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You can only be pushed to do something if you are willing to be pushed.

There are times where someone needs something for you to do and that someone can be urgent and insisting about what they need or want. This can make you feel that uncomfortable resistant pushing thought and feeling that signals you don’t like that feeling and thought.

Yet, in all we think, say, or do; we always have a choice. If another is pushing, you have a choice to feel pushed or you can let go of the pushing vibration and  listen to what they may have to say but make a conscious effort to let go of the resistant vibration attached to what they need or want.

That nagging pushing vibration is a feeling like no other. Sometimes we feel like pushing against it, but by pushing against it we are creating more resistance.

Why not hear them out, let them know what you plan on doing or saying, and then let go of that push against vibration.  They may bring it up time and time again, but you have the choice of how you think and feel.

Resolve it without a pushing vibration.