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How you think about your life is what your life will be and become. When you state emphatically that you never get a break and things just seem to go wrong, the Universe feels that vibration and sends it back to you in some form.  The Universe says, “If you say so” and sends you a vibration that feels the same as you sent out. Now this is a mixed vibration of what you think, focus on, feel, and say about the moments.  The Universe will then send you what you sent out because it is loving you by giving back to you what you put out.

So next time you decide to be conscious of where your thoughts go, take a moment to let go of the negative vibrations that you may be grumbling about, and shift focus to a more positive vibration. If you are appreciating and loving life, then you are creating a life of positives.

The Universe will then say, “If you say so…”  and open doors for you to walk through that are full of more positive.

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As you go about your day, keep this in mind…in every thought, feeling, reaction, and action are a part of your overall vibration.  And it is the overall vibration that you send out into the world and the Universe. This means that not just your wonderful positive vibrations you create in your day, but your negative, your bored, your upset, your angry vibrations as well.

Ask yourself what overall vibration you are sending out into this Universe?  The Universe has the advantage as it knows immediately what vibration your thoughts, feelings, reactions, and actions become, but we can only gauge our vibrations by how we are feeling in each moment.

In all you say and do, just send out a kind, compassionate, and loving vibration.  Yes, even in those moments that feel less than positive.  Every moment will pass whether it is good feeling or bad feeling, but every moment you get the chance to fine tune.

If you have a moment that you feel like you handled it in an upset way, don’t get upset with yourself, just pick yourself up and begin your vibration again, but this time be conscious of where you take it.

What is your overall vibration?  What are you creating for the future?


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It is in our everyday thought that creates the most of our vibrations.  Our vibrations are what draw to us what we send out into the Universe.

It is great to envision and positively focus on what you want in life, but the focus you put on what you want isn’t as big as the everyday thought and feeling.

The best inner work you can do is learn how to be conscious of your everyday thoughts, feelings, and reactions. These every moments make up most of your life.  All day long you are thinking and responding to what is happening in your moments.  And sometimes those thoughts are just an automatic response that you have always had.  It is in those automatic responses that you want to be conscious of where your mind goes and then shift focus toward a better feeling thought as you let go of the less than negative thoughts.

We all have negative thoughts, but it is those who focus on shifting their focus to a more positive thought that are the ones most likely to get what they envision in life.

Be conscious of your everyday moments and envision what you would like life to be.  The combination will create a path that is destined to be all that you have ever wanted.

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At that moment, when you are just about ready to give up, it is the moment that miracles show themselves.

Don’t give up, my friend. You may have to take a different path than you thought, but don’t give up.  Be open to everyday miracles and know and trust that the new path is taking you to where you want to be.

All is well and will be well no matter what the experience if you keep a positive mindset and trust that all is unfolding for the best.


The past is gone but not the lessons within that past.

The future is yet to be but the lessons of your past and your present determine your future.

The present is what you have in this moment. And what you choose in your present will create your future.

The direction you choose is the path that you will take.  Are you staying conscious of your thought and direction?  Are you doing all you can to learn from the past, let go of what isn’t needed that holds you down in the past, and create a present positive thought and direction in your moments?

It can begin today. You get to choose the direction through your thought, my friend. Let go of the weight of the past and keep the lessons of the past that will help your present and future.

No one can choose it for you.  It is all up to you.  It isn’t up to your circumstances, environment, or upbringing.  It isn’t up to another person. You and you alone can choose where your thought takes you.

Choose wisely…

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Every thought that you have is a part of the direction your life heads.  And how positive you get that vibration is a part of creating a positive life.

Do your best not to look at anything as ordinary.  Whether it is an experience in the routine of the day or the same kind of scenery; open up to a higher more positive thought of what you see.

Begin with a grateful thought. Maybe you are grateful that the sun is out.  You begin by thinking ‘I appreciate the sun being out today.’  Now take it up a notch, ‘I appreciate the sun being out today and the fun I am going to have taking a walk in it.’  Now take it up another notch, ‘I appreciate the sun and the fun today. I appreciate what the sun does for me and this Universe. The beautiful blooms, the warmth, and how it makes the garden look so wonderful! It feels otherworldly.’

Do you see how to take it up a notch? You begin with a statement and then get into the feeling of what is positive and good about that grateful thought.  Build those vibrations.  By building a higher positive thought and feeling, you will be unfolding a positive life experience.


Day dreaming and using your imagination to envision your life experience, in the way that you want life to be, is a way of making it happen.

When day dreaming, the  sky is the limit. Dream all you want about things and experiences that may not even exist. Build thoughts and feelings through your imagination.  It isn’t a waste of time to day dream; it is a way of creating higher positive vibrations that get sent out into the Universe.  Then the Universe answers your ‘call’ by sending you experiences that match the vibration that you sent out. It may come to you in a different form, but it will have the same feeling as your day dream.

Day dreaming is not just for children or dreamers.  It is yet another key to creating the life you envision.


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No matter what is happening in life, you can choose the direction it will go in.  Focus on the worry, complaints, and doubts of life, then the direction of life will head into the worries, complaints, and doubt aspects of your life. Focus on the appreciation, joy, and positives of life, then the direction of life will head into the joy, appreciation, and positive of life.

You choose the direction through your own thoughts, feelings, and reactions. The Universe is answering the call that you send out into the Universe.

What are you sending out today? What direction are you consciously choosing?

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In order to create a positive life experience, you have to begin with changing your perspective on life.  Some have lives that feel up and then down and some have lives where they feel everything is a challenge.  And then there are some who see the positive in all of life’s experiences.

What is your perspective on life? Do you wake up in the day and groan and complain about all you have to do in a day? Do you wake up upset because you’re in pain?  Or do you wake up choosing to see and feel all that there is positive in your moments?

There are many different ways that we perceive life, but when we realize that we have control over our perceptions, that we have the ability to change our perceptions, then we are consciously changing our direction in life.

Everything around you is a part of this Universe.  And everything around you can be deemed positive or negative if you choose. Or you can choose to see that everything around you is as it is and doesn’t have to be or feel negative. You can choose to see the positive within what feels negative or shift focus toward a better feeling thought.

Wake up and open your eyes to what is positive in your life. Look out that window and see the beauty in the trees speckled with sunlight.  Choose to see the smile on your neighbor’s face as they play with their dog.  Choose to create a positive feeling in all that you do.

Everything around you is a part of experiencing life.  You get to choose what you feel within about it all. No matter what the experience, you get to choose the direction.

And if one aspect of life doesn’t feel like you would like it to be, then choose to find a positive thought and feeling through it all. Life is all about change and change brings new directions to go.

This moment will pass and another will occur.  Choose the direction in everything you say and do.

Secret Secret Garden

There is always an open door to walk through.  Sometimes we look so long at the closed door that we can’t see the many open doors that are all around us.

When you’re having a challenge in life, it can be difficult to get through it with a positive mindset.  Not only that, we can get to focusing so much on the negative aspect of the challenge, we forget that we can choose to let go of the negative aspects and focus in on what is positive.  And if a positive can’t be found, then we can at least trust and expect for the positive to show itself.

That closed door is actually a door that will take you in a whole other direction to the open door you are looking for. When a door closes, see that it is only a direction you are not supposed to be going.  Then keep moving forward knowing that you have been given a chance to go in a whole other direction because of that challenge. An open door will always be there for you.

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You brush your teeth and take a shower each day.  You remember to eat and to sleep each day.  You did these everyday tasks since you were young.  They are things that you do in your every day.

Do you know what else you need to remember in your every day?  That is to continue, even if you have to start over and over again, to let go of the negative and shift focus to the positive. It is the only way your life is going to change for the better and more positive present and future.

Each and every day remember to keep doing the inner work to shift your thoughts to a higher more positive thought.  It will become second nature just as brushing your teeth did.

The more you do the inner work, the more you will be changing a pattern within you. What will you choose to think?  What will you choose to let go of?  What will you choose to shift your focus to?

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We can’t possibly know it all. There are many things in this Universe that are a mystery but just because they are a mystery doesn’t mean that they don’t have meaning or aren’t real.

As humans, we only see a certain amount of colors but there are more colors that we didn’t know even existed. Some animals see those colors that we can’t possibly see, but we know they are there.

Next time you think that your life feels limited or you feel like life is on automatic, remember that there is so much more in the Universe that you can’t possibly see.  It doesn’t make it less real just because you don’t understand its meaning.

Those feelings and thoughts of limited and automatic are what you feel your life may be, but there are many more experiences out there to be lived.  They may be experiences you have never even experienced, but they exist. How about stepping out of the zone of limited and step into the zone of unlimited and unconventional through opening up your mind to the bigger of the Universe.

All you have to do is think about it. Tell yourself that you want unlimited, you want new colors, you want new experiences.  The mystery will fall away and you will unfold new possibilities into your life.

All you have to do is believe and take action.

time to release

Could you go through a whole day without saying or feeling something negative about yourself? Could you love yourself like the Universe loves you?  Could you let go of all the preconceived notions of what is normal or right and just know within that you are ‘just right’ as you are in all you do? Could you not look at another and compare yourself th them whether it be about clothing or physical features in some way?

Could you take just one day and compliment and appreciate yourself in all that you say and do?  Could you take one day to love all of who you are without one critical thought?

You are loved my friend.  Now it is time to take the time to love yourself.  Let go of those thoughts of the critical voice of judgment and shift your focus to the loving voice within who knows and sees you as a perfect spiritual being having a physical experience.

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It is in the everyday thoughts that we need to pay attention to if we are wanting to create a more positive and abundant life.

Our mind can go on automatic in the every day of life.  When we have the same kind of day through working, running errands, and doing all the things that we ordinarily do; we start to let our mind go on automatic.  And when the mind goes on automatic, we are at the whim of what the mind thinks whether it is positive or negative.

It is in the ordinary of the day that we need to be conscious of where the mind takes our thoughts.  When we are able to understand that our mind is on automatic, then we can shift our focus to a place that will create a more positive present and future.

Instead of getting caught up in the ordinary of the day, how about shifting focus toward the extraordinary in the ordinary? Like a giggle from a baby or a beautiful sky full of white billowy clouds or a puppy and its enthusiasm as it runs toward you to be hugged.  Everyone has extraordinary moments in every single day.  All you have to do is open your mind and heart and just look. See the day in a whole other way. Seek out the extraordinary and the extraordinary will begin to come into your life.

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When in doubt, be aware of your thoughts.  When you see that you are doubting, ask yourself if the doubt is a way of keeping yourself from being disappointed.  When you are in doubt, you are thinking that maybe, just maybe, things won’t work out.  Not only is doubt creating a cloud of doubt around what you are doubting, but it also creates more to doubt in life because what you are thinking creates a direction of where you are going.

When in doubt, first be aware of the doubt.  Then think of what would be the opposite to that doubt.  For example: Let’s say you are waiting for an answer when it comes to a promotion at work. Every time you think of it, you think that you’re probably not going to get it because they just haven’t called yet.  That is the moment to be conscious of the doubting thought.  You have no idea that you’re not getting the promotion; you just doubt because that way, if you don’t get it, you prepared for it.  Now that you know where the thought came from, you can now shift your focus to what you can shift your focus to that makes you feel better.  You just might get that job.  You are good enough for it. You know it is a perfect fit for you.  As you shift focus toward the positive, you are creating a best case scenario that can help your perception to see the positive and that vibration brings more positive into your life. You may get the promotion or not, but if you don’t, you will have something come into your life that is the same or even better because of how you shift your focus.

Inner work is what it takes to change your world. Change your thoughts and you will change your world.


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How is your physical surroundings?  Is your home or bedroom full of clutter?  And do you feel cluttered within as well? If you do, the physical act of cleaning clutter in your room or home, is helpful to your inner clutter as well. By organizing and letting go of the old, you are making more room for the new.

Letting go of the old thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve your life and replacing those thoughts with good feeling thought patterns and actions, you will be creating clarity within.  And clarity within is a part of creating the direction of where you go in life.

Clarity can begin within but if you just can’t seem to find it, do a little physical cleaning.  It amazingly will create clarity within as well as in the physical.

agree to disagree and respect

With all that goes on in the world, we can begin to wonder if there is more negative than positive.

Or we can remember that everything, yes everything, comes from love.  It is the belief and opinions of others that can create a negative or a positive; just as we can do the same.

How about instead of wondering and worrying about all the negative in the world, we shift focus to find what is positive?  How about we focus on what love there is in the world?

As we shift our focus from the negative to the positive, we shift our focus to love and appreciation. As we experience life through love and appreciation, then you are creating a vibration that is higher than most.  A higher vibration comes from a greater love.  A higher vibration can heal; not only heal others but the world.

The negative is just a way of knowing that we are walking away from love. We are going in another direction.  The negative can help us to realize what we want through what we don’t want.  The negative serves its purpose, but it isn’t necessary to focus on it. Learn from the negative and then move forward in a positive mindset. Let go of the negative and embrace the love and appreciation in the positive.

giving and receiving

You are made up of thoughts, beliefs, and experiences.  You came into this physical world to experience life.  You are a spiritual being who just happened to choose to be physical.

And where you take your mind, your heart, and your thought, truly creates the path of where you go and are going.

And just because someone has experienced it in one way, doesn’t mean you have to experience life in that same exact way. You get to choose where your life goes.

Some live until they’re a hundred while others choose, before they became physical, to live a shorter physical life.  Either way, they’ve experienced a physical life that is whole and complete.

As my dad approaches 90 years old, I think of how fortunate he is to have lived so long and who knows, he could live another 20 years.

And then my sister passed earlier in life.  How fortunate that she got to come to this beautiful world and experience physical life.

Choose life my friend. Choose to enjoy, to appreciate, to love, to be kind, and to be compassionate.  Choose a positive attitude instead of a negative attitude. How we choose our direction can make a difference in how long we will be here…or not.  Since we don’t know exactly how long we have, we should treasure and love every moment, don’t you think?

Life is meant to be lived!

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In every moment, you are experiencing life. You are experiencing life through a physical vessel. You are a spiritual being having a physical experience.  This means that you are observing, learn, and growing from your spirit within.  And your spirit within is an eternal lasting being which never dies but just lets go of the physical self when it is time.

Where you are doing exactly as you want in life or you’re working toward what you envision, or not paying attention yet living, you are doing just what you came to here to do…to experience.

Each and every experience brings about awareness to your true self. That awareness sees all the potential, it sees all aspects of the experience, and learns and grows through the observation of the physical.

Next time you wonder if you are truly on the right path, remember that you are on the right path in that moment as that path may be showing you what you don’t want as well as what you want.

Every experience matters whether you recognize it or not. Your spiritual self within recognizes and continues to learn and grow.


Sometimes we can get into such an everyday routine that we can forget to enjoy and appreciate the moments. Our mind can think only about what needs to be done in a day and we get into a routine that is not only routine in the physical, but routine in the mind as well. By forgetting about appreciation and enjoying, we truly aren’t living but just existing.

Isn’t today a great day to become conscious of the joy in the everyday?  To be mindful of what is in your life that you appreciate as you go about the busy of the day?

Do your best to get out of the routine within your mind and see each day as a new opportunity to enjoy and appreciate life.  In the routine of life, you can find the extraordinary in the ordinary, you can appreciate and enjoy what you have in all of your moments, even in the everyday.  Build your positive vibrations in all of your days and moments.

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