There is always an open door of opportunity and possibility.   And it is in your own thought that the door will be shown to you…or not.

It begins with  your belief. When you doubt, fear, and worry, and feel you have no where to turn or don’t have answers; that is the moment where you have a choice. You can succumb to all the resistant feeling thoughts that bring to you the same kind of vibration in another way OR you can know and trust, without a doubt, that there is an open door of opportunity and possibility, and it will reveal itself when you are ready for the reveal.

In every thought you have, in every feeling you have, in every reaction you have, do your best to create a positive vibration within.  Even in times of challenge, you can still remember that there is always an open door to where you want to be.

When you get into that kind of mindset, you will be creating vibrations that go out into the Universe and the Universe sends back to you just what you sent to it.  Positive vibrations equals positive experiences, my friend.

Take a moment to ask yourself what do you believe and what are you sending out?  Being conscious of your thought and changing that thought if need be, will take you to where you want to be. Practice makes perfect!