time to release

Being positive and shifting to a more positive thought, can be a challenge at times.  It sounds much easier than it actually is, doesn’t it?  Change your thoughts, change your life.

The inner work is what gets you to being in a mindset that benefits your life.  It begins with just one positive thought.

Just for today, create a positive thought that you can feel through out your day.  Maybe it is about how beautiful the sky is or maybe how much you appreciate a modern convenience.  Each time you see or think of your positive focus,  dwell on what it makes you feel within.  Let’s say you appreciate the beautiful blue sky as your focus.  Each time you remember to appreciate, bring another aspect of why you love that blue sky.  Keep building and building your appreciation as you think of more reasons as to why you love the feel of the blue sky.

By doing so, you are creating stepping stones that build into a positive strong solid foundation of appreciation and that appreciation will spread out over all aspects of your life and bring so much more in return.

Just begin with one positive thought…