beth mccain 9989

It is in our everyday thought that creates the most of our vibrations.  Our vibrations are what draw to us what we send out into the Universe.

It is great to envision and positively focus on what you want in life, but the focus you put on what you want isn’t as big as the everyday thought and feeling.

The best inner work you can do is learn how to be conscious of your everyday thoughts, feelings, and reactions. These every moments make up most of your life.  All day long you are thinking and responding to what is happening in your moments.  And sometimes those thoughts are just an automatic response that you have always had.  It is in those automatic responses that you want to be conscious of where your mind goes and then shift focus toward a better feeling thought as you let go of the less than negative thoughts.

We all have negative thoughts, but it is those who focus on shifting their focus to a more positive thought that are the ones most likely to get what they envision in life.

Be conscious of your everyday moments and envision what you would like life to be.  The combination will create a path that is destined to be all that you have ever wanted.