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How about taking a walk and focus in only on appreciation? Put purpose into each step and use that time to only think about what you are grateful for and love in life. For that walk time, you can’t worry or doubt; you can only think of what you appreciate in your moments.

Give yourself a dedicated time to appreciate what is in your life.  Build those positive higher vibrations that will take you to the next step of what you are envisioning life to be. Just for a few minutes a day.

What a difference a day can make.


Secret Secret Garden

How do you know if the direction you are going in your life experience, is the best direction for your life?  You can tell by how you feel.

First, you have to step aside from any worry, doubt, or fear for the moment. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, close your eyes and go in that quiet place within that is calm and balanced.  From that quiet place, you want to think about the direction you are going.  See yourself walking the path.  How does it feel? Do you feel good walking that path?  Does it feel positive and give you a wonderful feeling and thought?

If your mind goes over to the thought of worry, doubt, or fear, then take a few moments to let go of the resistant feeling thoughts just during this exercise. Tell your mind that if it needs to worry, it can worry after you are done with focusing and envisioning your current path.  Take another breath in and an exhale.

Does the direction feel like the best way for your current moment? If you feel strong and positive about it, then it is the direction for you.  If you feel unease or that it just doesn’t feel like you want it to, then you know to find another direction that feels good and positive for you.

Just remember that you can be taking a certain direction and half way through, you can possibly feel that you need to change direction. If this happens, take a moment to get into that quiet place once again and walk the path in your mind that you are thinking of changing to. It will have that same feeling of positive and feels like it feels the best way to go.

You have your own inner compass that knows the best direction and all you have to do is listen within.


If you’re late for work, just pick yourself up, let go of the negative thought, and move on to a more positive vibration.

If you’re having an amazing day, just ‘be’ in those moments, embrace the wonderful thought and feeling of happiness and feeling positive, and continue your path with a positive vibration.

If you’re in the middle of a negative conversation, Keeping a positive compassionate balance within as you listen and speak, if it is something you can’t do a thing about then just step away, let go of the negative, and move on and focus on a more positive thought.

If you get that raise, just ‘be’ in that moment, embrace feeling appreciative and happy, and continue your path with a positive focus.

As you can see, anything you experience, you truly can choose the next thought and that next thought will take you to the next and the next positive vibration, and continue your path with a positive feeling focus.

You always have a choice my friend. Make a pact with yourself and be conscious of where your thought goes.  It will change your perception and ultimately change to a more positive life experience.

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What you focus on is what your life will become.  Some think that if they take ten minutes to focus on what they want in their life, that it will bring about the outcome they desire, but there is much more to it than that.

What you put out in thought, feelings, and reactions, whether you are conscious of it or not, creates a vibration that goes out into the Universe.  The more you focus on a certain kind of thought, the more experiences come to your life that are that kind of thought.

For example: Let’s say you have a wonderful focus time of fifteen minutes.  You visualize what you want life to be, you focus in on the great feeling of it in the now, and you then build that vibration until it feels as if it is staring you right in the face.  Once your envisioning time is over, you begin your day.  The vacuum explodes, the cat poops on the rug, and your boyfriend calls to tell you that his parents are coming to dinner.  Think about all of those experiences and the vibration you put out in those moments.  Possibly upset, anger, frustration, and fear.  Those vibrations are a part of your day just as the morning focus vibrations are.  What goes out into the Universe is the mix of all those vibrations you had from the positive focus to the upset. That vibration goes out into the Universe and it comes back to you in some way, shape, or form with the same ‘feel’ of the mixed vibration that you sent out.

Can you see how important it is to stay on top of your thoughts, feelings, and reactions so that you are putting out a more even vibration?  This is when it is essential to be conscious of where your mind goes so that you can let go of what you don’t need in vibration and refocus on a stronger positive vibration.

Even in a challenging experience, you can handle it with a more positive vibration instead of full on negative.

Every moment creates your vibration. Think about what you send out my friend.

Be conscious of your thought.  What are you creating today?

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What if you just let the negative, the agitation, the resistant feeling go?  What would happen if you could accept where you are in life right now and appreciated what you do have while keeping a positive thought toward your present and future?

Stay in this moment and appreciate what you love in your life. If you have negative experiences happening, take a moment to release and let the negative thoughts and feelings  go while you shift your focus to what there is in your life that is positive. As you handle the negative, know that by letting it go and focusing in on the now moment of appreciation, the negative will release and you can move forward.

Be ready and recognize when you are feeling that pull of a resistant vibration. Handle that experience with a positive intention instead of succumbing to the negative thought and feeling of a resistant feeling experience. Go deeper within yourself and feel that constant vein of love and that forever connection to the Universe. There is where love, joy, ease, and higher vibrations reside.  Bring them forward to help you with your experience.

Put your focus on what truly matters my friend. Bring that vibration up!


If you are having a challenging time, just remind yourself that it is temporary.  Anything you experience in your life, from the negative to the positive, is but a temporary experience.  So when going through a challenge, do your best, handle what you can with a positive vibration, and know that it won’t be long before the challenge passes and life will get onto a more positive feeling path as long as you keep your hope alive and focus in on the good in your moments as you handle the challenge.

Remember that you always have a choice in where your thought, feeling, and reactions go.  Even in a challenge, you can create a focus of positive.

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The new year is always a time for new beginnings, possibilities, and opportunities.  Some think that a new year is just a passage of time and doesn’t necessarily mean a new start or a new beginning, but just because it is just a passage of time; doesn’t mean that is all there is.

When a new year rolls around, it is much like a new season coming about.  The old season leaves and the new season comes about.  From winter to spring, from summer to fall we know we can always count on that thought of the old in life falling away and the new coming once again.

A new year creates a overall consciousness of thought. New beginnings are thought of, new possibilities can come about,  and new opportunities can present themselves.  By thinking of the new year we think of new moments, new thoughts, and new possibilities.  The old year has left and the new is ready to be embraced.

So it isn’t just a passage of time.  The new year is a mass consciousness of wonderful things and experiences to come.

If you focus in on how negative you think the new year will be, then the negative will show itself.

If you focus in on how positive you think the new year will be, then the positive will show itself.

And if you focus in on the joy, the hope, and the inspiration of the new year, then your new year will become a part of a bigger consciousness and create yet more positive higher vibrations in your life.

Celebrate the new year with hope and inspiration in your heart.

2018 is going to be an eye opening, positive change, kind of year!


beth mccain 791

All is well and will be well no matter what the experience.

So no matter what you are experiencing, all is well.  Even if it doesn’t feel like all is well, it truly is.

The Universe is on your side and it is always guiding you toward the best for your life. It is in your thoughts, feelings, and reactions that create a vibration that takes you in a certain direction. If your vibration is one of trust, going with the flow, knowing that the best is unfolding, and feeling that all is well and will be well no matter what, you are creating a vibration that will unfold in the best way for your life.

All truly is well…



It only takes one step to begin…just one.  Whether the step is within your mind or in physical action, that step is what will take you to the next step and the next step and then the next step.  And before you know it, you will have created a path that you can appreciate and fine tune if you choose.

Each little step can add up to many steps and take you to where you want to be.

Just one little step to begin…


In that moment where you feel you need to give up your dreams, that could be the moment where it all unfolds.

Don’t give up my friend. Create, think positive, believe, and trust that the next step is unfolding because…it is.

balancing of life

What are you grateful for in your life?  Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, how about focusing on what you do have in your life right now?  The more you focus on what you love about life, the more life will bring to you that you love.

Focusing in on what you don’t want only brings more of what you don’t want. Each and every day, be conscious of what you are grateful for and what you appreciate.  It will make for a positive moment, day, and year.

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There are times where life just seems like it is in high gear and isn’t feeling that it is slowing down any time soon.  And when we are in that busy mood, we are creating a busy vibration which unfolds more for us to have to rush around for.

It is possible to get it all done with a calm, go with the flow, kind of vibration.  You can get things done quickly without getting wound up, agitated, and feel that negative attitude.  You do this by first being conscious of the mind and body that is rushing around.  In other words, recognize you are rushing and feeling irritated. Then stop and take a deep breath in slowly, then in the slow exhale relax your shoulders and neck.  Find the calm within as you get things done.

You can enjoy the fun of things being excited, but just don’t step over into feeling overwhelmed with busy-ness.  Keep taking a breath in and slowly exhale as you keep your mind focused on what needs to be done.

Be conscious of your physical movement during this time. Our bodies can get tense and stressed when we are rushing around.  Remember to breathe, focus on your breath, and as you exhale, tell the mind to relax the shoulders and neck.  The more you communicate with your body to relax during a busy time, the less fatigued you will be when it is all done.

Enjoy yourself and know that all can be done just as quickly as you stay calm, de-stressed, and are conscious of where your mind goes and your body feels.


her story 3

There are times where everyone feels alone.  Even if you have family and friends all around you, you can feel lonely.

You are never alone my friend.  The Universe is there loving you, supporting you, encouraging you, consoling you through every life moment you have. When a negative experience comes up, the Universe hasn’t left your side.  It is a moment to be conscious of where your thought, feelings, and reactions are going.  If they are making you feel badly, then shift your focus to a thought that feels better in that moment.  This doesn’t take away the negative, but it can if you choose to let the negative go as you handle the challenge.

In all that you do the Universe is right by your side and continually pointing you in a direction that will feel better.  All you have to do is trust and listen from within.

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Choose calm instead of chaos.

Choose the positive instead of the negative.

Choose forgiveness instead of resentment.

Choose love instead of hate.

Choose kindness instead of anger.

Choose to live life instead of living in fear and worry.

You can choose the life experience you want.  It begins with where you choose to take your thoughts, feelings, and reactions.

What you choose will create the life you live.

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What do you love in your life?  I’m not asking what you don’t love or want in your life but what do you love that is in your life right now and what do you want in your life right now.

So many times, we can say what we don’t want and we leave it at that.  Yet it is focusing in on what we do love, in the moments right now, that are the vibrations of bringing more in our life to love.

Focus on what you love in your life.  And when you find yourself thinking about what you don’t want, shift your focus to what you do want life to be.  Use the thought of what you don’t want as a way to figure out what you do want, then let go of the negative of don’t want and envision the positive of what you want life to be.


Life can sometimes take over and keep us so busy that we seem to not have time to remember to be conscious of our thoughts.

Take a moment to remind yourself what are priorities in your life.  Look at those priorities and see what seems the most important to you.  Add being conscious as your top priority as your thought is what creates all your moments and unfolds your future.

Do this for yourself.  Your life experiences will thank you!

giving and receiving

All you have to do is let the negative vibrations go.  Whether it comes from your past or your present, you have a choice in how you think, feel, and react.  Let those vibrations go and focus on what you love about life or the experience you are having.   Even if it is something small and simple, it helps to direct your vibrations toward a  better thought and feeling. You can still handle the negative moments but you now are handling it through a more positive vibration and that will help you to get beyond the negative.

Choose the positive my friend.

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Manifesting a positive life takes time and begins with one step.  With each step you take, you want to keep a positive vibration flowing.  Keeping a steady vibration of a positive thought and feeling is essential to manifesting a positive life experience.

This isn’t to say that you won’t have challenges in life but by keeping a higher positive vibration of thought, you are focusing on the positive and stepping aside from the negative that can sometimes come along with challenges. By doing this, you are changing your perception to create positive even during a challenge.

The more you create a positive vibration, the more you will be creating a positive life experience. The more you focus on what you love and appreciate in life, the more you will manifest more to love and appreciate.

Keep the positive vibrations flowing my friend!


beth mccain 791

It has and always will be your choice of the direction your life takes. You have a chance in every single moment to create a positive higher thought, feeling, and reaction. No matter what experience you may be having, you have the choice of what you want to focus on within that experience.

Focus on all the negative, anxiety, and worry in the experience, or the worst case scenario, then that focus will take you in a direction full of negative, stress, and worry.

Focus on all the positive, appreciative, and thankfulness in the experience, or the best case scenario, then that focus will take you in a direction full of positive, higher vibrations.

Every single moment you have a choice to make.  Be conscious of your thought and create a conscious positive vibration for your present and your future.



Having a great day?  Then build on those thoughts and feelings by staying in the moment and seeking out what makes you thankful and appreciative.

Have a difficult day?  Then take a breath, remember that even though you may be having a less than positive day, that you can let go of the negative, handle the day with a more positive outlook.  If you can’t think of the positive, then at least remind yourself that there is a positive within the experience even if you can’t see it.

Having an up and down day?  Then keep focusing on balance.  You can get right in the middle of the vibration of that up and down day and create the day with balance.  And once you find that balance, then do your best to find the positive in the moments and letting go of the negative moments.

There is always a way to create a positive moment, minute, hour, or day. Create your moments by choosing a vibration that creates a positive experience.

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