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Unlimited abundance is the Universe.  You create your reality through your vibrations. Your vibrations originate from the Universe because you have, and always will be, a part of the ‘All’ of the Universe.   Therefore you have unlimited abundance right within you right now. It is in the thoughts of how you feel about money, relationships, career, and anything else that feels as if there is not enough. One thought can lead to another, one vibration can lead to another, and you find your life becoming just what you think and focus on through your vibrations. When we decide that unlimited abundance can be ours, many old thoughts will ‘pop’ up telling you otherwise. Maybe because you are afraid to trust, maybe you feel you really know what the world is like, maybe struggle, yes struggle, is uncomfortably comfortable for you but in order to get beyond the thoughts of unworthiness or lack, it always, always begins with a thought and how you perceive your world. Once you decide that nothing is responsible for bringing you abundance because it is right within you, the Universe understands and creates just that to match your vibration. This means that the job,the relationship, the money, the success isn’t waiting on someone else ‘giving’ it to you.  Only the Universe and you and then…let it go as to how it will happen. Know that the Universe will bring to you just what you have been vibrating.

And don’t forget that sometimes there are experiences that have to happen in order for your new way of thought to manifest into your life. Accept and allow all experiences and learn from them.  But at all times keep your focus on unlimited abundance from and through the Universe.

There’s a freeing feeling in this. Many seem to think they have to wait on someone else when it comes to receiving money in their life…maybe a job, maybe a few bucks from a rebate, maybe someone owes you money, or maybe you’re expecting abundance from a project you are creating.  No matter what it is, know that the Universe is the bank and not others. Sure you may know money is coming from someone or something but rely on the fact that the Universe is providing it all. As you think about money, and it coming to you, change your thought vibration so that it is coming from the Universe and not all the outer sources of this physical world. This way the Universe is given unlimited ways to bring it to you. If you are concerned about money, stop for a moment, and think, “I really don’t have to be concerned.  The Universe is unlimited and I am ready for abundance and I don’t have to figure out where it is coming from…I just know it is because I am focusing and trusting all experiences to lead me where the Universe knows the abundance for me is.” And then…relax and watch for the opportunities that will arise and thank the Universe for the ability to have opened yourself to unlimited abundance in all shapes and forms.


If you are walking  a path that seems difficult and full of obstacles and you aren’t enjoying the process, then there is surely another path for you to follow that holds joy, excitement, and obstacles that you can step around in joy while learning all the way.

If it seems too difficult, know there is another path that is smoother, easier, and has a better flow that the Universe has in mind.  Let the old go and be open to the new path that will show.

The Instigator…that was what my uncle was called by his brothers.  He was the one who was first to get everyone else in trouble.  He would start up the poker game while his dad was out and then when Dad would come walking in because he forgot something, the blame was always given to someone else.  He was the friend that would cause many a heartbreak in his early days pitting girlfriend and boyfriend against one another just because he could.

He was someone who really liked to make a path hard.  He thought he was being funny but really he had a mean streak a mile long. He would also be the one that let the goat go in the middle of church just to see all the reactions of everyone dressed in their Sunday best run around like madmen.  He always had a cohort or two to do his bidding.

There was one person, though, that he couldn’t seem to rile and that was Minnie.

Minnie would watch his antics and just step aside.  She wouldn’t take his road and she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of having any kind of reaction to the things he did. She took the smooth and high road, stepping aside ever so slightly when a apple came rolling at her feet. Everyone else running, but Minnie just stepping aside.

As they got into their teens, it bothered my uncle that Minnie was so together so he really put on the heat.  He dipped the tips of her braids in the inkwells, stuck a live frog on her chair but nothing fazed her.  Ever choosing the smooth road, she brushed the frog off her chair and decided she’d like a short bob haircut this year.  Then something happened…love.

My uncle kept teasing and taunting others but became civil with Minnie.  Pulling out her chair for her to sit, not to make her fall this time. He began working and drinking pop after pop at the soda fountain where she worked.  He had no reason to tease others now.  His main mission was to be next to Minnie’s side.

Yes, they married and had four boys, and darned if there wasn’t another one just like my uncle…full of mischief until a little girl with pig tails (who now wears very short red hair) came into the picture who was as full of ease as Aunt Minnie.

Some of us have questions about this world and the Universe. We find books that tell us theories, ideas, concepts, and some say it is the scientific truth.  We can spend hours searching on the internet or at the library looking for an answer to our questions we have of this vast Universe.  We research for what the truth is.
But sometimes when we sit still and listen within, the answers may not be scientific but they are the Universal truth none the less. Find time to reflect with no rules, no directions, no ‘this is the way it has to be,’ and see what comes to you.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy the truth with flow…your truth.

There is nothing better than ‘sitting still’ and muting the monkey mind chatter button.  Then I love ‘turning up’ the dial that is connected to intuition and the Universe.  I just sit back and relax, continually turning down one button and turning up the other dial until I have it just right.  I can always tell by how much lighter I feel.  I then begin to ‘shake off’ anything that feels like negativity…maybe from the day or just in general. And as I go through all these motions, I feel better, lighter, even more positive, and connected.  THEN it happens.  The waterfall of love, acceptance, encouragement, tranquility, and the oneness where you almost feel so light you feel as if you are somehow one.  Now do you see why I LOVE to ‘sit still?’ 🙂

A wonderful way to connect within to the wisdom of the Universe is to write. Whether it is in a journal or just to write a short story the process of writing opens you up to new ideas and knowledge.  You tap into that inner wisdom that is the Universe, forever connected through your inner self.   Don’t worry if at first it doesn’t make any sense; but write from the heart.  Start with the thoughts that are on your mind.  Make it an everyday activity and you will find that ideas and thoughts will begin to flow more freely in your everyday life…all from a pen, paper, computer, and a connection.

I’ll never forget when I began to write without thinking.  Yes, without thinking.  Before when I would write I would always sit there and think and think and think…until what I wrote wasn’t what I wanted.  It was just a jumble of thoughts and words that didn’t have any heart.  Then one day I just sat at the computer and didn’t read what I was writing.  I opened up my heart and just wrote what I was feeling.  Then the next day I did it again.  I kept doing this daily until one day something magical happened.  I found that I no longer struggled with what was being written.  It just flowed.  Time would stop and I could write on and on and on and not only that…I found my voice within my heart.  The voice that is directly connected to that magical realm of the Universe and all that was there to help and guide me.

Some days I would write very little and others I would write for hours.  Some made sense and some didn’t but I kept at it.  The process itself began to open up a channel within me and I could hear the connection I had been looking for.  I could feel that connection. There were times I couldn’t even remember what I wrote and when I went back over it…I knew I had struck gold.  The true self was speaking and writing.  What a wonderful moment.  Even if nothing makes sense it still opens you consciously to connect through writing in a journal or writing in general.  It is yet another way to tap into the eternal wisdom of the Universe.

The Universe is everywhere.  It is in every living person and every living thing.  Everything that you see in your physical world is the Universe.  In any circumstance you may be in, know that the Universe is involved and the Universe is taking care of every little need.  When you are worried or fearful relax in the thought that the Universe is aware of how you are feeling and asks you to not worry and just know that all is in order.  Follow the guidance within you.  Have ‘the faith’ that all is well because how could it be any different?  The Universe has your back.

Relax…all is well.

Lee and I had a conversation with one of the ladies at our LOA workshop who was ranting and raving about her life.  It was as if she were creating the worst possible scenario within her mind. “I don’t know what I’m going to do.  If that job doesn’t come through we could lose everything; the house, the car, and…well, just everything!  And then what would we do?  I mean I have no other options. I would have to call my mom and ask her if we could come live there and that is a whole other can of worms! How can positive thought help me here?”

Here she was painting the worst case scenario and as her voice became more insistent with it was the strong vibration of lack and fear.

“Can I ask you something?”  Lee  said.  He didn’t give her time to answer. “Have you ever been homeless or without a car?  Have you ever experienced a worse problem than this?”

“No,” she said, “But maybe this is the time it will be that way.”

“Have you ever thought to envision the best case scenario?  I mean, out of all the job interviews you’ve had don’t you think one may call?  And maybe, just maybe, it will be one of the ones that you really want?  And possibly could it be that you could keep your house and car and have some extras as well?  Just maybe?”

She stared at Lee. “Maybe, but does life REALLY give you the best just because you think it will?”

Lee asked her, “Does life REALLY give you the worst when you just think it could get worse?  How’s THAT working for you?  Are you liking life right now and what would be different for you if you did change your way of thought?”

She stared at Lee. “I might be happy.”  She hugged Lee and turned to me.  “If you ever get tired of him, he can have a room at my house.”

Lee actually hemmed and hawed and turned eight shades of red… I love it when that happens! LOL

When you are feeling unloved or not worthy you are focusing on an illusion.  You are cared for, encouraged, loved, and supported no matter what the appearance of your current situation may lead you to believe. The Universe/God is always there for you. Instead of wondering if you are loved…know that you are loved.  You don’t need to try so hard to be deemed worthy of love.  Let your own original light from within shine through. Know that you are always connected to an eternal source of love…always.

Peanut came in, plopped on the bed, and just stared at me.  I was typing away on my laptop and could feel her waiting to say something.  So I walked over to her and sat down next to her.

“You want to tell me something?”

She slowly nodded her head.  “I just saved a life.”

“You did?”


“Tell me about it.”

She sat up and smiled. “I was outside playing and I noticed a HUGE spider web.”

“Ewww…” I encouraged.

She wrinkled her nose.  “Yeah!  It was really big Mom!  It was the size of that bottle over there.”  I tried not to smile.  I knew that had to be a bit of an exaggeration.   She continued, “It was yellow and brown with brown streaks down its leg.”

“Oh…” I thought to myself.  “She’s right.  I’ve seen those around outside.  They are the size of a small pill bottle.”

Peanut continued.  “It crawled out of a hole toward its web and there in the web was the cutest thing I have ever seen.  It was a fuzzy white moth, Mom.  It had little black eyes and it was looking at me.  I could hear it begging me to save it.  The spider crawled with its big meanie legs toward the moth and the spider began to wrap it up.”

“Wow!  So what did you do?”

“I didn’t want to hurt the spider ‘cuz it is his home but I had to save that moth.  I knew that spider needed his dinner but not on my watch!  He could eat something later so I took a stick and poked the spider ever so gently and he ran back in his hole.”

I was intrigued.  I knew that spiders sometimes paralyze their little meals before ‘wrapping’ them up.  I wondered if she truly saved the moth.

“So what did you do next?” I asked.

“I took the stick and slid it under the moth.  I didn’t break the web or anything.  I kept the spider’s home intact.”

My daughter, thinking about the spider’s welfare as well.  What a girl…

“But the moth couldn’t move so I put my finger up to that sticky web and the moth could only use her legs but got on my finger.  There was spider webbing all over her wings. I didn’t want to pull of the webbing because her wings looked so fragile.”

“What did you do?”

“I waited.  Her legs worked and then she began to flap her wings a little and the webbing fell off.  It felt so neat to feel her wings.  It felt like a little angel flutter. She sat on my finger for a few minutes and then she flew up.  She landed back on my finger ‘cuz she was wobbly but then she really flew off.  I followed her to make sure she was okay.”

“Wow…you saved a life.”

She was happy.  “I then went back to look at that spider.  He had already caught a fly and wrapped it up like a mummy so he got to eat.”

“Good to know, Peanut.  You were concerned about the spider?”

“Yeah but he still got to eat.  I did what you said, Mom.”

“What do you mean?”  I was racking my brain for some kind of ‘save the moth’ story I had told her.  lol

“I saw something happening and I felt kind of helpless and then I listened to what my heart (she pointed to her chest) and my self inside (she pointed to her forehead) and both of them told me that the moth should be saved and that there would be a way to do it.  So I relaxed and tried not to think of the ooey gooey spider and see what would be best for everything and it worked.  I didn’t touch the icky-ness and only went for my good feeling which was saving that moth.”  She was proud of herself and I was proud of her for using her inner skills.

I gave her a hug. “Good job!”

She sat on the edge of the bed and swung her legs.  “I think I’m going to go and contemplate.”

Yeah…she used the word ‘contemplate.’  My eleven year old guru. What a crack up!

The only way it is going to work is…you have to trust.  You have to trust something.  Whether it is the Universe, your angels, your intuition, or life…whatever it is…you have to trust in order for life to change for the better and for what you want.  Because it is in the belief that connects the dots to the road that you want.  Follow your trust…even if it takes you in a whole new direction.  That direction could be the best thing that ever happened for you.

When we’re working in the studio there is a huge window to the back where Dad has all of his bird feeders.  He buys 100 lb. bags of bird seed & it is one of his greatest joys to watch the birds.  He now has over a hundred different kinds of birds at his feeders.  There are cute little yellow finches, beautiful pigeons, robin red breasts, and birds that we have no idea what they are.  When you go out there to look, they all fly up into the trees and it is an amazing sight to see all those birds in flight at once.  The sound of the wings flapping…

So we’re recording in the studio and we keep seeing the birds fly up into the trees.  It’s happening so often that it’s distracting.  Lee went out to see if maybe there was a cat looking for a treat but no cat in sight.  He came back in and it started up once again.

This time I went outside and found Dad standing out there grinning up at the sky.

“What’s going on Dad?”

“I’m creating some joy.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your mother and I love the sight and the sound of the birds flying up in the trees.  Watch!”

I stood perfectly still as Dad walked back in the house and left his door open a crack.  The birds all came back to feed cooing and carrying on and then here he came.  He swung open the door with a big smile on his face as the birds took off in flight.  I could hear Mom giggling inside.

Dad was creating moments of joy for Mom.  Adorable…

You may not understand why things happen the way they do but if you trust in the process and keep going in life, the negative aspects will eventually lead to beautiful and positive aspects.  Just keep moving forward and know the Universe is right there walking beside you and helping you to a better life…of course…if that is what you focus on.

Mom came into the laundry room this morning talking under her breath.  “Hey, Mom.  You doing okay?  How did you sleep?”  She looked at me and said, “Your father is a stubborn man.” Uh oh…

Apparently Mom did laundry yesterday and accidentally left a red blouse in the washer when she washed Dad’s unmentionables. Yes he has all pink undershirts and underwear.

“He won’t put them on,” Mom said in a huff.  “He said he’d wear any color but pink.  He’s free flying today.”  More info than I needed.

“Just buy him new underwear,” I suggested.

“He won’t do it!  He doesn’t want to spend the money.”

“I’ll get it for him, Mom.”  I will admit…I was kind of pleading.

“He won’t let you, Bethie.  You know how he is.”  She thought for a moment. “I know what I’m going to do,” she said.  “I’ll go pick up some Rit dye.  Maybe green or something.”

Hmmm…maybe I’ll buy him some tidy whities for Father’s Day.  When it’s a gift he has to accept them but until then looks like my dad will be wearing leprechaun underwear.

He’ll wear leprechaun underwear but he won’t wear pink…go figure.

Note to self:  Trust the process…:)

When you have faith it is the link between heaven and earth.  This powerful living vibration is what will penetrate into the depths of your own consciousness and remove any kind of fear and disbelief. It is you that must find that faith ‘within.’  It is the energy of faith that makes all things possible.  When you are able to envision what you want and have the faith that the Universe is bringing it to you, no matter what the outer picture might show right now, there is no other way but to have what you have envisioned.  Keep the faith.

My dad and I were talking about his great grandma.  She was a little teeny thing and was definitely full of it. They called her ‘Little Grandma.’:)  After she married Great Grandpa, they had one little baby. (Who would grow up to be my dad’s dad) Little Grandma wanted to live in California.  That was her dream but they couldn’t afford to make the move.  Great Grandpa had a good job and those were hard to find at the time.  But within Little Grandma’s mind she dreamed of the coast and the warmer weather.

When the baby was two months old, Great Grandpa became very sick.  He began wheezing (most likely from all the lumber dust he worked around) and could no longer work.  It was now up to Little Grandma to make all the decisions and figure out ‘how to live.’   Her dream was still alive.  Always keeping the faith.

She sold off all their belongings and hooked up the wagon and began the trek to California with a sick husband laying in the back of the wagon with a  now four month old baby.  She didn’t know how they were going to eat or survive along the way but she kept her picture in her mind of where she was going.

The trip to California wasn’t the easiest of trips but she hummed and sang to the baby and to her husband as she would stop from town to town looking for some kind of temporary work to take them a little closer to her vision.  She hand sewed, dug graves, helped the elderly, cooked, all along the way…and still kept that vision within her mind knowing that the Universe would get them there.

She encountered many types of people on the then isolated roads.  Some kind, some wanting everything she had but she always made it through.  Back then some of the people that lived in teepees and fished out of the river would take from the travelers that were migrating to the Golden State but Little Grandma hadn’t experienced that.  They helped her, gave her fish, showed her the best way to get there, and packing her up with blankets, jerky, sweet milk for the baby, and herbs for her sick husband. The chief told her, “I like your spirit, Little One.  You have the spirit of the Gods within you.”

Did she get there?  You bet she did.  She settled on the lower end of California and her husband lived a few more years.  The coastal weather seemed to be the best thing for his lungs and that is why my family ended up in California.

One little wisp of a woman with a dream that she never let die within her.  No matter how hard life seem to get she just knew that the Universe would provide all along the way until her vision manifested.

Faith…a living entity that sits within us all.

Each and every day choose to send, people, situations, and things loving thoughts.  It doesn’t have to be a long opus, just a nod of the head that states, “I send loving thoughts.”  This tells the Universe that you know that within everything there is love and a blessing in disguise.  And the experiences that seem the hardest can help us understand and grow within and give us insights on what we want and don’t want in life.  Sending loving thoughts will color everything in love.

My brother is here!  He arrived late last night and he’ll be staying through Monday.  Mom is so happy to see him.  It’s wonderful he was able to get away and come up for a few days.

So we’ll be having a wonderful time talking and eating with family and friends today.

When my brother and I get together Mom loves to talk over old times.  I’m sure we’ll be hearing all the stories of when my brother and I were little and how we use to take naps together and try to give each other arm burns…ugh! 🙂  Mom’s eyes light up when she talks of when we were little so we smile, laugh, and groan. LOL

Mom always brings up the story of when I was five years old and was looking over a raised porch and fell head first into a trash can.  I rolled down a hill and all she could see were my feet sticking out.  I’ve stayed away from trash cans ever since! hee hee

There are many things in this Universe that make up who we are and can influence life like what phase the moon is in or where the planets happen to be aligning for your particular birth sign. Or how about your birth sign in general?  Don’t forget that we are only influenced by certain parts of who we are, but we are not ruled by those things.  You always have a choice…always.

Peanut, Lee, and I had a wonderful day yesterday.  We took the day off and drove to the city to enjoy the ride and just have some time together.  We took the long way down the back roads where spring has sprung in all different shades of greens, purples, reds, pinks, and yellows.  Lilac trees blooming, the forest is lush and green, deer in abundance, and even a family of opposums taking a walk.

I talked about this on Facebook but I wanted to really tell you how this particular experience affected Peanut and I.

Once we got there we had lunch and did some shopping.  Peanut and I went to J.C. Penney to find Mom a few more Mother’s Day gifts.  We were in the jewelry department looking in the glass cases and we noticed a young girl in her twenties who was visibly upset.  She began calling ‘Ari’ and then she really became nervous.  We asked her what was wrong and she said she couldn’t find her little two year old sister.  We were not the only two helping this young woman.  Mom after mom, woman after woman, young girl after young girl came over to help.  Before the store even knew there was a missing child we had all formed a plan.  Several women went to the exit doors, bathroom doors, and fitting rooms, and the rest of us began to search.  It was as if  Ari was ‘our baby.’

As mothers we band together for the most precious thing on Earth…a child. Everyone stopped thinking about what they were buying, what their own problems were, what there complaints were…just pure unconditional love for someone else.

The store became involved and called an Adam alert.

The store was huge and this little girl was in there somewhere.  Some thinking the worst while most of us knowing we would find her.

She was found….she had been hiding in a clothes rack.  Her sister scooped Ari up and cried.  She sat on the floor next to her little sister and Ari said, “It’s okay,” in her little baby voice.  Ari had no idea what had happened.

Several of us went up to her sister and gave her a big hug.  We told her, “She’s fine.  It’s okay.  It’s all good.” Then left her to be with her little sister that she had thought was gone…

I was overjoyed at the immediate help that was available and how it came together without even a second thought.

Every walk of life came together to find a sweet little toddler and help a scared ‘little’ girl who loved her sister.

Can you imagine what we are all capable of as a group with that kind of unconditional love?  Just for a moment, stopping all our complaining, all our problems, thinking beyond  ‘our’ world, and reach our hand out to someone else who needs a helping hand through love.

When you ‘attach’ to something, you are holding on instead of letting go. When you want something in your life too desperately, you have formed an attachment to that particular thing; you are holding on to it and providing resistance instead of letting it go and letting the Universe take care it.  Being ‘attached’ keeps you from the very thing you desperately want. Being unattached means being free from all of the feelings of resistance.  Being unattached means you trust that the Universe is bringing to you what you have envisioned and desire.

Last night I heard a lot of bumping and moving things around.  I thought maybe it was Mom and Dad walking down the hall.  Mom sometimes cleans out a closet and can sound like a freight train.

Then I hear Peanut, “Popshie…can you help me?  I’m stuck!” That’s what Peanut calls Lee…Popshie. 🙂

So I head over to where she is and she has her bed box spring  (yes that BIG box spring under the mattress)  taking it down the basement stairs and she had wedged it so that she was stuck and couldn’t move.  Lee is laughing hysterically, Peanut is laughing, and I’m wondering why her bed is half way down the basement stairs.

So they get it down to the basement and we go sit in the living room.  Peanut collapses in the chair.  So I ask, “Peanut…why is your bed in the basement?”

“It was Popshie’s idea.”  I look at Lee and he looks confused.

“My idea?  What are you talking about?”

Peanut now looks confused.  “I told you my bed was squeaking and that I needed a new bed and you told me we’ll take the boxspring down to the basement so I thought I’d do it so no one else had to.”

Lee started laughing.  “I meant AFTER we bought the new bed!”

So Peanut slept on a mattress last night and I guess we’re going bed shopping today. 🙂

What I’m really amazed about is Peanut carried that bed all the way down the stairs, down the hall, through the kitchen, and halfway down the basement stairs… all by herself.  My ‘take charge’ daughter. 🙂

I didn’t know my daughter was Hercules in disguise! LOL

Through contrast we learn and grow.  It is part of all that we are.  As things change you will begin to have new experiences to learn and grow from.  If you are having a recurring theme in your life that doesn’t seem to want to go away, it is because you haven’t learned the life lesson yet.  Look the theme over, turn it upside down and look within, and see what you can learn from the experience. Then release it into the Universe, never to return.  It doesn’t have to return just because it has before.  If you recognize a recurring theme, then do your best to understand it and move on from it.  When you are able to see the recurring theme and begin to understand what could be changed ‘within’ to move forward then it will fade from your life.

I took Mom and Dad into town yesterday and as always we had quite a time.  🙂  Dad wouldn’t take the walker because, I quote, ‘I don’t want to look like an old man.’  So he takes his cane and Mom and I get on both sides of him just in case he loses his balance.

As we walk to lunch,  Mom and Dad are talking about ‘the garden.’  Dad isn’t able to get in the dirt and he doesn’t want to wear plastic bags on his legs.  He said he would only do that for Peanut when she wants his help outside.  He misses being able to garden and he’s digging his heels in to any kind of raised gardening beds so, at the moment…no garden.

After lunch Mom and I head into the local Rite Aid (Mom loves Rite Aid.  She says, “I used to go to Rite Aid before it was Rite Aid when they called it Thrifty.”  So out front there are hundreds of vegetable and flower plants all ready to take home.  She knows Dad can’t plant, she’s not able to plant, I don’t really have the time to plant, and they don’t want us to hire anyone to plant so we’re kind of at a standstill until they are ready to move forward.

She asks me to run in and get Dad’s ‘Groom and Clean’ hair oil.  When I come back she has this package in her hands.  She buys all of her stuff and we put it in the trunk.  She obviously doesn’t want me to see the package.

We get home and the girls and I unload the trunk and bring in all Mom has bought. I drop the Rite Aid bag on her bed and the ‘package’ falls out.

Dad grabs it and asks, “What’s this?”

“It’s for me,” she says.  She had bought a package of the tomatoes that grow upside down from the ceiling.

“I’m NOT growing tomatoes on the ceiling,” Dad says stubbornly.

You’re  not going to grow them…I am.  You can just look at them.”  Mom’s good.  She’s using psychology on Dad but he doesn’t realize it.

“It’s not natural,” he complains.

“Well neither are you but I bought you didn’t I?”

“You gonna hang me from the ceiling?” he laughs.

“If I could…I would,” she teases back.

I checked in on them before I went to bed last night and they were putting together the ceiling tomatoes wondering how well it will work.

Mom really knows Dad…

Make a list of what you want in your life.  Know that you can have it. Visualize the experience of having what is on that list; know and trust that it is done, and then give thanks that it is done. Next… Watch for all the miracles that will come into your life as you trust the Universe and ‘just know.’

Lee’s parents will be going home tomorrow so Lee and his dad are heading off to have a ‘boys’ day.  I asked him what they’ll be doing and he said, “I have no clue.  We’re just jumping in Dad’s truck and seeing where it leads us!”

I’m always amazed by genetics.  Lee and his dad didn’t really ‘know’ each other for over twenty years and when they ‘found’ each other, it was unbelievable to watch.  Lee’s sense of fun, the way Lee stands, the things he likes to eat, the things he likes to talk about, the things he does in his spare time…all those…are just like his dad.  I can see what Lee will be like when he’s older if I just look at the older version. lol  Of course their belief of life and such isn’t the same but those old genetics came through with these two!

It isn’t possible to be separated from the Universe.  You may call the Universe ‘God’ or by some other name, but we are continually connected.  It is your choice to feel separate, not the Universe’s.  Everything you do is always your choice.  You have the free will, and the Universe just answers your unique vibration.  You can’t get it right or wrong.  The Universe loves you unconditionally no matter what you decide to do.  It’s up to you.  You’re here for this wonderful experience, and to expand your own consciousness.

Last night, after everyone had gone to bed, I decided to get up and sit in the kitchen.  We have a table with a built in corner bench full of pillows.  We call it the ‘breakfast and lunch’ table.  We use the big dining table for dinner.  So I open with window to get some fresh air and sink back into the pillows enjoying the ‘dark and the comfort.’  I hear a little voice, “Mom?  Can I sit with you?”  It’s Peanut.

“Of course you can.”  She snuggled up to me and we sat together.  Then Dad came in.

“I needed a little something…” He goes rummaging around in the cupboard and finds the peanut butter.  He sits down.

“What’s going on in here?”  Mom came around the corner and grabbed the potato chips.

We all sat quietly.  The only thing you could hear were the crunching of Mom’s chips.

“Is this a party?”  Lee came in from the studio and we scooted over to make room.  It was beginning to feel like the wonderful children’s book about ‘the Mitten.’  Do you remember that?  One by one an animal found this one mitten and they all began to squeeze into the mitten to keep warm.

No one said a word.  We just ‘enjoyed’ each other.

We hear the RV door open from outside and here comes Grandma and Grandpa P.  “We saw you up and thought we’d join you.  We all scooted together and made room.

Needless to say the bag of chips disappeared as all the grandmas and grandpas munched it down and we just sat, enjoyed the fresh air, and each others company.   Once the chips were gone Dad said, “Party over?”

We all laughed and said, “Goodnight” and one by one we headed by to our rooms.

What a wonderful memory for Peanut.  No agenda, no need to have to talk, just enjoying one another, and the love…

The Universe doesn’t punish us because the Universe is always on our side.  The Universe doesn’t keep us apart from good things. It is us who are responsible for our lives by reaping what we sow; that is in accordance with the law of cause and effect.  Our consciousness is the cause and what happens to us is the effect of our own thinking. When you reap what you sow think about what are you sowing.  What thoughts are you putting into action over and over again that causes you to sow those seeds?  Any seed that is watered is going to grow and bring results.  What mental thoughts are you sowing right now?  Those thoughts, if you keep watering them, will come into existence.

We have our boys coming out this morning so Grandma’s cooking up everything in the kitchen! LOL

Lee and I are  working on a new ‘course’ that many people have been e-mailing asking where did we find this joy that we can’t contain?  Well…I know…marry Lee!  hee hee  I love working on new material because it helps me to fine-tune my own focus.  I’m going to have a wonderful day…I just feel it!

Be open to the connection within yourself and this will guide you to be directly connected to the unlimited supply of the Universe.  If you ‘feel’ a feeling to do something (like call someone, go visit, or write a letter) then do it.  You really don’t have to know how the Universe will manifest the thought creation you envision, but you do want to be aware, when that feeling strikes, to act upon it.  You never know when or how something will be manifested and those ‘feelings’ — that ‘connection’ that tells you to do something — could be the first thing that is the chain reaction that will bring about what you want.

“I finally get it after all these years.” Dad proclaimed at dinner last night.  He said he had never gotten what it meant when I would listen to Mom worrying and say, “Mom…just ‘be.’  At this moment, you can’t do a thing but ‘be.’  Know that the answer is going to come right when it is supposed to but in the meantime…just ‘be’ and enjoy the journey even if things don’t feel perfect right now.  Worrying is asking for the things you don’t want.  Why not enjoy and ‘be’ and let the Universe take care of the rest?”

Dad would argue.  “That’s just silly.  How can you enjoy if things aren’t going as you want them?”

“What other choice do you have, Dad?”  I would reason.  “Have you ever had it just perfect?  Isn’t there always something to grumble about and doesn’t that bring more to grumble? OR can you make the choice to just enjoy and see what is positive in life, expect the best, know that with the Universe on your side you really have no reason for disappointment.  All in the right timing.  Just ‘be’ and look around to see what there is that really makes you happy right now and that is what will bring you the answers and happiness.”

I’d get that sideways look from him and he would say, “Pooey!”  (Yes, he actually says pooey!)

But last night was different and he explained why.

“I was thinking today, while you were gone seeing Lee, and I was feeling sorry for myself.  I can’t drive, I can barely walk, they won’t let me garden…and I wondered what I am here for anymore.  When a man becomes eighty two years old and everything is taken away that he loves to do then how can you not grumble?  Then I thought about what you said to your mom and me.  And then you told me how much people enjoy what I have to say and that you tell people and it makes them happy then I understood what you meant by ‘just be.’  Here I am with nothing to do yet I am still somehow affecting others and myself by making a choice to ‘just be’ and enjoy the ride.”

This was big for my dad.  He usually isn’t too flexible in his thoughts and beliefs.

“That is wonderful, Dad.”

He grabbed his little cadillac of a walker, put his coffee and paper on the seat, and shuffled away.  He turned around and said, “Dog gone it!  You can teach an old dog new tricks!”

When you decide that what you want is going to happen and you commit wholeheartedly no matter what kind of day you have or what kind of situation you are in, you will find that the Universe will bring all kinds of assistance to you. It might be through material things or through situations, but just know that when you decide with conviction ‘this is what I want’ the Universe complies. Knowing and deciding is an act of trust in yourself and in the Universe.

I had one of those nights where I just kept waking up.  Most people get upset but I tend to look forward to the meditation time. When I’m not able to sleep, I just sit up and begin some ‘one on one’ with the Universe.  Those are the moments when I get the strongest feelings of connection.  Just another way to take a seemingly negative experience and turn it into something to love. 🙂

You have the ability to have everything you want. You have the thoughts right in your mind. You have the ability to see your goal happening right at this very moment. You… All it takes is you.
You are sitting in a sea of gold and diamonds. As you put forth the vibration of pure abundance without any kind of conflicting thoughts, you are capable of having all that you desire. Where the work comes is in shifting your focus to ‘knowing, believing, and trusting’ that it is right there. Keep the feeling going and let the Universe take care of ‘the how.’

 I’m taking Mom and Dad into town today.  Dad has a doctor appointment and Mom needs to do some shopping.  Mom doesn’t drive any longer and Dad…well…he drives all right but not really sure if you can call it driving. 🙂  Since his surgery he isn’t quite back to normal so until then I’ll be their chauffeur.  I don’t mind.  I really enjoy the time I have with them.

Mankind’s rules are different from Universal rules.  A lot of the things that we see as so important here in the material realm are not that important in the bigger scheme of things.  We often get caught up in appearances and by what others think.  We allow others to dictate our worth, and we judge our worth by external standards that simply aren’t that important in the long run. When basing our life experience on the rules of the Universe we get a whole different perception of the world we live in, and the worries and fears of others won’t affect us any longer.  You live in a physical world full of rules that may or may not apply to you.  Figure out which man-made rules are the best for you and release any that no longer serve you.  Begin living as a spiritual being who is enjoying a physical experience.

I’m taking Dad into the doctor today.  Time for his IV line to get checked and they’re going to assess his foot.  It’s healing well but he isn’t quite up to par yet.  He said he’s craving a Wendy’s hamburger so we’ll drive thru on the way home.  He’s been through a lot the last few weeks.  Maybe a burger is the perfect medicine to perk him up. 🙂

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