Secret Secret Garden

There is always an open door to walk through.  Sometimes we look so long at the closed door that we can’t see the many open doors that are all around us.

When you’re having a challenge in life, it can be difficult to get through it with a positive mindset.  Not only that, we can get to focusing so much on the negative aspect of the challenge, we forget that we can choose to let go of the negative aspects and focus in on what is positive.  And if a positive can’t be found, then we can at least trust and expect for the positive to show itself.

That closed door is actually a door that will take you in a whole other direction to the open door you are looking for. When a door closes, see that it is only a direction you are not supposed to be going.  Then keep moving forward knowing that you have been given a chance to go in a whole other direction because of that challenge. An open door will always be there for you.