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We can’t possibly know it all. There are many things in this Universe that are a mystery but just because they are a mystery doesn’t mean that they don’t have meaning or aren’t real.

As humans, we only see a certain amount of colors but there are more colors that we didn’t know even existed. Some animals see those colors that we can’t possibly see, but we know they are there.

Next time you think that your life feels limited or you feel like life is on automatic, remember that there is so much more in the Universe that you can’t possibly see.  It doesn’t make it less real just because you don’t understand its meaning.

Those feelings and thoughts of limited and automatic are what you feel your life may be, but there are many more experiences out there to be lived.  They may be experiences you have never even experienced, but they exist. How about stepping out of the zone of limited and step into the zone of unlimited and unconventional through opening up your mind to the bigger of the Universe.

All you have to do is think about it. Tell yourself that you want unlimited, you want new colors, you want new experiences.  The mystery will fall away and you will unfold new possibilities into your life.

All you have to do is believe and take action.