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giving and receiving

All you have to do is let the negative vibrations go.  Whether it comes from your past or your present, you have a choice in how you think, feel, and react.  Let those vibrations go and focus on what you love about life or the experience you are having.   Even if it is something small and simple, it helps to direct your vibrations toward a  better thought and feeling. You can still handle the negative moments but you now are handling it through a more positive vibration and that will help you to get beyond the negative.

Choose the positive my friend.



There are times where we can’t predict what our day will bring. Even in a day that is all routine, we may have a life challenge pop out that changes the day and even who we are.

In those moments, it can be hard to remember that we have a choice in how we handle or think in a challenging experience.

Experiences that shake our very core of being, are experiences where we learn and grow the most in spirit.  And how we handle the experience with our thought and feeling, is the direction in which life will go.  Most challenges bring about change.  They help us to let go of what no longer serves us within and creates an open door to new possibilities and new beginnings.

When a challenge comes into your life that you have no idea what will happen, just keep in mind and heart that ‘this too will pass.’  And keep in mind that where you take your thoughts is a part of how the challenge unfolds.

When facing a challenge, the Universe always has your back, my friend. Know, trust, and believe in a positive outcome that is the best for all involved.

Secret Secret Garden

No matter what you may think or what you may experience, there is always an open door for you to walk through in the direction of where you want life to go. You may not see that door or you may only sense the doors that have close, but there are always open doors.

Sometimes those open doors come about from doors that close in life. If you can believe and trust, then that open door will show itself in the right time for your life.

And sometimes, when you are experiencing a challenge, that challenge is a part of taking you to where you want to be in life and how you handle the challenge will create a direction for your life. Handle it with a sense of fear and worry, then that is the direction you will go.  Handle it with a sense of positive and moving forward, then that is the direction your life will go.

It all comes down to your choices in thought, emotion, and action my friend. Trust and believe that all is and will be well.

Here’s something that can seem hard at first but try it.  Your life will change because of it. Try sending love where you normally would be sending dislike or even hate especially when it comes to the television, the internet, or newspaper.  When you send love to something, no matter how hard it seems, you will be becoming a part of the solution to peace in the world and not just another person contributing to the hate and judgments of the world.  You will find, if you make it a habit, you will be a calmer and more joyful person.  It always starts with you. 🙂

I love to watch Dad in the morning.  He goes outside and opens up his big bin of bird food.  He sprinkles it all over the ground and then sits in his chair.  His eyes sparkle with delight as all the birds come over to have their breakfast.  He gets up and goes over to his other bin of food which is the chicken food.  He calls Daisy and he/she comes running over clucking and carrying on.  Dad proceeds to cluck back at her.  They ‘talk’ to each other the whole time Daisy’s eating.  He then sits back down in his chair and makes sure the birds eat all their rice.  He then goes and gets the paper.  He toddles back in the house and says, “All babies have been fed.  This baby needs to eat now!”

Every morning the same endearing routine and the same words.  It makes me happy to see my dad content.

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