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Let the Universe do its job and you do your job. Create appreciation in your moments while the Universe takes hold of those appreciation vibrations and brings back to you more experiences of appreciation.

Open up your mind to what is abundant in your life right now, acknowledge, and appreciate it while the Universe takes hold of those vibrations and brings you more abundant experiences.

You see, whatever you choose in thought and feeling, will come back to you in some way. If you focus on what you want while creating positive vibrations, then the Universe will answer your call.

You get to choose my friend.


the sky is the limit

The world these days tends to focus on what society generally thinks as a whole. And that ‘normal’ can create a thought and feeling that we aren’t good enough if we don’t fit into that ‘normal’ that others think is the right way.

I believe we place too much credit on what everyone thinks is normal. We are all so unique in how we think, perceive, feel, and create our life, that we can’t possibly fit into the mold that is called normal.

There really is no such thing as normal because the second you buy into ‘normal,’ you will find many that don’t fit into the mold.

So why not just be who you are?  Why not just gravitate to what makes you feel good and positive in your life and leave the rest for those that want to achieve what is feasibly impossible and that is to fit in the normal of society.

Why not accept that we are not perfect and realize that we are at the same time. We are imperfectly perfect each and every one of us.

Let’s break the mold of what ‘they’ think and just love, enjoy, embrace, and ‘be’ ourselves.  This will bring you more confidence and take you in a direction that will create more of the same for your life.

Are you ready to let go of what others think about your life and embrace a life full of promise and positivity?

law of attraction Cainnech

Have you been focusing on one kind of thought? Thoughts of limitations, fear, doubt, and lack? Concentrating on one kind of thought is building a conscious of errors and they come into your life as conditions of error.  Take your concentration to a higher thought away from the low vibrations of fear.  Lift your consciousness to a higher level of thought.  Thoughts of abundance, thoughts of well being, thoughts of clear pure love.  You will find your life will become full of conditions of the positive consciousness you are putting out.

We’re in the studio recording RADIO LOA today.  Tomorrow I’ll be taking Mom back to the doctor for another consultation and therapy so today is a full on ‘keep my head in my work’ day.  I’ve got on my red shirt and my jeans and I am ready to go!  🙂


We are each vital to the Universe.  No matter what you do for a living you are a part of the Universal puzzle of life. Every species in nature is not complete without the other just as each human is not complete without each other in this Universe.  You are just as important as any royalty or president.  You make an important difference in the world. You have consciousness just like every human does that contributes to each and every living thing on this Earth and beyond.  We are all connected and each of us plays an important part.  It couldn’t work with your part.  You are a part of the balance.  You are vital to this world, you are irreplaceable. So next time that you think that you are just one person and you don’t matter or that your work on this Earth doesn’t make a difference, think again.  You are already making a difference just because you are ‘being.’  You are a vital part of the whole of the Universe.

Our older boys are coming out to visit today.  They’re twenty nine and twenty seven but still can eat any of us under the table so I’ll be in the kitchen this morning making some of their favorites..hey!…what else is a mom for than to give her adult kids homecooked meals and love.   I’d give advice too but they seem to be able to live their lives without Mom watching over their shoulders. 🙂  I’ll just sit back, love them no matter what their hair looks like, and feed them.  I know they’ll come running if they need any advice.  I enjoy my kids so much…all four of them.


There were divine rules and laws before we came to Earth.  The laws and rules on this physical Earth were made by mankind but the laws and rules of our divine right have always been.  The divine rules are what you should learn and understand.

Did you know that divine law states that your body is well and vibrant?  Glowing health is your true nature and no matter what the illusion of life tells you, your true nature is great health.

Did you know that abundance is a natural divine law and that scarcity is against the divine law? So no matter what the illusion of scarcity tells you, it is your true nature to be abundant.

Did you know that the divine laws tell us that our relationships are to be loving and caring and that everyone that comes into your life must reflect the spirit of goodwill and divine love?  No matter what the illusion of life is showing you, it is your true nature to have wonderful relationships.

And did you know that divine law states your success is set in stone and that you are to do what you love and enjoy what you do?  No matter what the illusion of failure tells you, your true nature is success.

And last but not least did you know that divine law states that what you accept into your beliefs and perceptions you will experience?  So what have you allowed into your heart and mind?  The divine law states that all that is positive, good, and beautiful is rushing to you right now…are you going to allow it into your experience?

Lee and I have Positive Thought Retreat proposal meeting up in Portland today so we’re going to enjoy each other and relax all the way there.  Peanut is staying with her sis today so I’m sure they’ll be swimming, baking, and running to the store every five minutes and Mom and Dad will be tending the garden as usual.  We have so much corn and zucchini that Dad is thinking of putting sacks of it in unlocked cars! (hee hee)  There’s a point where you can only eat so much zucchini. 🙂

law of attraction Elnias
Everything is energy. If you focus only on the energy of what you envision and not the form then your own consciousness will create just that. When you have an idea and you begin to understand all about the creative consciousness as being unlimited in all ways then you will be put into a higher vibration of what you are envisioning and that will become a clearer and precise vibration. Unlimited in ALL ways means let the Universe take care of how it will come and in what form it will come. Don’t try to figure out all the ways it is coming, just focus on the energy of what you envision and release all the rest so that the Universe has free rein to do as it pleases to find a way. All you have to do is keep building the energy and send out the vibrations and be aware of opportunities as the Universe brings you what you envision in all different ways.

It’s so quiet this morning.  Everyone is still sleeping and the view is spectacular out my french doors.  The sky is pink, blue, and white and the mountains are all different shades of green to silohouette black.  It is as still as still can be.  The perfect time to connect within.  I’m going to grab a cup of coffee and head out to the deck for some impromptu ‘quiet.’  The Universe shows me daily what it is all about…what a beautiful way to wake up the morning.


Envision that the answers will come. Don’t push for it, don’t worry about it, and the answers will come.

If you have a question out to the Universe about your life, no matter if it is big or small, focus on the answer and then release it to the Universe and let the Universe bring an answer back to you in the time that is right.  You don’t have to ‘stew’ about it.  Just keep living life and know, without a doubt, that the answer is right there for you.  The Law of Attraction isn’t picky.  You ask, you envision, you expect, you enjoy life, and whatever you put your attention to will come about.  It is when we hang on so tightly to ‘how’ we think it will happen or we hang on to feelings and attachments that can cause the process to slow down.  ‘Hanging on’ and controlling ‘how’ brings us ‘hanging on’ situations and ‘controlling’ situations mixed with whatever else we have focused on. 

Just know you are always completely and totally fine whatever your situation.  Ease my friend…ease.

What an incredible day it is today.  Spring renews, doesn’t it?  I’m sitting here looking out my window and seeing little birds building nests under the eaves.  They seem so excited to be alive and enjoy everything they are doing even if it is work.   Maybe we should follow their example. 🙂

Yesterday was equally amazing.  We were so happy to get the first round of movies shipped.  We’ve already gotten loads of e-mails and from the looks of it, the film is doing what we hoped it would…to inspire hope and to help others empower who they are.  The Universe keeps guiding us into the next project to help others and I am so happy to be one of the many who can do just that. 

Thank you to everyone because each and every one of you help this world in some way whether it is taking care of your children, helping someone with the copier at work,  or giving a smile to someone who may need it…you are helping. We are all in this together! 🙂


I’m always amazed at how the Universe puts us in another’s life when some needs a little help.  No deed is too big or small when it comes to helping others and sometimes you may not even know that you are being ‘used’ to help another. 

Yesterday Lee and I had to head into the city that is about an hour and half away.  Both our boys live there but we hadn’t planned to see them…just business stuff. While having lunch everyone around us seemed to look like my mom’s side of the family.  Everyone…their builds, their faces, and just had that ‘aura’ about them.  I mentioned it to Lee and he began observing as well and to his astonishment people he had only seen in old pictures were coming to life at lunch.  I couldn’t figure out ‘why’ so I left it to the Universe.  Next we went to an office supply store and I had to run in to pick up some copy paper for Janet who is our office manager.    I heard a whisper, “Go get a drink of water.” I all of a sudden got thirsty and couldn’t wait to drink my water from the car so I walked all the way back to the back of the store and took a drink from the water fountain. If you know me you would know that I am not a water fountain kind of gal but just went with the feeling.  I purchased the paper and during my purchase the cashier told me he was having ‘brain fog’ and apologized for it taking so long.  I told him, “No worries” and headed out the door to the car.  Lee and I began to drive off and standing at the crosswalk was one of our sons!! What were the chances? Obviously there are no coincidences.  We picked him up right before the bus got there.  He said he was having transportation problems and was running to catch a bus.  If we had been five minutes earlier we would have missed him.  He felt he needed to see us and talk and we appeared!  Glad I had a slow cashier and an incredible thirst for water.

We got some wonderful time in with him but not only that, a woman was standing on the corner just about ready to leave when she heard, “Stay here.  Nice people will solve your dilemma.”  She was holding a sign that said ‘Please help.  I need thirty two dollars for my electric bill so my babies won’t be cold.’  We happened to pull up at the long red light and Lee opened his wallet…you guessed it…thirty two dollars in cash.  He smiled and gave it to her and she told us about her thoughts to stay there just a moment longer. What a Universe!! 

So we head home after dropping our son off at his home and when we get home I tell my mom about the day.  I then tell her about having all the family sightings of ancestors passed.  She started to cry and told me she was missing her uncles and parents and asked the Universe for a sign that they were with her.  She is afraid of any kind of ethereal signs in her life so the Universe helped her through Lee and me. 

I love it when the Universe gives me goose bumps.  It’s amazing when you can ‘see’ the Universe in action.  Be aware…there are always signs the Universe is right there working with you and with others.  Be a part of it all.






Your circumstances at this very moment are not an indication of what your future will be.  If you can remember what you want in this life and what you want to achieve, and you know it with all your heart, there is nothing that can stop you…nothing…only your own thoughts and feelings of where you are going.   The only way to predict your future is to think upon it and act as if it will be that future. You can change your present circumstance if you are not happy with it and you can do this through your daily practice of how you look at yourself and the world.


Boxes and boxes arrived at our doorstep this morning from the distributor!!!!  YAY!!  I am holding in my hand the finished ‘Beyond the Law of Attraction’ movie!  So for those of you who have ordered copies…they’ll be on the way by tomorrow!!!  Lee and I just LOVE empowering others with information that will help others to live life the way that they want with an inner peace.  I’m SOOOOO HAPPY! (Doing the happy dance right now…and no…you don’t want to see me dance!) 🙂







Take a moment…think ahead…go out into your future…build a wonderful dream for yourself of life and when you have it all created within your mind through feelings and thoughts…bring the feeling and experiences back to your present state.  The more real they feel in your mind, the more your unconscious mind will find life patterns to bring you your desired future.


It’s been a bit of a crazy week.  Magazines printed strangely and had to be sent back, movie DVD’s weren’t up to standard (sent back), and just weird ‘energy’ in the air. That is when you really learn how to apply the LOA through that calm center within you and then everything begins to happen with ease…that’s the best part!  It is all in how you handle it as to if it will change.  You can’t control others with the LOA but you can control your own genuine reactions and thoughts…it works every time!







Remember that coming to this physical realm you have two things that you have brought.  One is your own purpose that you wanted to learn and help others through and your free will.  You have the free will to choose happiness and ease no matter what your circumstances are like for the day.  You have the choice and the choice you make will determine whether you are attracting struggle or happiness.


Another beautiful day of sunshine!  I’ll be in my ‘writing hole’ today but I do have two beautiful glass doors to look out at the spring weather. 

We’re expecting our first box of the ‘Beyond the Law of Attraction’ either today or tomorrow…so excited!





Are you really the person you think you are or do you have some reservations about your own self?  Remember that your physical body is just that, a physical body that lives and breathes because of who you are within.  The ‘real’ you is within your physical body and is as free as free can be.  You chose to have this experience within the limits of the physical body BUT that doesn’t mean that you are limited within.  When you direct thought and feeling from within, from the ‘real’ you, it manifests into your physical world.  So who do you think you are within?  It is an important question because feeling good about who you are changes your reality in your physical life.



I’m looking forward to our online gathering retreat in January.  Lee and I have been getting all the info together and collecting stories from other people who have had success in the LOA to give the info to all of you. 


It is freezing cold here!  We’re expected to get snow this weekend.  We’ve never gotten snow this close to the coast before.  I’m sure it will be just beautiful.


Have a grand day.

Not sure if it’s a sign from the Universe?  Here’s a great way to figure out signs for your self.  Begin by looking around you or think about something particular. Make associations with what something means to you.  For example:  Think about something in nature.  Ladybugs.  What do ladybugs make you feel?  With me, I think they mean good luck so every time I see a ladybug, it means something really good is around the corner.  That is how the Universe sends signs. 

Maybe it will send you an encouraging sign with a smell or some kind of music with a message. Maybe the smell is something you recall from your past that you associate with comfort.  If that is the case, the Universe is comforting you. 

Maybe you hear music that has a message as in ‘Let it Be’.  Maybe you were mulling something over and over again and you were sent that particular song to tell you to relax and ‘let it be’.

Each thing that comes to you and seems out of the ordinary, see it as a sign. And if it is ordinary the Universe will send signs through the ordinary.  Just open your eyes to signs.  Look at it with what the meaning could be the sign from the Universe as encouragement or to ‘take action’.



If you get the chance, head over to the website and check out our new children’s book ‘Violet’s Wish’.  This is a great little picture filled book about Violet.  She wants to change her world and she does!  This book has great LOA principles but is for children of all ages (even you!) with positive empowering thoughts.  This book will teach your little one that they have more control over their lives than they thought.  Violet’s Wish doesn’t teach through using the words Law of Attraction in the book but teaches and inspires through the power of positive thinking.  All of us could use a extra lift of joy!



Everything that you have now is a result of a past thought and feeling. You can rewrite your past by thinking about how you would have done it differently.  Not with regret but think of a new way you would have handled your past or changed your past that you would be happy with.  When revisiting your past, change it to what it is that you wanted it to be.  Those feelings that you create as you change it will go out into the Universe and come back better and better.

Well, the baton has been passed.  Every Sunday morning we have a gigantic breakfast with all the family that is near.  Mom told me last night that she just doesn’t have it in her anymore to make the big breakfast so I’ll be cooking this morning. 🙂

Does it seem sad?  Maybe at first but Mom has been cooking big breakfasts for most of her life and it is about time where someone let’s her sit down and just enjoy breakfast.  So don’t fret…she has a lot of life in her and I am more than happy to cook biscuits and gravy.  I have a feeling that she’ll still be in the kitchen directing me this morning.  I’m fine with that.  I feel fortunate to have my parents here with me as long as they’re around in this lifetime. 🙂

Every moment you are creating.  Every time you say something like, “I’ll never get this done” directs energy into the Universe and as you repeat it, it becomes a focus and the Universe will bring back to you ‘not getting things done’. When you say something like, “Life feels easy today” the thought directs energy into the Universe and as you repeat it, it becomes a focus and the Universe brings it straight to you.  Think how easily you could have the life you want with just the thoughts of where your energy is directed.

Beautiful foggy morning here.  It burns off by about 11 am but I love the cozy feeling of fog.  When we lived in Lake Arrowhead, the fog was nothing like I have never seen.  When our daughter graduated from high school they had the ceremony outside and on that particular day it was fog to the ground.  We could ‘hear’ her graduate but couldn’t see a thing!  So I don’t ever complain about fog after Lake Arrowhead.  The fog is beautiful here and you can drive in it! 🙂  


Focusing takes you directly to what it is that you are seeking. As you focus on something that you want, you are excluding all other ideas and thoughts from your mind, and you in fact, are directing your mind like a laser beam.  Your focus is a beam of energy that goes out into the world and all the energies that are like it come back to you.  Focusing speeds up time and causes you to direct a laser beam of focused energy of your desires.

Peanut and I will be taking a walk around the whole twenty acres today to find out what kind of trees and fruits are on the property.  My dad is a retired landscaper and nurseryman and he is itching to get outside and begin designing!  Peanut and I are on a mission for him.  He’s unable to walk the whole property and he is dying to know what’s here.  That’s our day today. 

Lee will be out in the studio with the guys getting it finished.  They’ve done a wonderful job in getting it set up so quickly.

Have a great day everyone!

Do you trust the Universe?  This is one of the main keys in attaining what you want. Focus on what life it is that you want and leave it to the Universe about how it will happen. Then ask for guidance and trust the messages that come to you on how to act upon moving closer to your goal.  Trust the message that is calm and serene because this is the ‘voice’ that is from your Core Being which is always connected to the Universe.  If the message feels as if it has fear within it, this is not an inner message; this is just the physical ego.  Trust the Universe even when it seems things aren’t going the way that you want them. Maybe the Universe has to clear a few things out before your end result comes to you.  All you have to do is keep your eyes on what it is that you want no matter what.  The Universe has your back. 🙂

Our normal Sunday morning breakfast this morning.  It’s supposed to be warmer today (in the 80’s) but next week it is supposed to get back to normal Oregon weather which is around the 60’s this time of year.  All the trees are turning fall and the mornings are nice and crisp.  The kids are coming out for breakfast and they’re staying with Peanut while Lee and I go to pick up the keys to the new house.  Then back for some more packing! 

It’s the funniest thing…the crisp morning weather and the fall colors make me want to bake.  Mom is experiencing it as well as my older daughter.  Here we are packing up the kitchen but late last night I baked up pumpkin bread with nuts and dried fruit and Mom baked up apple cobbler.  This morning when we got up, our older daughter had baked fruit and nut bread.  We laughed when we looked at all the baked goods.  I guess we can give it to the movers!  What gets that baking urge going?  Maybe the feeling of fall and the love of family…

It’s possible to lift someone else’s energy with words and feelings of encouragement and it is also possible to put down someone’s energy with criticism.  If you look at someone and find something to criticize remember that you could actual help empower them in this area.  So when you find yourself criticizing a fellow human being, think about the area that you may be making a judgement on and picture this person growing and understanding in that area.  If they are vibrating at the level of the help you are giving, they will better their own path for their self.  And you will be emitting out the vibrations of support and love and this will come back to you through the Universe.  Amazing how it works, isn’t it?!


Lee’s birthday today!!  Happy Birthday Lee!  We’re having his favorite cake (yellow cake with light chocolate pecan frosting) at work.  Then we’re off to top secret appointments that you’ll all learn about later when it all comes to fruition.  It was a hot one yesterday at 94 degrees but we had an enjoyable day sitting in the air conditioning at the office and getting alot done for the LOA movie.  Looking at the dailies and picking out what belongs in the final cut.  We’re so excited about this film.  It explains so much about the Law of Attraction and we hope you are all able to go and see it when it comes out. 


We started our next LOA boot camp today.  And we will be starting out advanced boot camp in a couple of weeks.  Lots to do and loads of fun and joy…just as it should be.

Sometimes it’s hard not to hang on to certain situations.  You do your best to ignore ‘the thought’ in the back of your head it but it just keeps coming to the front of your thoughts and you just can’t stop worrying. Does this ever happen to you? 

Next time this happens remember this:  When you have a situation or circumstance that is causing you grief, go sit by yourself, and think of how you would like it to turn out.  Think and feel what it would be like to be solved.  Think and feel it ‘in the now.’  Once you put that out to the Universe, trust that the Universe will bring it straight to you and then…let it go. 

Everytime the ‘situation’ comes into your mind have an immediate answer for it.  Tell it that you expect it the way you want it to turn out and the Universe is taking care of it so ‘let it go.’  You may have to let it go several times but trust the Universe. 

If you have done your part by seeing the end result of the way you want it, the Universe will do its part.  Just make sure to ‘let go’ as many times as needed.  No need to put worry energy toward the circumstance, this will only bring you more worry. 

Why not put trust and resolve thoughts and feelings into the circumstance and let the Universe do the rest. The Universe really does have your back. 🙂

We are working on the Law of Attraction magazine, magazine, magazine!  We’re having a lot of fun and are enjoying the process.  Can’t wait for everyone to see the next issue.  The premier issue was great but there have been so many improvements that we just can’t wait ’til issue two goes to press.

So today is our day of phone consultations.  We love talking to people and helping out with applying the Law of Attraction.  There are some great breakthrough moments.  We had a phone consultation that made me think about what people say…even to themselves and how it can be self sabotage without even knowing it.

When we have a phone consultation, we ask the person on the other end what her/his story is and what do they seem to be having a problem with.  Usually we can detect pretty quickly what should be changed in order to help them with their desires through the Law of Attraction.

This is what our practitioner said,”I’ve been visualizing and feeling just what I want from the Universe.  The Universe is so kind to me and my family, even though my sister has a heart problem and we have no money.  I don’t mind not having money and I just know that the Universe will help my sister.  Even if the Universe doesn’t, I am still grateful for what the Universe gives me.  Even if it is just a little of what I want in life. I really want to be happy but right now the Universe seems to want me to go through challenges.”

Does everyone see what is going on?  She is telling the Universe how grateful she is to have very little, she is telling the Universe that she wants to go through challenges, she is telling the Universe that she is okay with her sister being ill. So the Universe is going to attract what she is feeling and thinking. 

When you are grateful for what you have now from the Universe, make sure that you really are grateful for what you want to come back to you. 

So if you have a broken down car, be grateful for the car and means of transportation, not the ‘broken down car.’  When you get a extra money on your paycheck, thank the Universe for the extra money, not the little amount you got back.  Do you see?  It’s not the words that we are speaking of, it’s the feeling and thought of gratefulness that will bring back more things to be grateful for. 

Really watch what comes out of the mouth. 

Whether you are with friends or your family, what ever comes out of your mouth is power.  Use your power wisely. 🙂

If you are commiserating with someone, you are asking for the Universe more to commiserate about.  If you are having a wonderful discussion with wonderful thoughts and feelings, we all know that the Universe will bring you more of that.

I’m going to take a break and go play Chutes and Ladders with Peanut.  She loves that game.  She uses her Littlest Pet Shop animals as the tokens.

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