beth mccain 7787

There are times where life just seems like it is in high gear and isn’t feeling that it is slowing down any time soon.  And when we are in that busy mood, we are creating a busy vibration which unfolds more for us to have to rush around for.

It is possible to get it all done with a calm, go with the flow, kind of vibration.  You can get things done quickly without getting wound up, agitated, and feel that negative attitude.  You do this by first being conscious of the mind and body that is rushing around.  In other words, recognize you are rushing and feeling irritated. Then stop and take a deep breath in slowly, then in the slow exhale relax your shoulders and neck.  Find the calm within as you get things done.

You can enjoy the fun of things being excited, but just don’t step over into feeling overwhelmed with busy-ness.  Keep taking a breath in and slowly exhale as you keep your mind focused on what needs to be done.

Be conscious of your physical movement during this time. Our bodies can get tense and stressed when we are rushing around.  Remember to breathe, focus on your breath, and as you exhale, tell the mind to relax the shoulders and neck.  The more you communicate with your body to relax during a busy time, the less fatigued you will be when it is all done.

Enjoy yourself and know that all can be done just as quickly as you stay calm, de-stressed, and are conscious of where your mind goes and your body feels.