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There are times where we get so busy in the everyday of life that we forget how important it is to stop, ‘just be,’ and take a few deep breaths in, and focus on what we have to appreciate in life.

Appreciation is a vibration that is one of those positive higher vibrations that can take you from A to B much quicker than you expected. As you appreciate all there is about your everyday, you create a good thought and feeling. You begin to focus on what you appreciate in life instead of putting focus on what you don’t have. The more you create focus from a positive state of mind and heart, the more you will have positive experiences. First your perception changes and focuses on all there is to be grateful for and then life begins to take on the feel of appreciation.

What are you focusing on today? The negatives of life or the positives of life?



How often are you afraid of what ‘could be?’  Maybe you look to the future and fear what might happen or maybe you look to tomorrow and worry about something bad happening in your day. Truly think about how many times you fear or worry in the day about what is to come and then make a point to be conscious of that fear or worry so that you can begin to shift your thought elsewhere.

You see, if you stay in a state of worry and fear, then you are creating a vibration that will create more of the same in your life.  So what would happen if you just expected the best instead of the worst?  What would happen if you stayed conscious of each vibration of fear and worry and shifted your focus to what could happen that will be better than expected?

AND what would happen if you had a negative experience but still chose to recognize that it may just be an experience that was needed to get you to take a higher positive thought and feeling vibration thereby creating a positive vibration for your current experience and future?

What would happen if you just expected the best in any and all experiences no matter what they feel like and you just trust that your positivity and your positive focus will give the Universe a vibration that you want to come back into your life.

What if? 🙂

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There are people in the world who love to boast about themselves. They think that by boasting they look better and bigger. They think they are impressing others but usually they’re not.

The best way to impress others is to be your genuine self without all the boasting whistles and bells. It is your actions that will impress others and not the boasting. A kind considerate person who helps another with groceries doesn’t have to say a word to impress another. They’re not helping to impress at all. They are being their genuine self. And by living what they ‘are,’ they are truly helping inspire others over the guy who is boasting about all that he does to help others but doesn’t lift a finger.

Let your actions do the talking my friend.

women said, woman listening to gossip

Today you’ll hear something about another. It just is the way it is. Somewhere, whether you are at work or at home, there will be someone talking about someone else. They’ll be talking about another as if they know all about the other person and their life.

Resist the temptation to believe everything you hear about another. Sometimes we accept what another says without thinking that maybe, just maybe, what they are saying is an exaggerated version of the truth or an outright lie.

We can’t possible know what anothers intentions are unless we walk in their shoes…no matter what they have experienced.

Resist the temptation to gossip about others. How would you like it if that was you they were gossiping about? The truth always comes out but sometimes the damage is already done.

Keep an open mind and heart when it comes to others. This will attract to you people that think and feel the same way and that creates less gossip.

🙂 🙂 🙂

I’m taking a two week trip and will be back on March24th everyone. ‘Be’ positive. 😉

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You are more than just your job my friend. What someone does for a living isn’t who they are; it is just what they do. Having a job is a part of your life but do your best not to make it all about your job. Don’t let your job become all of who you are. Keep this in mind when working too hard.

Step aside and take time to get to know you and be with you. Take time to nurture all parts of who you are.  A job doesn’t guarantee happiness. Happiness comes from within you.

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How about today you throw yourself into your work like you do your leisure time? How about enjoying work even if it is work? You have to go to work, right? Well, you know you have to go so you can either grumble about it or just enjoy it.

If you can’t change the experience then change the attitude my friend. It will make a world of difference and then the experience will change.

do something nice

Do something nice today. Not because it is the right thing to do, not because you want others to see, not because you feel sorry for someone.

Do something nice today from the heart without any reasons.

Now that is a pure positive vibration.

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Have you ever noticed that when you feel sorry for yourself that the world takes on a different look? Your perception of life looks drab, feels gray, and foggy. And then that color of your mood begins to spread to those around you who are attracting the same kind of vibration.

Hmmmm…have you ever noticed when you are feeling inspired and hopeful about life that the world takes on a whole different look? Your perception of life looks bright, full of light, and clear as a bell. Then the color of your positive mood begins to spread to those around you who are attracting the same kind of vibration or who may want an uplifting vibration as well.

You have the power to change the world through your vibrations my friend. What will you choose today?

agree to disagree and respect

It’s not always easy to hear what another believes in life. Some beliefs seem as if they mentally hurt people, don’t they? But to them they may feel and think they need that belief. Who are we to say it won’t help them to believe the way they do? We know it won’t help us but you never know about them, right? Many embrace their beliefs in a higher power. They feel that they wouldn’t be a good person without their beliefs. They feel they have to have someone or something to answer to.

We can embrace all of who they are and still not have the same beliefs. We can respect one another and still live in the same world agreeing to disagree.

Any belief and religion has the same deep seed of truth my friend. Love…

the sky is the limit

Hmmmm, are you afraid?

Does it sometimes feel like others have a higher opinion of you and that one day they will see your true colors thereby seeing who you REALLY are?

You know what? People tend to see our potential much  more than we can see it. If someone you trust has a higher opinion of you then why not be that higher opinion? If you feel as if you are being fake just know that you are not being fake; you are practicing.

And you know what they say ‘practice makes perfect.’

blog compliment

How are you at taking compliments? Are you one of those people that is great at giving out compliments but become embarrassed when someone compliments you? How about embracing the compliment that another gives to you? They are letting you know that they appreciate you. And by accepting and embracing that compliment, you are saying that you appreciate and respect their thoughts and feelings and that you appreciate yourself as well.

Take in a compliment right to the very soul of who you are. Don’t let it pass through the ego but just the heart of who you are.


You turn on the television or open up your laptop and there it is; the negative feeling state of the world. It can make someone feel helpless, can’t it?

Know that you are not helpless at all. You have the ability to create calm and peace within your own surroundings and by creating that calm, you are creating more peace in the world.

If you come across a situation that you feel you can’t do anything about, know that you can send positive thoughts and/or prayers toward the situation and it will help; even if it is across the world. Your thoughts are an energy that are infused with a power. And that power can be strong positive power or helpless feeling power.

Just think if you sent out positive energy each day to the world in general what you would be doing for all of the people who need a positive feeling and thought. They will feel it…

You’re not helpless…

step by step

Do one small thing today that brings you closer to what you envision your life to be. Whether it is in your career, in a relationship, or creating self worth. Do one small thing that will bring you closer to where you want to be. It could be just a thought you focus on or it could be physical action. Remind yourself to focus on some aspect of what you want each day and take a step.

Each step, no matter how big or how small, will take you there. Take a step today.

blog talking 1

Do you truly listen when someone is talking to you or are you talking within your mind at the same time?

Next time you are with someone really listen to what they have to say. Stay in that moment and just listen. You will find that you will be able to feel the true connection between two people that are communicating. Just because you’re not speaking doesn’t mean that you aren’t communicating. Listening is active communication as well as talking.

It’s a give and take and a sharing that happens when we are with another. Stay in the moment my friend. You will hear so much more from the heart.

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What if all you had to do all day long was just to be you? That was it. And how about if your job was just to be your own best self?  And how about if you were your own best self with everyone you came in contact with and every situation you experienced?

How about making it your goal each day? How about just being yourself without a worry or concern how others may view you? How about just being the best that you can be ‘just because?’

THAT is your life goal my friend; to be the best that you can be and experience life.

You can do it, I know you can.

white litte lies

Is it okay to tell little white lies? You know the ones; when you don’t like a meal that someone made for you and you tell them it was wonderful, a friend loves her new dress but you don’t like the color but you tell her it looks nice…yep, those little white lies.

Yet sometimes the little white lie can be truth that needs to be said so how do you tell when?

Ask yourself a question before you avoid the truth.

If you find that the only person who will benefit from the lie is you then you may want to rethink it.

You see, we avoid the truth because we don’t want to hurt another like someone’s meal or clothing and that is being kind and compassionate. But if we call in sick for work and we’re not sick then that is you who benefits and you may want to rethink it. You could always call a co worker and asking if they will switch shifts with you instead.

Not every white lie is negative; it is up to you to choose.

do you stereotype

Do you have certain beliefs about certain groups of people?  Some group people in what they consider stereotypical. Maybe you group teenagers as difficult or that all blonds are dumb. Maybe you group elderly people as mean or that real men don’t cry. There truly is no such thing as a stereotype. People believe in stereotypes but a stereotype is much like the monster under the bed; they don’t exist. They only exist in the mind.

Next time you look at someone; take away all the thoughts of what you think they should be and let them be an individual because that is what they are. Each of us may have some kind of similarities but we have just as many differences as well. Treat and respect each person as an individual and not as a group that you think may exist.

Kindness, respect, and compassion for others.


Sometimes we can get caught up in the ego.  We measure everything and everyone according to our own self. Thoughts of ‘I dress better than her’ or ‘they looked at me because I did a great job and I am all that and a bag of chips’ or any other kind of inflating kind of thought. It’s important to take some time apart from the self ego and experience the Universe where you are not the center of it all. Everyone does it and some more than others. That ego that flatters and boasts isn’t the healthy ego of self confidence and acceptance.

Take some time to look at the world through the eyes of another and how it affect their world and not how it may affect yours. Stepping away from the ego can help to create an even kinder and more compassionate world.

shiny red shoes

How do you pick out a gift for someone? Do you pick out what you want them to have or do you listen to their thoughts when talking about what they love. Do you  give them something that they would enjoy?

Sometimes we can get so caught up in what to give someone that we end up getting what we want them to have instead of what they may like. Giving from the heart means to give a gift that you have thought out along with what a person loves and dreams about.

Maybe Grandma wants a pair of red shoes.  Don’t not give them to her because you think they look too young for her. Give her a gift that will make her smile and feel young if that is what she wants.

Take time to get to know who you are buying a gift for because then that is a gift truly from the heart.

mini vacation

How about just for today you take a mini vacation away from your worries and concerns? It’s okay, they’ll still be there tomorrow if you need to pick them back up. Do your best to let go of worry today. Why worry? What could it possibly be doing for you? You could spend all that time that you worry to create a positive scenario about your life?

Give yourself permission to take a day off from worrying and replace that worry with your dreams and wishes for your life experience. It will be time well spent.

And you never know; you may decide to let go of all worry and focus on ‘what if’ and create the best case positive feeling scenario each day.

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