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Every thought that you have is a part of the direction your life heads.  And how positive you get that vibration is a part of creating a positive life.

Do your best not to look at anything as ordinary.  Whether it is an experience in the routine of the day or the same kind of scenery; open up to a higher more positive thought of what you see.

Begin with a grateful thought. Maybe you are grateful that the sun is out.  You begin by thinking ‘I appreciate the sun being out today.’  Now take it up a notch, ‘I appreciate the sun being out today and the fun I am going to have taking a walk in it.’  Now take it up another notch, ‘I appreciate the sun and the fun today. I appreciate what the sun does for me and this Universe. The beautiful blooms, the warmth, and how it makes the garden look so wonderful! It feels otherworldly.’

Do you see how to take it up a notch? You begin with a statement and then get into the feeling of what is positive and good about that grateful thought.  Build those vibrations.  By building a higher positive thought and feeling, you will be unfolding a positive life experience.