Secret Secret Garden

How you think about your life is what your life will be and become. When you state emphatically that you never get a break and things just seem to go wrong, the Universe feels that vibration and sends it back to you in some form.  The Universe says, “If you say so” and sends you a vibration that feels the same as you sent out. Now this is a mixed vibration of what you think, focus on, feel, and say about the moments.  The Universe will then send you what you sent out because it is loving you by giving back to you what you put out.

So next time you decide to be conscious of where your thoughts go, take a moment to let go of the negative vibrations that you may be grumbling about, and shift focus to a more positive vibration. If you are appreciating and loving life, then you are creating a life of positives.

The Universe will then say, “If you say so…”  and open doors for you to walk through that are full of more positive.