gentle-white-flowers-There are times where we just need to vent.  We cry, we scream, or we are feeling frustration or anger. This isn’t a bad thing when it comes to creating a positive thought.  You see, some of the emotions that seem negative, are actually great ways to catapulting us into a better thought and feeling.

We need to vent so that we can let go and release the negative vibration that feel stored up within.

It is when we hold onto the vibrations of fear, frustration, anger, or sadness, that can create a hold pattern within us and we don’t want to release how we are feeling.

Think about where your emotions are coming from. Are they from a place that you can vent and then move to a better more positive thought and feeling?  Or are you reliving those feelings and thoughts and holding on tight to them?

Use venting to let the negative emotion and thought go. Once the vent is done, then step forward in a better more positive place. Don’t keep dwelling on the negative vibrations and let the vent be a part of opening up to what the next step can be.

Then move on and create a better feeling vibration.