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Love people for who they are and not for who you want them to be.

There is no need to be conditional with love.  There is more than enough love to go around so unconditional love. Let go of the thought of judging another on how they are living their life.  They are doing their best even if you don’t see that it is their best.

Encourage them and love them for who they are.  Isn’t that how you want to be loved?


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Some will say that they will be happy if only…  They are waiting for what they think would make them happy.  Until then, their happiness is here and there but never constant.

What if I were to tell you that happiness, full on true happiness, is in your life at this moment?  Happiness comes into life when we recognize the happy moments that we have right now. By saying your happiness will come when everything is just perfect in the future, you are creating a vibration that is saying that you will only be happy in the future and in the future it will stay. You are creating a vibration that happiness will come only in the future but each time you think it, you aren’t thinking about happiness in the now, so this can mean the future happiness will elude you. By opening up to happiness now, you will be creating a happy successful future.

Wouldn’t it be better to find happiness now so that the future moments will be in happiness as well?

Where is that happiness right now?  All you have to do is look.  What makes you happy? Nature is an excellent in the moment happiness.  Look at the seasons, the beautiful trees, the colors of the forest, a daisy filled field; just to name a few.  When you head home, and your car is working just fine, this is another moment that you can be happy about. Look around you.  Think of all that you say and all you do. Seek the happy within each moment. Open your heart to finding grateful filled experiences.  Appreciate those around you and those experiences that have joy within them.

You have much to be happy about and that happiness, in the now of the moment, will then help to create that future you are wanting.

Happiness is a state of mind my friend.

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It is in the everyday thoughts that we need to pay attention to if we are wanting to create a more positive and abundant life.

Our mind can go on automatic in the every day of life.  When we have the same kind of day through working, running errands, and doing all the things that we ordinarily do; we start to let our mind go on automatic.  And when the mind goes on automatic, we are at the whim of what the mind thinks whether it is positive or negative.

It is in the ordinary of the day that we need to be conscious of where the mind takes our thoughts.  When we are able to understand that our mind is on automatic, then we can shift our focus to a place that will create a more positive present and future.

Instead of getting caught up in the ordinary of the day, how about shifting focus toward the extraordinary in the ordinary? Like a giggle from a baby or a beautiful sky full of white billowy clouds or a puppy and its enthusiasm as it runs toward you to be hugged.  Everyone has extraordinary moments in every single day.  All you have to do is open your mind and heart and just look. See the day in a whole other way. Seek out the extraordinary and the extraordinary will begin to come into your life.

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In that moment, where you are thinking about what you want in life, you are creating thoughts that open your mind up to possibilities.   And the more you figure out where you want to be in life, the more focus you are putting on opportunities and experiences that bring you to what you want.

If you don’t know what you want in life, then think about what feeling you would like to feel in the present and future. Do you want to feel safe?  Do you want to feel secure?  Do you want to feel abundant and happy?  Then focus on finding those feelings that are within you right now. You don’t have to have the future all planned out for life to go in a direction that you want. You can focus on the good feelings that you want to feel and find those feelings, even if it is just a little bit of what you want to feel. This will put you in the moment of what you want and the more you focus and seek out how you want to feel, the more it becomes solid and manifested into your life.

You take care of how you want to feel and let the Universe bring you the possibilities.


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When someone else is speaking and they are giving their opinions and beliefs about life, and you don’t agree with them, you can choose to attach to their thought and be frustrated about what they have to say or you can choose to let go of their thought which brings about a sense of relief and freedom.

You can be respectfully opposite of what another is thinking. You don’t have to get into it with them just because they think differently than you. You have a choice how you respond.

Respect others and accept them for who they are.  We would hope the same if the shoe was on the other foot, wouldn’t we?

We can all live in the same Universe with all different kinds of beliefs and opinions if we knew that we have the freedom to detach from another and their vibration if need be.

How can you tell when to detach from their vibration?  By how you feel within about what they have to say. If you feel bad, negative, or frustrated, then do yourself a favor and agree to disagree.  Even if you are on the same side with different views, you can figure out a way for a calm smooth way of meeting on the middle ground. Put your emotions aside and do what you can to create a calmer more balanced vibration for yourself.

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Every thought you have is like a drop of water into your ocean of life.  Each drop on their own doesn’t feel like they can make a difference in how your life will be, but as you know, if you keep ‘dripping,’ then your ocean of life becomes bigger and bigger.

What you fill your ocean with is all up to you. Fill it with negative drops, then your life experience will be filled with negativity.  Fill your ocean with positive drops, then your life experience will be filled with positive.

Think about it for a moment. Think of all the thoughts you have in a day that you are dropping into your ocean.Are they positive higher thoughts or are you just letting your thought run amok and letting that automatic thinking fill up your ocean.

How about filling your ocean with good, positive, compassionate, kind, and loving thoughts? Can you even imagine how amazing your life ocean will feel?

Drop by drop my friend.

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There is something on the horizon this 2017 through 2019 with not only our country but the world consciousness itself. This is a time of change and we are needing to keep an even higher form of positive light filled vibration as true colors become known. So many that are inspirations have passed on this year and this is usually followed by a big change in all parts of the world’s consciousness. It is as if all those that have passed on are needed to bring inspiration from the other side instead of from the physical side. The more powerful light of love…

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Some days we feel better than other days. It is just who we are as physical beings. We learn through contrast of what we want and don’t want in life. We learn and grow through contrast. And through that contrast, we make choices based on how we think and feel.

When you are having one of those days where you are feeling like life seems ‘off,’ it is the time to do what you can to be conscious of staying in  a state of calm and balance. Those kinds of days will always pass and how you get through them is one of the keys to a better positive life.

It is in those moments and those days of resistance, that steer life in a certain direction. If you become upset and get attached to that vibration by complaining and whining over and over again, then you are creating more of a resistant vibration.  But if you get upset and then let it pass and let go of that vibration while shifting focus toward a better feeling vibration, then you will be letting go of the negative feeling vibration.  If you can’t get into a positive place within, then at least find balance within.

The negative will pass and you can let it go while you focus on balance and peace of mind and heart. You will be creating a positive higher vibration as the negative fades away. And the more positive you can focus on, the more positive your life will become.


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How can you tell if you have lost your way to the road of where you want to be?  You step aside from all the thought in your mind and all the outer surroundings of this physical world for just a moment. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in and on the exhale, let go of all that is within your mind.  As you let go, go inward to that quiet balance place within yourself that is forever connected to the Universe and all experiences.

While you are within, take a few more deep breaths in and out, and sink into the feeling of the forever connection.  Now that you have stepped away from the worries, anxiety, and fear, I want you to ask if you are on the right road to where you want to be. If you are, then there will be a subtle good positive feeling but if you feel you are not, then the feeling will be a bit more agitated and unsettled.  You can then keep asking questions to help to find the direction you want. You know the direction if a particular thought gives you that passionate positive higher vibration kind of feel. If it feels bad, then you know that is not the direction you want to go.

You have an emotion gauge within you that tells you the right direction for yourself. The road to where you want to be is right there.  Just follow the signs.


Just because you can’t see the progress doesn’t mean that progress isn’t being made.  It is all in how you look at it. If you are wanting and waiting for something to happen in your life but you just haven’t seen it yet then that is the time to let go of the resistant feeling thought of waiting and latch on to the vibration that all is well and will be well.

Would you want to live in a building that didn’t have a solid foundation?  At this moment, what you want in life, isn’t quite ready to manifest and the reason being is that it needs a solid foundation in order to be strong and stay in your life. You can build the solid foundation by how you perceive life and what it is that you envision. If you send the Universe a mixed bag of vibrations then it doesn’t seem very solid now, does it?  But if you send the Universe strong focused positive vibrations as you inner work through all your vibrations (letting go of the resistant vibration and embracing a better feeling vibration) then you are choosing a direction in which you want life to go. The Universe will take it from there as it creates experiences in your life to help guide you to that higher and solid vibration you are looking for.

The Universe has the full picture while you see only a part of it. How about trusting that the Universe will take care of the how and the perfect time that it should unfold for your life? How about living in this moment, appreciating life, do the inner work to let go of the old and embrace the new, and let the Universe do the rest as you continue to create a higher stronger vibration?

What do you say? 🙂

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There are times where we just don’t know what we want in life. We may know how we want life to feel but take pin it to a certain place or experience. Many will envision what they want and have a strong focus on the goal but if you are unsure of what you really want then you can focus on the feeling of what you what life to be in the present and in the future.

Maybe you want happiness and abundance but don’t have a particular end result in mind. If that is the case then ask yourself how you want to feel happy and how you want to feel abundant. That feeling can be focused on instead of the end goal of something physical. That feeling you exude and shift to in a day can create experiences with the feelings that you want in life.

Leave it to the Universe to match your vibrations. The Universe knows what you want and begins to move your life in a direction depending on how you feel and think from day to day. Find things to be happy about, find positive ways of working, be aware of abundance, not only in the shape of money but in nature as well. Open up your mind to the ways happiness comes into your life and how abundance is truly right there for you to see. As you focus and let go of the negatives of life you will be creating a happy more abundant life experience.

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The choice is yours…

Negative thoughts and feelings of worrying about the worst case scenario or positive thoughts and feelings of the best case scenario.  Either way you are creating your life experience.

What choices are you creating?


Everyone has one.  Everyone has someone in their life that is negative. They either tell you all about how bad the state of the world is or they criticize what you are and what you do. They may say that they are being realistic and that you are the one with your head in the clouds by being a Pollyanna.  They feel as if they are draining you of your own energy and leave you feeling fatigued and sucked dry.

Did you know that you do have a choice in how they make you feel?  It may not seem like it at the time but you truly have a choice. You see, their energy can only affect you if you let it. Whether they are conscious of what they are doing or not; just by you being conscious of their ways, then you can change how it affects you.

Begin by telling the body to relax the shoulders and neck.  You can do this within the mind so that negative person has no idea what you are doing. Next just take a deep breath in and then exhale.  In that exhale feel yourself ‘going within’ where that calm and balance is.  Touch upon that place. Then visually see a steady waterfall of positive energy ‘water’ flowing over you as the negative person is speaking. As soon as any of the negative comes your way you see it within your mind, washing off in that steady positive waterfall. When you visualize this your mind, body, and spirit feels that the negative is just ‘falling off and away’ from you. As you stay in the waterfall see the negative going right back to where it came from and then follow it up with a positive feeling for that person. What you have done is detached from their negative, sent it back to them, and gave them a vibration that could help their negativity IF they are ready for that in life. Not only that, you are scrubbed clean of any negative vibrations yet still kept a listening ear as you deal with them.

That little exercise can be done in mere moments and can help you to maintain balance and not get sucked down into that negative place that is trying to ‘attach’ to who you are.

You have a choice; you can hold on to their thoughts and negativity which will make you upset which creates more upset vibrations to come back into your life OR you can let go of the negative and keep your own balance within with a clear positive state of mind.  As you focus on the positive and let go of their negative, you will see that their negative will have less effect on you and eventually dissipate in some way as you focus on shifting to the positive.

Negative vibrations breed negative vibrations.

Positive vibrations breed positive vibrations.

What will you choose?

You know Thanksgiving is the best Law of Attraction day.  Even the name of the holiday THANKS + GIVING is just so perfect because thanks equals gratitude and gratitude is the fuel of the Law of Attraction.

We ate alot of food, did alot of walking, ate alot of food again, played a game, and ate food.   Did we mention we ate food?!!  We love the Thanksgiving meal but we love the turkey sandwiches after Thanksgiving even more.  We had alot of family here and loved every minute of it. 

Hope everyone had a great holiday.  We are recording the Youtube radio show this evening.  Usually we record on Wednesday or Thursday night but because of Thanksgiving we’re taping today. (Friday)  We’ve got some really good news about the radio show, but you’ll have to tune in to hear it.  The news will be on show #23.

Ugh…yes we do!  We ride them out and look for the inner meaning and what the Universe is telling us. 

Today was a hard day.  Dad woke up with the mully grubs this morning.  This is unusual for him.  He got a call from his dietician about his kidneys.  He’s diabetic and he feels that being the age he is that he doesn’t need to have anyone telling him what to do.  The dietician told him he had to change his diet but he won’t.  He said even if his life is a little shorter, he wants to enjoy it.   How do you argue with that?  That being said, it can be hard to watch Mom watch him.  She has always taken care of him, just like a little boy, and she has no control over what his body is doing.  He only has the control, creating his world the way he unintentionally does. 

So we kind of get stuck in the middle trying to placate both sides and all the while we know what is causing all this ruckus.  Dad’s creation is colliding with Mom’s creation and they both don’t want to take responsiblity for any of it. 

Lee and I have just ‘let it go’ but it’s difficult to watch your own dad cry.  This is the man that I first loved and the man who taught me how to play cards and here he is with his little old body and he feels he has no control.  You can’t tell him about the Law of Attraction and how it could help.  He has his own thoughts and world that he feels are right no matter what so we just listen and love him.

So while the first part of the day was challenging to say the least, Lee and I just had dinner with our wonderfully little Peanut that had picked out the soup she had wanted and now we are out in the office, about fifty yards from the house and we can see the clouds parting after the rain and the glow of the house out the window.  We’re together, writing to all of you, thankful that we have this place in which to be so open and connected with you all.  Tomorrow will start new and it will have something else in store and we don’t have to know exactly what it is but we’re sure it is good.  The Universe always provides.

Here’s to envisioning a great day tomorrow…

Lee and I love rain and lucky we do because it has been raining non stop for the last twenty hours.  The sun is a wonderful thing but for us rain is ultimate weather.  It was our day off today and when you love your work, it’s hard to take a day to yourself. 

We got a call from our agent today, (yes, on a Sunday 🙂 ) and are happy to report that presales for the book (A Grateful Life, Living the Law of Attraction) are excellent.  The personal journal (The Law of Attraction Guided Journal) has been selling well.  This is exciting to know that the information is getting out there even as we blog.  The reason we mention this is because we are from time to time in need of a pinch when we realize where we were ten years ago prior to the Law of Attraction.  And we guess the reason we like to share this good fortune is because we truly want EVERYONE to enjoy the days like we do and it is there for you.  We can’t stress enough how, if you’re willing to learn and follow the Law of Attraction, how life can be, full of ease, wonderment, and good times….all the while doing something you love.  If you had told us ten years ago that this is what we would be doing, we probably couldn’t have imagined it.  So to anyone who may be just learning about or just starting the Law of Attraction, please don’t let your current situation, or early attempts that might not work out, turn you off to the Law of Attraction.  If you’ll stick with it and truly embrace it, it will work!

So we’ll get off our soap box now and go play a game of Trouble with Peanut. 

Hi everybody!  We’ve had some interesting Law of Attraction questions come in this week.  We receive hundreds of emails with questions but there are always a couple that stick out each week.  This week the two that grabbed our attention were:  One from a girl in Romania that comes from a poverty stricken area.  She wanted to know how to visualize when she was surrounded by poverty minded people.  We explained to her how to get out of the limited thinking mode and into a limitless thinking mode.  Lee also gave her some resource tips on how to attain what she desired. 

Our other question was from someone who had empty nest syndrome.  All her kids have almost left her nest and she didn’t know what to do with her life.  We gave her the question of all questions which is:  if you had everything you wanted like money,health,relationship, etc. what would you do with your life?  When you have that answer, you have found your purpose.

Update:  Oven is in!! 🙂 Thanksgiving will arrive at the McCain home!

Tomorrow we’re taking the day off but we will blog about what we did.  Not sure what we will be doing but that is part of the fun!  Peanut calls the blog the blob like as in, “Mommy, are you blobbing today?” 🙂

Will blob more tomorrow!

So we had a lot of meetings today.  Many people telling us the best way to handle the Beth and Lee McCain everything. 🙂  The thing is…many of them don’t understand what the Law of Attraction is so they do their best to pitch their ideas without even understanding what it’s all about.  It seems to me (and Lee)  if they want us to be a client of theirs that they would take a look at what we’re about first.  Novel idea, don’t you think?  🙂   We’ve been asked to film a DVD of the Law of Attraction.  Kind of interesting idea, don’t you think?  We would have full control of the project but Lee and I have to discuss it without all the mucky mucks around.  We both have a clearer mind when it is just us two. 

We did meet a great couple who knew all about the Law of Attraction.  They were in the reception area and heard us talking about the radio show.  They were excited because they both felt Lee and I were signs from the Universe for them.  I LOVE that when that happens!  The Universe always comes through when you are expecting it!

I’m going to go tuck little Peanut in.  She had a fun day with her big Sis and she is tuckered out.

The day isn’t quite over.  I have some paperwork to go over and Lee will be working out in our office on the property to get ahead on putting promotional materials together for the book.

 We are so enjoying life.

Beth here.  So should I even admit one of my favorite “happy thoughts”?  I have many and my family tops them all but if I was asked what my favorite “feel good” thought and feeling from something physical was it would be…a sugar free vanilla two sweet n low latte.  There I said it.  There is nothing like it! 

Lee’s happy thought?  Double cheeseburger hands down!

Lee can hardly contain himself.  We saw the magazine in full form today and it is beautiful.  There are a few ads that have to be ‘tweaked’ but other than that we are very proud of it.  Now it goes to the printing press. 

It is raining steadily outside which Lee and I both love.  I always envision rain as good thoughts feelings falling from the sky and bringing good to us all.  It makes me feel so joyous.  I wonder if the coffee has anything to do with my over whelming joy at the moment?! 🙂

Our eight year old who Lee calls “Peanut” is excited to not have school today.  She is hanging out with the cat, enjoying the rain, and her books.  I rarely get the chance to cook these days (no complaints believe me!) but I am cooking a ham with yams for dinner.  Lee doesn’t care for yams but the rest of the household (my mom, dad, and our 23 year old daugher) love them.  Tomorrow is full of sales meetings and Peanut’s school.  She does school through a charter school so she can travel with us. 

Enough about us 🙂  What is your “happy thought”?  We would love to hear from you!

We had our big party last night for our book launch.  We had so much fun!!  Since we don’t drink or smoke, we had to provide other means of entertainment, Law of Attraction style. 

Bet you want to know what we did?  We have this huge pasture (about the size of two football fields) and a creek.  Lee had this great idea for fun.  It was a perfectly clear, no cloudy evening so we got together a bunch of blankets and had a weinie roast in the middle of the pasture with a book reading that followed.  You should have seen the guests!  Most of the women were in high heels, but we had bought dozens of funny looking animal slippers from our dollar store so they could walk in the pasture.  It was such a blast and the Cold Stone ice cream cakes went fast along with all the food we catered in. 

Dad just had knee surgery but he hobbled out with his cane because he never passes up a hot dog!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  I know we are!!

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