If you’re late for work, just pick yourself up, let go of the negative thought, and move on to a more positive vibration.

If you’re having an amazing day, just ‘be’ in those moments, embrace the wonderful thought and feeling of happiness and feeling positive, and continue your path with a positive vibration.

If you’re in the middle of a negative conversation, Keeping a positive compassionate balance within as you listen and speak, if it is something you can’t do a thing about then just step away, let go of the negative, and move on and focus on a more positive thought.

If you get that raise, just ‘be’ in that moment, embrace feeling appreciative and happy, and continue your path with a positive focus.

As you can see, anything you experience, you truly can choose the next thought and that next thought will take you to the next and the next positive vibration, and continue your path with a positive feeling focus.

You always have a choice my friend. Make a pact with yourself and be conscious of where your thought goes.  It will change your perception and ultimately change to a more positive life experience.