balancing of life

Did you know that saying positive and loving words can bring up your mind’s vibration?  If you experience your life through creating a positive and loving thought, over and over again, you are creating a vibration that the mind will take in and raise the vibration even higher.

Just think,  if you could keep a steady positive higher thought in all that you experience, you would be sending out a vibration that will bring you life experiences that feel good and positive.

Say higher more loving words about yourself and others.  Say higher more loving words to all that are around you.  Say higher more loving words to each experience that you have; even those resistant feeling experiences.  You can handle challenges with a positive vibration instead of a resistant vibration.  Just put your mind, body, and spirit into it.

See what there is that is positive within the experience as you handle it.  And if you can’t see a positive, then just remind yourself that it is there.  It will reveal itself.

Create a more loving and higher life experience by saying words that create a vibration of kindness, compassion, and love.