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Appreciation is one of the higher positive vibrations that can come across your life’s path and you can soak in appreciation any time in the day. Sometimes we can get so caught up in getting things done or thinking about what we don’t have, that we forget that appreciation, in and of itself, can create some amazing vibrations and miracles.

Look around in this moment and ask yourself what you have to appreciate? Do this with all of your focus.  Maybe you are at work and surrounded by negative people…so what? You can still appreciate what is in your life.  What about that lunch you just had or that your hair was a breeze to fix this morning or your computer is acting perfectly. We always have time to appreciate and we always have something we can appreciate.

Begin an appreciation fest in this moment. Get wrapped up in the thoughts and feelings of how good it feels to appreciate all that is in your life. Build some higher positive vibrations through it all.  Let go of the negative and pour the appreciation on thick.

Appreciate the moments my friend.


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We all have moments where we think we made a mistake. Some of us let the mistake go thinking ‘live and learn’ and some will hold onto to that mistake and believe that they are a failure.

What if I was to tell you that there truly are no mistakes or failures?  How about we look at mistake and failure from a whole other light?

When we make what we consider a mistake, it is usually in a moment where we are doing our best and believe that the direction we are taking is right for our lives and then later, we find that it didn’t work out exactly as we thought it would. We regret, blame, and even mentally beat ourselves up over a mistake but really, a mistake is just an event in our lives that we can chose to do our best to make the most of it. A mistake can help guide us to growth and understanding. It is just another experience we experience.   And just because it didn’t turn out like we expected doesn’t make it this ominous storm cloud over our life…unless we choose that storm cloud.

The same things goes for failure. You went in a direction you thought was best and it didn’t turn out like you thought. Maybe according to society or the physical world itself, it is what they call a failure but if you don’t compare your thought and actions to another then you find that your experience was just another experience that took you in a different direction. That doesn’t sound like failure to me…that sounds like experience life and learning from it.

We are human. We say and do one thing and sometimes it turns out differently.  And sometimes that different is what is better for our lives; we just can’t see that it is better at the time.

How about just experiencing life and let go of the thought of mistakes and failures and embrace each lesson and experience without judgment or assumption?

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Have you ever been having a rip roarin’ positive day and creating positive thoughts and then as you go through the grocery line your mind says something negative that you can’t believe you even thought of? It just comes on with a full force negative feel about something or someone and it throws you off wondering how you could possibly have thought anything like that?  Everyone does it my friend…everyone.

Our mind is in constant motion and it can sneak up on us and feed thoughts that we have no idea where it came from.  This doesn’t mean you’re an awful person or hopeless to forever have that negative blurting voice around.

You see, there is a reason why we don’t manifest what we think immediately. In order to manifest; we have to keep a strong focused thought and feeling about something.  We don’t manifest those blurts of negativity unless we dwell on them and continue to focus on the negative.

Having a negative thought happens but you have a choice in where it takes you. You can hang on to it and focus on it or you can let go of that random thought and let is pass on through while you create a better feeling positive thought.

Do your best not to point our to yourself how bad you are for thinking something. Just observe, let go, and move on to something better.  You have a choice…

time to release

There are times where worry can take over life. It can create a vibration of ‘what if’ in a negative way. Worry is like little seeds of negative prayer. So how do you keep from worrying? How can you let go of worry?

First you must ask yourself if you truly believe that the Universe is supporting, loving, caring for, and helping guide you. If you do then what is there to worry about when the big powerful Universe is taking care of it all? Your only job is to do the inner work to let go of worry and replace it with trust and positive vibrations. If you are worried about a particular outcome then let go and release the need to control how it happens and just know and trust that no matter what the outcome is that it is the best outcome for your life no matter how it comes about.

You truly do direct your life through your own thoughts and feelings. If you have a challenging experience then it is up to you where it leads. You can either worry and fear or create a trust and positive vibration. Whichever way you choose the Universe then takes it from there and answers you back in a similar bigger vibration. That is how it cares and loves you by giving back what you give out.

So what will you be sending out today?

Sometimes those challenging experiences are just the thing to get us to do the inner work to rise above the current vibration we are in and take us to that matching vibration of what we truly want to manifest.

Let go of the worry my friend and let the Universe do its job.

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It can be easy to use others as an excuse as to why your dreams haven’t manifested. Maybe your boss makes you work too much with too little pay, maybe you now have children and can’t think about your dreams right now because you need to raise them right now, or maybe you feel your circumstances just won’t allow you to have what you truly want.

Guess what? No one or no thing is in the way of your dreams. No one is to blame for you not having the life you envision. You can have the life you dream of and be able to take care of the kids. You see, the only think stopping you is your own repetitive thought patterns. You couple that with how you feel then you are creating a direction of which way your life will go.

What do you think about each day? Do you think about the dreams you once had and how you’ll never be able to get there or maybe you will ‘someday?’ Or do you envision your dreams then live each moment in appreciation and positivity knowing that by creating a positive vibration you will be creating a solid direction toward the feeling you want your dreams to have? Do you let go of how those dreams are coming to you and leave it up to the Universe to take care of the how? And do you let go of the resistant feeling vibrations of negativity and create a more positive flow instead knowing that each positive vibration is taking you to a higher vibration that matches what you envision? Are you learning and inner growing through each experience that is taking you to where you want to be?

You see, it truly is all up to you. It is all your choice. Are you doing the inner work my friend?

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We can sometimes get in such a helper mood that we can actually be enabling another to depend on us to fix their life. If we continually come to another when they are asking for help then they begin to not even try to work out a problem on their own. They know that we’ll come running to fix it all.

It’s important to let others be able to rise above their challenges and move forward without our help at times. If we have helped with the same kind of challenge for someone over and over again, then they aren’t learning how to create a solution for their life without you and that makes them dependent on you.

You see, there is a fine line between helping and helping so much that you are taking their own inner growth and lessons away from them to solve and take to a higher level of vibration for their life. This makes them dependent but if you steer them in a direction and then let them fly then they will be doing so on their own but with your help in small doses.

Really think through who you are helping and ask yourself if you are enabling them or helping them.  There is a difference my friend. Be a friend and give them a chance to do their own inner growing and moving forward.

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Do you have a hard time saying no? No is just a word. And when someone asks you to do something you truly can say no. You don’t have to say yes out of guilt or fear that they won’t like you if you say no.

You see, if that person is truly someone who cares about you then they will be fine with whatever you choose. They don’t have to like it but they can accept that it is your choice. If someone is disappointed in you or upset because you didn’t do it their way and they create a big drama about it, then just know that it is still okay to say no and that it is now their problem if they can handled your answer.

No doesn’t mean you are being selfish or rude unless you say it in that way. You can say no and still be loving and compassionate. It is just a word unless you decide to make much more out of it.

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You may have heard this before but it bears repeating…

You have this moment and that is it. Yesterday is gone and the future has yet to be seen.  You can live in the past or worry about the future but no matter which way you choose you are now wasting this moment to think about what is no longer there or what has yet to come.

The past is to observe and learn from. You don’t have to get all wrapped up in the emotions of the past but you can observe what you feel you have learned from the past and then use that knowledge for your current life.

The future is always in a state of change according to your own current vibration. You can think of the future and feel how wonderful it will be while creating a image of what you want but to stay there and continually focus on what will be is only creating a future that will stay in the future.

Create some ‘now’ vibrations of joy, letting go of resistant feeling vibration, and appreciation. If you envision the future then see and feel it in this moment instead of way out in the future. If you worry about your future then learn to let go of the resistant vibrations and then trust that all is unfolding as it should for you. And you can be sure of that just by creating a positive appreciative vibration ‘in the now.’

Not only do you have this moment, you have this moment to create some amazing positive vibrations that will become your future. Every single moment of this day you have a choice of what direction you are headed.

Complain about your day and keep replaying it in your mind will only bring you more to complain about. Worrying about your future and focusing on the worry will create more for you to worry about.

OR take each moment and create a positive thought and feeling for that moment. Focus on what is good and positive in your life and create a vibration of more in your life to feel good about.

It is your choice and always has been. What will you choose today?


No matter how you look at it, fear is a feeling of resistance and agitation. It creates a feeling within that just feels resistant, doesn’t it? And resistance is what gets in the way of what we want our life experience to be. Fear is the ego’s tool.

Fear is a resistant vibration that says we are not willing. And being unwilling is a direct vibration from the ego. We’re afraid of being wrong, of looking like a failure, of defeat, of looking stupid or sounding ridiculous.  That fear causes us to experience the most resistant kind of experiences because we are unwilling.

You see, this Universe doesn’t judge you on how many things you get done or an experience that felt like it went all wrong. The Universe loves and cares for us and only asks that we reach a higher vibration toward the pure connection of all of who we are. If we are fearful then we are stepping away from what we are truly trying to understand and learn.

What if we were willing to experience without fear? What if we didn’t use the ego’s tool to being unwilling an stubborn and just live life to the best of our ability with an open heart and an open mind?

That is how to reach a higher vibration my friend. Let go of fear and trust…

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Can you imagine if each experience you were having was the experience that was taking you to the next level to where you want to be?  What if each negative and positive experience were creating a vibration for you to respond to and how you responded was the direction in where your life would go?  And what if your response to every experience was positive and you let go of any resistant vibration trusting and knowing that the Universe sees the bigger picture and is taking you in the direction of where you want to be?

What if you truly believed and trusted and it all unfolded just as it should and in all the right time that is right for your life experience?

Can you imagine?  All from letting go of resistant vibrations and creating positive vibrations.

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If you’re having a bad day or a series of experiences that are less than positive,  there is something you can do about it. You don’t need a thing but yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, and the ability to make a choice.

In any given experience, you have a choice in how you handle it. You can look at it and say to yourself, “This is one horrible day! Why does this keep happening? Now my day is going to be horrible no matter what. It’s all uphill from here.”  With that kind of attitude you will definitely have a day that just gets worse and worse.

And then there is the other way of handling it that can actually help you get beyond the negative feeling day; you can do your best in what you have to do because of the negative experience but then you can let go of the resistant vibration that the experience holds. You can say to yourself, “This is just one experience. I can release all the resistant feeling vibrations attached to this negative feeling experience and step out of the need to label the day as a horrible day. I can focus on what there is in life that feels good, that I appreciate, and that I can focus on that will take me beyond this resistant vibration. I have a choice how the next moment comes about.  I choose a higher positive feeling vibration. I don’t have to dive into that lower negative vibration at all. I can do my best and get through it and trust that the negative experience will pass and the sooner I am able to let go of the resistant vibration the sooner life will make a turn around. And whatever ‘lesson’ comes from the negative experience I know that how I handle it is the direction I will be going. Positive vibration of letting go will take me to a higher positive vibration. Negative vibration of holding on to the experience will take me to a lower negative vibration. Either way I am choosing a path.”

That’s all there is to it. Consciously release the negative vibrations my friend.


Every experience that you have contributes to the overall of this Universe. And each experience that another has contributes as well.

Whether you are a CEO, a stay at home mom, a garbage man, a cleaning lady, a teacher, a nurse, a doctor; it doesn’t matter. Every experience that each of us has is equal when it comes to the Universe. Every experience contributes to the harmony of the Universe as a whole.

So the next time you feel ‘less than’ because of what you experience just know that truly it isn’t ‘less than’ at all. Your experience, and how you create that experience, contributes to this Universe.

You have a choice in how you think, feel, and react in any experience and that choice is what creates more in this Universe no matter what job or task you may have.

What will you choose today?  What kind of Universe would you like to live in?  Whatever you choose you can begin today by thinking, acting, and feeling just like you envision life to be.

step by step

How do you stay positive no matter what? You make the choice to do so.

Many think they have to be upset and frustrated when things don’t go exactly as planned but you really don’t. Sure, you might be disappointed but if you truly believe in what you want to manifest then you know that your vibration must match what you want and in order for it to match you have to get to a higher positive vibration. And in order to get to a higher positive vibration you have to change your current pattern of vibration.

You have to make a conscious choice to change your current thought pattern from negative to positive, from lack to abundant, from resistant to non-resistant.  And you have to be able to let go of how you think it will happen and trust that the Universe is taking you in the exact direction that will get you to where you want to be.

Set your mind to it. Do the inner work and life will create what you vibrate. Life can show you one thing but it doesn’t have to stay that way. If you look at the experience as being a part of helping guide you to a higher vibration of what you want, then you can let go of the frustration and observe what needs to be learned to take your life to a higher level vibration of manifestation.

Patience, letting go, inner work, and trust…it will get you to where you want to be.

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There are times where someone may make a promise and not keep that promise. And that may be because, at the time, they don’t understand the promise they are making but that shouldn’t change your own ideas on keeping a promise. Don’t let the way others handle something be the way you handle it if you feel differently.

You see, that is what love is. Love is keeping that promise no matter whether another keeps their promise or not.



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Do you truly listen when someone is talking to you or are you talking within your mind at the same time?

Next time you are with someone really listen to what they have to say. Stay in that moment and just listen. You will find that you will be able to feel the true connection between two people that are communicating. Just because you’re not speaking doesn’t mean that you aren’t communicating. Listening is active communication as well as talking.

It’s a give and take and a sharing that happens when we are with another. Stay in the moment my friend. You will hear so much more from the heart.

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So many ‘fight’ with what they can’t change in life. They build resistant feeling block upon resistant feeling block pushing against the very thing they aren’t happy with. And as they push against the very thing they don’t want; they are creating a resistant vibration that goes out into the Universe and says, “Give me more of that!” And the Universe obliges.

You see, it isn’t about what you want and don’t want that comes into your life,  it is about what you put out into the Universe that creates your life experience. When we don’t want something to come into our life; the very focus of worry and ‘don’t come into my life’ creates a vibration that heads out into the Universe and that is what comes back to you.

Creating positive vibrations in the life experience brings more of a positive vibration into your life.

So when we push against and fight within about an experience that we just can’t change, then we are just creating more of the same kind of vibration in life. Part of living life is to learn how to go with the flow of an experience that we can’t change. It is about accepting it and letting go of the resistant feeling vibration. And in letting go of the vibration; we are creating a steady positive feeling vibration that may change what can’t be changed. Funny how that works, don’t you think? 🙂

Acceptance doesn’t mean you are giving up; accepting means you are embracing your life experiences and creating more positive feeling vibrations through that acceptance.

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Struggle begins with our perception of an experience we are having; maybe something is out of our control, maybe we don’t want something to go a certain way and it does, maybe someone isn’t acting like you would like them to and it messes up the view from your own life experience.  These are just a few ways that we can experience the thought and feeling of struggle.

Struggle begins with your thought. When you get in a place where you push against an experience with your thoughts and feelings then you create a resistant feeling vibration. And that resistant vibration can feel like you are struggling.

Here’s an example: maybe you don’t have enough money for your rent. You desperately want to have enough. You start going down the path of worrying. Then in that worry you begin to feel stressed and that stress and thought begin to take over your whole day. You don’t know how you’re going to get it together and then it creates more worry. This creates the resistant vibration we call struggle.

What if I was to tell you that you didn’t have to create the struggle vibration and that by creating another way of thought you will actually create a vibration that can help your situation?  You see, as humans we feel the need to create the worst case scenario so that we can figure it all out ‘just in case.’ And in creating that worst case scenario we are actually creating a vibration of exactly what we don’t want to happen. But what if you began to create a best case scenario instead? What if instead of freaking out that you don’t have the rent you be open to figuring out ways to pay it? What if you created a strong determined vibration of figuring it out? And what if you didn’t have an answer that you trust that the Universe will take care of it in some way for you because you are focusing on answers and the best case scenario instead of the struggling? What if when your mind went to the worst case scenario and begins to feel the struggle like vibration that you switched your mind to the best case scenario and dwell on that over and over again instead of dwelling on the worry vibration?

You will still do your best to make it all work but you will be putting strong positive vibration toward it all instead of the struggle feeling vibration of worry. By opening your mind and heart to the positive you will be able to see answer much more clearly than when you state that you are struggling.

Let go of the struggle vibration and create some positive feeling vibrations instead. You’ll be creating a whole new way of life.

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Yes, you can be happy. You don’t have to wait for the perfect circumstances to happen before being happy. You don’t have to wait until another is happy before you are happy. You don’t have to wait until the end of the work day to be happy.

Happiness is a choice my friend. You can choose to be happy in life even if your experiences aren’t creating happiness. You can choose to look at this moment and enjoy what good is happening and revel in the happy and positive thoughts that go along with the good. You can let the negative experiences roll off your back, learn what can be learned from the experience, and continue to create a positive feeling vibration.

Being happy requires nothing except your choice of thought, feeling, and reaction. Creating happiness from within first will create much more happiness in your life.

So how do you create happiness if you don’t feel happy? You begin to focus on the things in life that give you a smile, make you feel good, and things and experiences that you enjoy. You think more about what makes you feel positive and less about what makes you feel negative. You make a conscious choice to be grateful about what you do have and know that everything else will fall into place just as it should. And if it doesn’t fall into place then know that there is something better coming along.

When a door closes know that many doors will open. Focus, focus, focus on what there is to be positive about and you will begin feeling better and create an open door to happiness. And that happiness will create a vibration of happiness that will go out into this Universe and come back to you in some way.

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So many times we say, “If only (fill in the blank), THEN I’ll get to do what I have always wanted to do in life.”  Whether it is money, career, relationship, success, or any other ‘if only I had;’ you can take a leap of faith right now. You can believe that you will have the ‘if only’ in your life.  But in order to have it, you must first believe that it will come into your life.  And in order for it to come into your life you must work on your everyday feelings and thoughts and believe and trust that it is on the way.

Take a leap of faith and believe in your dreams my friend. They can, and will, come true. Be open to all possibilities and not just the way you think it could happen. Envision, believe, trust, and let go of the details of the how.  The details will present themselves as your dreams unfold step by step.

Take the leap of faith and believe…


Can you imagine if everything that we thought of instantaneously appeared? Those moments when you were frustrated with someone or those moments where you were feeling down? How about those moments when you thought to yourself something that wasn’t the nicest thing about another? Can you imagine the manifestations of every little thought? Thoughts would become something to be afraid of, especially when those thoughts we didn’t mean came true (just because we were mad in the heat of a moment). There might be a lot of people jumping off cliffs because of another thinking, “I wish he’d just jump off a cliff and go away.”

You see, that is why focus and intention become a part of creating what we think about. Things and experiences don’t magically appear at the moment we think them, for a reason. The journey of getting from A to B is the true reason for this life experience because in that journey we change, grow, and learn more about our life and our own true self within. We learn how to change our vibration to a higher level. We grow through experiences that help us to open up even more.

Through the journey we discovery more of who we are and what life is about. We are doing the groundwork as we journey along.

How about enjoying the journey today in everything you do? You will get to the destination: I promise. But you will get there easier, faster, and with higher positive vibrations if you walk your journey with your head up, a smile on your face, and an open heart and mind.

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