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You deserve a wonderful life.  You are worthy of a wonderful life. This Universe sees all of what you say and do and knows how truly wonderful you are.

Isn’t it time for you to believe it as well?  Take just a moment and really think some positive thoughts about who you are.  This isn’t ego driven in any way.  It is important to have a healthy positive view of who you are as being self empowered is a part of getting you to where you want to be in life.

The vibrations of courage,  feeling worthy, and being confident are all a part of your path of getting you to where you want to be.

Take a moment and talk to yourself as if you were your own best friend. What would your best friend say about you? Really focus in on what is positive about you.

You are worthy of all of what you desire my friend.


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You are the only one responsible for what makes you happy. If you think your happiness relies on a certain circumstance or a certain person, then you want to think again.  Sure, certain people can bring happiness to who we are, but they are not responsible for being your reason for happiness.  That is a lot of pressure to put on another and you are giving that person much of your own ‘power’ by thinking they are responsible for your happiness.

Be happy for you. Let your own thoughts and experiences create your happiness.  Let your happiness come from within and not a circumstance or person.  When you make the shift of creating your own happy, you will empower and build your own vibration to a higher vibration of happiness.

beth mccain 33431

When you are feeling unhappy, do you make excuses as to why you are unhappy? Maybe you blame it on the bad traffic or maybe you blame it on your boss’ foul mood, or maybe you blame it on the weather, others, or life itself.

Making excuses only prolongs your unhappiness.  You and only you are responsible for your happiness. No person, place, or thing is causing unhappiness; it is your own thoughts and feelings that are creating being unhappy.

What would happen if you chose to be happy in each moment?  What would happen if you were having a challenge, yet you were able to appreciate the moments?  What would happen if you didn’t blame some one or some thing on you being unhappy.

What if you chose to be happy in all your moments?  You would be happy.

Don’t wait on happiness thinking that you will only find that happiness if you have enough money, or have the perfect soul mate, or have the perfect job.  You can be happy now.  You can enjoy and appreciate now and be even happier when your outcome comes out as you had hoped.

No ifs, ands, or buts; you can be happy without the excuses. Take responsibility for your own happiness.


In this day, what have you appreciated and felt grateful for? Have you made the effort to see the positive or have you just been waiting for it to come to you?

It begins with you.  You have to make the effort to change your perception of your day and seek out what made you feel good, feel positive, and gave you that sense of gratitude. You are the one responsible for your happiness. Not your job, not someone else, not your boyfriend or girlfriend, not your spouse; only you.

Seek out the positive in your daily moments and focus in on how good your moments were even if there were a few negatives. Take your thought and focus to what you love about life, what you enjoy seeing and what you enjoy feeling.

In this day, be in the present moment. No need to live in the past or worrying about the future. Focus on today and enjoy your moments.

The more you enjoy life, the more joy filled experiences will come into your life.

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Change is inevitable. It is a part of being a human being.  Change happens in every day.  Even if we have a routine of every day, the routine changes because of our thoughts and our moods of a given day.

The best you can do about change is embrace it. Instead of trying to keep it from happening or being upset that it is happening, we can accept change itself and embrace it instead of fighting against it.

How you experience change is up to you. You can fear it or you can embrace it knowing that it is taking you to a better more positive outcome.

It is all in how you look at it. Fear change will bring you more to fear in the form of change and embracing change will bring you more to embrace and feel positive in the form of change.

You control the flow of life my friend.

beth mccain 33431

Even in life’s challenges, you can create a positive mindset.  All you have to do is make a conscious choice.

If you are having the worst of the worst happening, you can deal with it in any way you choose to deal with it.  You can let the mind wander to the habitual thought of feeling upset and negative or you can take control and shift your focus to what is positive in the moment while dealing with the challenge.

What if you can’t find a positive?  Then focus in on the thought that just because you can’t see the positive, doesn’t mean there isn’t a positive.  There is always a positive in everything we experience in life.

It has, and always be, your choice in where you take your thoughts and feelings.  No experience, no person, no thing is responsible for how you are thinking and feeling.

Be conscious my friend…


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Have you ever been in a place in life that you have no idea what the future holds?  You know of your past and you know what you are experiencing in the present, but do you know where you are going in the future?

You can begin creating your future in this present moment.  You can think about where you want to be in the future.  You can begin to mold it and build it within your own mind and heart.  Live in the present moment, but do take moments to envision your future.

When you envision your future, you truly don’t have to know what exactly you want to do or be.  You can think of how you want to feel in the future without making any plans about the rest of it.  How do you want to feel in your future?  Do you want to feel abundant, safe, loved? Then as you envision your future, walk through a day that you would love to experience with all the feelings you wanted for that future.  Envision it in your today moments and get in a feeling that it is happening right now.  Envision as if it is happening right now.  When you envision the future as being a far away thought then it will continue to be that far away thought, but if you envision your future in the present of the now, then you  are emitting a vibration that says, “I am seeing this now so that the future will unfold to just that.”

You can create the path of your future in this moment now. Send only positive thoughts to the future and you will be creating a path that will unfold before your eyes.

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When challenges come about, remind yourself that  it is only temporary no matter how it may feel.  You will get through it.  It may be challenging,  but think of all you have to be grateful for as you go through the challenge. You can find gratitude and in gratitude, you are opening up a path to having more to be grateful for.

Be grateful for what you do have in life that you may take for granted; electricity, plumbing, ovens, refrigerators, and all those things we have every single day that we just expect to be there.

Be grateful my friend. Think of all those modern conveniences that you have and how easy they can make life. There is someone in this world that doesn’t have it as good as you do.  Give your own life appreciation for the ordinary that you depend on each day.

Take a moment to be grateful…

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There is this place that you can get to when you are deep in meditation.  It is the place where you no longer see the experiences of your past and future. You see nothing.  You get into a place where you let your normal thought chatter just float on by and just feel the stillness and love in that moment of nothingness and clarity.  And really, there is something there; it truly isn’t nothingness, but it is like a nice soft breeze on a summer day or a cup of tea on a winter day.  All is there yet nothing…

Now what you can’t seem to focus and let the thoughts go by?  What if you don’t seem to have the time to get to the place within that you want and need to get to? Meditation takes a good amount of practice and learning to train your thoughts.

What can you do if you just can’t seem to get there?

You find a way that gives you that same feeling or at least the same kind of vibration as meditation. What do you love to do that gives you a zen like feeling as you do it?  Maybe taking a walk in nature is one of your ways to wind down after a long day.  Or maybe you love to sit down with a good book and that brings about a strong calm over you.

Whatever you love to do that instills that calm feeling and thought within, is like a ‘walking’ meditation. You get in the same kind of zone and it can be just as rewarding when you are conscious of it.

Find something you love to do that brings a calm, balance, and quiet to your life.  It puts your mind chatter on hold and takes you to a positive place within.  Maybe sewing or knitting puts you in the zone.  Or maybe watching a movie puts you in the zone.  Or maybe drawing or painting puts you in the zone.

There is more than one way in anything we do in life and that includes meditation.



We have much going on in the world today.  It can be challenging to not think of all that is happening in the world and where it will lead.

You know, you can think about it, deal with it in the best way you know how, yet still find the good and positive in the day and in the world.

Make a pact with yourself.  For every story that you read that puts others and the world in a negative light, you have to find another story that puts others and the world in a positive light. Make sure to keep a balance of what you see, read, hear, and feel.

You could just read the positive stories if you wanted to, but if you don’t and you get caught up in all that is happening that seems worrisome and fearful, then please, read something that makes you feel you have faith in humanity and this beautiful world.

Yes, we all have to deal with negative feeling challenges in life, but we can deal with them in a better positive mindset instead of being pulled down to a lower negative vibration.

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You have two ways you can go about what you think in life…

You can let your mind just automatically assume, judge, and create all the choices for you through the way you have always thought.

OR you can take charge and be conscious of where your mind goes and therefore letting go of the negative while you deal with the moments of life, and find what is good, positive, and can be appreciated in life.

Both ways you are choosing the direction of your life experience.  One is full of ups and down, challenge after challenge, and a negative view of life.  And one is full of ups and downs that you are able to balance through, challenges that seem more like possibilities and opportunities creating a better view and solution, and a positive view of life.

Steady as you go. Positive in thought.  Appreciate the ride. Challenges are just changes that can be negative or positive depending on how you look at it. Life is all about change and you choose if it feels negative or positive.


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Many times when there is a challenge or/and disaster of some kind, that is across the states or in another county, we can feel helpless not being able to do something to help.

We can get actively involved by sending money or whatever needs to be done that will help those that are having a challenging experience.

But if you aren’t able to be right there or give monetarily, there is a way for you to help and it helps not only others, but on a  global scale.  You can send powerful thoughts full of love, healing, and solutions.  Just by getting into a frame of mind and heart of pure higher positive energy and then focusing in on where the challenge is, you can help all who need the help if they are asking for help.

What we think and feel is a part of the consciousness of the Universal itself and when we direct what we think and feel, then those vibrations will attach to others who are asking for some kind of help.  That vibration can help to direct those who are physically rescuing others and all the rescue crews.  That vibration can help someone bring up their confidence and know how to get out of a scary experience.  What you send will help someone.

You can do something about it.

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If you are trying to think positive and your mind takes you in a whole other direction then  just begin again. There is no need to be frustrated or angry that you can’t seem to stay in a positive frame of mind.  It takes practice.  No need to beat yourself up over it or be upset…just begin again.

Each time that you just begin again without any negative reactions, you will begin to create a new thought pattern to reflect what you want to think and feel and that new pattern will take you to experiences that lead up to where you want to be in life.

No drama, no tantrums…just begin again, my friend.


There are times where our emotions can be in the way of being able to find an answer.  We get confused and aren’t sure which way to go.  We wonder if we are even supposed to be where we are in life.  We feel direction-less.

Don’t despair, my friend. This is the moment to trust the Universe and where it is taking you.  Even if you can’t see the direction, know and trust that you are being guided. Know and trust that the way will become clear.  Keep trusting, keep knowing that much is being taken care of behind the scenes. Keep it in mind and heart, even though it may not feel like there is movement, there is movement.  You just can’t see it at the moment, but know it is there.

And then it will just happen.  The fog will clear and you will know what direction to take. You will know you’ve been guided.  Confusion will fall away and clarity will prevail.

Trust, hope, and expect…all is well.

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All is well and will be well no matter what the experience.

When you are able to embrace that thought and trust that all is happening for the best for your life at the right time, then you have nothing to ever fear or worry about, do you?

Say it over and over again ‘All is well and will be well no matter what the experience.’  Say it until you soak it in and make that thought a fiber of your very being.

Live that thought, see that thought in all you do, and accept that thought.  That thought can change your life experience.


When making a choice, what is it that you keep in mind and heart?  Some are confused by what choice to make, but there is a way to look at the choices and choose what is the best and you can even look at the choices of others and see if they are making their choice based on what I am about to say.

When you make a choice, the first thoughts that should come to mind and heart are, “Is this choice coming from kindness and compassion? Will this choice intentionally hurt another mentally or physically? Does this choice feel positive for my life in the present and future?”

Base your choices on the questions above.  You will be able to see if choices are being made through ego or through the true self within.

Think of others and their choices as well. They may give you some kind of ultimatum in supporting their choice.  Ask yourself if their choice is coming from kindness and compassion.  Is their choice intentionally hurting others mentally or physically? You can then base your own choice on the answer.


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When you have a negative experience, you don’t have to get all wrapped up in how bad it was or how upset you are.  You can see that it doesn’t feel the best, but that is as far as you have to take the negative.  You can see it, feel it, yet let go of the negative thought and feelings as those thoughts and feelings can cloud your judgment and your clarity.

Many times when we are in a negative experience, we get confused and our emotions seem to take over.  It can be challenging to think at all, but if you figure it out before hand, like right now, by practicing how to be present and conscious of where your thoughts and feelings go, then you will be able to shift focus during that moment of challenge.

Take time to practice shifting focus from the negative to the positive. Build your positive thought muscles so when a challenge comes along, you can be ready.  You can stay in a balanced and clear place within as you take care of what needs to be taken care of.

It’s easy to be positive in positive experiences, but it is in the less than positive experiences that it becomes a challenge.  Yet if you put your mind to it you can bring about positive thoughts and feelings as you experience a less than positive experience. It is the experience that is negative and not you if that is what you choose.

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There is always a way.  Even you can’t imagine how, there is always a way. Put your focus on knowing and trusting that the answer will unfold.   When you focus in on a positive outcome, and then hand it over to the Universe, it will come about in the perfect and right time for the best for your life. No need to hold onto how you think it will happen or when it will happen.  All you have to do is know and trust, do what you can to come closer to the outcome you see, and let it happen in the way the Universe sees the best way for you.

You have just a small view of the whole picture whereas the Universe has the whole view of the picture of what you want. It knows the best path to get you to where you want to be.

So trust and know that there is always a way.  Let it unfold…


Have you ever stopped think how much you have to appreciate?  Appreciation is an undervalued feeling that can really do wonders for your life.

When you appreciate, you have no room to think negative.  As long as your mind is in the state of appreciation, it can’t possibly be negative in that moment.

As you appreciate, you are creating a vibration that is much like love. When you create appreciative vibrations, you are sending a signal to the Universe.  And the Universe will send you a signal right back of the same caliber which manifests itself in appreciative experiences for you.

What if you could stay in a state of appreciation all day long?  Think about all that will come your way!

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You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.  No words were truer spoken.

Everyone has different beliefs and everyone has different ways of perceiving life.  Some have a way that works for them but it may not work for another.

It’s great to have suggestions and advice that may help another but if they don’t want help, then you can’t force it.  What works for you may be great and maybe it will work for others, but you really can’t push others to believe or perceive as you do.

You can lead them to what feels like the truth of the Universe, but if they don’t want to believe, you can’t make them. They may have to come to the thought in their own time or maybe not at all.  No need to waste the energy is trying to make another believe as you do. Let them come to it in their own way and if they don’t, then it is their choice.

You can keep on believing and be an example of what you believe. Your thoughts and your actions that bring about the example you are living, will inspire others to do the same.

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