beth mccain 5565

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.  No words were truer spoken.

Everyone has different beliefs and everyone has different ways of perceiving life.  Some have a way that works for them but it may not work for another.

It’s great to have suggestions and advice that may help another but if they don’t want help, then you can’t force it.  What works for you may be great and maybe it will work for others, but you really can’t push others to believe or perceive as you do.

You can lead them to what feels like the truth of the Universe, but if they don’t want to believe, you can’t make them. They may have to come to the thought in their own time or maybe not at all.  No need to waste the energy is trying to make another believe as you do. Let them come to it in their own way and if they don’t, then it is their choice.

You can keep on believing and be an example of what you believe. Your thoughts and your actions that bring about the example you are living, will inspire others to do the same.