beautiful photo 1

There are times where we can look at all that is happening in the world and wonder how it got to where it is.  We can get caught up in all the negative news and stories.  And that can take our view and begin to feel like the world is truly a bad place with bad people.  This can feel full of sadness, anger, and upset.

We know that there is good and bad in this world. We live in a physical world with others that have different thoughts, beliefs, opinions, and attitudes. This means that many will think that their thoughts and beliefs are the only thing that could be right.  This can cause a strife between those that feel they need to be right no matter what the consequence. Two different thoughts, two different beliefs.  Neither truly right or wrong but they can only see the way they see it.

Where you take your thoughts can change everything. It begins with your own personal thought and what direction you choose to go.  This world is quite amazing and beautiful. What if you took today and shift your focus to what and who is beautiful in your world. When you hear or see a negative story, send that negative a shot of love and balance, deal with it in a balanced calm within, and then let go of the negative story, Then shift your focus to what is beautiful in the day.  Shift your focus to what you can help to change through a positive thought instead of a negative.

There is a big difference between a peace rally and an anti war rally.  Choose kindness over rudeness.  Choose love instead of hate. Choose to see the beautiful in the world as the world changes and transforms.  Negative comes along and create upheaval, but after upheaval, comes positive change.

Focus on the positive, my friend.  You can find the beauty in this world.