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Do you have someone who you are close to that has a negative attitude that brings down all who are around them?  And does their ‘vibration’ bring you down at times as well?

You do have a choice in how you think, feel, and react when it comes to another and their mood. Our first inclination is to come down to the level of vibration that the negative attitude is at. This is what immediately brings our own vibration down. And to fight against the vibration by getting upset with the negative person, only brings your vibration down further.  It’s like shooting yourself in the foot.

When another is negative, you have a choice right then and there.  You can bring your thought to their negative level or you can, within your mind, let go and release their attitude and thoughts, and move forward to a better feeling positive vibration.  They can continue to be in the mood they are in if they want.  No need to be angry at them as this just brings you to their level of vibration.

Take some deep breaths in and in the exhale breathe out their bad mood from your mind and heart. Then adjust your vibration to a more positive better feeling. Step away for a moment so that you can seek out an appreciative thought in your day. Shift your focus over and over again, until you are able to shift away from the bad mood of another.

You see, joyful attitudes can be contagious just as much as a negative attitude can be.  Which one makes you feel more positive?

Let your mood become contagious!