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If you are having a difficult experience happening in your life send out love. Love heals and protects you.  As love goes out, it protects it’s sender and stops any drain of energy.

The more you send out love, the more healing and protection energy will come into your life through love.

Love is the solution, love is the answer, love is all there is…  Send out love in all you do and say,  and see how it can change your life experiences.

Love is powerful.



There is this place within you that is forever connected to every answer and solution that you have a question about. The solution may not show itself immediately but it will show itself at the right time.  That right time may not feel like the timing that you wanted but the Universe knows the right time better than you do. You only see a small part of your life and how you affects others and their lives. The Universe sees every angle and every part of your experience and chooses the best time for not only you but everyone involved.

That place within you can be reached twenty-four hours a day. If you ever feel alone or wonder if anyone appreciates what you do, then take a moment to close your eyes, let go of all the resistant feeling vibrations and be quiet within. Take a deep breath in and then in your exhale let go of all of what you think and feel. Keep relaxing your body and your mind and as you go within keep repeating, ‘I am loved. I am cared for. I trust that all is well and will be well.’ As you relax more and more with each breath in and each exhale you will feel a calm quiet come over you. That calm is in that connection to the Universe. It is there. That connection doesn’t judge and only sees the true self within and all the inner growth.  You are living life just as you should in this moment. You are experiencing life and that is all that is expected from you.

You get to choose the direction but no matter what the direction is, whether it ends up being right or wrong according to what you think is right or wrong…it doesn’t matter because you experienced and inner grew through it all. You can choose a higher vibration and road. You can see the positive no matter what the experience. That connect within knows that any and every thing you do is what you should be doing at that moment. You choose the direction…

You are loved my friend.

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You are loved my friend.

If you are in a relationship or not…you are loved.

If you are feeling good or bad about yourself…you are loved.

If you are a stay at home mom or president of a company…you are loved.

If feel worthy or unworthy…you are loved.

You see, no matter what is happening in life, what you are doing, what you are saying, what you are feeling, you are loved.

The All/Source/God/Universe accepts and loves you unconditionally and THAT is a great reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day, don’t you think?

Celebrate being loved today!

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There is one constant in this Universe and that my friend…is love. Books have been written about it and songs have been sung…love. Love is there at all times. It is not something you have to reach or find.  Love is sitting right within you.  It sounds so easy, doesn’t it? To say that all you have to do is look within to find love? How do you look within when you don’t know where exactly to find it?  Aaaahhhh…love. Just the word itself creates a little jump of the heart. It’s what everyone wants in life. They look for it in things, in people, in experiences, and just feel as if something is missing.  They think they find love only to find that it was true love…the kind of love they were looking for so they keep searching.

Take a moment and think about when you have felt loved. Let me give you a few tips; the smile a stranger gives to you, a beautiful blooming rose, a baby’s giggle, the wind against your cheek on a warm day, the sun coming up every single morning to greet you, the amazing fragrances that have been given to us in the flower garden, the hug you received, the book you read that gave you that ‘warmie’ feeling, the co-worker who took your shift so you could go out with friends, the gentleman who helped you with your flat tire…love.

You see, love shows itself every single day. It doesn’t have to be this ‘end all’ moment of pure angel singing love. Love can be subtle. The Universe gives us love all day long. It is up to you to be aware, take a moment to actually feel it, and be grateful for that endless connection that you have with the Universe.

Love IS all there is…


When a natural disaster strikes it is important to remember to focus on all that can be done and all that IS being done to help others. It can be easy to get ‘caught up’ in the fear, grief, and feelings of hopelessness that come along with disaster. Do what you can to help. Appreciate how many are safe, send good positive energy to all concerned. THAT energy will help others even if you are not in the vicinity. They need hope, love, and rescue right now. They don’t need feelings of fear, worry, and grief.  They have enough of that right now. Be compassionate, do what you can, but above all…stay positive. You have no idea how many it will help.

Natural disasters don’t have to be questioned. They are not ‘wrath from God’ as so many say. This is a physical earth that we came to experience on and this physical earth breaks down and has been rebuilding its foundation before we even came along. Yes it would be nice if there were no such things as disasters but they are a part of the human experience. It is how YOU think, act, react, and feel through it all. That is a part of our learning process. How we help and experience through it all is yet another experience to grow and understand through.
Today, send out love, protection, and hope to all who are experiencing disaster.

When we are feeling hurt we tend to take the hurt emotion and try to push it away but when we push it away we are really suppressing it causing it to grow a little stronger. As it grows, it begins to seep into our thoughts and create havoc in silent ways. When you are feeling hurt, see the hurt as if it is an upset child. How would you help to soothe an upset child? Maybe talk with her, hold her in your arms, and gently give her loving thoughts and words until her hurt begins to dissipate. Neutralize your upset emotions through creating a positive soothing vibration to help heal the hurt.

We are human after all. We have emotion and are able to tell which direction we are going in our life experience through those feelings. Love yourself like you would anyone who may be hurting and show yourself kindness and love instead of being upset with the fact that you’re upset. Love you in good times and in what seems like bad times. As you love the self and create a healing positive kind vibration you will move beyond the hurt moment with clarity, love, and an even better vibration than before.

They can uplift, balance, attract, neutralize, change, and give positive light to all around you.  You can change or become neutral to others thoughts and feelings, and go with the flow of the Universe.  Everything in the Universe responds to love and positive vibrations.


I am always amazed at the difference in the feel when I let go of a negative moment, word, or thought.  I replace the negative with a positive.  Immediately I feel lighter and more at peace.  Then when you make it second nature, you begin to see a huge difference in everything in life even though to the outer world, nothing has changed but you know…you know within ALL has changed and THOSE vibrations are the ones that will bring to you so much more of the same.

Positive vibrations…now if only we could sell it in a bottle for those who are less than positive, but instead we must allow and accept the fact that they too are creating  their life through their own experiences.

When we come into this world we are born with love.  It is something that we have within us.  Fear, on the other hand, is something we learn. Part of our experience is to bring us back to full love.  When we are aware of love in everything that we experience, the experience becomes much more than just living.  We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.  Make the most of it letting go of the things that we physically may have learned and come back to the truth of it all…love.

It’s true, you know.  Love is what makes the world go ’round.  Love is the answer.  Love is all you need…  🙂

We come from love and are born with the capacity to only love.  Our experiences create a contrast so that we can continually learn more about love.  It is all about what we love and what we don’t love.  It is all about how we react and what we feel according to what makes us happy and what we love.  Think about a situation in your life and find the essence of what it was about and you will find it comes back to love.   For example:  You have a friend who says some awful mean things to you and you wonder why?  Why did she say those things?  It wasn’t necessarily to be mean to you…she feels angry or frustrated about life.

She feels bad about herself and she feels unloved.  If she’s mad at you, whether you did anything or not, she is not feeling loved.  This goes for every situation.

If you are  feeling less worthy or let down somehow, you are feeling unloved.  All that it takes is to flip it around and look through the eyes of love in everything you do…you were born to love.

When we sit down and watch a movie, love is huge.  Big moments with sweeping camera shots that come in on a kiss or someone running to an airport to expound upon his undying love for the woman that got away.  Each word is scripted perfectly…

Love in our physical world isn’t like the movies.  It isn’t going to come crashing through a window and swoop you up with a beautiful musical score and after-movie credits.  Love is subtle.  Love is in the small gestures to one another.  Love is giving a hug because you fall in love all over again with that cute way he smiles.  He doesn’t have to fly through the window and sweep you away.

Remember to appreciate the small wonderful moments with love.  It is there.  You can find it if you keep your eyes open and look. You are loved in the most subtle loving ways by the Universe and many others.  Know this without the drama…

I love the ways the Universe subtly shows its love; a soft breeze, a brilliant sunset, a blossoming flower.  I love the ways the people around me show me love in a subtle way; taking out the trash, a hug, a holding hand, a funny joke, a look.  Everyday in some way love is shown to me.  I didn’t always recognize it.  I wondered where love was but I found it in the ordinary things in life and once I opened my eyes,  I was overwhelmed by the love for me.  Love IS what makes the world go ’round.

When you are feeling unloved or not worthy you are focusing on an illusion.  You are cared for, encouraged, loved, and supported no matter what the appearance of your current situation may lead you to believe. The Universe/God is always there for you. Instead of wondering if you are loved…know that you are loved.  You don’t need to try so hard to be deemed worthy of love.  Let your own original light from within shine through. Know that you are always connected to an eternal source of love…always.

Peanut came in, plopped on the bed, and just stared at me.  I was typing away on my laptop and could feel her waiting to say something.  So I walked over to her and sat down next to her.

“You want to tell me something?”

She slowly nodded her head.  “I just saved a life.”

“You did?”


“Tell me about it.”

She sat up and smiled. “I was outside playing and I noticed a HUGE spider web.”

“Ewww…” I encouraged.

She wrinkled her nose.  “Yeah!  It was really big Mom!  It was the size of that bottle over there.”  I tried not to smile.  I knew that had to be a bit of an exaggeration.   She continued, “It was yellow and brown with brown streaks down its leg.”

“Oh…” I thought to myself.  “She’s right.  I’ve seen those around outside.  They are the size of a small pill bottle.”

Peanut continued.  “It crawled out of a hole toward its web and there in the web was the cutest thing I have ever seen.  It was a fuzzy white moth, Mom.  It had little black eyes and it was looking at me.  I could hear it begging me to save it.  The spider crawled with its big meanie legs toward the moth and the spider began to wrap it up.”

“Wow!  So what did you do?”

“I didn’t want to hurt the spider ‘cuz it is his home but I had to save that moth.  I knew that spider needed his dinner but not on my watch!  He could eat something later so I took a stick and poked the spider ever so gently and he ran back in his hole.”

I was intrigued.  I knew that spiders sometimes paralyze their little meals before ‘wrapping’ them up.  I wondered if she truly saved the moth.

“So what did you do next?” I asked.

“I took the stick and slid it under the moth.  I didn’t break the web or anything.  I kept the spider’s home intact.”

My daughter, thinking about the spider’s welfare as well.  What a girl…

“But the moth couldn’t move so I put my finger up to that sticky web and the moth could only use her legs but got on my finger.  There was spider webbing all over her wings. I didn’t want to pull of the webbing because her wings looked so fragile.”

“What did you do?”

“I waited.  Her legs worked and then she began to flap her wings a little and the webbing fell off.  It felt so neat to feel her wings.  It felt like a little angel flutter. She sat on my finger for a few minutes and then she flew up.  She landed back on my finger ‘cuz she was wobbly but then she really flew off.  I followed her to make sure she was okay.”

“Wow…you saved a life.”

She was happy.  “I then went back to look at that spider.  He had already caught a fly and wrapped it up like a mummy so he got to eat.”

“Good to know, Peanut.  You were concerned about the spider?”

“Yeah but he still got to eat.  I did what you said, Mom.”

“What do you mean?”  I was racking my brain for some kind of ‘save the moth’ story I had told her.  lol

“I saw something happening and I felt kind of helpless and then I listened to what my heart (she pointed to her chest) and my self inside (she pointed to her forehead) and both of them told me that the moth should be saved and that there would be a way to do it.  So I relaxed and tried not to think of the ooey gooey spider and see what would be best for everything and it worked.  I didn’t touch the icky-ness and only went for my good feeling which was saving that moth.”  She was proud of herself and I was proud of her for using her inner skills.

I gave her a hug. “Good job!”

She sat on the edge of the bed and swung her legs.  “I think I’m going to go and contemplate.”

Yeah…she used the word ‘contemplate.’  My eleven year old guru. What a crack up!

Be aware of the people around you. You never know what giving a smile to someone can do for their life. Sometimes you may be the sign given to another person that life is wonderful. If someone looks as if they are having a negative life don’t give them a pitiful look. Give them a smile to let them know that you recognize who they are and appreciate them for just ‘being.’ Every thought and action vibrates through the world. What you do can affect others. Compassion and unconditional love can help you as well as the other person. We are all in this together.

It was ‘a sign’ day.  You know…one of those days where the Universe seemed to be showing me how important each of us is to one another.

I went down to the post office to mail a couple of Mother’s Day cards and the post mistress wanted to know what I was up to.  I told her I was having a writer’s day but then explained to her about Peanut running up and down the stairs yelling, “Something’s happening!” (regarding our little guinea pigs possibly having babies) and then she’d run back down,”Nothing’s happening!”  She did this back and forth for a while.

The post mistress looked right at me and said, “I…hmmm…I was wrestling with moving on from something in my life and wondered if I was going to do anything about it…and…Peanut just explained how I was feeling.  You know that feeling of stop, start, stop, start.  So…if you don’t mind me asking…what happened?”

“I told Peanut to ‘let things be’ and it will happen naturally.”

Our post mistress smiled and said, “Thank you.”

Isn’t it amazing how the Universe can use each of us as the answer to a call someone else is putting out and not even know it?  And how an ordinary story can be the catapult to helping someone?

Wow…this Universe just has it all figured out!

Do you allow others to enjoy their life without opinions from you about what they are doing wrong?  Do you make it so they don’t have to explain or even defend their life choices?  Replace feelings of frustration or blame with love and acceptance.  We all take different, unique paths. And just because their way isn’t your way doesn’t make it any less wrong… or right.  Just allow…

Dad went into surgery yesterday and is doing just fine.  We’re going to visit him today bringing him some homemade chocolate cookies.  Mom is antsy to get him home.  She told him she needs him back to peel potatoes. 🙂

It is all in the time it should be.  They are beginning to talk about bringing him home.  He’ll have some nurses from the hospital help him out at the house.  No more moldy shoes for him!

Here’s something that can seem hard at first but try it.  Your life will change because of it. Try sending love where you normally would be sending dislike or even hate especially when it comes to the television, the internet, or newspaper.  When you send love to something, no matter how hard it seems, you will be becoming a part of the solution to peace in the world and not just another person contributing to the hate and judgments of the world.  You will find, if you make it a habit, you will be a calmer and more joyful person.  It always starts with you. 🙂

I love to watch Dad in the morning.  He goes outside and opens up his big bin of bird food.  He sprinkles it all over the ground and then sits in his chair.  His eyes sparkle with delight as all the birds come over to have their breakfast.  He gets up and goes over to his other bin of food which is the chicken food.  He calls Daisy and he/she comes running over clucking and carrying on.  Dad proceeds to cluck back at her.  They ‘talk’ to each other the whole time Daisy’s eating.  He then sits back down in his chair and makes sure the birds eat all their rice.  He then goes and gets the paper.  He toddles back in the house and says, “All babies have been fed.  This baby needs to eat now!”

Every morning the same endearing routine and the same words.  It makes me happy to see my dad content.

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Does your own life include the realities of limitations and problems?  Limitations and problems are you projecting an illusion onto your physical reality.  They begin to play over and over again on the screen of your physical reality.  Do your best to change the negative appearance of what you are projecting.   When you begin to project a higher vibration full of love, being creative, prosperous, confident, patient, successful, peaceful, and enlightened then you will project this illusion on your physical reality.  You are an eternal being within that is able to project manifestations onto your screen of life…so what are you projecting?

One more round of family coming in.  We are blessed to have such a big family.  The refrigerator is full of leftovers yet we keep cooking!  🙂  Lee and I have been working in the late evenings so that we can have time for all the relatives coming through.  It’s been a wonderful holiday.


law of attraction claudmey

Keep this in mind as you go about intentionally creating.  Abundance and love are already a part of your inner self.  It is already there.  And when you can tap into that part of you, and be conscious of it, and go about the day knowing these divine laws and living from within, you will find things will flow much easier.  You can only have what you are conscious of.  Are you conscious of abundance and joy or are you conscious of the lack of it?  Start from within where your true conscious lies and you will begin to emit vibrations of unlimited abundance and joy…it’s already there…tap into it!

A nice quiet morning this morning.  Everyone seems to be sleeping in.  Just me and the silence…I love that sometimes, don’t you?  I enjoy all the joyful noises of children running around and family talking and laughing but sometimes a nice quiet moment is wonderful.  Just me and the Universe for a silent moment…amazing.

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