beth 787

There are times where an experience can feel that it is just the end of life.  It feels so final and isn’t what we wanted our life to be. Or we have an experience that seems to drag on and feel more negative by the moment.

In those times it is important to remember ‘this too will pass’ as life is an ever changing experience. Even if we have a day that feels like the day before, it truly has changed.  We don’t have the very same experiences every day or the same exact thoughts. Each day can be similar but each are unique.

Change is what life is about.  Change is what spurs us to move forward.  It teaches us to let go of the old and embrace the new. Change is actually an important part of experiencing life. And getting used to it, looking forward to it; will help you to go with the flow of where your life heads.  Couple that with appreciation of your moments and creating a positive thought to your life experience, then you will be creating positive change.

Your experience right now is not the end.  It is merely yet another experience we can learn and grow from.

How you experience is the direction you will head.  And the direction is created by your thoughts and feelings.

See a strong positive future. See and appreciate your now moments.  Your life ends cycles and begins new cycles each and every day. Embrace change…