balancing of life

As you go about your day, keep this in mind…in every thought, feeling, reaction, and action are a part of your overall vibration.  And it is the overall vibration that you send out into the world and the Universe. This means that not just your wonderful positive vibrations you create in your day, but your negative, your bored, your upset, your angry vibrations as well.

Ask yourself what overall vibration you are sending out into this Universe?  The Universe has the advantage as it knows immediately what vibration your thoughts, feelings, reactions, and actions become, but we can only gauge our vibrations by how we are feeling in each moment.

In all you say and do, just send out a kind, compassionate, and loving vibration.  Yes, even in those moments that feel less than positive.  Every moment will pass whether it is good feeling or bad feeling, but every moment you get the chance to fine tune.

If you have a moment that you feel like you handled it in an upset way, don’t get upset with yourself, just pick yourself up and begin your vibration again, but this time be conscious of where you take it.

What is your overall vibration?  What are you creating for the future?