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The word enlightened sure gets thrown around.  Some think it is the only thing to attain to and they spend their whole lives looking for enlightenment.  This is how I see it.  Finding peace in every situation shows that you have now figured out how to live through your physical body with your eternal self.   If you are afraid or stressed out then you are not realizing enlightenment at that particular moment.  When you are able to be aware of peace and calm  in the moments where life feels as if it isn’t peaceful and calm then this in one of the ways of feeling enlightenment.  Knowing all is well and seeing the peace, calm, and ease in everything. Through this calm comes moments of expanded thought…enlightenment.

I’ll never forget a remark that someone had for Lee and I at one of our workshops.  She said, “You have the answers to everything!”  Lee smiled and said, “Thank you so much for your wonderful words.  But we don’t have the answer to everything.”

I then began my thoughts, “No one has all the answers.  We wouldn’t be here if that was the case.  We all are in a process of expansion and learning. I’m so happy we were able to give you some answers and thoughts that work for you.”

She looked bewildered.  “Huh?  I meant the temperature you keep the room and the nice little snacks you have provided. You’ve thought of everything!” Lee and I both looked at each other and laughed so hard!  Now it’s a joke between us when things aren’t what they seem. 🙂


Being kind or empathetic to someone who has hurt you doesn’t mean that you are the victim.  It is a way of saying, “I care about you as an eternal being and I forgive you. But I still don’t like what you did and I won’t allow myself to be treated in that way.”

By forgiving the person you are freeing yourself from the bondage of the feelings that accompany being hurt.  It doesn’t mean you’ll let the hurt ‘action’ come to you again but you have learned that you can release yourself from the hurt that you hold onto through forgiveness.

Oh yeah…I’ve experienced this before.  I hung on to that anger, that hurt, those scary feelings that he would someday come back to hurt me.  “He” being a guy who tried to take my life.

I couldn’t escape him.  He had married into our family.  Our family had never had anything like that happen  in all the generations of family.  It was foreign to me. The feelings and thoughts took hold. They took hold of my then 10 yr. old daughter since she witnessed it. It took hold of my 13 and 15 yr. old sons who tried to stop it but didn’t have the strength to fight off a 6’4″ testosterone-filled muscle man who thought he was being threatened somehow by me… a 5’6″ woman.  One of my siblings had brought him into the family as her boyfriend and later married him.

Then something happened within me.  I began to think ‘what if?’  What if I could let go of all these feelings and thoughts?  What if I took my power back.  What if I decided the rules in this situation?  What if I forgave him…would it make me feel free somehow?  Little by little I would release. Then one day…it happened. The weight on my shoulders was gone, the feelings and thoughts of ‘how could you have done this to my life?’ faded away.  I knew that it was up to me.  It didn’t take me confronting him and saying, “You hurt me.”  It only took me.  I took my power back, I took back my freedom within my mind, and I released anything to do with him in thought and feelings.

I can’t tell you how freeing that day felt.  I released this over fifteen years ago and there is no threat at all. Take it from me. It will feel so much better when you ‘let go’ of those feelings and thoughts. Work through them and realize that ultimately it is up to you. You are not a victim. It was just an event in life and that does not make me up as a person.

Life is joy. It’s too short to sit and stew about the ‘what ifs’ of being hurt again. Life is meant to be lived. Let go of the struggles that you are holding on to. They will only be burdens on your shoulders.  When you release the pain and hurt…and forgive, it’s like being set free.

Is there someone who hurt you either mentally or physically and you can’t seem to come to terms ‘why?’  Why would someone intentionally hurt you?  Look at it this way: The person who hurt you had a moment of severe negative emotion.  They caused it to well up inside them and it came lashing out to you.  You are not responsible for the lashing.  It was their negative moment and they tried to put it onto you.

They lashed out at how they felt about their own self.  This doesn’t make it right, but it does make it understandable.  We all have moments of negative behavior but most of us keep it within or learn to diffuse it.  Don’t take it personally and don’t hang onto the hurtful moment.  You are stronger than that and you don’t need to focus on it over and over again within your mind.  Let it go…it’s their problem now…not yours. But it will become your problem if you hang on to it.

My son called and said he just needed to talk.  A girl that he had been dating called to read him the riot act.   “Mom, I have no idea what I did.”  He continued, ” She told me I was a bonehead and that she thought I was the most ridiculous person she has ever met.”  He paused for a minute.  He whispered into the phone, “It hurt my feelings.”

Okay, being a mommy, I wanted to climb through the phone and give him a big hug.  I could see my 28 year old as a 3 year old once again.  He needed his mommy!  But then I shook the vision out of my head and first asked, “Well…are you a bonehead?  I mean, did you do something that set her off or is this a reflection of how you are feeling?”  I started there.

He thought for a minute.

“Nope. I’m doing good about how I feel and I didn’t do a thing to set her off…really!”  He was feeling bad.

“Listen.  When someone is having a bad day they tend to want to vent it to someone and then there are the people that lash out and want you to pay for their bad day but you don’t have to be a part of it. It’s up to you if you take this into your ‘being’ as truth. It hurts to hear those words but…you’re NOT a bonehead.  I’ve known many boneheads in my life and you don’t qualify.”

He laughed.  “Really?  Cuz’ sometimes I wonder but…you’re right. I’ll let this one go and don’t think I’ll be going on a date with her anytime soon.”

“Feel better?” I asked.

“Yeah, I do feel better.  Thanks, Mom.”

“Do you still need a hug?”

“No,” he said.  “But I could use some enchiladas when I come out to the house.”

“You got it!”

“Bye, Mom!”

“Bye…” and I heard Lee yell from behind me.  “Tell Bonehead ‘bye’ from me!”

I hung up the phone and gave Lee ‘the look.  Lee laughed.’ “Well, he is.  I’m just stating the facts.”

I’ve never seen Lee run so fast.  I chased him into the studio with maniacal laughter.  Nobody calls my baby a bonehead! LOL

You will always have a relationship with something in life. With everything that you see or are a part of, you are having some kind of relation with. In order to figure out what you like and don’t like in your life you need contrast. You need to be able to compare. If we didn’t have contrast we wouldn’t be able to understand what to focus on. By having some kind of relationship with everything in our world we are able to focus on what we like and don’t like. This is how we understand and expand our consciousness. This is how we create and experience. Having relationships are necessary to existing as a spiritual being in a physical body.

I remember the days of being a young girl just like Peanut.  Just around that age seems to be the time where children begin to recognize the difference in their likes and dislikes when it comes to their friends.

Let me tell you a little bit about Peanut.  Peanut is definitely a ‘free spirit.’  She enjoys writing, painting, a book full of all kinds of fantasy and possibilities, has an amazing gift with animals, a wonderful student, and accepts her friends for who they are.  Yes, I LOVE my little sweetheart and I may sound a bit bias but this can be a rare find in an eleven year…not choosing which friend is ‘better’ especially when all her friends around her are upset and angry with one another.  It’s usually out of a child jealousy, feeling insecure, maybe ‘just that age,’ but they begin to ‘see’ what they like and don’t like in relationships.

Peanut knows not to have certain friends over together and she ‘allows’ it.  She doesn’t want to spend her day being a mediator.  She wants to enjoy each friend without all the drama.

She has all kinds of friends.  One who loves to run and play, one who loves to sit in the forest and talk about fairies and mermaids, one who loves to sit at the table and just talk, yet each is so unique in how they view life but they not able to see that everything that each does and says is perfectly fine and good.

Being eleven and twelve is quite a time in life, isn’t it?  I am so grateful that Peanut is already able to distinguish between what she enjoys and doesn’t enjoy and makes sure all her wonderful friends know it.  She doesn’t worry about what they are going to think about her.  She’s figuring out that we are all who we are and that’s okay as long as they don’t ‘hurt’ her in some way.  She knows if that happens, she talks with them and lets them know and if that doesn’t work…she moves on.  She knows all about contrast and what works for her.

Peanut with her beautiful long wavy blond hair and that dreamy look in her eyes is a ‘one of a kind’ just like you and me.  And I am grateful that she is recognizing at such an early age about contrast and ‘allowing’ others to be as they are.

So…can you tell I adore my daughter?! 🙂

Be open to the connection within yourself and this will guide you to be directly connected to the unlimited supply of the Universe.  If you ‘feel’ a feeling to do something (like call someone, go visit, or write a letter) then do it.  You really don’t have to know how the Universe will manifest the thought creation you envision, but you do want to be aware, when that feeling strikes, to act upon it.  You never know when or how something will be manifested and those ‘feelings’ — that ‘connection’ that tells you to do something — could be the first thing that is the chain reaction that will bring about what you want.

“I finally get it after all these years.” Dad proclaimed at dinner last night.  He said he had never gotten what it meant when I would listen to Mom worrying and say, “Mom…just ‘be.’  At this moment, you can’t do a thing but ‘be.’  Know that the answer is going to come right when it is supposed to but in the meantime…just ‘be’ and enjoy the journey even if things don’t feel perfect right now.  Worrying is asking for the things you don’t want.  Why not enjoy and ‘be’ and let the Universe take care of the rest?”

Dad would argue.  “That’s just silly.  How can you enjoy if things aren’t going as you want them?”

“What other choice do you have, Dad?”  I would reason.  “Have you ever had it just perfect?  Isn’t there always something to grumble about and doesn’t that bring more to grumble? OR can you make the choice to just enjoy and see what is positive in life, expect the best, know that with the Universe on your side you really have no reason for disappointment.  All in the right timing.  Just ‘be’ and look around to see what there is that really makes you happy right now and that is what will bring you the answers and happiness.”

I’d get that sideways look from him and he would say, “Pooey!”  (Yes, he actually says pooey!)

But last night was different and he explained why.

“I was thinking today, while you were gone seeing Lee, and I was feeling sorry for myself.  I can’t drive, I can barely walk, they won’t let me garden…and I wondered what I am here for anymore.  When a man becomes eighty two years old and everything is taken away that he loves to do then how can you not grumble?  Then I thought about what you said to your mom and me.  And then you told me how much people enjoy what I have to say and that you tell people and it makes them happy then I understood what you meant by ‘just be.’  Here I am with nothing to do yet I am still somehow affecting others and myself by making a choice to ‘just be’ and enjoy the ride.”

This was big for my dad.  He usually isn’t too flexible in his thoughts and beliefs.

“That is wonderful, Dad.”

He grabbed his little cadillac of a walker, put his coffee and paper on the seat, and shuffled away.  He turned around and said, “Dog gone it!  You can teach an old dog new tricks!”

When we have a problem we tend to stand so close to it that we can’t see the bigger picture.  We wallow in the thought of ‘what might be’ and seem to focus on the fact that ‘there’s a problem’.  But if we could stop just for a minute and step back and realize that there is a bigger picture, and that there is a solution, then we begin to shift our focus to an answer.  Once you are able to step outside the clutches of the problem and envision an answer, you will find an answer.  Focus on the solution and not the problem.

I just have to say…my parents are the cutest people.  The way they walk, the way they tell stories, the way they interact with each other, and the way they love.  Even Dad’s opinion cracks me up.  It’s not what he says but the way he delivers it with so much vim and vigor.  I’m grateful my parents are under our roof.  They provide so much joy in our lives.

Our minds tend to focus on the things that we think we should do when taking action to realize our dreams.  But one of the keys to intentional creating — and finding the right direction to go — is to still your mind and relax.  Finding your stillness through your inner voice can show you the way to direct your path.  It doesn’t always have to be the normal way most people go; it can be an out of the ordinary but just as viable direction.  Listen to the still voice within.  You will get hunches and ideas for which way to go.  Don’t push… just let it happen and it will.

Well…we’re going back into town today to pick up some things for Dad and the office.  Our oldest daughter is staying with Mom and Dad so Lee and I can have a nice relaxing afternoon together.

It is a beautiful sunny day and spring has sprung! 🙂

Mankind’s rules are different from Universal rules.  A lot of the things that we see as so important here in the material realm are not that important in the bigger scheme of things.  We often get caught up in appearances and by what others think.  We allow others to dictate our worth, and we judge our worth by external standards that simply aren’t that important in the long run. When basing our life experience on the rules of the Universe we get a whole different perception of the world we live in, and the worries and fears of others won’t affect us any longer.  You live in a physical world full of rules that may or may not apply to you.  Figure out which man-made rules are the best for you and release any that no longer serve you.  Begin living as a spiritual being who is enjoying a physical experience.

I’m taking Dad into the doctor today.  Time for his IV line to get checked and they’re going to assess his foot.  It’s healing well but he isn’t quite up to par yet.  He said he’s craving a Wendy’s hamburger so we’ll drive thru on the way home.  He’s been through a lot the last few weeks.  Maybe a burger is the perfect medicine to perk him up. 🙂

God or the Universe isn’t to blame for creating or allowing a negative experience into your life.  And the Universe doesn’t help anyone defeat another.  It is our thoughts that cause any ‘defeat’ in life.  It always comes back to how you think and feel. The direction that your life takes is always up to you.  Find the inner peace within you to ensure a life where ‘all is well.’  Align yourself with the good thoughts in your life.  The Universe encourages everything that you do, and the Universe loves you no matter what your life is like.  No one person is better than another.

We are all made from the same cloth.  It is our unique thoughts that makes us different from one another.  It is up to you to make the choice. Which way does your journey go and do you emit positive or negative vibrations along the way? Either way you learn through contrast and any way you take is a direction. Why not go in a positive direction?

What a pleasure it is to walk into the kitchen and see Dad’s face shining back.  He is limping around with his walker…but he is home.  Peanut is catching him up on all he missed around here and Mom is baking his favorite pie (pecan).  He’s feeling pretty lucky and I’m feeling pretty lucky to have him here.  Today we’re celebrating Dad’s life!

Enjoy your day…

Do you ever eat a meal just waiting for dessert, or instead of enjoying it you can’t wait to move onto the next course?  Try not to live in the future;try to start living ‘in the now.’  Enjoy each bite you put in your mouth without anticipating what’s next.  You can do this with anything in your life.  Enjoy each moment and what you are doing in the moment.  Stay in the present and leave the future to its own devices.  Enjoy life ‘in the now.’

Dad’s having surgery today.  He was in great spirits last night laughing at the crazy week.  He had just gone in for a teeny ‘boo boo’ on his foot and now he’s going in for surgery.  He said, “I was just sitting in my chair minding my own business and now I’m surrounded by tons of people telling me what to do.  Go figure!”  I’m grateful that he has such wonderful doctors and I am looking forward to when we can bring him home.  He’s one of the ‘good guys’ in this world that is for sure. 🙂

Have you been taught through your own perceptions of life or life conditioning from others that there isn’t enough?  Whether it is money or the perfect career we have been taught, not necessarily intentionally, that there are limits on everything.  That there is not enough.  Step away from what you have been told.  There are no limits.  If you decide there is always enough in any area of your life, and live ‘as if’ it is, you will then have changed your limited beliefs.  The work comes by eliminating limited thoughts.  Begin to retrain your beliefs to include the unlimited in every way.  The Law of Attraction and the Universe will take care of the rest.

I have an appointment in town today so off I go with Lee.  Have an amazing day today!

Do you make judgments about others because of what you seem to think is normal?  Look at everyone as one in the same in the Universe.  No one is better than another and no one is any more important.  We all come in spirit with different sizes and life conditions but we are all just as important to this Universe. Who decided that normal was what society thinks?   Just be the best ‘you’ that you can be.  That is all that is required to live and create.

I’ll be working on personal and prescient consults today.  I get in my quiet place in the house and relax my mind and then I get to tapping my computer keyboard and there you have it…consults finished! When I prepare for consults I stay at home to have the quiet.  The studio is a busy place and it’s easier for me to have space to myself to focus.  My quiet space has ‘see through’ doors overlooking the mountains.  It gives me a sense of having the Universe to myself…seeing the beauty and feeling the stillness.  A perfect place for connecting and consulting. 🙂

Many focus on what they think is wrong in this world and they try to get all of us to do the same so that all we see are the imperfections of the world.  Then there are those that say, “Look at the wonderful imperfections of this world and how unique we all are.” These are met with skeptics telling them how wrong it is to think that imperfections are wonderful.  There really are no imperfections in this world.  It is man that decided what is normal and not, what is perfect and not.  That is not the word of the Universe.  The Universe created everything as perfect as can be with all its imperfections.

We’ll be working this morning and then our boys will be coming out for dinner.  A good day for sure.  Guess I’ll be cooking some enchiladas for dinner.  Any takers? 🙂

Are you still judging yourself for all your past moments?  Give yourself a break and show yourself some kindness.  Every moment in your past that you feel were wrong were important to you getting beyond that particular place in your life.  Get rid of all those feelings you are holding and be kind to yourself.  Find what you learned from the experience and use that information for the present.  The past is the past.  Leave it there. 🙂

We had such a fun day yesterday with Peanut and her friends.  The backseat was uproariously loud with all the eleven year olds laughing and talking.  Lee bought them all ice cream cones in hopes it would keep them quiet for a few minutes. 🙂  They all went bowling and had a great time.  A great day had by all.

Are you beating to your own drum?  It is the connection to your eternal self that is the beat.  It knows.  Your eternal self knows your purpose and hears and understands the beat of your drum.  It will tap on your shoulder and whisper in your ear if you try to ignore it.   Are trying to beat to everyone else’s drums instead of yours and it just isn’t working out?   Others may try to get you to beat to their drum and even though it may come from kindness and love it is their drum not yours.  They may feel they have answers for you from a loving heart.  You try to listen and beat to their drum but all you can hear is your own beat within you.  If you try to live the picture of what someone else has for you and ignore your own beat you will live a life of frustration and ‘suffer’ through life.  That will be the best you could do…unless…you listened to your beat and follow it.  Just think…that could be something!

Your purpose has been fulfilled just by coming here to experience life.  Now find and do what you love and enjoy life through the process. That is beating to your own drum.

Lee and I are in the studio today recording and getting some odds and ends finished before the weekend.  We have a full weekend with an LOA gathering and dropping Peanut off for birthday parties and bowling.  What a joy life is!

It is not a failure if you have had many relationships or a divorce.  All you have done is created a result to a vibration you were sending out at that time.   This can even mean friendships and loved ones as well.  Learn from your past experiences in relationship and then get back in and experience life instead of standing on the side of the road afraid that it might go all wrong like it felt like before.  Get in the game.  Better to experience then to sit on the side in fear.  Experience!

I’m on my way out the door.  🙂  Running errands for the studio.  I’m taking my girls and we’re making a day out of it.  Off to the big city and lunch!  Have a wonderful day everyone!

Are you listening to people who are trying to direct you with their pessimistic attitude?  Have the faith in your own abilities that shine through whatever you do.  It doesn’t matter if there are millions of people trying to do what you want to.  Don’t let that stop you.  You could be the one…you are the one.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  You can choose whether to take their pessimistic attitude into your life or not.  You will attract whatever you accept into your thoughts.

Don’t you love it when you are thinking of someone and they call?  Mom, Dad, and I were talking about all my siblings who haven’t called for awhile.   I told them I would call  in the next few days to see how everyone is doing.  All three of them called within the day.  Perfect timing as always, Universe!

Find your truth that rings true for you.  Don’t base it on what you have been conditioned to believe through your lifetime or an opinion that someone says is the truth.  Find your truth.  You’ll find a bit here and a bit there and then build your belief based on what makes you feel ‘right’ within.  We are not all the same.  We all have unique views on life.  What works for one may not work for another.  Allow others their right to their truth.  Allow yourself to step away from anything that doesn’t work for you and find your unique truth that gives you the feeling of peace and calm within.

I love to write.  I love sitting at my computer and just letting the words flow.  It is when I feel the most connected to the Universe.  So today I have a full day of what I love to do best.  Makes me happy!

See the Universe in everything and everyone.  Do your best to not make any judgments on others who may be less active or less kind.  Making judgments and disliking someone for what they appear to be is part of the problem in the world.  When you make an opinion and judge another person you are becoming like them.  You become someone who judges and dislikes.  Take the vibration of ‘allowing’ others to be who they are and to put your focus to positive thoughts of what you like in a person.  Shift your focus and if you just can’t see a positive trait then stay neutral within your mind (allow, allow, allow!) so that their negative way doesn’t affect the life you are living.  It’s all about what you are thinking that creates the life you desire.

No more meanies, yeah! 🙂

Dad came toddlin’ in this morning and sat down to breakfast.

“How are you doing, Dad?” I asked.

“I’m perplexed.”

“What about?”

“I checked my diabetic numbers this morning and they are too high.”

“Did you eat something that was over your limit?”

“Nope…I can’t think of a thing.”

Mom pipes in.  “How about that extra piece of bread at dinner?”

Dad says, “No, no, that wouldn’t do it.”

Mom says, “How about the extra two pieces of coffee cake you had last night before going to bed?”

Dad says, “No, no that wouldn’t do it.”  By this time I’m trying to keep from laughing. Mom’s rolling her eyes doing her best to give him a ‘light bulb’ moment.

“I know what it is,” Dad finally says.  He looks at Mom.  “It’s your cooking!”

“I know what it is,” Mom shoots back.  “It’s your mouth!”

They are such a hoot!

Do you have what you consider a past failure that you are embarrassed about?  Does it keep you from moving forward or taking a step in a certain direction?  Embarrassment only comes from being concerned about what others think of you.  You didn’t mean to embarrass yourself  did you?  It wasn’t your intention whether it was a failed business or saying something you shouldn’t have.  Time to get over it and realize you are…human.  We all, at times, worry about what someone else will think about us.  Everyone has moments of regret but it is the ones that you can laugh, move forward, and know from within that you can make it…embarrassment not included. Others have no idea what brought you to a moment no matter what they tell you.  The Universe gives you unconditional support and that is all the encouragement you need.

Time for some Lee and Beth time. 🙂 We’re going into town for some lunch and shopping…maybe even a movie!  A nice weekend to sit back and relaxHope you enjoy your day as well.

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