Where you are in life right now, is but one blip on your life story.  Whether it is a positive or a negative time in your life, just remember that it is one chapter out of your whole life story book.

Remember this when you see others and their lives. If they are having a challenging time or making choices that are creating even more challenge in their lives, they are just on one chapter of their book of life. Their experiences right now are helping them to create a direction to ‘be’ in their life.  The chapter can change or it can stay the same, but either way it is a new chapter.

We all get past each chapter in our life. It is all the chapters together that create the full story of what our life is.

Do your best not to judge another by the chapter they are on in life. It isn’t their full story.  Everyone has a chapter they would like to pass up and move on to the next chapter.  It will happen…

Choose a positive thought and feeling as a theme for your life story.