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What another may say about your life is just opinion. Not only is it just opinion, but they are also seeing and understanding your life through how they experience.

Even if you and another have the exact same experience, it is going to be different for both of you because of how you perceive life, your upbringing, and your personal beliefs.  So when another gives their opinion, respect their thoughts but take it with a grain of salt. If it rings true with you and you feel that it will help you fine tune to take their advice, then do so, but if it doesn’t ring true for you, then just let it go and don’t worry about their opinion.

You know your truth and your life best my friend.Tak


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Maybe, just maybe, this whole time you have been waiting and thinking that your prayers and your dreams haven’t been answered, that all is being aligned in the best time, in the best way, and in the best for your life.

And just because it hasn’t happened in the time that you think it should, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to happen but that a solid foundation is being built  for what you want and that can only happen through experiences and time.

Let’s say you are looking for the perfect place to live.  And it seems like nothing is coming forward. Have you stop to think that maybe the right house isn’t quite available yet and it will be in a few weeks and that is why it has gone differently than you expected because you couldn’t see that perfect house when the Universe could see it and was lining it all up just for you.

Keep your hope alive, my friend. Sometimes things fall apart in order to fall together.


Sometimes we can be looking and looking for an answer and feel as if it is eluding our life.  We keep hoping and wondering when will the answer show itself. The answer will show itself when your life is ready for it.

You don’t have to wait and wonder ‘when.’  You can help that answer to reveal itself by creating movement right now.  And creating movement means staying in a positive grateful state of mind, being open to conventional and unconventional steps toward getting that answer. Your answer may come in steps and those steps are up to you.  Be open and seek answers, yet let go of the worry knowing that there is one and it will unfold.

Don’t assume that there is just one answer. There are many answers.  Take a moment and be in the stillness of the mind, body, and spirit. Be still, listen, and find balance within. You may get an answer now or you may get experiences that will bring you to an answer, but creating stillness, while connecting within to the Universe, will strengthen your connection to the answer.

It’s in the stillness that you will feel an answer. You may just feel that all is just fine without an answer to what is happening, yet having that strong feeling that all is just fine, is a part of getting you to the answer.

Create stillness within every single day. Answers and solutions will show themselves as you connect within to the Universe.


If you begin the day with a promise to yourself that you will stay conscious of where your mind goes, you truly can create a new pattern of thought that can replace your old way of thought.

So why would you want to replace what you have always believed and thought? Is life working for you?  Is it all you want it to be? If the answer is no, then letting go of the old way of thinking and replacing it with a new way of thinking, will guide you to where you want to be.

We have old beliefs from childhood, our environment, and perceptions we have built. Be conscious of those beliefs and ask yourself if they are something you still want to have in your life. When you let go of the old and embrace the new, you are creating change.  And creating change is just what you want to change your life and where it is headed.

Isn’t it time to look over your perceptions and beliefs and see what can be let go of? Isn’t it time to figure out what you want to believe in life from within?

Your beliefs and perceptions should begin from within and not from the physical world. They should come straight from the heart without any fear or worry attached to them. It should feel right and positive for your life.

Take a moment today and create and think from within my friend…

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Every experience is just temporary my friend. Whether it is a good feeling or a negative feeling experience; it will pass. You see, that is what life is all about. Life is forever changing and will never stay the same. It is a part of living the life experience. This isn’t to say that you can’t have a wonderful positively positive life at all times. It just means that even that positive experience will change and mold into something else that could be as positive or even more positive.

And the same goes for a negative feeling experience. It will change and mold into something else that could be as negative, more negative, or positive.

The key is all up to you. That key is choice. You always have a choice in how you react, think, and feel. Even if the experience is negative, you can remind yourself that it is temporary and will change like everything in life. You can ride out the experience with a strong focus of what feels positive in it all and know that it will pass. You can do what needs to be done to help the situation along but you can always let go of resistance feeling vibrations and inner work toward inner balance as you create a more positive thought and feeling.

The choice is yours. What direction would you like life to head? Let go of the resistance and hold on to the appreciation and positive thoughts.  It will take you above and beyond where you currently are.


Everyone has one.  Everyone has someone in their life that is negative. They either tell you all about how bad the state of the world is or they criticize what you are and what you do. They may say that they are being realistic and that you are the one with your head in the clouds by being a Pollyanna.  They feel as if they are draining you of your own energy and leave you feeling fatigued and sucked dry.

Did you know that you do have a choice in how they make you feel?  It may not seem like it at the time but you truly have a choice. You see, their energy can only affect you if you let it. Whether they are conscious of what they are doing or not; just by you being conscious of their ways, then you can change how it affects you.

Begin by telling the body to relax the shoulders and neck.  You can do this within the mind so that negative person has no idea what you are doing. Next just take a deep breath in and then exhale.  In that exhale feel yourself ‘going within’ where that calm and balance is.  Touch upon that place. Then visually see a steady waterfall of positive energy ‘water’ flowing over you as the negative person is speaking. As soon as any of the negative comes your way you see it within your mind, washing off in that steady positive waterfall. When you visualize this your mind, body, and spirit feels that the negative is just ‘falling off and away’ from you. As you stay in the waterfall see the negative going right back to where it came from and then follow it up with a positive feeling for that person. What you have done is detached from their negative, sent it back to them, and gave them a vibration that could help their negativity IF they are ready for that in life. Not only that, you are scrubbed clean of any negative vibrations yet still kept a listening ear as you deal with them.

That little exercise can be done in mere moments and can help you to maintain balance and not get sucked down into that negative place that is trying to ‘attach’ to who you are.

You have a choice; you can hold on to their thoughts and negativity which will make you upset which creates more upset vibrations to come back into your life OR you can let go of the negative and keep your own balance within with a clear positive state of mind.  As you focus on the positive and let go of their negative, you will see that their negative will have less effect on you and eventually dissipate in some way as you focus on shifting to the positive.

Negative vibrations breed negative vibrations.

Positive vibrations breed positive vibrations.

What will you choose?


There are times where we get so busy in the everyday of life that we forget how important it is to stop, ‘just be,’ and take a few deep breaths in, and focus on what we have to appreciate in life.

Appreciation is a vibration that is one of those positive higher vibrations that can take you from A to B much quicker than you expected. As you appreciate all there is about your everyday, you create a good thought and feeling. You begin to focus on what you appreciate in life instead of putting focus on what you don’t have. The more you create focus from a positive state of mind and heart, the more you will have positive experiences. First your perception changes and focuses on all there is to be grateful for and then life begins to take on the feel of appreciation.

What are you focusing on today? The negatives of life or the positives of life?


How often are you afraid of what ‘could be?’  Maybe you look to the future and fear what might happen or maybe you look to tomorrow and worry about something bad happening in your day. Truly think about how many times you fear or worry in the day about what is to come and then make a point to be conscious of that fear or worry so that you can begin to shift your thought elsewhere.

You see, if you stay in a state of worry and fear, then you are creating a vibration that will create more of the same in your life.  So what would happen if you just expected the best instead of the worst?  What would happen if you stayed conscious of each vibration of fear and worry and shifted your focus to what could happen that will be better than expected?

AND what would happen if you had a negative experience but still chose to recognize that it may just be an experience that was needed to get you to take a higher positive thought and feeling vibration thereby creating a positive vibration for your current experience and future?

What would happen if you just expected the best in any and all experiences no matter what they feel like and you just trust that your positivity and your positive focus will give the Universe a vibration that you want to come back into your life.

What if? 🙂

giving and receiving

Every moment of every experience that we have in life will pass. It will then be replaced with a next moment and a next moment and a next moment.

Sometimes we can get bogged down in the thought that an experience that we are having will never change.  We begin to create the same vibration of feeling weighted down and life keeps creating the same feeling as the experience you are having.

It takes just one little thought to get out of that loop. This is your moment where you can remember that this experience will pass and you can move on to a better thought and feeling. Instead of focusing on ‘when will this ever end’ to ‘this too will pass,’ you will begin to create a vibration that tells the Universe that you are ready to move on from it now.

How about it?  This too will pass my friend.  Every experience is temporary.


There is this place within you that is forever connected to every answer and solution that you have a question about. The solution may not show itself immediately but it will show itself at the right time.  That right time may not feel like the timing that you wanted but the Universe knows the right time better than you do. You only see a small part of your life and how you affects others and their lives. The Universe sees every angle and every part of your experience and chooses the best time for not only you but everyone involved.

That place within you can be reached twenty-four hours a day. If you ever feel alone or wonder if anyone appreciates what you do, then take a moment to close your eyes, let go of all the resistant feeling vibrations and be quiet within. Take a deep breath in and then in your exhale let go of all of what you think and feel. Keep relaxing your body and your mind and as you go within keep repeating, ‘I am loved. I am cared for. I trust that all is well and will be well.’ As you relax more and more with each breath in and each exhale you will feel a calm quiet come over you. That calm is in that connection to the Universe. It is there. That connection doesn’t judge and only sees the true self within and all the inner growth.  You are living life just as you should in this moment. You are experiencing life and that is all that is expected from you.

You get to choose the direction but no matter what the direction is, whether it ends up being right or wrong according to what you think is right or wrong…it doesn’t matter because you experienced and inner grew through it all. You can choose a higher vibration and road. You can see the positive no matter what the experience. That connect within knows that any and every thing you do is what you should be doing at that moment. You choose the direction…

You are loved my friend.

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Every day we have moments where we have to wait. Whether it is in a grocery store line, in traffic, or waiting for a word document to download…we all have to wait at some time.   You have to be there, don’t you? And you know you’re going to have to wait, right? So why not use that time for some positive focus toward your day and to your life.

Many who are waiting are putting their focus on impatience. They look at standing in line as time wasted. They are looking toward the next thing they can get done. They get frustrated and upset that they can’t get done faster.   Think of all the time they have to put in some positive focus and appreciation in that time they are waiting. Instead of waiting, they are actually doing something to improve their state of mind and create a vibration that will come back to them in some shape or form.

Next time you are waiting for someone or something, how about creating an appreciation for something. Maybe the love you have for the person you are waiting for, maybe the chicken wings you are standing in line to pay for, or maybe appreciation for the document that is downloaded a story you have written and want to publish.

Create some positive focus in your waiting time. Think of all that you dream of and what kind of steps you can take to get it a little closer to where you want to be. How about thanking the Universe for that time to truly focus?

Who knows? Maybe that is why you have to wait…so that you can have some bonus positive thinking time!


What do you believe? Do you believe that no matter what you may be experiencing that there is a light at the end of the experience?  That the solution or the end result is the best answer for your life even if you don’t agree with it?

You see, it all depends on how you look at experiences. Some will look at a challenging experience and think that all there is to be seen is negative and wrong.  And some will look at a challenging experience and know that the experience is something they can inner grow through and reach a higher vibration as they learn more about life. They know they can embrace the experience and stay in a positive mindset no matter what. They know that in the end that all is well and will be well and that whatever the experience, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel that will shine bright creating an amazing moment of miraculous vibrations.

If you believe there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, a gem in all the ‘rocks,’ and that all is coming together just for you then it will…

Have faith and trust my friend…You may take a few detours off the main road as you experience but those detours bring much wisdom and higher positive vibrations for the end of the journey.


There are times where we can lose focus and direction because of impatience. It’s as if we have done all the inner work to get to the ‘vibration match’ of what we want and expect it to manifest since we think we’ve done all the positive focus and thought that we are have supposed to do. Yet what we focused on to manifest just hasn’t come about so impatience becomes a part of your daily vibration.

Impatience is a ‘push against’ vibration. It is when you want what you want right now and because it isn’t here then you get frustrated and concerned. And those kinds of emotions create more of the same through impatience.

You see, you may have thought you did it all to make what you want to happen but if it hasn’t happened yet then there is more to understand and learn from so that you can take it to the higher vibration of where you want to be. Just because you think you have learned all the lessons that you think were needed to get in a more positive state of mind, doesn’t mean you are right at that manifestation point.

It is the Universe that takes all of your thought, feelings, and focus vibrations and send them back to you. And it comes back to you in the form of the thoughts, feelings, and focus in a bundle. The Universe creates the exact vibration from your mixed bag of thoughts, feelings, and focus.

If one day you are up and another day you are down, then you are looking at a mixed bag of vibrations being sent to the Universe. The Universe responds with its interpretation of what you have sent to it. That is the way the Universe loves and accepts you. It sends to you what you give to it.

And then there is the overall picture that the Universe can see whereas you can only see a small part of the picture of your life experience. The Universe knows the exact time and place that is just right for your life and others around you. That is where the trust comes in.

How about turning your impatience into trusting that what you want will come to you in the right time for your life? How about creating a calm knowing that what you envision will come about as you let go of how and when it will come to you and go about your day creating a positive state of mind and heart?

Once you step aside from the impatience then you are no longer creating a resistant vibration and can do what inner work needs to be done while creating a strong focused vibration.

time to release

There is a way to bring in the new year and create the most positive of positive higher vibrations.

Instead of looking at the past year and seeing all that you didn’t get done or that felt negative; you can let the negative and upset thoughts and feelings go. You can look at the past year and see all that you had to appreciate, look at your past experiences and ask yourself what you may have learned from them, think of all that went well, and the memories that you truly want to cherish. If you lost someone then focus on all the wonderful time you had with them and take that into your heart.

Once you see how truly amazing your year was even with all that felt negative then you can now let go of the past and hold on to the good memories of that year.

Then look toward this new year. Think of all the possibilities and the joy that can come about. Keep your focus on what you intend to think and feel this new year and hold strong to that intention. In each experience of the new year embrace the experience no matter what and know that the experience is helping guide you to where you want to be…you just have to be the one to set the direction through your thoughts, feelings, and intentions.

And then…EMBRACE this amazing new year FULL of unlimited possibilities!

mini vacation


At this very moment, you are creating a vibration that heads out into this Universe. And that vibration is acknowledged by the Universe. And the more you focus on that vibration then the Universe sends it back to you in some way, shape, or form.

Each day do your best to be conscious of what you are vibrating out into this world. The more you create a focused vibration of what you want to feel and think, the more that focused intention will come back to you in some form. If you are having a great morning and then all of a sudden everything seems to go wrong and you feel and think about all that is wrong and multiply that focus, then that is the perfect time to be conscious of where your thought and feeling are directed. If you get upset, start to worry, and steer away from the great feeling in the morning, then you will be sending out a mixed bag of emotions and thoughts to the Universe. ‘Give me good and negative.’ That is what will come about.

But if you choose to deal with the ‘wrong’ as well as create a positive higher vibration at the same time, then your problem will begin to take a positive light. It will create an answer because you have done the inner work to let go of the negative and create a positive intention instead. The inner work is working on shifting your focus from the negative to the positive. Even if you don’t know what that positive could be in it all; just know that there is one and it will reveal itself in the right time.

The more you do this, the more you will have positive vibrations coming back to you.

Each vibration that you create in your day blends with all of your other vibrations. You are continually creating a vibration and that vibration is always in motion. You can change a day from negative to positive in just a moment.

All that it takes is you.

the sky is the limit

Many times when someone makes a New Year’s resolution, they list out all that they want to accomplish.  Maybe they have one major goal or many goals. For those goals to manifest, a feeling has to go along with that goal.  That feeling has to be stronger and more determined then your environment around you. That feeling has to be FULL of excitement, determination, hope, and dreams. That feeling has to know, without a doubt, that it can happen.

You see, anyone can make a New Year’s resolution but it takes someone focused to follow through with the New Year’s goal.

Are you focused? Are you ready for ideas to come to you in any way, shape, or form to help manifest that goal?  Are you creating the thoughts AND the feelings wanted and needed for that goal to go from the ‘invisible’ to the ‘visible?’ Are you trusting that the Universe is taking care of the how while you take care of the thought and feeling of it all?

Your feelings fuel the direction you go in life. So when making that New Year’s resolution ask yourself how you want to feel in that goal as well?  Focus on the thought and the feeling my friend. Stay focused…

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This time of year is the perfect time to celebrate life and to reflect on what we have to appreciate from the past year. Whether it was a challenging year or a year full of dreams, you can truly look to the past to see all the lessons, insights, and inner growth that came about. Appreciating the challenging experiences helps to move on from them. And if you don’t know what there was to appreciate in the experience, just know that there was something within it for you.

Each experience we have has meaning. Each experience gives us a chance to take our life in a certain direction. And that direction is determined by your thoughts, feelings, and views on life. If you constantly are complaining, worrying, and fearing then that is the direction life will go with experiences full of things to complain about, worry about, and fear.

And if you constantly inner work toward creating a positive outlook on experiences, trusting that things are unfolding just as they should in the right time for your life, doing the inner work necessary to take a higher level of vibration road, then you will experience a life of trust, right timing, and higher positive vibration experiences.

Look toward the new year with a new pair of eyes. Seek and find what there is that is positive in every experience and person. Dwell on it and focus on it as you go through each moment of your day. If someone has upset you, take care of it in a kind and compassionate way but let go of the hurt feelings and thoughts that may be attached to the upset. Look at it from the perspective that another may not know that they are being hurtful. It may be their own hurt that they are projecting to you.

Reflect on the past without attaching to the emotion of the past. See what could be fine tuned from the experience and know that you had something to learn within the past that can help guide you to where you truly want to be today.

We have so many choices that can be made in life. Make choices that are based out of kindness, love, and compassion my friend. You deserve a loving, caring, and kind life.

step by step

It’s always good to step back and ask yourself what is motivating you.  Are you motivated by what another thinks?  Are you motivated for the sheer inspiration of it all?  Are you motivated because another is blaming you and you want to ‘prove’ to them something?  Are you motivated with the sheer excited expectation of where it will take you?

As you can see, there are many ways we can be motivated. The motivation that is driven by opinions of others, or out to prove something, are the ones that will create a resistance feeling vibration within. When you are trying to prove yourself to another then your motivation isn’t coming from the heart; it is coming from the ego.

So how about checking in with yourself and ask you what motivates you?  You can let go of all that involves what others think and say and embrace the true genuine thought and feeling within that is inspired, excited, and motivated because it will help another.

Each emotion takes you in the direction of what the reason behind the motivation is. Do a little fine tuning of your motives today. 🙂

time to release

Are you focusing on the ‘what ifs’ of life instead of living in the moment and appreciating the day? Are you creating ‘what if worries’ for the future?

Sometimes we can get caught up in the worry and thoughts of the next day, the next year, or even farther into the future. Many want a life that is full of positive experiences but they sit and worry about the what the future may hold.  They are essentially are putting thought and feeling vibrations that is full of a worrisome future.

Why not focus on this moment and all that you have in life right now that you can appreciate?  How about thinking about the ‘what ifs’ of the future in the most positive thought and feeling vibration possible?  Instead of worrying yourself into your future you will be thinking and feeling yourself into the future with positive possible outcomes. And when you think positive then more positive comes into your life.

How about changing those worry ‘what ifs’ to full of hope ‘what ifs?’  It will change your future…

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For any problem there is a solution. But the problem can’t be solved with the same mindset that created the problem.

In order to create the solution you have to reach a vibration that will manifest the solution. If you stay in the same mindset then you won’t be able to step beyond the limits of your current thought. But if you understand that there is are solutions somewhere and it will come to you when it is the perfect time, then you are now going beyond the current thought of problem and leaning toward solution.

You just changed your mindset! And that is what it takes for life to change. How about it?  Change your mindset today. Know there is a solution and keep focused on that thought instead of focusing on the problem. If you have racked your brain looking for the solution but just can’t seem to find it, then know that there is one,keep your eyes and ears open to solution opportunities,  and know it will appear all in the time that it should.

You can do this…all is well and will be well my friend.

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