agree to disagree and respect

With all that goes on in the world, we can begin to wonder if there is more negative than positive.

Or we can remember that everything, yes everything, comes from love.  It is the belief and opinions of others that can create a negative or a positive; just as we can do the same.

How about instead of wondering and worrying about all the negative in the world, we shift focus to find what is positive?  How about we focus on what love there is in the world?

As we shift our focus from the negative to the positive, we shift our focus to love and appreciation. As we experience life through love and appreciation, then you are creating a vibration that is higher than most.  A higher vibration comes from a greater love.  A higher vibration can heal; not only heal others but the world.

The negative is just a way of knowing that we are walking away from love. We are going in another direction.  The negative can help us to realize what we want through what we don’t want.  The negative serves its purpose, but it isn’t necessary to focus on it. Learn from the negative and then move forward in a positive mindset. Let go of the negative and embrace the love and appreciation in the positive.