How often do you look at another and their life and assume that you know what they are going through just by how they look or act?

Or how often do others look at your life and assume they know exactly what your life is  or why you act the way you do?

As humans, we tend to compare everyone to our own life. We assume that what another is going through is just what we have gone through which means that we have a right to help without our advice and suggestions.

No one person ever goes through the exact life experience in the same way another does. Some experiences may be similar, but the people, the places, and everything around it is different to each person.  So when another thinks they know all about your life or you think you know how another is experiencing, take a step back for a moment.

Recognize that their experience isn’t just like yours.  Your suggestions or advice may help them, but truly you haven’t been through their exact experience as they are different people, different surroundings, and different thoughts than your experience.

The best thing to say and do is to let another know you may have some suggestions that could help.  And if another is judging your life based on one event, let them know that you are working it out and you appreciate their thoughts.  Ask them if they want to help in some way, let them know listening is helpful as well as any other thoughts they might have.

Keep in mind and heart that you are in one chapter of your life’s story just as others are in one chapter in their life’s story. Don’t judge a person by the chapter they are in. They have many chapters to go just as you do.

Be supportive and encourage each and every person.  You may help them to get on their next chapter.  Don’t be a villain or the gossip in their story; be the one that helped them with listening, acceptance, and understanding.