beth mccain quotes 778

So many people wear different masks of who they think others want them to be. They make choices based on what others think. They wear certain clothes in hopes it will please others. They go against their own thoughts and ideas just so they can feel accepted by others. These are all different kinds of masks being worn because they are not acting, thinking, and being who they truly are. They’ve decided that others thoughts and beliefs are more important than their own.

How about taking the masks off and just being who you truly are? There is nothing to be afraid of. If someone doesn’t like what you have to say or who you are then that is their problem. It only becomes your problem when you take in what they have to say and believe it.

Be the most authentic, genuine person that you can be. Share who you truly are with the world. You will attract others that are of like mind when you do. The best kind of friend to have is someone who is living from the inside out.