beth mccain 9989

The new year is always a time for new beginnings, possibilities, and opportunities.  Some think that a new year is just a passage of time and doesn’t necessarily mean a new start or a new beginning, but just because it is just a passage of time; doesn’t mean that is all there is.

When a new year rolls around, it is much like a new season coming about.  The old season leaves and the new season comes about.  From winter to spring, from summer to fall we know we can always count on that thought of the old in life falling away and the new coming once again.

A new year creates a overall consciousness of thought. New beginnings are thought of, new possibilities can come about,  and new opportunities can present themselves.  By thinking of the new year we think of new moments, new thoughts, and new possibilities.  The old year has left and the new is ready to be embraced.

So it isn’t just a passage of time.  The new year is a mass consciousness of wonderful things and experiences to come.

If you focus in on how negative you think the new year will be, then the negative will show itself.

If you focus in on how positive you think the new year will be, then the positive will show itself.

And if you focus in on the joy, the hope, and the inspiration of the new year, then your new year will become a part of a bigger consciousness and create yet more positive higher vibrations in your life.

Celebrate the new year with hope and inspiration in your heart.

2018 is going to be an eye opening, positive change, kind of year!