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In every moment, you are experiencing life. You are experiencing life through a physical vessel. You are a spiritual being having a physical experience.  This means that you are observing, learn, and growing from your spirit within.  And your spirit within is an eternal lasting being which never dies but just lets go of the physical self when it is time.

Where you are doing exactly as you want in life or you’re working toward what you envision, or not paying attention yet living, you are doing just what you came to here to do…to experience.

Each and every experience brings about awareness to your true self. That awareness sees all the potential, it sees all aspects of the experience, and learns and grows through the observation of the physical.

Next time you wonder if you are truly on the right path, remember that you are on the right path in that moment as that path may be showing you what you don’t want as well as what you want.

Every experience matters whether you recognize it or not. Your spiritual self within recognizes and continues to learn and grow.