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When you have a negative experience, you don’t have to get all wrapped up in how bad it was or how upset you are.  You can see that it doesn’t feel the best, but that is as far as you have to take the negative.  You can see it, feel it, yet let go of the negative thought and feelings as those thoughts and feelings can cloud your judgment and your clarity.

Many times when we are in a negative experience, we get confused and our emotions seem to take over.  It can be challenging to think at all, but if you figure it out before hand, like right now, by practicing how to be present and conscious of where your thoughts and feelings go, then you will be able to shift focus during that moment of challenge.

Take time to practice shifting focus from the negative to the positive. Build your positive thought muscles so when a challenge comes along, you can be ready.  You can stay in a balanced and clear place within as you take care of what needs to be taken care of.

It’s easy to be positive in positive experiences, but it is in the less than positive experiences that it becomes a challenge.  Yet if you put your mind to it you can bring about positive thoughts and feelings as you experience a less than positive experience. It is the experience that is negative and not you if that is what you choose.


balancing of life

As you go about your day, keep this in mind…in every thought, feeling, reaction, and action are a part of your overall vibration.  And it is the overall vibration that you send out into the world and the Universe. This means that not just your wonderful positive vibrations you create in your day, but your negative, your bored, your upset, your angry vibrations as well.

Ask yourself what overall vibration you are sending out into this Universe?  The Universe has the advantage as it knows immediately what vibration your thoughts, feelings, reactions, and actions become, but we can only gauge our vibrations by how we are feeling in each moment.

In all you say and do, just send out a kind, compassionate, and loving vibration.  Yes, even in those moments that feel less than positive.  Every moment will pass whether it is good feeling or bad feeling, but every moment you get the chance to fine tune.

If you have a moment that you feel like you handled it in an upset way, don’t get upset with yourself, just pick yourself up and begin your vibration again, but this time be conscious of where you take it.

What is your overall vibration?  What are you creating for the future?


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At that moment, when you are just about ready to give up, it is the moment that miracles show themselves.

Don’t give up, my friend. You may have to take a different path than you thought, but don’t give up.  Be open to everyday miracles and know and trust that the new path is taking you to where you want to be.

All is well and will be well no matter what the experience if you keep a positive mindset and trust that all is unfolding for the best.

agree to disagree and respect

Think about how a positive thought can make you feel.  It can bring about enthusiasm, joy, understanding, love, kindness, passion, and compassion.  It brings up all that lifts the spirits, doesn’t it?

Now think about how a negative thought can make you feel. It can bring anger, frustration, sadness, fear, and worry.  It literally makes you feel as if all is lost and at the very least you feel out of sorts and grumpy.

Negative thought can’t be avoided. It just happens, but you have a choice in how you deal with it and how you release it.

You do have to deal with it or else it will still be within you festering, but you can deal with it in a more positive way.

Anger can be used to create change.  If you use it as a catalyst for what you want to change, then it has its purpose.  It is when you hold on to the anger, and no longer use it as a catalyst, that can be the problem. Then you are just building more anger, but if you use it as the catalyst and then build a positive focus of change, then the anger has served you well. That negative has actually turned into a positive.

All you need is a freedom of choice and everyone can think within their mind freely. When you stay conscious of where your mind takes you, and fine tune it along the way, then you will be creating an unfolding of a positive path full of unlimited possibilities.


We all have different thoughts and unique views of life.  And even though they are different, it doesn’t mean that either is right, or wrong; it is what is seen and felt from the different views.   Both can be right…

Take a look at the photo above. In my view, this is a beautiful photo of Spring; the puffy white clouds, the surreal blue sky, and the rolling hills with the flowers in the foreground, bring joy and beauty to my heart and my spirit. It feels ‘right’ to me.

Someone else may look at the photo and see something completely different. They had prefer the desert with its shades of reds, browns, and blacks. They may love the hot weather and the beautiful of rocks.  They may not resonate with the photo above.  Their ‘right’ photo may just be the desert.

Neither of us are right or wrong, are you?  We both have our thoughts and feelings about it.

So what does this mean?  This means that we are living our own life experience through our own thoughts, views, environments, and upbringing. Each of us sees beauty in different ways. We need to respect the beauty of another and know that just because it isn’t your beauty, doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful to someone.

Yet another moment to create a positive thought of all our unique ways in life.

It doesn’t have to by your way or their way. You can love what you love and respect others for what they love.

Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder.


balancing of life

Oh those experiences that get us to feeling chaotic and less than positive.  They sure can bring a vibration down.

When experiencing chaos and overwhelming experiences, it is the perfect time to be conscious of how you are thinking and feeling. We tend to go on automatic when things get a bit crazy, but if you stay conscious of where your thought is going, then that means you are ready for the next step.  And that next step is to reach ‘within’ for balance and centering.

Chaotic experiences are usually full of emotion so your emotion is the first place you want to head to. Ask yourself to get into a calmer state of mind, body, and spirit. Take a few breaths in and a few breaths out while focusing on balance of mind, body, and spirit. In each moment, keep remembering to let go of the chaos through your exhale and inhale the thought of balance.

When you are taking steps to get life into a good place, then remember that by balancing you are taking a step toward a more positive experience by letting go of the chaotic thoughts and feelings and focusing in on balance and calm.

Once you’ve got yourself in a better state of mind, body, and spirit, don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back of appreciation for knowing how to use one of the mental tools toward balance. Appreciation goes a long way my friend.

beth mccain 9989

This moment, from what you are thinking and feeling, is creating your future. Think about all that you do and say in the day.  Think about all that you think, feel, and react in a day. All those thoughts, feelings, and reactions are creating a whole vibration that goes out into this Universe.  And the Universe then sends a vibration right back to us that represents what we sent out in vibration. It can take any shape, way, or form. And how it comes to you, how you perceive it, and what direction you take, creates your moments of now and the future.

Just think; if you could continually be conscious of where your thought goes and shift it when it is becoming agitated, to a more positive feeling vibration, then you will be sending out positive vibrations and in turn you will receive positive experiences and people in your life.

If a challenge comes up, then do the same. Deal with the experience from a positive mindset instead of a negative mindset.  When thinking of the future, think about what you want in that future and not about what you don’t want. Create best case scenarios instead of worst case scenarios.

Keep at it each and every day. Do what you can to lend the Universe a hand in opening up a positive life experience for you.


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Events in your life do not define who you are. If you’ve been given a diagnosis of a medical condition, do your best to take care of it, but you don’t have to own the condition.  You don’t have to make it so important that it takes over your whole life. Give it the attention it needs and then keep enjoying life to the best of your ability.

This is the same for any experience you are having. If you’ve had an experience in the past that you are not proud of, remember that it is just an experience that helped you to become who you are today. It doesn’t define who you are.  It is only an experience.

Some will take on the negative thinking that it is who they are in life.  Really, who you really are, is a spiritual being having a physical experience. You learn and grow in spirit in all that you experience. Experiences of life are tools in helping to guide our spirit but they are not who we are my friend.

So next time you feel as if a single experience or event is who you are, look again.  It is only a part of your life experience. You are still a powerful being of light whose experiences help to guide you…

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When you are wanting something to happen in life, do you expect the best case scenario or the worst?  Do you kind of think it will happen or do you know, without a doubt, it will happen for you?  And when you think about it, do you feel good about it or feel negative about it?

Expect more.  Expect more than the best. Expect that, however it comes to you,  it will come. If your mind goes to the negative and worries, then shift your focus back to what you expect to happen and not what you don’t want to happen.

Keep focusing your energy on the best, more than the best, the best for all involved, the best case scenario. If life seems to be going down a road you don’t want, then expect that the road you are on is a part of getting you to where you want to be. Then head back to focusing on a positive mindset as the  road moves and changes.

Expect more my friend. This Universe is on your side and wants you to have the best in life. The Universe gives to you what you are putting out in vibration,  If you fake being happy, then the Universe knows your true nature so you will continue to get things that are a part of your fake happiness.  But if you do your best to do the inner work of letting go of the negative and replacing it with the positive, then the Universe will send things that match your true positive thought.


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When was the last time you just enjoyed yourself and had some fun? I’m not talking about the five minutes you have while driving and listening to music.  I’m talking about time where you enjoy your time, without any worry about what is or isn’t getting done, and have fun.  To some, they would say “Grow up! You’re an adult now.”  Well, guess what?  Did you know taking time to yourself and enjoying feeds and nurtures your spirit? It helps you to let stress go and get some positive juices flowing.

You can enjoy by yourself or go with a friend, but make sure you stay conscious of where your thoughts and feelings go.  If you are taking a beautiful walk and your mind goes to all that you have to do, then you need to let go of what needs to be done for the time you are taking your walk and shift focus to feeding your spirit through enjoying.

Even heading to a movie will do it. You have two and a half hours of shifting your focus to another world within the movie. It helps you to let go of stress and to just enjoy.

Do you know what this will do not only for your spirit but your body and mind as well?  It will bring calm, balance, and clarity into all of who you are. You may not see the change at first but you will find that the more you take the time to enjoy, the more relaxed you will be in your everyday. It will help you to keep a positive mindset as well.

Honor and respect your spirit my friend. Give it some time to enjoy…

time to release

When someone else is speaking and they are giving their opinions and beliefs about life, and you don’t agree with them, you can choose to attach to their thought and be frustrated about what they have to say or you can choose to let go of their thought which brings about a sense of relief and freedom.

You can be respectfully opposite of what another is thinking. You don’t have to get into it with them just because they think differently than you. You have a choice how you respond.

Respect others and accept them for who they are.  We would hope the same if the shoe was on the other foot, wouldn’t we?

We can all live in the same Universe with all different kinds of beliefs and opinions if we knew that we have the freedom to detach from another and their vibration if need be.

How can you tell when to detach from their vibration?  By how you feel within about what they have to say. If you feel bad, negative, or frustrated, then do yourself a favor and agree to disagree.  Even if you are on the same side with different views, you can figure out a way for a calm smooth way of meeting on the middle ground. Put your emotions aside and do what you can to create a calmer more balanced vibration for yourself.

beth mccain 9989

Would you carry around an umbrella, over your head, just in case it was going to rain?  Even when the sky is blue?

Worrying is like carrying an umbrella just in case it might rain. Worrying is an added weight that you truly don’t need in your life.

Look to the present and future as a bright and shining life. Know that the sun will be out and creating happiness.

There is no need for the umbrella called worry.


Keep up the higher positive thoughts my friend. If life feels as if you don’t know where it is going, just keep up a positive higher thought and feeling about life. Just know, expect, believe, and trust that all is unfolding for the best for your life.

When there is an experience that you can’t figure out how it will change for the better, just keep in mind and heart ‘all is well and will be well no matter what the experience.’  As you deal with the experience, accept that the experience is there and make peace with that thought, then create a positive vibration of appreciation while you deal with the experience. Envision the experience that the best will come out in it all as it unfolds.  Then, whatever comes out of that experience, know and trust that it is the best for all involved and growth  will have come about.

For every ending, there is a new beginning my friend. Keep up the positive higher thoughts and feelings as they will create the direction of your life’s path.


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In each of your days and your moments, don’t forget that you are loved by this Universe.  The experiences you may have can sometimes feel like the Universe may have forgotten you, but it truly hasn’t. Those more challenging moments are taking you on a journey to where you want to be in life. How you respond to that journey determines the direction.

The Universe is always on your side…always. Through thick or through thin, you are loved. You have free will to think and make your own choices. The Universe supports, encourages, and loves you by sending back to you what you are sending to it.

You may say, “Then why does it seem hard?  Why don’t I have the life I wanted? I’ve been focusing on exactly what I want but nothing changes. The Universe is supporting me?”

Those repetitive thought patterns that you have are a part of what is creating your life.  You know, those critical thoughts that you think you only know about? Between what your inner thoughts and feelings are coupled with what you put focus on in your physical life; you are creating a mixed vibration that is interpreted by the Universe and sent back to you in that same kind of vibration in manifested form.

Happy person but have inner critical thoughts about yourself and others?  Then that mixed formula of thoughts will create the next moment and future. Judgmental about others in your mind yet helping others in the day?  The helping and judgmental vibrations will mix into what the Universe interprets and then sends it back to you. It is the Universe’s way of loving and supporting you by answering ‘your call.’

What ‘call’ are you sending out? What repetitive thoughts can you let go of and focus on something more positive?

Life can become easier and smoother by where you take your thought. What do you appreciate today?  What wonderful little ordinary moments can be focused on? What challenging moment can be hit head on with a smile and a genuine positive vibration while taking care of what needs to be taken care of?

It is all in your hands…

her story 3

You’re going to be just fine.  I know this.  How do I know?  Because you get to choose where your thoughts and feelings go.  And where you take those thoughts and feelings, take you in a certain direction.

Since you have the ability to create a positive thought or a resistant thought, then you have the ability to create how life unfolds.

If you can believe, know, and trust that all will be well no matter what the experience, then you are sending a positive vibration of hope and belief that will create ‘all is well.’ If the experience feels negative or upsetting, then it is up to you to do the inner work to let go of the negative vibrations and realize that the experience is just a part of getting you to where you want to be. Even if it feels negative, it doesn’t mean that it is negative.

Change can feel scary but truly change happens in every day.  If we embrace the change, understand the change, and keep a higher positive vibration as we experience, then we can rely on the Universe to do the rest.

Keep a positive state of mind and go with the flow of all that is going on. Know, trust, and believe my friend…you are going to be just fine.

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The more you think positive, the more life will open up to even more positive experiences.  Do your best to stay conscious of your thought.  Expect the best case scenario, know that every single experiences is for the best for your life, accept what is with a positive frame of mind and know, without a doubt, that doors are opening up to you.

If a door seems to close, then trust that you are being taken in another direction toward something better for your life.

Get in the habit of creating positive thoughts and feelings…

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There’s a little secret to happiness. You may be aware of it or not. The secret to happiness is being happy with what you have in life at this very moment. So many think that if they have more money, the perfect career, the perfect relationship; then and only then will they be happy. Happiness has nothing to do with material wealth or the end all be all career. Happiness comes from within you. When you begin to see all that you have to be happy with at this very moment then you are creating contentment. Contentment is a part of happiness and when you are able to be happy about all that is in your life right now then you are creating a ‘happy’ vibration that will bring you more to be happy about. The byproduct of being content and happy are the very things you think will bring you happiness.

Contentment doesn’t mean you are settling for what is in your life. Contentment is being comfortable and happy with the present moment. You can be happy while envisioning what will bring calm, peace, and joy into your life. If all you did was inner work on your present happiness your future happiness would be secure.

It’s worth it, don’t you think?

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It’s possible to have ease in every experience in life. You can be the one to take action and create calm and peace. When you are able to listen within and do what must be done you are on your way to creating balance. Everyone has to face all kinds of experiences but by remaining calm, listening to the true self within, and looking for solutions for the best end result you will be contributing to creating balance and calm in the experience you are facing.

When you are upset or frustrated let your feelings wash over you but don’t let them take you over.  Stay in a balanced state of mind, body, and spirit and the experience will pass with much more ease.

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When you are open to all experiences in your life it doesn’t mean that you are vulnerable. Being open means you are welcoming any and all experiences into your life. This doesn’t mean that you are opening up yourself to negative experiences. What you are doing is embracing all experiences in your life so that you don’t create any kind of resistant feeling vibrations. By being open you are preparing yourself to learn, understand, and inner grow through every experience. You are not labeling the experience negative or positive, bad or good. You are taking each experience and not running away or avoiding it. You are accepting what is happening and inner working to not create a resistant feeling and thought by being open to what each experience has to offer.

Going with the flow while working through it all creates a non resistant feeling vibration. And when we go with the flow we create a smooth easier flow to our life experience.

beth mccain quotes 777777

Anytime we are in an uncomfortable unknown experience we can feel nervous and anxious which can turn into fear.  And if we let fear take over we aren’t able to deal with the experience from the true self. How about going within and connect to that true self that is you where fear doesn’t exist? How about finding the calm within yourself, remember that the Universe always has your back, and get in a good balanced state of mind. Then…face the fear.

Change is inevitable. That is what we do as humans. Change can feel so unsure at times but if you keep a positive mindset that change is good, that it is taking you to a better feeling place in life, then you can embrace the change. When we get in an experience that we don’t know what is going to happen, we can overcome our fear and go within to that calm, balanced state of mind, body, and spirit where all is well.  We can envision what we would like to happen, trust that the Universe has our back, and then let go of what the outcome may be knowing that whatever the outcome it is a good one for your life.  We can face fear and step up and face what truly needs to be faced without fear intact.

The Universe will and always has your back my friend. Why worry when all you have to do is stay in a strong positive state of mind, focus on what you want in life, let go of the feeling of fear, and trust that all will be well because…all IS well.

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