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What if you just let the negative, the agitation, the resistant feeling go?  What would happen if you could accept where you are in life right now and appreciated what you do have while keeping a positive thought toward your present and future?

Stay in this moment and appreciate what you love in your life. If you have negative experiences happening, take a moment to release and let the negative thoughts and feelings  go while you shift your focus to what there is in your life that is positive. As you handle the negative, know that by letting it go and focusing in on the now moment of appreciation, the negative will release and you can move forward.

Be ready and recognize when you are feeling that pull of a resistant vibration. Handle that experience with a positive intention instead of succumbing to the negative thought and feeling of a resistant feeling experience. Go deeper within yourself and feel that constant vein of love and that forever connection to the Universe. There is where love, joy, ease, and higher vibrations reside.  Bring them forward to help you with your experience.

Put your focus on what truly matters my friend. Bring that vibration up!