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When in doubt, be aware of your thoughts.  When you see that you are doubting, ask yourself if the doubt is a way of keeping yourself from being disappointed.  When you are in doubt, you are thinking that maybe, just maybe, things won’t work out.  Not only is doubt creating a cloud of doubt around what you are doubting, but it also creates more to doubt in life because what you are thinking creates a direction of where you are going.

When in doubt, first be aware of the doubt.  Then think of what would be the opposite to that doubt.  For example: Let’s say you are waiting for an answer when it comes to a promotion at work. Every time you think of it, you think that you’re probably not going to get it because they just haven’t called yet.  That is the moment to be conscious of the doubting thought.  You have no idea that you’re not getting the promotion; you just doubt because that way, if you don’t get it, you prepared for it.  Now that you know where the thought came from, you can now shift your focus to what you can shift your focus to that makes you feel better.  You just might get that job.  You are good enough for it. You know it is a perfect fit for you.  As you shift focus toward the positive, you are creating a best case scenario that can help your perception to see the positive and that vibration brings more positive into your life. You may get the promotion or not, but if you don’t, you will have something come into your life that is the same or even better because of how you shift your focus.

Inner work is what it takes to change your world. Change your thoughts and you will change your world.