The past is gone but not the lessons within that past.

The future is yet to be but the lessons of your past and your present determine your future.

The present is what you have in this moment. And what you choose in your present will create your future.

The direction you choose is the path that you will take.  Are you staying conscious of your thought and direction?  Are you doing all you can to learn from the past, let go of what isn’t needed that holds you down in the past, and create a present positive thought and direction in your moments?

It can begin today. You get to choose the direction through your thought, my friend. Let go of the weight of the past and keep the lessons of the past that will help your present and future.

No one can choose it for you.  It is all up to you.  It isn’t up to your circumstances, environment, or upbringing.  It isn’t up to another person. You and you alone can choose where your thought takes you.

Choose wisely…