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What is your focus on in your day?  Are you focusing on all that you don’t want in your life, complaining about your everyday situations, and creating a resistant negative vibration to your moments?

Life will get more positive and lighter if you choose to focus in on all you do want, appreciating what is in your day, and creating a positive vibration in all that you say and do.

If you’re not happy, then take a moment to choose how you really want to think and feel. In order to be happy, you have to choose happiness.  Even if your day has some bumps in it, you can focus on what has been good in the day as well.

Create happiness through your everyday moments and thoughts.  You can be happy even if everything isn’t exactly what you envision at the moment.

Take each moment and seek out what makes you feel happy and what makes you smile. Focus in on the happy.



If you are having a difficult experience happening in your life send out love. Love heals and protects you.  As love goes out, it protects it’s sender and stops any drain of energy.

The more you send out love, the more healing and protection energy will come into your life through love.

Love is the solution, love is the answer, love is all there is…  Send out love in all you do and say,  and see how it can change your life experiences.

Love is powerful.


There is no limit to the growth and expansion that is possible for you and your life.

What you believe is what you become. If you don’t like what you believe, you can release the old way of thought and focus in on a new way of thought that better fits who you are.

Your growth and expansion are completely up to you. If you choose limited thought, then limited experiences are what come into your life.  If you choose unlimited thought and expansion, even if you don’t know how it will unfold, then unlimited experiences and possibilities will unfold.

It has always been your choice my friend.


There is no one right way; there is only the way that is right for you.

When another tells you that there is just one way to do something, remember that, in any experience, there is always more than one right way.

Opinions and suggestions can be wonderful if they resonate with your thoughts, but if others give you opinions and suggestions that don’t feel right to you, then they most likely aren’t the best for your life.  It may work for them to do it in the way they say, but we are all so unique that there are many paths that can lead to the same outcome.

Don’t dismiss their thoughts quickly as there may be answers within their thoughts, but just remember to ask yourself if you are rejecting their thoughts because you just don’t want another to be ‘right’ or is it that you can feel within that their way isn’t your way.

Feel for your truth within as it won’t steer you wrong.

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What gives you forward momentum when it comes to your life?

Begin saying no to the things that aren’t absolutely essential to your life.  And start saying no to the things that don’t bring you joy.

And then, start saying yes to the things that give you a good feeling within and that feel like you are making forward progress in life. That is what will bring forward movement to your growth and to your life experience.

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Did you know that saying positive and loving words can bring up your mind’s vibration?  If you experience your life through creating a positive and loving thought, over and over again, you are creating a vibration that the mind will take in and raise the vibration even higher.

Just think,  if you could keep a steady positive higher thought in all that you experience, you would be sending out a vibration that will bring you life experiences that feel good and positive.

Say higher more loving words about yourself and others.  Say higher more loving words to all that are around you.  Say higher more loving words to each experience that you have; even those resistant feeling experiences.  You can handle challenges with a positive vibration instead of a resistant vibration.  Just put your mind, body, and spirit into it.

See what there is that is positive within the experience as you handle it.  And if you can’t see a positive, then just remind yourself that it is there.  It will reveal itself.

Create a more loving and higher life experience by saying words that create a vibration of kindness, compassion, and love.


Go beyond what is commonly considered held to be true and seek out and discover your own personal truth.

What resonates with you?  What brings a feeling of peace and knowing into your life? Ask yourself what will bring you closer to how you want to ‘be’ and take that direction.  That direction is where you will find your personal truth.

Seek out what makes you happy and gives you a higher positive thought.  That is where your personal truth will be.


How do you speak about yourself?  Do you say critical things about who you are or do you think about what you don’t like about who you are?

Be aware of the images you create about yourself when you speak with others or think about who you are.  Take time to think about the positive things that you like about yourself.

Leave the critical mind behind and focus in on your great qualities and less on your, what you consider, negative things about who you are.  Inner work to build your self image and confidence and see how truly wonderful you are. Strive to create a positive self image for yourself.  Make it a priority and if your critical voice pops up, then be conscious of it and let the critical go while you shift to a more positive image of yourself.

Everyone is unique and we all have wonderful qualities. Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative my friend.

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Isn’t it time to believe that a good life is naturally yours?  You are deserving of what you want in your life. You don’t have to justify why you want what you want, you don’t have to have a reason for having a good life, and you don’t have to answer to anyone about the life you want to live.

Just believe in yourself and the good life you can have. Find what is good in your moments today and send out that sincere appreciation out into the Universe.

Know, trust, and believe that a good life is now and even better in your future. You deserve it!


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You always have a choice my friend.  You can choose peace over worry, you can choose calm over drama, and you can choose love over any conflict.

Where you take your thoughts, is the direction that you will head.


There are times where we look at another and their life and we want them to do or be in the way we think would be best, yet by looking and their life and thinking about how you can make it better, you are being judgmental and opinionated in what you think about their life.

Let them experience their life in the best way that they see fit and if they ask your opinion or advice, then give that advice from a non judgmental place within you. They may want your suggestions but they aren’t asking you to judge their life.

You don’t have to like what they say or do but remember that their life is their own just as your life is your own.

Love people for who they are; not for who you want them to be.

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There truly is no limit to the growth and the expansion that is possible for you.  There is no point where you stop growing within so if life feels as if it is in a rut, be aware that really, you are continuing to expand and grow within.

If you want to expand your mind and heart, then focus in on how you can expand your mind and heart.  Take a step toward expansion through opening up your mind to what you read, what you listen to,  and have sessions of meditation or quiet time; just take a step with expansion in your thought.  You will be led to a higher vibration for you to experience.

You always have the ability to expand and grow within.

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Start saying no to things that aren’t absolutely essential to your life and that don’t bring you any joy.

Start saying yes to things that give you joy and that give you forward momentum.

When you start saying yes to joy, you will see that life will begin to change and take you to experiences of joy and appreciation. Take life in the direction of what give you joy my friend.

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How can just three little words, please and thank you, make your life more positive? Whether we are saying ‘thank you’ or someone is saying ‘thank you’ to you, a thought and feeling vibration is being created.  Thank you creates a positive, uplifting, and appreciative vibration that radiates beyond your own self and it gives to the world and to your own thought and feeling. If you put it out there, it will come back to you in some way.

Just think what the words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ can bring about on your life’s path. Say it with joy and really mean ‘thank you’ and ‘please.’  In other words, be conscious of what you are saying and feeling in those moments so that you can continue to remember to be kind, loving, and compassionate to yourself and to others.

It just takes a few words to create a higher vibration of thought and those few words can change life.

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You know all those past memories that you can’t let go of and they feel so very heavy around your neck like an anchor? Those memories you no longer need my friend.

If you have a past that just won’t stay in the past, you really do have a choice.  You can look at the past memory, glean what you can from the experience, and let go of any of the negative emotions that are attached to it.  All you need to bring forward into your present is the lessons you learned and the growth that came about. There is no need to have that anchor around your life dragging you down.

Forgive yourself, forgive others, and let the past go…



How about taking a walk and focus in only on appreciation? Put purpose into each step and use that time to only think about what you are grateful for and love in life. For that walk time, you can’t worry or doubt; you can only think of what you appreciate in your moments.

Give yourself a dedicated time to appreciate what is in your life.  Build those positive higher vibrations that will take you to the next step of what you are envisioning life to be. Just for a few minutes a day.

What a difference a day can make.

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How do you know if the direction you are going in your life experience, is the best direction for your life?  You can tell by how you feel.

First, you have to step aside from any worry, doubt, or fear for the moment. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, close your eyes and go in that quiet place within that is calm and balanced.  From that quiet place, you want to think about the direction you are going.  See yourself walking the path.  How does it feel? Do you feel good walking that path?  Does it feel positive and give you a wonderful feeling and thought?

If your mind goes over to the thought of worry, doubt, or fear, then take a few moments to let go of the resistant feeling thoughts just during this exercise. Tell your mind that if it needs to worry, it can worry after you are done with focusing and envisioning your current path.  Take another breath in and an exhale.

Does the direction feel like the best way for your current moment? If you feel strong and positive about it, then it is the direction for you.  If you feel unease or that it just doesn’t feel like you want it to, then you know to find another direction that feels good and positive for you.

Just remember that you can be taking a certain direction and half way through, you can possibly feel that you need to change direction. If this happens, take a moment to get into that quiet place once again and walk the path in your mind that you are thinking of changing to. It will have that same feeling of positive and feels like it feels the best way to go.

You have your own inner compass that knows the best direction and all you have to do is listen within.


If you’re late for work, just pick yourself up, let go of the negative thought, and move on to a more positive vibration.

If you’re having an amazing day, just ‘be’ in those moments, embrace the wonderful thought and feeling of happiness and feeling positive, and continue your path with a positive vibration.

If you’re in the middle of a negative conversation, Keeping a positive compassionate balance within as you listen and speak, if it is something you can’t do a thing about then just step away, let go of the negative, and move on and focus on a more positive thought.

If you get that raise, just ‘be’ in that moment, embrace feeling appreciative and happy, and continue your path with a positive focus.

As you can see, anything you experience, you truly can choose the next thought and that next thought will take you to the next and the next positive vibration, and continue your path with a positive feeling focus.

You always have a choice my friend. Make a pact with yourself and be conscious of where your thought goes.  It will change your perception and ultimately change to a more positive life experience.

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What you focus on is what your life will become.  Some think that if they take ten minutes to focus on what they want in their life, that it will bring about the outcome they desire, but there is much more to it than that.

What you put out in thought, feelings, and reactions, whether you are conscious of it or not, creates a vibration that goes out into the Universe.  The more you focus on a certain kind of thought, the more experiences come to your life that are that kind of thought.

For example: Let’s say you have a wonderful focus time of fifteen minutes.  You visualize what you want life to be, you focus in on the great feeling of it in the now, and you then build that vibration until it feels as if it is staring you right in the face.  Once your envisioning time is over, you begin your day.  The vacuum explodes, the cat poops on the rug, and your boyfriend calls to tell you that his parents are coming to dinner.  Think about all of those experiences and the vibration you put out in those moments.  Possibly upset, anger, frustration, and fear.  Those vibrations are a part of your day just as the morning focus vibrations are.  What goes out into the Universe is the mix of all those vibrations you had from the positive focus to the upset. That vibration goes out into the Universe and it comes back to you in some way, shape, or form with the same ‘feel’ of the mixed vibration that you sent out.

Can you see how important it is to stay on top of your thoughts, feelings, and reactions so that you are putting out a more even vibration?  This is when it is essential to be conscious of where your mind goes so that you can let go of what you don’t need in vibration and refocus on a stronger positive vibration.

Even in a challenging experience, you can handle it with a more positive vibration instead of full on negative.

Every moment creates your vibration. Think about what you send out my friend.

Be conscious of your thought.  What are you creating today?

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What if you just let the negative, the agitation, the resistant feeling go?  What would happen if you could accept where you are in life right now and appreciated what you do have while keeping a positive thought toward your present and future?

Stay in this moment and appreciate what you love in your life. If you have negative experiences happening, take a moment to release and let the negative thoughts and feelings  go while you shift your focus to what there is in your life that is positive. As you handle the negative, know that by letting it go and focusing in on the now moment of appreciation, the negative will release and you can move forward.

Be ready and recognize when you are feeling that pull of a resistant vibration. Handle that experience with a positive intention instead of succumbing to the negative thought and feeling of a resistant feeling experience. Go deeper within yourself and feel that constant vein of love and that forever connection to the Universe. There is where love, joy, ease, and higher vibrations reside.  Bring them forward to help you with your experience.

Put your focus on what truly matters my friend. Bring that vibration up!

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