practice but that is a part of the inner work needed to create a positive life.

Kindness, compassion, and love are all great vibration that require not an ounce of negative.

Everyone has challenges through life, but it has and always will be, up to you what direction you choose through your thoughts.

You can have a great year no matter what my friend.

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There is something on the horizon this 2017 through 2019 with not only our country but the world consciousness itself. This is a time of change and we are needing to keep an even higher form of positive light filled vibration as true colors become known. So many that are inspirations have passed on this year and this is usually followed by a big change in all parts of the world’s consciousness. It is as if all those that have passed on are needed to bring inspiration from the other side instead of from the physical side. The more powerful light of love…


Sometimes you just won’t know how something is going to manifest in your life.  It may manifest today or it may manifest tomorrow. It may come at the perfect time or at a time you didn’t expect.  It is no matter how it comes about.

All you have to do is trust and know, without a shadow of a doubt, that what you want in life will come about. Deal with the situation that is in front of you and even if it looks as if your life is going in a whole other direction than what you want, trust and know that you will still have the life you want to experience.  The whole other direction can actually be a part of getting you to where you want to be. There my be lessons to help you get to that place from the experience you didn’t expect.

So the best thing in anything you do in any moment of your day is to trust and know that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience.  Your life will unfold for the best for your life.

Secret Secret Garden

No matter what you may think or what you may experience, there is always an open door for you to walk through in the direction of where you want life to go. You may not see that door or you may only sense the doors that have close, but there are always open doors.

Sometimes those open doors come about from doors that close in life. If you can believe and trust, then that open door will show itself in the right time for your life.

And sometimes, when you are experiencing a challenge, that challenge is a part of taking you to where you want to be in life and how you handle the challenge will create a direction for your life. Handle it with a sense of fear and worry, then that is the direction you will go.  Handle it with a sense of positive and moving forward, then that is the direction your life will go.

It all comes down to your choices in thought, emotion, and action my friend. Trust and believe that all is and will be well.

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Some days we feel better than other days. It is just who we are as physical beings. We learn through contrast of what we want and don’t want in life. We learn and grow through contrast. And through that contrast, we make choices based on how we think and feel.

When you are having one of those days where you are feeling like life seems ‘off,’ it is the time to do what you can to be conscious of staying in  a state of calm and balance. Those kinds of days will always pass and how you get through them is one of the keys to a better positive life.

It is in those moments and those days of resistance, that steer life in a certain direction. If you become upset and get attached to that vibration by complaining and whining over and over again, then you are creating more of a resistant vibration.  But if you get upset and then let it pass and let go of that vibration while shifting focus toward a better feeling vibration, then you will be letting go of the negative feeling vibration.  If you can’t get into a positive place within, then at least find balance within.

The negative will pass and you can let it go while you focus on balance and peace of mind and heart. You will be creating a positive higher vibration as the negative fades away. And the more positive you can focus on, the more positive your life will become.


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Part of creating a higher positive thought and feeling in life, is to take the time to ‘just be.’  Whether you take time to yourself through listening to music or taking a walk in nature, or meditation or yoga; they are all ways of ‘just being.’  That time by yourself with a clear mind, creates a place of calm and clarity.  It makes room to create higher positive vibrations.

If you are always busy and don’t take that time, then you will have an overwhelmed and agitated mind that can create a negative and resistant vibration.

Take the time to relax and nourish your spirit. You will be creating a place within that is a direct connection to the Universe and all of your positive higher vibrations.

Nurture your mind, body, and spirit my friend.

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When was the last time you took a day to be conscious of all the thoughts that are going through the mind; all the thoughts and reactions to others, to nature, to experiences, the critical voice and the loving voice within?

Every thought that comes up in your mind, you can choose the direction where you take it. If you have a fearful thought, you can either ‘attach’ to it and make it bigger by worrying and fearing even more, or you can let it just be a passing thought while you shift your focus toward a feeling and thought that are more positive.  Instead of building the worst case scenario you could build the best case scenario within your mind and heart.

How about creating the best case scenario in your experiences?  How about taking the time and focus to creating a positive direction for your life? How about being conscious of where your thoughts go in your moments so you can either let them go or embrace them?

Be conscious of your thoughts and create a positive higher vibration for your moments my friend.

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