All is well and will be well no matter what the experience.

Do you believe in the words written above?  Do you believe that when you continually create a strong positive focus, that no matter what the experience is, it is the experience that will take you to a higher vibration where open doors are? That even if the experience is less than positive that you can truly direct where you want your thoughts and feelings to go and create a better strong more focused vibration of balance which will give you balance in the coming days?

You can take care of what needs to be taken care of but you can do so with a positive focus and thought.  You can let go of all that feels resistant and continue to create a strong balance and higher vibration through it all.

What you choose is where you will go my friend.

her story 3

What if, no matter what the experience, you just knew that the experience is a part of getting you to where you want to be?

And what if, even when the experience feels less than positive, you just knew that in that experience you had a choice of the direction it will head?

And what if, you let go of the fear and doubt within the experience and you just did your best to guide it into a better feeling thought and vibration?

And what if, you just took care of the experience the best way that you know how without any of the worry, and trusted that how you handled the experience is a part of your inner growth of getting to a higher more positive vibration for where you truly want to be?

And what if, your life opened up to more positive feeling experiences just from doing the inner work of letting go?

What if… :)


Have you ever had a day where you are doing your best to stay in a calm balanced kind of state of min and everyone around you is running back and forth, hurrying and trying to get things done, and giving the atmosphere a feeling of chaos?

Did you know that it is the perfect time to practice letting go and finding balance which creates a calm vibration in the mists of the chaos?  And that calm vibration helps guides you to a calmer solution and takes you above and beyond the vibration of others?

The first thing to do is to be conscious of what is happening around you. If you are feeling that urge to become a part of that chaos (it usually comes in the form of frustration, anxiety, and agitation) then be aware of how you are thinking and feeling at that moment. Then take a quick moment to take in a deep breath and tell the mind to tell the body to relax the shoulders and neck. The body then becomes aware that you want to relax and each time you take that deep breath and let go through relaxation, the body responds. Then on your exhale, close your eyes for just a moment, and see yourself letting go and going within to that calm, balanced vibration that is within the connection of the true self (the real you within) and the Universe. The true self only knows calm and balance.  It is always there no matter how chaotic life can get. As you focus on the true self and the Universal connection asking to connect into the calm and balance that is always right there, you are exhaling ‘out’ the resistant thought and feeling of chaos. Do this as many times as needed and continue doing the work that needs to be done.

The physical self can sometimes get wrapped up in others and what they are thinking and feeling.  It responds by ‘attaching’ to that kind of vibration.  You have a choice if you want to or not but that only comes when you stay aware that it is happening.

You always have a choice in your thought and feeling. You can be a part of another and their vibration or you can accept that they are where they are, let go of their vibration, and continue on through calm and balance.


Sometimes we can get so caught up in what we are doing in a day that we can forget to stay conscious of appreciating each moment.  When we become conscious of appreciation, then we can become even more conscious of being kind and compassionate to others and ourselves each and every day.

Showing a little kindness and compassion to those around you helps you to create positive vibrations that create more of the same.  Being kind and compassionate is a way of showing appreciating, love, and caring for life itself. As you take your mind off what is happening in your life and put your mind and heart on what another might need, then you are stepping outside the physical self and caring from the true self within.

Anytime you can create from the inside out is a pure clear positive vibration.

Are you creating your moments through who you truly are?

time to releaseIn this world we have all different types of people.  And by having all kinds of people we have unique and different perceptions of life. Some may take on life with a rose-colored hue while others may talk on life with a green envy hue.  Some are bound and determined to let everyone know how right they are and how wrong everyone else is and then there are some that think they are always wrong and bow down to those that seem right.

We live in this physical world with physical laws and rules to help us all but from there we have a choice in all we say and do.  What you say and do is right for you but it may not be right for another. And someone may have a way that is just right for them but wouldn’t work for you. You see, being right and wrong is truly in the eye of the beholder.

So what if two think they’re right and they both think the other is wrong?  That is the moment of accepting who they are and respecting their ways even if you don’t agree with them. You can agree to disagree and let go of holding on to the feeling and thought of who wrong they are. In someone’s eyes, they may be right…maybe not your eyes but someone else that agrees with them.

How about letting go of the need to be right and telling others all about it, and just live your life experience in the best way you know how and let others do the same?

There can be more than one right my friend. How about creating a vibration of going with the flow and balance within?

giving and receiving

Each day we have a kind of theme that seems to run through out the day. Maybe one day everything seems laid back and relaxing and then the next day seems unbelievably busy. Then another day may be full of up and down moods of everyone that you meet.

Where ever your day takes you, you can always give a little bit of kindness and compassion. Even if you are in a rush you can still give a smile to someone or let someone have your parking spot. As you give a little bit each day, you will find that the Universe gives back to you in some way as well. It is a win win kind of situation.

Give from your heart without any expectations and let the Universe give back to you in some way, shape, or form.  The giving vibration is an actual positive ‘power’ that comes from love, kindness, and compassion.  It is a strong vibration that will open up your heart and mind and create vibrations of the most powerful kind…

Secret Secret Garden

In every circumstance, there is always an open door.  Sometimes it may feel like a door closed but truly if a door did close then that means there are so many more that are opening and ready for you to walk through.

Sometimes when we experience a less than positive experience, we think that somehow we have been let down and that all is lost. But sometimes we need those less than positive experiences to create the next step to where we are to go and that next step is an open door. The next step may not be seen immediately but just know within that your thoughts, feelings, and reactions to the experience is what will guide you to that next step.

We are continual works in progress. We are always learning, growing, and expanding our minds and spirits. It is part of the physical experience. If we keep that in mind and heart when we are experiencing a less than positive experience, then we can let go of the resistant vibrations of thought and let go of the thought of ‘negative.’  We can look at the experience as a stepping stone to where we want to be.

If you step forward through creating a positive focus in the face of the experience then you do step forward and grow to a higher level of learning. You graduated to higher more positive experiences.  But if you step backward and dive into the feelings and thoughts of the negative of ‘why me’ or ‘this isn’t fair,’ then you will continue with the same kind of experience to help guide you to find a different attitude and behavior so that you can move ‘up.’

In every experience, we have a choice.  What have you chosen today?


When you are able to truly believe and know, without a doubt, that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience, then you are empowering all of who you are.

You see, it is in the belief and thought of what you truly know that creates the vibration of what your life experience shows to you. If you trust the Universe in that every experience that you have is for your best and an experience that is needed to help guide you to where you want to be then you don’t have to ask ‘why is this happening’ or get upset about it.  You can do your part in reaching a higher more positive vibration and feel the inner growth through it all. This shows the Universe that you are relaxing into the experience and working through it instead of fighting against it and creating resistant vibrations.

Every experience has a purpose for your life and it is up to you which direction it heads by the choices you make and the thoughts you think.

On that note…

All is well and will be well no matter what the experience.

step by step

Every step counts my friend; whether it is a big step or a small step. It may be a mental step forward by letting go of negative vibrations and creating a better feeling thought or it may be a physical step forward that takes you further along your life road.

Every small step brings you closer and as you add up all those small steps, you will still get to where you want to be. Every small step is truly a big step forward.

So how about today you take a step forward in the direction of where you would like your life to be?  Each step truly counts.

beth mccain 2212

No matter what you may be experiencing, the next moment could change it all. Even if you think that there is no way something could possibly work out as it all seems to be going every way but the way you want it…the next moment can change the whole experience.

When a challenge comes up in life and you hold tight to the vibration of how challenging it feels, then you are putting strong focus toward holding on to that challenge.

But if you have a challenge and you choose to let go of the resistant thought and feeling of the challenge, then you are letting go of putting focus toward those agitating vibrations.  You can think of the best case scenario that can happen instead of focusing on the worst case scenario. You can choose, in the next moment, to create a feeling and thought of trust in the Universe and creating a positive scenario regarding that particular challenge. And as you focus on that better feeling thought, you will find that the challenge changes somehow. And as you continue to create a positive vibration, moment by moment things begin to change for the better.

One moment is all it takes to change the whole experience. Choose your thoughts wisely my friend and trust.


Does it really matter whether you are right or wrong?  Does it really matter whether another is right or wrong?  Does it matter that someone left the lights on when they left the room?  Or maybe forgot something at the store that you wanted?

What really matters is you are here experiencing life. We all do it differently and in a way that we think is right whereas another does it another way and thinks they are right. Isn’t it better to agree to disagree and just embrace this life experience and all that are in our life?

Why sweat the small stuff and why not just accept and appreciate others for who they are and what they do? You never know when someone will leave this earth.  Wouldn’t it just feel better to love unconditionally and let all the rest just fall away?

beth mccain 4453

Being positive is not ignoring a situation you may be in that feels less than positive. Some have said, “Being positive and acting like everyone is okay when it isn’t means you are just avoiding or ignoring what is really happening.”  Well, it all depends on how you create that positive vibration.

When we are in a negative feeling experience, we tend to get into an upset state of mind. We begin to focus and focus on how bad it feels and we begin to worry and doubt. We shake our fists at the heavens and ask, “WHY is this happening?  I’m a good person and I create positive thoughts and feelings all the time! WHY is this happening?”

No one said that just because you have a positive vibration going all day long that you weren’t going to have challenges. We’re human.  We are spiritual beings having a physical experience and by doing that we have certain limits that are imposed upon us because we are human in a physical world. But where it get unlimited, is that amazing spirit within of who we truly are.  That true self knows there truly are no limits or boundaries.  It is where we connect to the Universe and find hope and inspiration.  But our physical ego self feels that it has to find something to be concerned about.  It has to occupy itself with fixing the worst case scenario even if the worse case scenario isn’t happening. It veers toward thinking only of survival and comfort and that is where the upset feelings and thoughts come into it all.

If you are ignoring the situation by not doing anything then that isn’t creating forward motion. Even if that action is mental thought then that is a step forward.

Keeping your mind and heart in the experience and doing all you can to take care of the experience is up to the physical self but the true self within knows that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience. And the true self is eternally positive and centered so it makes perfect sense to begin from within before heading into solutions in the physical.

By balancing from within from that true self you will be experiencing from a true calm place that is always full of hope and inspiration. It literally can create a positive forward motion when you begin within first.

No one made a rule that you have to be upset when you have a challenge. You can take care of it in the best physical self way you can but rely on the inner spirit of who you truly are to bring the positive intention along with it. You can be happy while you experience life.

beth mccain 791

When was the last time you sat down and just daydreamed? Daydreaming is an incredible inspiring tool to opening and expanding the mind.  As you let yourself think unlimited, your true spirit within is able to be first and foremost. In that daydream, you don’t think of all the reasons why something can’t happen.  You think and feel unlimited. You create this amazing visual that feels real and positive.  When you ‘come back ‘from your daydream you have this feeling as if you actually went somewhere for a while.

You know what?  You did go somewhere for a while. You went to the place within that is eternally connected to all solutions, all dreams, and all realities. You opened up that connection and you were able to go beyond your physical self and truly feel that unlimited feel within that is oh so inspiring and hopeful.  And that connection can create more and more of what you were daydreaming about.

Daydreaming isn’t something that only children can do. You can daydream and really create where you want to be.  It is nurturing to your very spirit that will help guide you to all the open doors you can handle.

Take a moment to daydream and let yourself get involved within it. Step aside from thinking it is only for children and begin to use it to help guide you to where you want to be.


Before you look at another and say, “They should do it this way or I can’t believe what they are acting like,” check in with yourself to see if you are criticizing another when you yourself are doing the same thing.  Many times we criticize others and what we criticize is actually a trait of our own.  Before you decide to make a rash assumption; ask yourself if you really need to say or think critical about another.

You have traits just like another does that may seem perfectly fine to you but an annoyance to another. You truly don’t have to say a critical word about another. Just stick with your own life and your own business.  No need to look at another and judge their choices. Their choices are not up for speculation or debate. Their life…their choices.

Your life…your choices.


Can someone be too positive? There is a difference between being positive and living in a fantasy world. Some say, “Well, when you are experiencing a negative situation, it you’re positive, then it is fake.  And if you really are positive and not being fake then you are avoiding and ignoring the experience because you are saying that everything is great when it’s not. That isn’t how it is at all.

You see, we live in a physical world. I believe we are spiritual beings living in a physical world. This means that in order to live and experience then we have to live a human experience with all its challenges, lessons, and experiences. You can’t be human without experiencing comparison, opinion, and all that goes along with being human.  But you can live all your experiences with a positive intention. Yes, even in those negative experiences.

Who made it a rule that you have to be sad or upset in a challenging experience? If you have positive intention, let go of the resistant vibration of upset, and direct yourself to a better feeling place then you will be helping yourself gain clarity, build hope, and move beyond the negative experience. You can deal with the experience in the best way that you know how yet still let go of the resistant feelings and thoughts that may be holding you back. You can proceed with a positive vibration knowing that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience.

You are not ignoring or avoiding the experience by creating a strong focused intention of light feelings and thoughts.  Where there is light there can be no darkness.

Embrace what you appreciate in what you are experiencing and take your thought to the ‘what if’ of the best case scenario instead of the worst case scenario and then let go and trust the Universe to get you beyond this current experience.

Do your part by creating a positive intention my friend and the Universe will do the rest.

Secret Secret Garden

Each of us has our own unique way of perceiving life. We are made up of our past experiences and lessons, our upbringing, what we perceive from our particular point of view, and how we relate and feel in society.

If two people had the same exact experience, they would each view it in a different way. Their thoughts and feelings may be similar but can no way be exactly the same because of that uniqueness that we all possess.

So what makes us think that we are all going to have the same opinion of an experience or why do we feel the need to compare who we are to another when we will never be the same.

If someone gets something that you would love to have then you don’t have to become envious or jealous of that person at all. You can have something similar if you want. Their life and how they live it takes them in a direction just like how you live life takes you in a direction.

How about we just accept one another for our unique thoughts and opinions and stick to creating our own life without being assuming or judgmental of someone else’s experience? How about we learn from one another yet still respect each other if we disagree.

We could all be reading the same book but on different pages, right?  How about we live in the book of life while finding our own pages to write and be?

Choose accepting others through unconditional love even if you don’t understand their choices. You can accept them and let them walk their own path while you walk yours with judgment or assumption.

beth mccain 2234

How can you think and feel positive when you are in the middle of a negative feeling experience?

You make a choice, that’s how. Just because you may be going through a challenging experience, it doesn’t mean that you have to feel badly or upset. You can do your best and deal with the situation but you can do it through a calm, balanced, and positive thought and feeling.

You can let go and release the need to attach to resistant feeling vibration and create appreciation in every moment that you are experiencing. If you can’t find what there is to appreciate, then just know that it is there.

You see, creating a better feeling more positive vibration in a challenging experience helps takes the edge of the experience and helps it to move on to a more positive thought and feel.

Trust that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience and just keep embracing each moment while appreciating all that you have in life itself.

The challenge will pass my friend and you don’t have to waste a moment of being upset. You can let go, relax into the experience, and know that there are better days to come. You can look within the challenge and see what is to be understood and learned from to help guide you to a more positive experience.

beth mccain 2212

Sometimes we can just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. We can’t put a finger as to why we are feeling agitated or upset. So we begin our day and start picking at ourselves and others because of how we are thinking and feeling. Everyone hides and runs when they see ‘that look’ in your eye.

You can either come through the living room breathing fire and shooting lasers out your eyes or you can do the inner work that is necessary to stave off the bad mood blues.

No matter who you are or what you do, everyone has a day where they just feel less than positive. It is all in how you handle that thought and feeling that will take you to a better feeling place and mood.

Admit to yourself that you are feeling moody and don’t deny it when you are around others when they ask, ‘Are you in a bad mood?’  You don’t have to shoot back, “NO! I’m NOT in a bad mood. It is because of…”  The dot dot dot is something we want to blame our mood on or an excuse as to why we feel as we do. Again, admitting to yourself that you are feeling off is the beginning of letting go of the feeling and thought.

Next, think about anything that you say before you say it. Our perspective can be off on those days and we think and feel things we normally wouldn’t. We want to blame, resent, and find something that will help us blow off that steam. Each time you go to say something that doesn’t come from a kind and compassionate place, then take a breath in and let go of the thought within your mind so you don’t put your vibration on another.

Each time you feel the swell within to say something rude or dastardly, take that deep breath in and let go of the thought in the exhale.  As you exhale say the word ‘balance’ to yourself. Keep reminding yourself of balance all through the day.

You’ll get through that day and you can get through it without being moody or negative.  Keep inner balance in the first and foremost of your mind and heart and let go of what feels resistant.  Get through the day with a neutral feeling vibration instead of a negative feeling vibration.

Before you know it, you will find that your mood will shift and the positive will begin to show itself once again.

Inner work my friend…

giving and receiving

When in doubt, let the resistant feeling go. Know that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience. Just because it doesn’t fit your ideal picture of what you thought, just know, believe, and trust that the experience that feels less than positive can truly be one of the learning experiences to help guide you to reach that alignment of the higher vibration needed to get to where you want to be.

As you learn to let go of resistant vibrations, you will find that life takes on a whole new meaning and opens up to where you want to be.

All you have to do is choose the direction through your thought and feeling. When in doubt, let go my friend and know that all is truly well.


You have this moment…

You have this moment to embrace each moment of the day with full focus on creating a higher positive feeling and thought.

You have this moment to let go of resistant vibrations and inner work toward inner balance and outer balance of all of who you are.

You have this moment to take a deep breath in, close your eyes, tell the mind to relax your shoulders and neck,and  let go of resistant feeling vibrations while going within to that calm place within that is forever connected to this Universe.

You have this moment to remember that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience. Every experience is a chance for you to choose which direction you will take your life.  It all begins with a thought and feeling and your choice.

You have this moment to trust that the Universe is bringing you just what you envision life to be and that each experience, whether positive or negative feeling, can be a part of you rising above and beyond your current vibration.  Where you take it is where it will go.

You have this moment to begin my friend…

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