beth mccain 6657

In order to create a positive life experience, you have to begin with changing your perspective on life.  Some have lives that feel up and then down and some have lives where they feel everything is a challenge.  And then there are some who see the positive in all of life’s experiences.

What is your perspective on life? Do you wake up in the day and groan and complain about all you have to do in a day? Do you wake up upset because you’re in pain?  Or do you wake up choosing to see and feel all that there is positive in your moments?

There are many different ways that we perceive life, but when we realize that we have control over our perceptions, that we have the ability to change our perceptions, then we are consciously changing our direction in life.

Everything around you is a part of this Universe.  And everything around you can be deemed positive or negative if you choose. Or you can choose to see that everything around you is as it is and doesn’t have to be or feel negative. You can choose to see the positive within what feels negative or shift focus toward a better feeling thought.

Wake up and open your eyes to what is positive in your life. Look out that window and see the beauty in the trees speckled with sunlight.  Choose to see the smile on your neighbor’s face as they play with their dog.  Choose to create a positive feeling in all that you do.

Everything around you is a part of experiencing life.  You get to choose what you feel within about it all. No matter what the experience, you get to choose the direction.

And if one aspect of life doesn’t feel like you would like it to be, then choose to find a positive thought and feeling through it all. Life is all about change and change brings new directions to go.

This moment will pass and another will occur.  Choose the direction in everything you say and do.