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How you treat others is how you will be treated.  Ask yourself how kind you are to others or how giving you are to others.  Think about how you talk with others.  And then…ask yourself if you treat yourself as well as you do others?

If a friend was badmouthing all about how she feels about herself, you would interject and tell her/him that they are just wonderful. You’d tell them they don’t need to degrade themselves as they have wonderful qualities.  You’d lift them up with your thoughts and feelings.

Yet when you think about yourself, you may not treat yourself as well as you do your friends. If you are badmouthing yourself, you don’t try to stop yourself from being critical.

Do you treat yourself like you would a friend?  Don’t let your small thoughts about yourself become a habit. Raise your thoughts about who you are and find your self worth and confidence.  Be your own best friend when thinking about who you are.