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No matter what your day starts out to be, no matter what your moments bring about, no matter what unexpectedly pops up in your day, you can choose to have a good day.

You can experience each moment, yet keep in mind that you can choose positive thoughts and feelings. Even in those moments that are frustrating, upsetting, anxiety driven, and stress filled.  You can take a moment to breath in a positive vibration and breathe out the emotion that gives you a resistant thought and feeling.

No one said that you have to feel negative just because an experience feels negative. Creating a positive thought and feeling can be done at any time.

And if you can’t find the positive in an experience, just trust and know that there is one.

Keep thinking positive my friend.


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You are the only one responsible for what makes you happy. If you think your happiness relies on a certain circumstance or a certain person, then you want to think again.  Sure, certain people can bring happiness to who we are, but they are not responsible for being your reason for happiness.  That is a lot of pressure to put on another and you are giving that person much of your own ‘power’ by thinking they are responsible for your happiness.

Be happy for you. Let your own thoughts and experiences create your happiness.  Let your happiness come from within and not a circumstance or person.  When you make the shift of creating your own happy, you will empower and build your own vibration to a higher vibration of happiness.

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When you are feeling unhappy, do you make excuses as to why you are unhappy? Maybe you blame it on the bad traffic or maybe you blame it on your boss’ foul mood, or maybe you blame it on the weather, others, or life itself.

Making excuses only prolongs your unhappiness.  You and only you are responsible for your happiness. No person, place, or thing is causing unhappiness; it is your own thoughts and feelings that are creating being unhappy.

What would happen if you chose to be happy in each moment?  What would happen if you were having a challenge, yet you were able to appreciate the moments?  What would happen if you didn’t blame some one or some thing on you being unhappy.

What if you chose to be happy in all your moments?  You would be happy.

Don’t wait on happiness thinking that you will only find that happiness if you have enough money, or have the perfect soul mate, or have the perfect job.  You can be happy now.  You can enjoy and appreciate now and be even happier when your outcome comes out as you had hoped.

No ifs, ands, or buts; you can be happy without the excuses. Take responsibility for your own happiness.

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It is in the everyday thoughts that we need to pay attention to if we are wanting to create a more positive and abundant life.

Our mind can go on automatic in the every day of life.  When we have the same kind of day through working, running errands, and doing all the things that we ordinarily do; we start to let our mind go on automatic.  And when the mind goes on automatic, we are at the whim of what the mind thinks whether it is positive or negative.

It is in the ordinary of the day that we need to be conscious of where the mind takes our thoughts.  When we are able to understand that our mind is on automatic, then we can shift our focus to a place that will create a more positive present and future.

Instead of getting caught up in the ordinary of the day, how about shifting focus toward the extraordinary in the ordinary? Like a giggle from a baby or a beautiful sky full of white billowy clouds or a puppy and its enthusiasm as it runs toward you to be hugged.  Everyone has extraordinary moments in every single day.  All you have to do is open your mind and heart and just look. See the day in a whole other way. Seek out the extraordinary and the extraordinary will begin to come into your life.

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Anything is possible…for some.  You know why only for some?  Because those that truly believe, live, and be in the thought that anything is possible, without a shadow of a doubt, find ways and find open doors to back up their belief that anything is possible.

What you think is what you become. If your mind is in a constant state of fear and worry, then your life will have constant worry and fear in some way.

Yet if you believe that there is a way in anything that you do, even if you can’t see the way it can happen, you are setting in motion thoughts and belief that all will unfold to there being a way.

Don’t you see how essential it is to train the mind to create a positive mindset each and every day? Even in times of challenge, you can still see the positive in an experience.

Anything is possible my friend. I know it, I’ve lived it, I trust in it, and I believe it.  Life truly has never let me down because I know that every experience is taking me to the best for my life and life does just that for me.

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‘I could be happy if…’   Many think that they could be happy if only they had enough money, or they could be happy if life wasn’t so hard, or they could be happy if…’

When we blame circumstances for our unhappiness, we are making excuses for not being happy. When we can blame something, then we don’t have to take responsibility.  It seems easier, for some, to look at their life experiences and blame experiences,  that are out of our control, for the unhappiness.

When you take responsibility for your own happiness, then something amazing happens. As you look for what makes you happy in your moments and look at what you appreciate, you will find that those less than happy moments soften.  The more you focus on the happy of your moments, even in those less than positive moments,  and shift to appreciation if happiness isn’t quite what you can muster up, you will find that cloud and illusion of unhappiness was all up to you.

So what if you don’t have enough money today. You can appreciate that you have a roof over your head and think about how happy that makes you.  So what if those around you don’t understand you.  You can find others (even if there is one or two) that are of like mind and that is something to be happy about.

All you have to do is shift your focus my friend. No more excuses….create happiness!

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As they say ‘one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.’ We all think uniquely.  We all experience life in a way that is best for us but may not be best for another.  You may love to water ski yet another may not like it.  It doesn’t make either of you right or wrong.  You are just different than one another.

Remember that one man’s junk can be another man’s treasure when it comes to our life experience.  Just as one man’s treasure can be another man’s junk but neither is wrong.

Live life in the way you feel best and let others live in the way they feel is best for their life.  You are both neither right or wrong.  You are an individual experiencing life in the way that you want to.

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Have you ever got caught up in the conversation of another who is adamant and became just as adamant as they are?  Maybe you hear a speech, or maybe you are having lunch with a group of friends, and their upset and their frustrations become your upset and frustration?

It is important to be conscious of your thought when you are with others.  Know what you want, be understanding and listen, but do your best not to attach to their emotion and thoughts about their lives.  When we attach to another and their vibration, we are creating a similar vibration as to what they are experiencing and maybe it doesn’t fit into your life.

Be conscious in all you say, do, and act. Be kind, compassionate, and loving in thought when with others. Let go of another and their thoughts, if it makes you agitated or fearful, and get back to creating your own thoughts.  Remind yourself that they are living in life in their way, but you don’t have to become a part of it unless you choose too. Always check ‘within and feel what rings true for you.

Anyone that makes you feel bad about life, you want to reconsider what role they play in your life. If you create a positive life experience and someone comes into your life that is less than positive, then your positive vibrations lessens if you let them get to you.  But if you keep up your positive vibration, even in the presence of a negative person, while letting go of the negativity, then you are creating your own life experience without their vibration being involved.

And who knows; maybe they will become a little more positive with you around.

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In that moment where you are thinking of giving up on your dreams, remember this: It could be in that next moment where it all opens up for you. Or all that is happening is a part of getting you to where you want to be; maybe a little detour through some other experiences that will help you get there.

Sometimes, when we say we are giving up, something amazing happens. We let go of holding on so tightly to what we want, that just letting go releases the push against vibration of wanting something so badly.  And then, it can rush right in.

How about instead of giving up you just choose to let go of how it is going to happen for you? Let go of the worry that it may not come into your life.  Let go of thinking that life is going to be perfect when it comes.  Let go, let go, let go.

By letting go of the negatives of ‘don’t want,’ fear, worry, and holding on tight, you create open space for it to be created for you.  The bump in the road falls away and what you want can come bursting through the very next moment.

Don’t give up my friend, just let go.

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Do you trust that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience? Trusting the Universe and letting life unfold at the hands of the Universe creates many more possibilities than we could ever imagine.

When we envision what we want the end result to be, we do our best to find the perfect path to getting there. And sometimes our perfect path takes a detour or two, and then meets back up with your end result.

It is best to envision what you want but to let it unfold in the way that the Universe does it because the Universe knows every little vibration that is needed to get you to where you want to be.  But not only that, the Universe knows the path to take to get you there.  It may not have been the path that you thought was the best, but no matter as the Universe sees it all and acts accordingly.

We can’t possibly see the whole picture in the way the Universe does. So why not trust the Universe to unfold that perfect path that is built on solid ground because the Universe knew the best way?

No need to worry if you feel you are having a detour or two.  Trust the Universe as you continue to create a positive vibration, deal with all the experiences coming your way in a higher thought, and know, without a shadow of a doubt, that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience.

Do your part and trust my friend…


What do you see in the picture above?  Do you see a beautiful night sky with sparkling stars?  Or do you see that it is dark and almost scary to think of walking through that grass?

How we perceive our environment is a part of what comes into our life. When we change our perception from a fear based scenario to a positive based scenario, then we are shifting our thought in a direction that will bring more of that to you.

Take a look at how you see the world and your life experiences today.  If you find that you tend to see all the negative, fearful, worrisome ways that an experience may play out, then do yourself a favor  and shift your eyes to a whole other view of what is positive and good in your experiences and in the world, because there is always a negative and a positive in all we see, do, and say.  What one thinks is negative, another may think is positive.

What matters is what you see…


We can get into a mindset that what we want is the only way it will be. We want it exactly as we envision it to be.

But what if the Universe sees the whole experience and all the different ways it can come about for you? And what if you are stopping the process of manifestation because you are so dead set on your way that it becomes an obstacle.  The Universe brings to you experiences and people that will be helpful in taking your vibration to a match of what you want. And sometimes it is the learning within the experiences that you have to grow from in order to get to that matched vibration.

Detours happen but the detours are actually lessons and growth to take you to where you truly want to be.

No need to pigeon hole the Universe. Focus on what you want and then let go of the how. Widen the field by letting it happen in all different kinds of ways and surprises. Letting it happen means to let go of how you think it is going to open up and let the Universe bring it to you. Your job is to keep a positive strong focus on your everyday moments and your dreams and reaching the higher vibration of manifestation.

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Has the day been just so so? Then change it through your thoughts.  Make that so so day into a day of beautiful thoughts and vibrations. Shift your focus toward what is beautiful in sight, sound, touch, taste, and ethereal.

Has your day been great? Then change it up and make it even greater. Reach for higher positive vibrations in all that you are doing and your day will get even better.

I guess my point is; no matter what kind of day you may have started with, you can always create a better more positive thought and feeling. You can let go of what makes you feel negative and shift your focus to positive things, people, and experiences.

All that it takes to change your life is to change your thought. Live in thought like you want to be living.

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It is essential to your life experience to give yourself a pat on the back and appreciate where you are in life. So many feel that if they think great about who and where they are in life, then they are being arrogant and pompous. Yes, some do become self absorbed, but appreciating who you are is far from tooting your on horn.

Building self worth and confidence is a healthy way to feel good and positive about life and yourself. It’s not that you have to announce how wonderful you are to everyone, it is announcing ‘within’ how wonderful you are.

Take a moment right now and think about what you like about you.  If derogatory remarks come up, then let them go for now. This is a moment where there is no critical voice allowed. Think about how far you have come in life. About choices you have made that felt great. Think about what a beautiful light you are in this amazing world. This is an appreciation fest that you can think and feel ‘within.’

Feeling good about yourself is a part of creating a positive life experience. How about not focusing on all that you feel is wrong or negative about yourself and just accept who you are and appreciate all there is to appreciate about you?


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You can tell where you are when it comes to what you are bring into life. Let’s say that you keep having people come up to you to complain. And you wonder why so many people are complaining to you.  There  are two things that can be happening. One, you are attracting complainers because you have been complaining about life. You don’t even have to complain to others, but have the focused mind chatter that is complaining about life in general. That can attract more to complain about.

Then there is the other way. You may be attracting complaining of others because you don’t want people to come to you and complain.  And in that ‘don’t want,’ you are building a focused vibration of ‘I don’t want this!’ and then that vibration builds and brings back to your life what you don’t want.

The same goes for the positive. Maybe you have people telling you how wonderful and kind you are. Two things can be happening there as well. One, that you are attracting others to your vibration of feeling wonderful and kind. Or two, you are helping others and your life experience through creating kindness and being wonderful.  By focusing on helping others through kindness, you are creating kind and wonderful vibrations into your life.

Take a moment to think about an experience you have where you may have attracted an experience. Be conscious of it and find the moment that you felt you attracted it.  By resonating with a vibration you are creating and honing in on that vibration and it brings more into your life.

Find what you are resonating with when others talk to you. What rings true to you with what they are saying? Then focus on what you love about what they said.  Focus on what you enjoy life to be. Focus on what you feel is truth to you.  Get into a state of resonating with all that comes into being in your life.

Be conscious my friend and create…

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Sometimes we just seem to wake up on the wrong side of the bed.  And we do our best to get into a better place within, but we can have a challenging time redirecting focus toward a better attitude.

When we say just change your thoughts then life will change, it sounds so simple but in actuality it takes doing the inner work to get out of the old habit of thought and belief, and into a new more positive habit.

If you seem to have one of those days where you feel off or agitated, and you feel that you can’t get into a better frame of mind, then at least do your best get into a better balance within when it comes to your thoughts and feelings.

If you keep going to a worse case scenario in your mind or feeling as if things just aren’t working out, be conscious of that feeling you are having. Instead of getting involved in that thought, just observe it instead. When you observe instead of actively participate in a thought and feeling, you are stepping away from the emotion involved and creating balance.  Keep observing each time something comes up.  There will be a point where as you observe, you will begin to see that your thoughts don’t have to rule you. You can control where your mind goes and create balance.

The more you create that feeling and thought of balance, the more you will feel better and more positive.

Take a conscious deep breath in and let the mind know that a focused breath means you are going to let go of the emotion of it all an observe the thought.  Keep doing this until you get to where your mind begins to get back into a natural state of creating a positive vibration.



A part of creating a positive life experience is not only to create positive vibrations in your moments but to also be happy with what is surrounding you in life.  If you home is cluttered and makes you feel agitated, then take care of the clutter so when you come into your living room, you feel good and calm.

If you have things around you that don’t like, then get rid of those things so that everything that creates a happy positive thought is in your sphere.

This is not to say to go out and buy all new things; just let go of what doesn’t make you happy and then you can build up what does make you happy.

It can be as little as changing a picture that you no longer love and putting a new picture there that makes you feel good.

Surround yourself with what you love so that every moment, while you are in your home, you are contributing to that feeling and thought of living a positive life experience.

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Could have, would have, should have…

It doesn’t really matter, does it?  The past is the past so you might as well let it go…

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Tell me, what do you focus on?

Do you focus on the beautiful painting that was just finished by another or do you see the big mess of paints and brushes that are everywhere?

Do you focus on the great music coming from the radio as you wait in traffic or do you focus on how clogged up the traffic is and keep getting more agitated?

Do you focus on the great dinner you just had or do you focus on how long the food took to get there?

There is always more than one choice when it comes to what you focus on.  And what you choose to focus on, is what your life experience will become. Focus on the good, the better, the happy, the positive, the higher vibration and life will bring you just that. Focus on the negative, the worst of a situation, and what ‘might’ be from a negative state of thought then that is what life will bring you.

You really have a choice. The key is to be conscious of where your focus goes. If it veers over to an area of thought that just doesn’t feel good, then shift your focus to something that feels better. Every experience has a positive and a negative.  It all depends on what you focus on.

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In any experience, you can create hope. Even in those challenging experiences, you can do what you have to do to get through the experience but you don’t have to do it from a negative feeling within. You don’t have to be frustrated or worrisome. You don’t have to be angry or fearful. That is a choice that you are making.

When you become conscious of your thought and track your thoughts in each and every day, you will find that you react to what comes into life.  What if you were ready for any challenge and when it came about, you did what had to be done, but you reacted differently. You chose to let go of the agitating thoughts and feelings and chose something much more positive that made you feel good instead of making you feel worse.

There is no rule that says we have to be upset in a challenge in life. We can be hopeful and positive in any positive and/or challenge.

Here’s a little secret: When you are positive in all experiences then you are bringing more positive into your life; not only for your present but your future.

Next time you have something that comes up that is testing your positive nature, remember that you can choose where you take your thoughts, feelings, and reactions and what you choose will come into your life once again.

Create hope my friend.

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