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Changing your natural automatic thought process takes practice.  It can be automatic to think maybe something won’t work out or think negative about an experience, but what if you changed your thought and your perceptions and stayed conscious of where your thoughts go?  You could then shift your thought to something that feels better.

Let’s say you are having an experience where you just feel like it is negative.  Step back for a moment and remind yourself that this negative doesn’t have to be  a negative experience. The negative can be changed.  Maybe that ‘negative’ experience is taking you to where you want to be and in order to get to where you want to be you had to experience this ‘negative’ so that you can learn to let go of the negative and embrace a more positive attitude about it all?

Maybe the experience is the perfect experience for just that?  Then that would mean that the negative experience isn’t negative at all, but just a stepping stone to where you want to be?  And depending on where you take your thought and perception, it will come out even better than expected or stay the same.

Next time you are having an experience, remind yourself that every experience is a part of your journey and how you react and think through it all, is where you will take it.

All is well and will be well no matter what the experience….



There are times where we can lose focus and direction because of impatience. It’s as if we have done all the inner work to get to the ‘vibration match’ of what we want and expect it to manifest since we think we’ve done all the positive focus and thought that we are have supposed to do. Yet what we focused on to manifest just hasn’t come about so impatience becomes a part of your daily vibration.

Impatience is a ‘push against’ vibration. It is when you want what you want right now and because it isn’t here then you get frustrated and concerned. And those kinds of emotions create more of the same through impatience.

You see, you may have thought you did it all to make what you want to happen but if it hasn’t happened yet then there is more to understand and learn from so that you can take it to the higher vibration of where you want to be. Just because you think you have learned all the lessons that you think were needed to get in a more positive state of mind, doesn’t mean you are right at that manifestation point.

It is the Universe that takes all of your thought, feelings, and focus vibrations and send them back to you. And it comes back to you in the form of the thoughts, feelings, and focus in a bundle. The Universe creates the exact vibration from your mixed bag of thoughts, feelings, and focus.

If one day you are up and another day you are down, then you are looking at a mixed bag of vibrations being sent to the Universe. The Universe responds with its interpretation of what you have sent to it. That is the way the Universe loves and accepts you. It sends to you what you give to it.

And then there is the overall picture that the Universe can see whereas you can only see a small part of the picture of your life experience. The Universe knows the exact time and place that is just right for your life and others around you. That is where the trust comes in.

How about turning your impatience into trusting that what you want will come to you in the right time for your life? How about creating a calm knowing that what you envision will come about as you let go of how and when it will come to you and go about your day creating a positive state of mind and heart?

Once you step aside from the impatience then you are no longer creating a resistant vibration and can do what inner work needs to be done while creating a strong focused vibration.

time to release

There is a way to bring in the new year and create the most positive of positive higher vibrations.

Instead of looking at the past year and seeing all that you didn’t get done or that felt negative; you can let the negative and upset thoughts and feelings go. You can look at the past year and see all that you had to appreciate, look at your past experiences and ask yourself what you may have learned from them, think of all that went well, and the memories that you truly want to cherish. If you lost someone then focus on all the wonderful time you had with them and take that into your heart.

Once you see how truly amazing your year was even with all that felt negative then you can now let go of the past and hold on to the good memories of that year.

Then look toward this new year. Think of all the possibilities and the joy that can come about. Keep your focus on what you intend to think and feel this new year and hold strong to that intention. In each experience of the new year embrace the experience no matter what and know that the experience is helping guide you to where you want to be…you just have to be the one to set the direction through your thoughts, feelings, and intentions.

And then…EMBRACE this amazing new year FULL of unlimited possibilities!

the sky is the limit

Many times when someone makes a New Year’s resolution, they list out all that they want to accomplish.  Maybe they have one major goal or many goals. For those goals to manifest, a feeling has to go along with that goal.  That feeling has to be stronger and more determined then your environment around you. That feeling has to be FULL of excitement, determination, hope, and dreams. That feeling has to know, without a doubt, that it can happen.

You see, anyone can make a New Year’s resolution but it takes someone focused to follow through with the New Year’s goal.

Are you focused? Are you ready for ideas to come to you in any way, shape, or form to help manifest that goal?  Are you creating the thoughts AND the feelings wanted and needed for that goal to go from the ‘invisible’ to the ‘visible?’ Are you trusting that the Universe is taking care of the how while you take care of the thought and feeling of it all?

Your feelings fuel the direction you go in life. So when making that New Year’s resolution ask yourself how you want to feel in that goal as well?  Focus on the thought and the feeling my friend. Stay focused…

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This time of year is the perfect time to celebrate life and to reflect on what we have to appreciate from the past year. Whether it was a challenging year or a year full of dreams, you can truly look to the past to see all the lessons, insights, and inner growth that came about. Appreciating the challenging experiences helps to move on from them. And if you don’t know what there was to appreciate in the experience, just know that there was something within it for you.

Each experience we have has meaning. Each experience gives us a chance to take our life in a certain direction. And that direction is determined by your thoughts, feelings, and views on life. If you constantly are complaining, worrying, and fearing then that is the direction life will go with experiences full of things to complain about, worry about, and fear.

And if you constantly inner work toward creating a positive outlook on experiences, trusting that things are unfolding just as they should in the right time for your life, doing the inner work necessary to take a higher level of vibration road, then you will experience a life of trust, right timing, and higher positive vibration experiences.

Look toward the new year with a new pair of eyes. Seek and find what there is that is positive in every experience and person. Dwell on it and focus on it as you go through each moment of your day. If someone has upset you, take care of it in a kind and compassionate way but let go of the hurt feelings and thoughts that may be attached to the upset. Look at it from the perspective that another may not know that they are being hurtful. It may be their own hurt that they are projecting to you.

Reflect on the past without attaching to the emotion of the past. See what could be fine tuned from the experience and know that you had something to learn within the past that can help guide you to where you truly want to be today.

We have so many choices that can be made in life. Make choices that are based out of kindness, love, and compassion my friend. You deserve a loving, caring, and kind life.

planting a flower

Sometimes it can feel like everything just ‘hits’ all at once, doesn’t it? It makes you wonder how you’ll ever get through.  And you may wonder  why it has to happen.

This is the perfect time to do the inner work to shift your focus from focusing on the fear and worry to focusing on what is positive in it all. Sure, it can be challenging to find that positive when you have so much around that feels negative but the more you create an open positive vibration then the faster the experience will breeze on by. The experience may be just the experience needed to change a current repetitive thought pattern, let it go, and create a better feeling instead. It could be full of inner growth that will take you to a higher feeling thought vibration which is where you need to be for things to move forward. The experience may be just the thing that will put you in the direction you need to be in for the next best experience.

We always have a choice my friend. We always have a choice where our thought takes us. And what you choose will create a closed door and keep you in the same kind of experience. Or you can create an open door to walk through that will take you to where you want to be.

Think of all you have at this very moment and not about what you don’t have. Appreciate who is in your life right now and not focus on the people that upset you. Feel happy that you have that dollar in your pocket instead of worrying about what if your money doesn’t last in your future. Create and choose that thought and feeling ‘all is well and will be well.’ Create those open doors.

You see, there is a choice…

step by step

It’s always good to step back and ask yourself what is motivating you.  Are you motivated by what another thinks?  Are you motivated for the sheer inspiration of it all?  Are you motivated because another is blaming you and you want to ‘prove’ to them something?  Are you motivated with the sheer excited expectation of where it will take you?

As you can see, there are many ways we can be motivated. The motivation that is driven by opinions of others, or out to prove something, are the ones that will create a resistance feeling vibration within. When you are trying to prove yourself to another then your motivation isn’t coming from the heart; it is coming from the ego.

So how about checking in with yourself and ask you what motivates you?  You can let go of all that involves what others think and say and embrace the true genuine thought and feeling within that is inspired, excited, and motivated because it will help another.

Each emotion takes you in the direction of what the reason behind the motivation is. Do a little fine tuning of your motives today. 🙂

time to release

Are you focusing on the ‘what ifs’ of life instead of living in the moment and appreciating the day? Are you creating ‘what if worries’ for the future?

Sometimes we can get caught up in the worry and thoughts of the next day, the next year, or even farther into the future. Many want a life that is full of positive experiences but they sit and worry about the what the future may hold.  They are essentially are putting thought and feeling vibrations that is full of a worrisome future.

Why not focus on this moment and all that you have in life right now that you can appreciate?  How about thinking about the ‘what ifs’ of the future in the most positive thought and feeling vibration possible?  Instead of worrying yourself into your future you will be thinking and feeling yourself into the future with positive possible outcomes. And when you think positive then more positive comes into your life.

How about changing those worry ‘what ifs’ to full of hope ‘what ifs?’  It will change your future…

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For any problem there is a solution. But the problem can’t be solved with the same mindset that created the problem.

In order to create the solution you have to reach a vibration that will manifest the solution. If you stay in the same mindset then you won’t be able to step beyond the limits of your current thought. But if you understand that there is are solutions somewhere and it will come to you when it is the perfect time, then you are now going beyond the current thought of problem and leaning toward solution.

You just changed your mindset! And that is what it takes for life to change. How about it?  Change your mindset today. Know there is a solution and keep focused on that thought instead of focusing on the problem. If you have racked your brain looking for the solution but just can’t seem to find it, then know that there is one,keep your eyes and ears open to solution opportunities,  and know it will appear all in the time that it should.

You can do this…all is well and will be well my friend.

beth mccain 6657

Do you make a quick judgment based on what you see and hear when it comes to others? Many people do. They look at another and their life and assume that they know how they got to where they are or they judge another by their past.

People can change.  It is important to look at the past so that it can be learned from but then move on to a new thought with another, instead of looking toward their past actions. Give them the benefit of the doubt and really give them the chance to make life better for themselves.

If they show the same kind of behavior then you know what to do but maybe, just maybe, they have now grown beyond what they used to be and are a better person for it.

How about stepping aside from judgments my friend?


Many say that they trust and believe in the Universe.  No matter what you call the Universe it means the same thing…the source of all.  So if we trust and believe that the Universe is there watching our back, helping and guiding us to the place we want to be, then how come we worry or fear? If we truly trust and believe that all will unfold just as it should in the time that it should then that means we don’t have to worry about the outcome, doesn’t it? If we trust and believe then why get upset when we have an experience that is less than positive?  Maybe that experience is leading us in another direction to get us to where we want to be.  And if that is the case then we can actually thank the Universe, can’t we?

You see, we say we trust and believe in the Universe but we want to control how it happens and fear and worry when it doesn’t go just as we thought it would. But what if the Universe sees the whole picture and not just the small part of the picture like we see?

What if we let the Universe take the reins and we just follow along learning and growing through experiences to take us to that higher vibration of what we want; all the awhile appreciating each moment of the day?

Now that is trusting and believing my friend. All is well and will be well.


When was the last time you went beyond the limits of your current frame of mind?

Are you so set in your ways, and what you believe, that you have boxed yourself into limits of the way you think life is?  Sometimes we can let the world tell us what we should be thinking and doing. From exercise to eating to how to get rich to how to do or say just about anything.

Here’s the thing that many seem to forget; what may work for one may not work for another. Each of us lives a unique life because of how we think, act, and feel. And when we are being told over and over again, through all kinds of media, of what is right, wrong, or normal, then we start believing that ‘they’ truly know it all and we just accept it.  We then create limits to the thoughts we have.

What if you questioned everything you were told? What if, instead of relying on the fears, worries, or hype, you began with questioning yourself from ‘within’ first? Ask that true voice within if what you are being told is what sounds right for your life. If it does then you can keep at it but if you question it and then feel within that what ‘they’ say just isn’t for you then you will be stepping outside the limits of normal thought and creating a direction of your own.

You can do this with any and all that you think about.

Do a ‘check’ on your beliefs.  See and feel if they are working for you. If something feels ‘off’ then step outside the normal limits of what you think and expand the mind beyond that normal to see what else is out there for you.

By stepping beyond the limits you will be creating a higher positive thought vibration to learn and grow through.  And the old way of limits will dissipate as you adopt a new way.

Maybe it is time for a new way of believing. 🙂

time to release

There are times where we just let the mind automatically make a choice for us. It will give us a choice that we have gotten into the habit of. Let’s say that you are looking for a new job.  In the past, all the new job interviews have gone well but you haven’t gotten the actual job.  So the mind has you saying to yourself, “Here it goes…another job interview that is going to go great but I’m not going to get the job.” You may not consciously realize that you are creating the same kind of thought each time but you are. And just that automatic response from your mind can keep you going on a repetitive loop of wondering if you will ever get the job you want which creates a repetitive ‘vibration’ that is coming back in your life.

How about breaking the cycle of what the mind has on automatic?  How about staying aware of what your mind tells you in experiences and see if you truly think if you want it to turn out the way your mind as told you.

Your automatic thoughts over time create your present and your future. If life hasn’t been changing in the way that you want it to then take a look at those automatic thoughts. Let go of those that no longer serve you and create some new thoughts that will reflect what you truly want to happen in life.

So how would you change the job interview thought? You shift your focus from ‘I’m not going to get this either’ to something like ‘This is a different job. This truly could be the perfect one for me. I’m going to give it my all once again and let’s see what unfolds. I’m going to keep a positive thought going and if it isn’t this job then another one will come that is just right.”

All that it takes is a little inner work to get to where you want to be.

time to release

Don’t just sit there…do the inner work necessary to get you to where you want to be in life. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the thought of what we want that we forget to keep our eyes open for the opportunities that present themselves along the way.

Part of getting from point A to point B is the actually journey. The journey is where you learn more, take higher roads, take detours with amazing scenery, and understand and gain clarity.

Many think that if they just focus on what they want in life then that is all they have to do to get it. But really what it takes is to focus, let go of what you no longer need that may be holding you back in regards to your thought patterns, create new patterns that go along with what you want, and appreciating and accepting where you are today while keeping open to new opportunities. All of that is what is inner work.

The only way to get from A to B is doing that inner work to create new patterns of thought that match up with what you truly want.

So don’t just sit there! Do your best to get the inner work in motion.

planting a flower

You always have something that you can give. And what you give doesn’t necessary have to be something material.

You see, giving to someone without any expectations of something coming back to you is giving from the heart.  Whether it is a hug, a smile, some time to talk, a listening ear, a helping hand, or a monetary donation of some sort; it is all giving as long as you give from the heart.

Giving creates the most loving and caring of vibrations.  It transcends all of what we see and creates a thought and feeling like no other.

And guess what?  When you give from the heart the Universe begins to give back to you from the heart so really you do get something wonderful out of it. 🙂  But don’t just do it for the Universal pat on the back; do it because it is truly a wonderful thing to do.

Keep giving first and foremost as you go about your day today. Give from the heart.

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Where does your mind take you through out the day? Do you let it go from thought to thought of what the day holds?  Or do you create intention as to where your mind puts its focus?

Many times we forget that we have a choice in how we think, feel, and react. We get wrapped up in the every day moments and just go on automatic. When you become conscious of your everyday thought, then you can make a choice where your thought will lead you. You can go in the direction of resistant feeling vibrations or in the direction of positive feeling vibrations.

You have a choice in where your mind goes.  It begins with being aware and changing your thought to match what you truly want. If you want your day to get better and better then make it better and better by letting go of resistant feeling vibrations and shift your focus to something you appreciate in life. If you have a problem then focus on there being a solution even if you don’t know what that solution is yet. Just know there is one and create that positive thought.

Each thought you have will create your next moment and your future. It is all up to you my friend…

beth mccain 1

I just love that saying ‘Let the sun shine in!’  To be such a small phrase it says so much, don’t you think?

Keep it in mind and heart today no matter what you are experiencing. Having a negative day?  Then remind yourself to the let the sun shine in. Let that positive light of all there is around you, and within you, shine.Visualize letting the light in.  The light of appreciation, joy, and laughter. The light of wisdom, insight, and realizations.  The light of forgiveness and understanding.No matter what you are experiencing today let the sun shine in and keep your light shining bright full of positive thought vibrations.

If you get off track then just begin again. You always have a new moment to create. Why not create with the light of positivity instead of a dark feeling of negativity?

Your world will take on a whole new view.

Let the sun shine in my friend. 🙂

sunset blog

Everyone has one in their life.  Everyone has at least one person that comes from a negative point of view at some time in life. Maybe they are a family member, a co worker, or maybe someone who waits on you in a store. They tell you stories from a negative view or talk about others through gossip. They are the ones that you just feel like you need a shower after they have talked with you because of all the negative that was spewed.

Did you know that you truly have a choice in the matter?  Did you know that you truly can get it so that their mood doesn’t affect your mood?

It begins with a choice. You see, no matter how much they say or do; you have a choice in how you think, feel, and react in it all. You can do the inner work to let go of the resistant negative vibration that is coming from them and create a steady calm balanced vibration instead.

You begin with being conscious of your own body’s reactions when someone is speaking or feeling negative. The second you feel those shoulders and neck tense up, just say within your mind, ‘relax my shoulders and neck.’ Just that little suggestion will get your mind on relaxing and automatically tells the body to let go physically.  Then as the other person is speaking you want to take a deep breath in and see in your mind, the negativity that feels as if it is ‘attaching’ to you,   falling away in your exhale. You can do this without anyone noticing.  You’re just breathing, right?  But you are breathing with focus and intention.

Just take a breath in and keep releasing their negative. Then begin to focus on something positive that you can send to them.  Maybe you appreciate their outfit they are wearing or maybe you appreciate something else about them.  Deal with what you have to in conversation but keep the thought of releasing and building appreciation; even if that appreciation comes from knowing they have to get back to work and can’t talk forever. 😉

When you make a choice to let go of the resistant vibration then it is no longer affecting you. You are sending it back to whoever sends it over and you’re sending a positive thought back as well. Then you can go about your day without thinking back to the negative that felt attached to you because it will no longer be there.

Shift your focus my friend. It is all up to you and your choice.

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As you go about your day, be a little kinder than necessary. Go the extra mile for another. Give someone a smile and then give them another.

Everything you say and do is creating your present and your future. If you show this beautiful Universe that you can be kinder than necessary than the Universe is going to bring ‘kinder than necessary’ back to you.

Now isn’t that wonderful? But don’t do it just because you think you are going to get it back; do it because you feel it is the best thing to do from the heart.

Be a little kinder than necessary without expecting anything in return.  Create kindness from the heart.

do something nice

This time of year can be oh so wonderful but at the same time can be trying for some. Getting together with family and friends for a holiday brings out the joy and laughter but it can also bring out the envious and rude in some.

Just know that you have a choice in how you react to another during your holiday gathering.  Whether they can’t wait to tell you all the negative gossip or give you a look of disapproval; you have a choice in how you see their ways.

You can take in what they say and become a part of the negative gossip vibration or you can take in that look of disapproval and either be upset or mad about it creating yet another resistant feeling vibration.

Or you can observe what they say without ‘attaching’ to their vibration. You can listen and let go of the negative that may be building within you. If someone gives you that look then you can shake it off and realize that when another is disapproving of your life then that is their own issue…not yours.  Then send them a nice rush of positive thought.  They won’t know what to do. 😉

You can still enjoy the holidays as you let go and rise above any kind of negative that may come about. You can choose to just enjoy yourself and be appreciative of having the choice how you think, feel, and react.


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