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There is something on the horizon this 2017 through 2019 with not only our country but the world consciousness itself. This is a time of change and we are needing to keep an even higher form of positive light filled vibration as true colors become known. So many that are inspirations have passed on this year and this is usually followed by a big change in all parts of the world’s consciousness. It is as if all those that have passed on are needed to bring inspiration from the other side instead of from the physical side. The more powerful light of love…


The New Year…what a wonderful time to reflect on our past year and find the moments that made us feel wonderful and let go of the moments that left us feeling upset.  Before you let go of that upset step back from the situation or person within your mind and look at the bigger picture without the hurt or anger.  Find what you may have learned from the negative experience that will help you in your present and future.  Even if it is just to say, “That is what I don’t want.”  Now let it go.  You no longer need all the fuss.

Now reflect on the wonderful moments of the last year and soak them in to your very soul.  Feel the joy of the moments.  Keep those feelings close to your heart.  Those feelings will bring you more of those positive vibrations.

Now anticipate your wonderful New Year.  Build an image within your mind of everything you want your new year to be.  No worries of the ‘how or if’…just build and envision with all the joy and excitement you can muster up.  Now that you have the image see it in your mind, feel it in your heart, live in your mind as if it is already here.  Those feelings and thoughts are going to bring you what you envision.

Your New Year’s mantra…see it in your mind, feel it in your heart, live in the now as if it already is there, and expect it to happen.  You do that and you will have all you envision. And as the Universe brings to you what you focus on enjoy life and appreciate the life you have right now.

The day before the New Year.  There is an intense joy in letting an old year go and envisioning that the New Year will bring.  So what are we doing for New Year’s Eve?   Lee and Peanut are going to Bingo night, yes, Bingo night!  They’ve planned this for quite awhile.  Our local community puts on a big Bingo potluck and all of Peanut’s friends will be there so Lee is going to be the good daddy and take her. 🙂

I’m staying home with Mom and Dad so they won’t be alone on New Year’s Eve. Tonight I’ll be making sandwiches, au jus, chips and dips, and spending the evening with Mom and Dad.  I’m sure I’ll hear some great family stories this evening.  Always do when Dad gets on a roll!  I sometimes can’t believe my dad survived past his teen years with all the pranks they used to pull.

Have an incredible New Year’s Eve and see you next year!

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