Secret Secret Garden

How do you know if the direction you are going in your life experience, is the best direction for your life?  You can tell by how you feel.

First, you have to step aside from any worry, doubt, or fear for the moment. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, close your eyes and go in that quiet place within that is calm and balanced.  From that quiet place, you want to think about the direction you are going.  See yourself walking the path.  How does it feel? Do you feel good walking that path?  Does it feel positive and give you a wonderful feeling and thought?

If your mind goes over to the thought of worry, doubt, or fear, then take a few moments to let go of the resistant feeling thoughts just during this exercise. Tell your mind that if it needs to worry, it can worry after you are done with focusing and envisioning your current path.  Take another breath in and an exhale.

Does the direction feel like the best way for your current moment? If you feel strong and positive about it, then it is the direction for you.  If you feel unease or that it just doesn’t feel like you want it to, then you know to find another direction that feels good and positive for you.

Just remember that you can be taking a certain direction and half way through, you can possibly feel that you need to change direction. If this happens, take a moment to get into that quiet place once again and walk the path in your mind that you are thinking of changing to. It will have that same feeling of positive and feels like it feels the best way to go.

You have your own inner compass that knows the best direction and all you have to do is listen within.