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Every day is a good day.  Of course, it is all in how you look at it.  Some days can seem more challenging than others but even though it is challenging, we don’t have to go down a negative path of thought.  We can get through the experience in the best way we know how, but we can do it with the thought ‘every day is a good day.’  Because…every day is a good day.

Think about what you have in life that makes you happy, brings a smile to your face, or that you appreciate. Even in challenges, we have the freedom of thought to create a better more positive thought and experience.

What is in your day that is good?  What is in your moments that you appreciate? What, no matter what you experience, feels positive?   Take those moments and think upon them.  Soak in the thoughts of positive.  Create a positive in your experience.  The more you create the positive, the more the positive will unfold.