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Your life experiences, your ups and your downs, your solutions, your answers, your take on life, your ‘mistakes,’ your everything, can help another with their own life. The key is to share the many realizations, the thoughts of what got you through it all, the experience from the bigger perspective, all through a positive frame of mind so it uplifts who is listening. You never know who you might inspire by one of your life stories. Don’t be afraid to speak up and tell someone, especially if you feel within that it might just benefit who you are speaking to. Don’t let your fear, your worry, your embarrassment keep you from sharing your story.

You may just save someone from feeling alone in what they may be experiencing. The goal is to share so that others feel uplifted and inspired to live their own life experience knowing they will be able to ‘get through’ whatever they are going through.

How about being an inspiration today?