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There are times where life just seems like it is in high gear and isn’t feeling that it is slowing down any time soon.  And when we are in that busy mood, we are creating a busy vibration which unfolds more for us to have to rush around for.

It is possible to get it all done with a calm, go with the flow, kind of vibration.  You can get things done quickly without getting wound up, agitated, and feel that negative attitude.  You do this by first being conscious of the mind and body that is rushing around.  In other words, recognize you are rushing and feeling irritated. Then stop and take a deep breath in slowly, then in the slow exhale relax your shoulders and neck.  Find the calm within as you get things done.

You can enjoy the fun of things being excited, but just don’t step over into feeling overwhelmed with busy-ness.  Keep taking a breath in and slowly exhale as you keep your mind focused on what needs to be done.

Be conscious of your physical movement during this time. Our bodies can get tense and stressed when we are rushing around.  Remember to breathe, focus on your breath, and as you exhale, tell the mind to relax the shoulders and neck.  The more you communicate with your body to relax during a busy time, the less fatigued you will be when it is all done.

Enjoy yourself and know that all can be done just as quickly as you stay calm, de-stressed, and are conscious of where your mind goes and your body feels.



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When you get into the mind and truly believe that every experience you experience is a part of getting you to where you want to be, then that is exactly what will happen.  And how you handle each experience in life, whether it is positive or negative, is the direction your life will head.  Anytime that you have a negative experience, you can either feel powerless and cave in to the negative feelings and thoughts that come into your mind or you can see it as just an experience with a few resistant feeling vibrations that you have a choice in how you handle it all.

Handle it with a positive mindset and heart, then the experience will feel less resistant and take a direction of more positive meaningful vibrations knowing that growth and lessons are coming about to help you to get to where you want to be.

Sometimes the best growth of vibration comes through an experience that seems less than positive, but really, that less than positive experience, is an experience that is needed to clear the air and move you in another direction.   How you breeze through it is the form it will take.

Trust and believe that all of your experiences are essential to getting you to where you want to be and how you deal with them is the direction they will take.

You’ll be just fine.


Everyone has something or someone, within their mind and heart, that brings about that happy feeling within.  It might be a favorite place or a favorite experience.  It might be a candle scent or a favorite hobby. Everyone has something that gives them a smile and a positive thought.

When you are having a day that feels less than positive, take a moment to find that something that brings you that happy feeling within.  Just for a few moments, think and feel that happiness and build that feeling within.  Hold the thought and feeling as long as you can and build, build, build the feeling of happiness.

If you do this each and every day, you will be sending out positive vibrations that will come back to you in some way, shape, or form.  Just for a few moments a day.

What brings you happiness?  What can you do to experience that feeling each and every day?  How many ‘somethings’ can you think of that give you that feeling within?

beth mccain 4445Sometimes life can get busy and feel out of control. We rush here, we rush there, we get upset, we get happy, we change directions that creates a whole new busy-ness.  Instead of going with the flow, we get wrapped up in the fear, the agitation, the worry, the anxiety, and the stress of experiences. So what would happen if you just went with the flow of experiences?

Think about the ocean and what the water does. It moves fluidly through every piece of debris just relaxing and pushing the debris aside. It goes over the rocks with a calm way of being.  Instead of pushing against all the things that are in the ocean, the water swirls around, goes over, goes under, and goes with the flow of what may be in the way.

So how about when life feels as if it is becoming overwhelming or just too busy, do as the ocean does…go with the flow. No need to build up all those emotions.  All you need to do is take a deep breath in and let go of the resistant feeling vibrations in your exhale. Find the calm within and go with the flow knowing that you will end up in the best place for your life.

Go with the flow my friend. No need to build up worry, fear, anxiety, or stress.  Remind yourself of the ocean and what it does…

How about today you imagine that you are the one running your ship. Today is the day that you get to guide your ship any way that you decide.  You can say “no” when you feel like saying “no” and you can say “yes” whenever you feel like it. Today you won’t be in any rush…you can take your time in everything you do because…well…it is your ship, right?

You get to choose how you run your ship even down to the people (crew!) you spend time with on YOUR ship. And you enjoy it so much, you get to choose from moment to moment how you feel on your ship; whether it is a peaceful journey or an adventurous, rip roarin’ wild journey. You get to pick the destination as well.  You get to choose because it is your ship ya know.

Ahoy matey! 😉  Isn’t it great sailing the great seas of life?!

There are times when we feel bad for not doing something that everyone else is telling us is the right thing to do. For example meditation is an excellent habit to get into and by hearing it, you may feel bad because you don’t meditate.  Remember that part of loving who you are is to step away from everything that you are being told and ask yourself a few questions.  “Does it bring me joy?  Do I feel positive when I am doing it?  Is this something that works for me?  It is all about what you want to experience that makes the difference.  You don’t want to build resistance to what doesn’t feel right to you.

We all have different ways of doing things and what works for one person may not work for you. Each and every day we get suggestions on how to live life but the only way to know for sure that it works for you is to ask yourself  FIRST. You don’t have to ask Uncle John or Auntie May if it will work for you.  Ask yourself and see how it feels as you ‘try on’ the thought THEN make a decision. Maybe Auntie May’s lovely fruitcake IS right for you or maybe… The only kind of resistance you want is the one that the fruitcake uses as the door stop! lol

It’s possible to reach higher vibrations instantly through creativity, inspiration, and your own inner guidance from within. If you’re feeling as if you need an extra boost of vibration listen to music, do some writing, watch a movie.  Go to a place that makes you feel good and instantly changes your feelings and thoughts to ones of calm.

There are so many wonderful experiences that can help you to create an instant positive vibration.  How do you know what they are?  By how you feel. When you think about what gives you a lift in life…THAT is the place to go for a while. But remember that when you go there, that you stay there for a while.  Don’t get caught up in what you should be doing or what you may be worrying about…just stay ‘in the zone’ for a while and get those vibrations of the positive into a higher and higher level of vibration…what a wonderful place to ‘be.’

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Really knowing who you are within requires quiet time.  Time alone is one of the most important times for you to create your world.   The stillness in your mind creates ideas to come into your reality and be born.   It may take a little time but don’t let the time delay keep you from understanding that there is a connection between quiet time and the creativity that you experience a little later on.

Finishing up my consults and then Lee and I are off to town for lunch and errands.  Have a wonderful day everyone!


Each day we have over 50,000 thoughts.  Some we’re aware of but most of them we’re not aware of.  Just by directing your focus of thought in a certain direction can change your life.  If even ten percent of your thoughts are from a concentrated positive thought, you will achieve what you want.

When you meditate you are concentrating your focus and taking control of your own thoughts through silence.  Using meditation to relax and train the mind to focus on silence is a positive vibration because you are connecting one on one with the Universe. Use meditation to retrain the mind from the negative to the neutral to the positive.

Use your intentional thoughts wisely. 🙂

I think Mom is our biggest fan.  She has dogeared our book “Unlimited Thoughts” as well as “Transcripts from the Core Being.”  She came into our room yesterday and asked if it was okay if she bought another copy of “Transcripts.”  We asked her if something was wrong with her other copy and she said, “I’ve read it so much that I broke the binding on it.  I read it like a bible.  It makes me feel so good.” Lee went out to the studio and grabbed another copy.  He came back in and handed it to Mom.  “It’s on the house,” he said.  Like we would ever make Mom pay for anything around here.  I love that Mom is expanding her world in thought.  Now Dad…he’s another story!  hee hee

Do you make New Year resolutions?  Lee and I talk about what we envision for the year and have an evening of visualizing.  Most resolutions are made through resistance.  It’s as if whatever it is that you want resolved is a struggle.  See your New Year resolution as completed.  Revel in the joy that you have already achieved it.  Feel it and know that it is a part of your 2010.  Don’t let anyone rain on your parade…just know and instead of being met with struggle you will be met with the dream you have envisioned.  Here’s to 2010!

We’re having a meeting in the studio this morning on all the ideas and thoughts for the coming new year.  We do this yearly and talk about our personal goals and our business goals.  We have a wonderful time talking of the past year and then letting it all go to ring in the next year…2010 is going to be one incredible journey!


If you have a choice to make listen to what your heart says first.  If you listen to your mind, it is the one that can make decisions based on fear. Your heart makes a choice with true feeling where as the mind makes choices based on your perceptions of what life seems to be.   Listen to your heart first and move toward the feeling and thoughts of the heart.

I’ll be powering down with e-mails and counsels today.  I have a beautiful bouquet of pink, lavender, purple, and white sweet peas.  Peanut picked them out of the flower garden and they are so fragrant.  The otherworldly smell fills the room.  🙂



Do you already act as if you have what it is that you want?  Does your mindset live the life that you want? 

This is how you get what you desire.  You mentally decide it is the life you want and you begin to make changes to live it.  You already have the tools within yourself.  Use your thoughts to imagine that it is already within your reach and you are living the life you want.  No worries about what others think and get inspired that you can have all that you can imagine.  It will manifest guaranteed.


Lee and I are working on the last edits of our new book and then it will be sent in to be looked over and published.  We love every project we were on and this project is based on our Law of Attraction Boot Camp.  Looking forward to seeing it in print and getting it out to whoever could use it.

I think I’ll take the computer out on the deck to work.  It is a beautiful clear blue sky and nice and cool this morning. Have I ever mentioned how much we love living here?!! 🙂


What lies within greed?  A fear of not having enough.

What lies in hatred?  A fear of being harmed and not feeling good enough about your own self.

So maybe if we go beyond the fear and really look at what fear is it will free us of the sheer feeling of fear. You are always good enough; you will always have enough because you are an eternal being within that has everything it needs.  Fear is just a state of the mind…it isn’t you…unless you decide that it is you.

Our schedule changed all over the place today.  It’s like having a backwards day.  This is going to be fun!  The Universe is shaking things up for the better…it can get better than this?!  🙂  So off we go to have a nice breakfast out and then the day will begin.  If you hear hysterical laughter over on the Oregon coast…no worries…it’s Lee and I going about the day!


Everyone has their own point of view.  If you really want to understand other people, you have to listen.

When you are in a confrontation with another person you are both attached to your own perspectives and feelings.  Try to mentally step back for just a moment and ask yourself if you can try to understand this from another point of view.  By stepping back it requires you to listen genuinely to the other person.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t say what you think from your understanding but by opening up and understanding another point of view it will be a lot easier to speak without confrontation.  When you are able to listen, the space between you and that other person has begun to change. 

Then there is the time where it feels as if there is a lack of communication and the voices escalate.  When this happens stay centered in your own self so you don’t get caught up in your reaction.  It really is okay to simply feel your feelings instead of reacting in defense.  When you are able to let the reactions of the mind come and go without the defense of standing your ground the feelings pass and you have chosen a new reaction. 

This skill takes a lot of practice but you will find that the results are amazing within your own self.

Lee and I will be working on the Indicator magazine today.  We’re especially excited about this issue.  It deals with turning your own the financial world around as well as a wonderful write up on Guy Finley and the inspiring methods of fearless living.  The magazine is such a joy to put out.  We all get in a certain mode when it comes to the magazine and it is such a sense of accomplish when it is all finished and they send it out to be printed.   We appreciate all your e-mails, questions, and stories that are in the Indicator.  You truly become one of the authors of the magazine. 

Remember today is another day to create…choose wisely!

This is a special Law of Attraction YouTube radio show focusing on how to think limitless.


When you have made a conscious effort for your mind to be free of anger fear, or greed, than past negative events have less of a chance of manifesting.  You see, we are protected by the energy space of the present and the positive thoughts of our minds can block or change past negative moments from affecting our present and future.  So the same goes for anger, fear, and greed…when you fill your mind with repetitive thoughts of intense negative those are the feelings that will come to fruition and they can change the positive past.  It is all about the present because what you do with your present will determine what will affect your own future.

What a great weekend we had with our family and friends.  Everyone has left now but we have more family coming in today. 

The weather is beautiful and I got in a nice long walk last night all by myself with my headphones on.  I love it when I catch the sky at just the right time and it just has that ‘ethereal’ feel to it.  I am thankful for my family and the Universe.



When focusing on your desires ask for stronger trust in the Universe.  You can’t be helped unless you ask.  It would encroach upon your free will if the Universe did everything for you without you asking and visualizing so make sure to ask and always thank the Universe.


Another beautiful day!  Yesterday we had a great time.  We had BBQ chicken, corn, and salad straight from the garden.  We rounded it off with lemon cake…perfect summery kind of food!  

Part of our entertainment was Peanut.  She had bought a small recorder so she was following everyone around yesterday recording everyone.   She had told a bunch of jokes into her little machine and we were all howling in laughter.


You know when you get in that particular space when you are meditating…you know the one that feels euphoric and you feel pure, light, and ‘one’?  Next time you meditate, whether it is in a traditional way or through a hobby, take notice of the wisdom of the emptiness you experience.  There is no attachment or fear of anything…just oneness.  This is when you become one with the Universe and life.  Oneness is a wonderful feeling and connection.

Li Po said it very well:  We sit together, the mountain and me, until only the mountain remains.

I woke up extremely early this morning so I was able to get in some extra visualizing and meditation in.  I love it when that happens.  The extra boost of energy and calm before the family troops come in.

My family is a crack up to watch.  None of them turned out like me and what I mean by that is I am a quiet person and do my best to listen to what everyone is saying.  If you get me excited about something I can talk just like the rest of them.  Where the ‘crack up’ is… they love to talk at once and the focus changes over and over again.  I do my best to listen to each one but end up sitting back and smiling as they all entertain each other!  Dad with all his stories of ‘when I was a kid’, the older kids talking about movies, and my in-laws talking politics.  Quite a range of ideas on all accounts!  I guess the point is…I love my family!


Be happy for others when they have something good happen to them.  Even if it is someone you don’t care for.  Did you ever stop to think that maybe the Universe is sending you a sign to let you know to keep envisioning because it’s on the way?  When you see someone receive something that is good, this is a sign that wonderful things will be in store for you as well.  

You have the choice to be happy for them or be resentful.  The resentment will bring you more to resent, the happiness will bring you more to be happy and thankful for.  It’s as simple as that!

We have a quiet day planned.  I’ll be making strawberry shortcake and chicken tacos for dinner.  I’m going to get it all prepared this morning so I can have the rest of the day to answer e-mails and take a nice long walk with Peanut. 

Usually we head out on Memorial Day to the beach but this year we are the destination point for family to meet.  The fridge is loaded and the sunscreen has been bought.  Tomorrow the festivities begin!  I can’t tell you how much ‘book material’ I hear when family comes.  Do you know what I mean?  Some of the stories they tell are just too good to keep to ourselves!


It only matters what you think about your life.  It doesn’t matter what others think of your life unless you let ‘what they think’ be a part of your life.  When you ‘buy into’ what they say about you and your dream it becomes a part of your own belief.  

It is when you envision what you desire with trust that it will manifest in your life. 

And what will bring it to you even more joyously and more permanent?   Enjoying the process of getting there.  Let it unfold before you and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!  Because once you get what you envision, you will think of something else to create.    The key to a balanced life of creation is to be present in each moment of life and enjoy life as it unfolds.   Instead of just thinking of what will happen in the future or thinking about the past, start living in the now of life and enjoy the ‘unfolding’ of your life as it becomes what you focus on.

We are staying home for Memorial Day weekend.  Everyone is coming here for some fun and remembrance of our ancestors.   Tomorrow I’ll be heading out with Peanut for the big grocery run at Costco.  We’ll be having BBQ ribs, homemade potato salad, fruit salad, and strawberry shortcake on Memorial Day.  I’ll pick up loads of hamburgers, hot dogs, and soda pop for the younger crowd.  I’m looking forward to a weekend with family and friends. 

The weather is supposed to be clear as a bell.  🙂

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