giving and receiving

You are made up of thoughts, beliefs, and experiences.  You came into this physical world to experience life.  You are a spiritual being who just happened to choose to be physical.

And where you take your mind, your heart, and your thought, truly creates the path of where you go and are going.

And just because someone has experienced it in one way, doesn’t mean you have to experience life in that same exact way. You get to choose where your life goes.

Some live until they’re a hundred while others choose, before they became physical, to live a shorter physical life.  Either way, they’ve experienced a physical life that is whole and complete.

As my dad approaches 90 years old, I think of how fortunate he is to have lived so long and who knows, he could live another 20 years.

And then my sister passed earlier in life.  How fortunate that she got to come to this beautiful world and experience physical life.

Choose life my friend. Choose to enjoy, to appreciate, to love, to be kind, and to be compassionate.  Choose a positive attitude instead of a negative attitude. How we choose our direction can make a difference in how long we will be here…or not.  Since we don’t know exactly how long we have, we should treasure and love every moment, don’t you think?

Life is meant to be lived!